Woman Got Two Men To Pay Child Support (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Got Two Men To Pay Child Support (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Green v. Duncan.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Green. Yes, Ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: You claim
your rights as a potential father to
the child in question today, two-year-old Angel Bryant, were basically
stolen from you. Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE GASPS) JUDGE LAKE: You say
at 56 years old and having never fathered
a child previously, you’ve had doubts about
paternity from the beginning. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Yet you maintain, you still assume financial
responsibility for Angel. Just in case
she is indeed yours. Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Duncan. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You admit to sleeping with another man
while with Mr. Green, but say you’re still positive
he is Angel’s father because the other man
used protection. Furthermore, you
contend that Mr. Green is not solely
supporting the child. In fact, you admit that both men are currently
paying child support. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Mr. Green, how did you
meet Ms. Duncan? How did I meet her?
Well, it was New Year’s night. She was out,
I was out of course. I saw her staggering a little
bit, walking home alone
from the club. I took her home
and then we just
talked for a little bit. Exchanged numbers. Then shortly thereafter
you guys began dating? I don’t have sex… I’m not
a sexually active person. We did not sleep together
and this was about
three months later. So we first had
sex around May, just like to say May. So you all waited,
which is good, got to know one another
and then you had a
sexual relationship. That’s correct. So now, was this a committed
relationship, Ms. Duncan? Did you tell him that you
were in a relationship with
somebody else at the time? He knew I was
talking to someone, but I told him we broke up, but I was still
talking to him. (AUDIENCE GASPS) All right, so you basically
lied and told him you weren’t talking
to the guy anymore,
but you were. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And you weren’t
just talking to him. No. JUDGE LAKE: You were still
having sex with him, too? Yes. See, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know nothing
about a relationship. So you thought she was
single when you met her? Yes, Your Honor. So what happened when you
discovered you were pregnant? I got sick. I was
eating buffalo wings and I was hurting
in my right side real bad. They took me to
the emergency room and they told me that
I had gall stones and also, “Congratulations
you’re nine and a half
weeks pregnant.” Really? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) DUNCAN: So I
called Mr. Green. JUDGE LAKE: You did? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: He’s the first
person you called? Yes. And so what was your
reaction? Were you happy? I just couldn’t
believe it. I was in shock. You were 54 years old. You’d never had
another child? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So you were
in a bit of a shock. That’s why I was in shock. You see that’s one
reason why I’ve brought
her to court today because I want the
truth to come out. We’re going to
shame the devil and the
truth is coming out today. So when you told him
you were pregnant, he says he was shocked. How did that come across
to you through the phone? Did you feel like
he didn’t care, or did he sound happy? Yes, I felt that
he didn’t care. So did you tell the other
guy you were pregnant, too? I haven’t seen the other
guy until after I got
out of the hospital. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Your honor,
I figured that if I’m supposed to
be the child’s father, I would have been there
at the time of birth and also my name would
be on the birth certificate,
Your Honor. And so that’s not the case? No, and in fact,
while she was pregnant, I was informed that
she would call me. I said call me when
you’re getting ready
to have the child. So I can be there at birth. I would like
to cut the cord. So she’s going to call me,
I’m not worrying about it. That didn’t happen. And she never called? Never received a call. No, Your Honor,
that’s a lie. I had a dream that a
child was being born. And I called the
emergency room. Sure enough they
told me that Ms. Duncan was in
the emergency room. Your honor, he was
nowhere around me. During my pregnancy
this other guy,
he stepped up and he was with me through
my whole pregnancy. So that’s a lie,
Your Honor. That’s a lie. No, I was there, but not there like
you want me to be. You was nowhere around. No doctor appointments,
no nothing. I made a mistake,
I was with the other guy, but he stepped up to the
plate and he took care of her. That part is true. I told you I have a thing
about hospitals. You was nowhere around. You was nowhere around! So Mr. Green,
at what point did you find out there was
another man in the picture? I’m getting to that
right now, Your Honor. Okay. It was like six or seven
months down the road
during her pregnancy. Then she told me,
she said, “Well, the baby may
not be yours.” AUDIENCE: Aw. That’s after
six or seven months. Of pregnancy or when
the baby was born? Six or seven months
during pregnancy. JUDGE LAKE: All right. And that’s how I found
out the baby may be who she said it may be. So how did you break
that news, Ms. Duncan? I’ve been told him that. He know I had a… GREEN: No, you didn’t. Yes, I did. You told me about six or seven months
after you were pregnant. You said the baby
may not be yours. It may be you know who. So I took that
kind of hard. You said he was using
protection, but it broke. Yes. I told you that. I told you that I was what,
Three months pregnant. You told me that
six, seven months… Now you gonna tell
I’m six or seven months? You were about to have
the baby, it was about
four more months to go. No. So Mr. Green, when
you say you know who, did you ever meet
this other guy? Not till afterwards. And what happened
when you saw him? I don’t know if it was her
birthday or Mother’s Day. Okay, I took her home and he was outside
waiting for her.
