Woman Openly Admits to Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Openly Admits to Cheating (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofParmer v. Ross.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Parmer,
you open today’s case because the defendant
is denying he fathered
your three-month-old son, Jace. You recently met
your own father for
the first time, and refused to have your son
grow up without
his father like you did. Mr. Ross, you say
Ms. Parmer is pinning
her child on you because you have money. And you’re in court
to prove once and for all you are not her child’s father. So, Ms. Parmer, how does it feel
having to raise
your son alone? Your Honor, it’s hard. I deal with it only
because I’m a mother. And it’s just like… ROSS: Your Honor, first of all, we used condoms
every time we had sex. We never used condoms,
Your Honor. He’s denying your child
as we can see, Ms. Parmer. Am I correct? Yes, Your Honor. You’re raising the child alone. Yes, Your Honor. With absolutely no help
from Mr. Ross? Correct. Jace is three months old. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, you’re denying
that this baby is yours,
Mr. Ross, because you say
you used condoms
throughout the relationship. ROSS: Yes, Your Honor. What was the nature
of this relationship? We were just friends
with benefits, Your Honor. (BREATHING DEEPLY) (SNIFFLES) I can see that, um, this really hurts you.
Ms. Parmer, what has it been like,
raising this child
on your own? It’s hard. I raised
my daughter by myself. And I never thought
I would have to go
through this myself. Not once again. And it’s just like…
To deal with this, I feel like I shouldn’t have to
go through this.
I didn’t ask for this. But I took upon all of this
because that’s what
a woman’s supposed to do. And you feel alone
in this entire process of
raising your child. I do. I did it
with my daughter. JUDGE LAKE:To date, he’s done
nothing. Am I correct?
PARMER:Correct.ROSS:Your Honor, I’m not
gonna do nothing for a child
that I know is not mine.
JUDGE LAKE: And so, you
admittedly have not done
anything for this child? No, I have not done anything. All right. So, talk to me
about the nature
of this relationship. I met Jessica in
Birmingham, Alabama
at a gas station. It was cold outside, she was
pumping gas, she had
her daughter in the car. So I walked over,
and asked her could I
pump her gas for her. So she wouldn’t have to
stand outside in the cold. So I got done pumping the gas,
asked her for her number
because she was looking good. So, once I got her number,
we got to textin’. Next morning, she text me
“Good morning.”
I told her “Good morning.” She asked me what I was doing,
and asked me if I wanted to
come over. I told her, yeah. I asked her to send
her address. She sent the address.
The address was
0.1 miles away. I said, “Oh, that is walking
distance. I can go over there
and get some real quick.” What? After just meeting her
at the gas station? Well, I went to her house,
she gave it to me. And I asked…
We were havin’ sex
for two weeks. But we was usin’ protection
the whole two weeks. And I asked… No, we wasn’t, Your Honor. ROSS: I asked her for a
serious relationship. She told me that
she wasn’t ready yet ’cause she was still
messing around
with other guys. Oh, so you went over there,
y’all had sex this first day after meeting at
the gas station one day,
the next day, “Good morning.” And the next,
y’all were in the bed. Yes, Your Honor. All right, so you have sex.
And then you continue
to have sex for two weeks. ROSS: Yes, Your Honor. You want to get
serious with her? Yes, ma’am. But she says to you, no. Yes. When she told you
she did not want
a relationship… ROSS: I broke it off. You just broke it off? Right then, because I didn’t
feel safe for me, she having
sex with other guys. And the rate of disease
is high, so I ain’t got no reason.
I tried to be with her. Is that true, Ms. Parmer? Yes, Your Honor. I wasn’t ready
for a relationship only because I had
just got out
of a relationship. Okay, well, that’s fair.
