Women Get Styled Without Knowing Their Sizes

Women Get Styled Without Knowing Their Sizes

(rock instrumental music) – Wow. – Wow, they fit. (clapping) (exhales) – In between size. – It’s just a matter of
not being able to find those items that are
flattering for your body type. – The sizes kind of end
at around 12 or 10-ish. – Not quite right for
the street side stores, and not quite right for
the plus size stores. – I haven’t really registered
that I am the size that I am. – It can be a real challenge, and it makes me feel a little bit lost in the world. – There is a lot of pressure
to obviously look good. – I definitely sacrifice either comfort or fashion when I’m
choosing what I’m gonna wear for the day. – I feel like when you
wear black sweatpants and a black t-shirt
everyday, you’re asking not to be seen. And I wanna feel good
about being seen again. (upbeat rock music) – Hi, I’m Tiffany. I’m so excited to work with you today. – I don’t know what size I am or how to dress myself anymore. – So have you noticed any body changes? – You grow a person
inside, things are gonna– – Yeah, things move. – This is a maternity skirt. This is a nursing top. This is my life. – Yeah, yeah. – Right now. – We’ve covered all the
sizes on the clothes so you’re not gonna know what size. We’re going to focus
on looking at the shape of your body and the shape of your clothes and what works with your body. Let’s come over here to
the rack and take a look. You like that hippy vibe. – Punk rock hippy. – Fun, black, high-waisted maxi skirt. That’s gonna accentuate your waistline. – You’re asking me to wear white pants and a crop top like– – White pant. – It’s a little unnerving,
honestly not knowing the size. – Like showing off your
stuff, but not all your stuff. – It has been a while since
I’ve shown off my stuff. – She has no idea what size they are. So we’re not worried about the size. – All right. – We’re gonna see how they
fit and go from there. – You’re making me dress
like I’m going to Coachella. – Maybe you’ll go. I think that the pants are
completely see through. So we’re gonna try this. – Should I come out? – Yes. Dramatic reveal. – Trust exercise. – Dramatic reveal. Go ahead, take a look. – Oh. – Oh, that’s cute. – Okay. – Oh my gosh, I’m not wearing black. What happened? – It looks good. – I like it. It’s different. I would not normally have
chosen this for myself. – Sexy back action. – It’s a little surprise back there. Gives it a little edge. So do you wanna know what size they are? – I don’t care, but I’ll happily hear it. – Your top is size extra large. The skirt is a 13-15. Extra large. – I would not have bought
an extra large for myself. – We get so emotionally
and mentally hung up on, I don’t want to go up one size. Individuals are stuffing
themselves or forcing themselves into clothes that don’t
work for their body, and they’re actually making
themselves look bigger. – It’s actually liberating
to not have to focus on the numbers. (clicks) – I think my confidence
level would be higher because I’m not feeling
like a stuffed sausage in the clothes that I chose to wear. (clicks) – I really like the feeling
of these clothes on. Well don’t I look like I’m having fun. (clicks) – I feel great. I’m feeling myself. – [Voiceover] This all
in-between size is more just a state of mind. (gentle instrumental music)

100 thoughts on “Women Get Styled Without Knowing Their Sizes

  1. I have this problem but I'm really small so it's either to short and fits my waist or is long enough but really loose

  2. Where are the super thin girls, we also struggle with sizes. I'm 5'6 and pretty thin and it's hard to find clothes that fit me

  3. Yes I am 10 years old yes I am bigger then my friend no am not skinny no I am not fat being in the middle is soo annoying cuz I go to children's and nope not happin teens also to big so what the heck do I do? Lol

  4. I finaly just bought 3x after watching this. I was just so defeated to have gotten bigger than XL that dispite what fit I stayed in those clothes.

  5. The clothes I own vary from a size 2 to a size 12, and it really pisses me off. It's like they choose the sizes at random!

  6. I HATE when I go to the mall and in one store a certain size fits perfectly but at another store the same size is a freaking tent on me or it's so tight and small that I can feel my circulation getting cut off.

  7. So I'm overweight and when I told my crush that I am fat he just looked at me with a blank stare and says "you're not fat, you're thick, your thighs are perfect, your stomach is perfect, I can help you lose weight if you want, but I think you're perfect" and then I realized he is perfect

  8. Hey im a big size and she said when you wear black like do look at me for me its cause all the colours are in smalls so yeah

  9. I'm 13 and absolutely curvless. (seriously I'm like an iron board I still haven't had a period or hit puberty) I'm really skinny even tho i eat like a pig because I have a very fast metabolism. People are always like "put some meat on those bones" and ugh I've tried to many times so I have given up. anyway it's really hard to find clothes because everything is too big or to short because I'm tall and long not tall and wide🙄 did I seriously just write a paragraph what am I doing with my life