And that kind of hurt. And he’s like, “I’ve come to
see my daughter, my daughter.” I said, “That’s not your
daughter, that’s my daughter.” And that was like
embarrassing, you know. He was already there
waiting for her to come home. JUDGE LAKE: Really? And so you,
out as a family, and then come home
and some other man
it talking about, He’s coming to pick up
your family. GREEN: Yes, Your Honor. I even questioned him,
I said, “If you know the
child’s not yours why would you sign
a birth certificate knowing the child
is not yours?” And I had no comment. JUDGE LAKE: He didn’t answer? Did you know
he was going to
come pick you up after Mr. Green
dropped you off? Did you have two dates
in a row planned? No, Your Honor. So why was he just
sitting out there? He probably just
came by, I didn’t know
he was coming by. I didn’t. JUDGE LAKE: Did you ask him
if he thought he was
the baby’s father? I really didn’t see him till
after the child was born. When did you come
see the child? How old she was?
Two, three months? GREEN: About one month. And the other guy
was there for me. He
was right there for me. That doesn’t mean
to take… To give a child
another man’s name if he’s not the father. The way you was abandoning me I felt you didn’t
want no child
and the man… Well, you could have
left it blank. If you know
who the dad is, you could have left that
birth certificate blank until
you got a blood test. Then let it be signed. Well I made a mistake.
I made a mistake. Everybody make mistake. I made a mistake. You get what you
can get from him. I’m not playing with him You get what you
can get from me. No. Oh, no. You wasn’t really
giving me nothing. I know that. How would you feel if I
do the same thing to you? If I was vice-versa. How was I playing you? How was I playing
you Mr. Green? How? How? Every time, the
baby need shoes, the baby need Pampers,
the baby need this, your daughter need this.
How do I know
it’s my daughter? Okay. Ms. Duncan. DUNCAN: Yes, Your Honor. You just said, for the first
month he was not around. But the other guy was. The other guy was around
all the way through
my pregnancy. JUDGE LAKE: Really? Was
he at the birth, too? Yes. So while he was sitting around
waiting for the phone to ring, DUNCAN: I called him,
he didn’t answer. the other guy… JUDGE LAKE: Oh, so,
hold on now, if the other guy was
there, you call him and he didn’t answer
did you already… You going to have
them both there? DUNCAN: I already called him. No, no, Your Honor. No. JUDGE LAKE: So after he
didn’t answer, then you
called the other guy? Yes. So that guy was up there, and the baby was born
and you put his name
on the birth certificate. DUNCAN: Yes. I have evidence. JUDGE LAKE: I’d like to
see that. Jerome. So, this is you
in the hospital with your
beautiful new baby. DUNCAN: Yes, Your Honor. And the other
gentleman with you. DUNCAN: Yes, Your Honor. And so you decided
just to put his name on
the birth certificate. DUNCAN: Yes, Your Honor. I was messing
with both of them. It’s a possibility he could
be the father as well. Well you did make
a decision because as Mr. Green said, you could have just said,
“There are two
possible fathers “I’m going to leave it blank
until I have a DNA test.” Thank you. You’re right, Your Honor. GREEN: There it is. JUDGE LAKE: Now Angel’s
two years old. Who does she regard
as Daddy? This guy? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: No? She just in his name.