You were honest. So you weren’t ready
to settle down. But
are you admitting as well, that during this
period of time, you were also sleeping
with other people? I met someone before him. And then, it’s just like,
when I started talking to him,
it was just only him. PARMER: But the month before… Your Honor, she told me
she was talking to somebody. I was talking to someone
the previous month, yes. But the month
that I met him, no. So, how soon after that
did you find out
that you were pregnant? Well, I was telling
my friend, I said,
“Something is not right.” And she told me to come over, and we were gonna do
a pregnancy test. We went to the store,
we purchased four
pregnancy tests. I took two, both of them
came back positive. And after that,
that’s when I went
to the doctor. They told me
my conception date was
between the 6th and the 9th. I met Mr. Ross on the 7th, we had sex on the 8th. Were you havin’ sex
with anybody else
during that time? No, Your Honor. So, Mr. Ross, how soon
after this did you hear,
after this breakup… Your Honor, about
a month or two later, she sent a text message,
a picture text message,
which was a pregnancy test. I asked her, “What’s
the pregnancy test for?”
She tells me that it wasn’t for me. It was for the other guy
she thought was
the father of her child. Wait, what? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Your Honor, I told him
that it was someone else. Well, if that’s the case,
she had to have been
sleepin’ around then. Well, yeah. Then this
doesn’t make sense,
Ms. Parmer. So, you accidentally
send this pregnancy test
to Mr. Ross, but you thought
you were sending it
to the other guy? It was a mistake.
I wasn’t sending it to him. So once he continued to deny,
it’s just like, I left it
where it was and I, you know, continued
with the alleged father. Of course, I’m gonna deny
because she told me that
I wasn’t the father. And nine months later,
after she had the baby,
she comes to me and tells me, “I think
you are the father.” So, of course,
I am gonna have doubts
because if I’m… If she told me that
I’m not the father, and she was sleeping around
with this guy and she lied, then who else to say that
she might not be sleeping
around with somebody else? Okay. Hold up. You give him
this text message
and you say, and this text message
is a picture of the
pregnancy results. PARMER: Correct. You say to him,
“Oops, I’m sorry.
That wasn’t meant for you.” Yes, Your Honor. So, now, is it fair to assume
that a reasonable person
in his position would say, “If I get a pregnancy result,
and the mother says to me, “‘Oops, that wasn’t for you,'” is it fair to assume then
that you didn’t think he was the child’s
biological father? ROSS: She told me
it wasn’t fair. She told me
that she was sorry. She told me that
she just wanted to try to see if I was
the child’s father. But she didn’t even know
if I’m the child’s father.
She just guessin’. So, she apologizes
for sending you
this test. Yes. Correct. JUDGE LAKE: Right? You move on,
you go forward
with the other guy. At what point do you
come back to Mr. Ross
and say, “I have changed my mind. “I think you are my child’s
biological father.” When does that happen? In the beginning of August,
me and the alleged father,
we got a DNA test. And in the midst
of us gettin’ a DNA test, and the results came back, I immediately contacted Mr. Ross. You immediately did. PARMER: Yes. And what did you say
when you reached out to him? I asked him to do
a DNA test for me. And he told me that
he was not the father and then it just got
to the point where
he wanted to, you know, he started claiming my son,
sending pictures, everything. He made the statement of
he would help me
buy a car seat. I said I would help
buy a car seat
because I felt bad. Not only that,
he was claiming my son
at the time. I did never claim her son.
At this point of time,
I was in California. She sent me text messages.
I just kept blocking her…
I blocked her over four times. I had to change my number
over two times. I told her, “I’m not
the father of your child.” When you get
this communication that, “I do believe you’re my
child’s father at this point.” ROSS:And I told her, “No.
I don’t think I am.”
JUDGE LAKE:So, how do
you go from saying,
“No, I know I’m not
your child’s father” to “But I’ll buy you a car seat”? ‘Cause I felt bad. And she kept bothering me.
