Work of Art 4: Baby – 2 things to watch: your boobs and your belly

Bienvenue to the series Work of Art! Our lives are made up of series of milestones
– graduations, weddings, baby showers and new jobs. These moments in our lives are immortalized
in the picture frames that are scattered throughout our home. And now in the age of social media, these
photos make these milestones available to anyone with a smartphone or an internet connection. That is why it is more important than ever
that these photographic milestones display a sense of style suitable for framing. In this episode, we’ll take a look at the
baby shower. If it’s your own baby shower you’ll need
maternity clothes and there are really two areas to watch – your boobs and your belly
to make sure you look great in your baby shower outfit. For those of us attending a baby shower, you
just have to worry about looking stylish at the event because it will for sure make its
way onto social media. I’m going to give you three ideas to repurpose
items in your wardrobe to achieve that goal so people looking at the photos later will
ask, “Who is really the star of that baby shower?” Here they are the three items. The first is that you can look in your closet
and look for anything that will be considered soft baby colors that’s the inspiration
for your outfit in the event. You see here I have what will be like a powder
blue or baby blue skirt that you use just for that occasion but you can also look at
the pale yellow, pale pink, that sort of thing. It seems to appropriate for a baby shower. Really look at what is currently in your closet
and see if that gives you a little bit of inspirations to what to wear to the baby shower
event. The second is that you can t-shirts that you
typically sleep in or even work out in and use it as inspiration, again, to create outfits. For example, the t-shirt shown on the screen,
I would probably pair that with the skirt and I will tuck it in so you will look a little
more put together. You can even pair it with the blue skirt that’s
shown on the screen. I would have that top. I would tuck in to that skirt and then have
a pair of black sandals that you wear with it. You can take that and make it a little bit
more formal and girly by wearing it with a skirt. However, to make it a little bit more put
together, I will tuck in the t-shirt. Last but not the least, you can take a look
at leggings that you typically wear to workout in and use them as inspiration for outfit
for a baby shower. With these workout leggings, actually what
I would do is probably pair them with boots and wear a big oversized sweater over those
leggings. You’ll wear them as regular leggings even
if you just use them for a workout. Like I said, you can repurpose them and make
some really great outfits from them. What I love about that as well is a lot of
times the leggings that you use for workouts come in better colors. They come in different prints. If you know how to style it correctly, you
can make a very stylish outfit using that that is appropriate for baby shower. To create the outfit for this video, I used
that pale blue maxi skirt. I love that skirt. There’s so much that you could do with it. Like I said, it seems appropriate for a baby
shower simply because it’s the right color scheme. To take this skirt and make an outfit for
a baby shower, you can see I paired it with a loose fitting white tank top. Again, I will probably tuck that in to the
skirt. I did a silver jewellery and silver accents. You can see the sandals are white but it has
some silver ornamentation on it; a stripe tote bag and I have these great silver earrings
that your initials that you can get. I’m a big fan of those right now. And then, just a very simple delicate silver
bracelet to go with the outfit. You can see it’s very stylish. You’ll look like you belong in a baby shower
and look great in all the photos. To help celebrate the milestones in my life
which are when I add different pieces to my wardrobe, you can actually follow me on Instagram
as I share those pieces and those moments with all of my followers. People have been asking me for a long time
to get on to Instagram and I’ve been resisting it. I’m trying to figure out what I should do
with it. I get questions all the time about, “Where
do you shop? Where do you find these items?” Even just when I’m up and about, people
are like, “Where do you shop? Where do you get all these stuff?” On Instagram, I’ll be sharing some of the
places that I shop online as well as when I’m out and about and different pieces that
I find. If you’re interested where I actually shop,
you’ll want to follow me on Instagram. At the bottom is where you can find me on
Instagram. That’s it. This is the video where we cover, “What
to wear in a baby shower”. In the next video, we’ll be taking a look
at a another milestone and that is when you have bought a new home or you’re attending
someone else’s house warming party. Remember, we’ve already covered graduation,
new job, wedding and baby shower. Now it’s time for a house warming party
and we will cover that in the next video. This has been Work of Art. Please exit through the gift shop.

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