  10. please PLEASE include underweight women. body positivity is important but it isnt only for plus size people

  11. Am I the only one who saw what the shirt says at 2:48
    It says stay golden and who ever has read/watched the outsiders knows that it's Stay Gold, not golden; Gold. This upsets me because I love that book

  12. my mom went into a store to shop and she wanted to try on a dress the employee that as helping suggested a size that was smaller than she would have chosen. she said no, but the woman was persistent. my mom was close to tears by the end of it, but she tried it on anyway. it ended up fitting perfectly and is pretty sure the employee is actually a god. there are employees at fashion outlets who are so well trained economic that they can tell someone's exact size just by looking at their shape and size.😃 cool huh?

  13. I normally tend to buy colthes that are bigger than my actual size just cause I like baggy clothes… xD

  14. Im due with my second baby in 2 weeks and have already decided i will continue to wear my maternity clothes as long as possible lol… i hate shopping for new clothes because anything i find that really fits well is more than im willing to spend on myself

  15. You should definitely try the brand LuLaRoe. They have a ton of different styles and sizes for every body type while not being super expensive. Everything they have is super comfortable and cute.

  16. One thing that annoys me is that people focus on plus size or bigger women's struggles but it's also very hard to find clothes when you're skinny. And health problems don't just exist for larger women.

  17. They say that walking is an excercise, but how come one comes out of the store as a size xs then after 5 minutes of walking one have jumped to size L.

  18. I would love a video where they get small grown women to try to find their sizes because being significantly smaller than the average woman makes it hard to find clothes that are cute but aren't 3 sizes too big or made for children 🙂

  19. Erm.. is it just me or they the most boring and rubbish mumsy clothes ever? Seriously?? They didnt look anything different to what they came in wearing! Dont get me wrong the ladies looked lovely but that was no thanks to the clothes

  20. You should care about the size though, there's a difference between being positive about your body and being positive about being healthy.

  21. This video just made me happy! Not only for these lovely ladies but also for myself and others who struggle with body positivity.

  22. Yes! It took me so long to realize that size doesn't matter… I'm skinny but I always loose confidence because here I am buying a large shirt because I'm busty and can't even find pants because even a 2 petite is too big…

  23. clothing sizes are ridiculous. yesterday, i bought a pullover in size s and a shirt in xl from h&m.. like are you kidding me they both fit perfectly

  24. Someone please do this for me😂 I’m tired of trying to shop and then getting so discouraged that I just cant deal with it and I leave.

  25. I feel this on a strong level I have found myself at a size that's too big for most "normal" stores but too small for plus size stores and it makes me default to a jeans and t-shirts on a daily basis and I am just now trying to get out of it and dress like am adult

  26. She's talking about people being afraid to go up a size, I'm afraid to go down. I've lost some weight and I used to wear an XL but I can now wear a L in most things…However I'm terrified I won't look right or to draw attention to my body so I put myself in clothing that's too big…yep. That's my life.

  27. I wish people did sizing just based on your actual measurements! Then, people wouldn’t have the issue with how different stores have different sizes~

  28. I’m not sure
    But I’m skinny like really skinny I don’t have a choice
    I feel like body positivity is just for bigger girls and I wish I was bigger
    But I’m skinny and tall my friends say I look like a scarecrow.

  29. her talking about people not wanting to wear the right sizes and therefore they end up looking worse by wearing clothes tht are way too small… ummm YES. this happens with SO many people at buzzfeed who would look 100 times better in clothes that fit,. so i hope they were paying attention tbh

  30. I own an extra small and medium in the same brand right now and they both fit perfectly. Due to practices like vanity sizing, clothing sizes are essentially meaningless. Don't let a random number define your worth.

  31. I think it's time brands started making their clothes according to body shapes as well as sizes. For example, what might fit someone who a size 10 and has heart shaped figured might not fit as well for someone else who is a sized 10 and is pear shaped.
    I'm pear shaped so my waist is smaller than my hips, trying to find jeans that fit over my thighs and fit my waist is impossible. Jeans that fit my thighs are too big around my waist and jeans that fit my waist squeeze the life out of my thighs. Not everyone's legs are that thin!
    It would be nice to walk into a shop look for my size and my shape, I might have a better chance of finding something that actually fits, until then I'll just have to stick to leggings because they are the only things that actually fit. The same goes for tops finding tops that don't make me look completely boobless is hard.

  32. I the same as that sweet blondie, I'm in between stores mostly and I have a short torso so all the slightly larger to plus sized clothes the straps aren't my size

  33. I don't know if its just me but like I don't get the "sizes" thing, I just buy whatever fits me, but in "sizes" I'm anything from a 0 to an 6 because sizing is so different in different country's.

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