I mean, I had to change my
number, I had to do something. You felt bad, but you didn’t
attempt to help me either. I said I was gonna buy a
car seat. I ain’t say I was
gonna buy a paternity test. She trying to trap me
’cause she know I have money. She’s asking me for… It’s not about money,
it’s not about
money at all. She never asked me
to come see the child. I don’t need for him
to do anything for my son. So, in your opinion,
Ms. Parmer, how does it
go from that point? ‘Cause this is where
I feel like it goes from “I’m positive I’m not
the child’s father,” to “Well, maybe I am,
and just in case,
I want to kind of support “and make sure
I’ve done right
by the child.” Because what other reason
would you have to buy
a car seat unless, you just, I mean,
are being kindhearted. But this is a woman
you only had a
two-week relationship with. The reason I said
I’m gonna buy a car seat ’cause she left
her car seat in my truck. What was she doing
in your truck? This was when
we was talking. He used to let me drive his car. That’s the bad
thing about it. I used to let her drive. PARMER: He used to
let me drive. I used to… ROSS: I used to let her drive. ‘Cause her car was messed up
at the time. Like I said,
we was talking two weeks. PARMER: He took
the initiative… Okay. All right. Got it. Okay, you said in your
testimony just a few
moments ago that there was a point in time
when he had kind of bought in
to this notion of, the baby was his. I mean, he used to say
that he used to look like him, he always said
“My son this,
my son that,” and then it’s just like
all of a sudden, it changed. ROSS: I never said that child
looked like me, I mean,I know that child
don’t look like me.
PARMER:I mean, it’s obvious
that my son look like you.
My son has the same lips,same eyes, same ears.My son has short limbs.
I’m tall, obviously,
Your Honor. That’s a newborn baby.
I… (CHUCKLES) Regardless if it’s
newborn or not… That was his first picture. PARMER: My son, if my son
and his… Go to… Go to him now. …oldest daughter
were side-by-side, you would think
it’s the same as
that baby. ROSS: No, you wouldn’t.
Real light and… He even told me that
my son is not his son because my son
doesn’t have good hair. At the end of the day,
we know babies come in
all shapes, sizes and colors with all different textures
of hair and everything else
and we don’t talk about what’s light, what’s dark,
what’s good, what’s bad. Everything about this baby
is innocent and good. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) And too innocent and too good
to have a paternity issue hanging over his head
when he’s three months old. He deserves the love
of his father. I grew up without my father,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: We don’t know
if that’s you, Mr. Ross… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) We don’t know for certain
if that’s you, but we do know
the child deserves this. Yeah, he deserves it. JUDGE LAKE: All right. So now, you, Ms. Parmer, you said you grew up
without your father. I did. I didn’t meet my father
until a week before I gave
birth to my son. And my dad actually
looked for me. So, it’s just like,
I don’t want the same for my son. It’s not a good feeling
to have a… Have one parent
and not the other. And he’s a boy, so,
it’s just like, I don’t
want my son just to feel like
his dad never cared. And what was that like
for you growing up
without your father? It was hard because it’s just
like, you know, I never knew
about my dad. But they never
initiated the fact who my dad actually was. I tried to research
my own father. I never…
I gave up after so long. And just for my father
to find me a week before
I gave birth, my father has really,
came into my life
and changed my life. And I just don’t want the same
for my son. He doesn’t
deserve it at all. And so you feel like Mr. Ross is just attempting
to avoid his responsibility. PARMER: I honestly do. So, it’s just like,
for my son… Uh, both of my kids both
look like their father. They don’t look like me at all. Your Honor,
after all this happened,
she kept saying I said “Before I even send you
any kind of money, “you gonna have to
get a DNA test done. “Because I’m not gonna
just give you no money.” He told me he’s not
gonna pay for one. So, I told him, look… I told her I’m not
gonna pay for it. ‘Cause if that’s the case,
she could have just told me
I was the father when she thought the other guy was and we wouldn’t have
to do that, we’d have done it
at the hospital. JUDGE LAKE: So you told her,
“I want a DNA test, but I’m not
willing to pay for it.” First thing she told me,
she said was, “I’m gonna put you
on child support.
I know how to handle this.” PARMER: I mean, I do. So, you tell me
how I should feel. Why should I continue to make you or anything like that
to take care of your son. I shouldn’t have to do that. Your Honor… JUDGE LAKE: Well, I do… Hold, hold, hold, hold,
hold on. I do feel like, Ms. Parmer, we have to state the obvious. Once you send a pregnancy test
to a man and then
tell him, “Oops, “wrong man,” I think it is a little bit unfair to tell him… I mean, I even offered to… “Oh, I know how to handle this. “I’m gonna put you
on child support,” when you know you have
not had the DNA test yet. I mean, that was gonna be
the only way that I would have gotten
a DNA test, with child support. So, that’s the only reason
that I told him that I will
put him on child support. ROSS: Your Honor, it’s not like
I was avoiding her. So, you were trying to
leverage that to make
him take the test. PARMER: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So,
let me ask you this, are there any
other possibilities… You admitted to him
that you didn’t wanna
settle down because you were
dating other people,
you were single, you had just gotten out
of a relationship
and you weren’t ready. Are there any other people
besides, any other men
besides the man, the other person
and Mr. Ross? No, Your Honor. Your Honor, she was messing
around with more guys ’cause the guy she thought
was the father, he actually
is my cousin friend. And I actually know the guy. PARMER: I didn’t know
they knew each other.
They did know each other. So, of course
he told me everything. Guess what? I wouldn’t have… He told me I was… He didn’t tell him anything. She was cheating on him. Once I got my DNA test,
that was it. But you was cheating on him. I was not cheating on him. And it wasn’t with me. (AUDIENCE GASPING) He told me, he was like, “Are you the father
of Jessica’s child?”
I said, “No.” He said, “Well, I’m not either
’cause I took a DNA test.” And that’s when me and him
got talking. He was like, “She
already cheated on me before.” And that’s before
me and Jessica even
knew each other. (PARMER CHUCKLES) So, of course, she had
to be sleeping around
with me ’cause like she said
she was sleeping around
with other guys. And “guys” is plural,
that mean more than one. It means more than one,
but, Your Honor, it was only the other guy and Mr. Ross. And what makes it so bad
is they were months apart. So, it’s just like, I wouldn’t even attempt
or bring anyone else into this. ROSS: I don’t understand
how it could be months apart… All right. …if you said he could
have been the father. ROSS: So it had to
have been sometime
in the same conception. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Parmer,
when you say you know
he is the father, you talk about because
it looks like him. It seems to me that you
seem wishy-washy on whether or not
it was truly only him you were
sleeping with besides
the other guy. In a month of November,
it was only him. JUDGE LAKE: In the month
of November? Correct. What about
the month of October? The month of October
I was with the alleged father. All right. It’s time
for the results, Jerome. JEROME: Okay. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows… In the case of
Parmer v. Ross,
when it comes to
Jace Parmer, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Ross, you… Are the father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) PARMER: So, what’s next
after this? Are you gonna step up
and be his father? I was without my father
for 23 years of my life. Yeah, I’ll help you
take care of him. Ms. Parmer, I know. When you tell me about
your life and the fact you
grew up without your father, I have compassion for you. But I am not surprised. Because what we know
in this courtroom is that these situations
repeat themselves. They are generational curses,
they pass down and they keep
repeating themselves until somebody has
the courage to break it. And in this moment,
you had that courage. And now, Mr. Ross, despite your testimony, this is your
biological son. And when you say to her,
“I’m gonna help you
take care of him,” it’s a lot to that.
You understand that, right? ROSS: Yes, Your Honor. That means financially, right? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: And has she said
now you can do it voluntarily or she can go to court in your
home state and you will have
court-ordered child support. You all have to
talk about that. You all have to
figure out how to co-parent. And you have to learn
how to talk to one another
and respect one another. JUDGE LAKE: Do you understand? Yes, ma’am. We have counseling
and resources for you. I want you to talk
to Dr. Jeff. I want
you to figure out how do you co-parent.
Don’t be ashamed to just say, “I don’t know, I’ve never
done this, I don’t even
know how to do it well.” Find other people
that have co-parented. Ask them questions.
It is not an easy thing
to do. But it’s possible. I wish you all
the very best of luck. PARMER: Thank you. ROSS: Thank you. Court is adjourned.

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