She call Mr. Green her daddy. So Mr. Green, after being
denied the opportunity
to be at the birth, you now have established
a relationship with the child so much so that
she calls you Daddy. Yes, Your Honor. And you provide for her? I do what I can do
when I can. Which is why I want to step up
to the plate and do more because I don’t want the child
to grow up without a father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And I can see that
it breaks both of you apart. Both of you are
in tears right now. And is that because
you feel like your
mistakes have negatively affected
this child? Or you feel like you’ve had
to hold back from her because you’re so uncertain? I feel that I am getting
too attached to the child. I love her and I can’t
give her all the love that a father should
give his daughter. That’s keeping me from doing
what I’m supposed to do
as a father. And Ms. Duncan you understand
that it’s your mistakes that cost your child
that opportunity? Yes, Your Honor. (SIGHS DEEPLY) So, the other gentleman, is he supporting her as well? He was. I haven’t seen him
in like three to four months. But up until about
three or four months ago,
he was providing for her? DUNCAN: Yes. In what way? He’d like, bring me like
200 or 300 a month. So he would give money… …for her. DUNCAN: And we’d take
the baby shopping. JUDGE LAKE: And he’d
get her clothes? DUNCAN: Yes. And he help me pay
for her day care as well. JUDGE LAKE: Then he
just disappeared? I don’t know
where he at. But she didn’t
call him “Daddy.” DUNCAN: No. JUDGE LAKE: But she
knew who he was. Yes. Did he believe he could
be her biological father? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: He did. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Wow. So Ms. Duncan, when you look at Angel, which
one of these men do you see? DUNCAN: Mr. Green. JUDGE LAKE: You do. You think
she looks like Mr. Green? DUNCAN: Yes, Your Honor. How about you, Mr. Green? Lot of time she
looks like me and then sometime
she don’t. It all depends
on the picture. You submitted
a baby picture of yourself. Now this is a baby
picture of you and then a
baby picture of Angel. Do you see
a resemblance? GREEN: Not exactly
on that picture. JUDGE LAKE: Not on that one? Any resemblance now, do you think she looks
like you right now? Uh, not really. I’d say
around the cheekbones. JUDGE LAKE: Just the
cheekbones. Do you see a resemblance
ma’am, Ms. Duncan? Yes, Your Honor. So now you’ve established
this relationship. GREEN: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: She calls
you “Daddy.” Yes, Your Honor. DUNCAN: Yes, she does. JUDGE LAKE: And yet
with all of this, you still never knew if you’re
truly her biological father? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So now
you’re thinking about a young life,
a young child, a young girl you’re
responsible for. You’re thinking
about her future. Yes, Your Honor, that’s why I
wanna get this thing straight
and get everything… If I am the father,
that child shouldn’t be
suffering like that. By I’m being a vet,
the child’s entitled
to benefits. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And if I’m the father, that child has been cheated
out of two and a half years
of benefits that she’s entitled to. And she wouldn’t be living
in the conditions
that she’s living if her name was on the
birth certificate as Green. And plus, (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) she would be able
to go to school
college for free. Once she finishes
regular school
then high school, she has the opportunity
for the Government to
send her to school free. So, first off, thank you
for your service. And… (AUDIENCE CHEERING) So, in other words, this beautiful young girl
really has no idea that
she is missing out on a lot of opportunity,
care and provisions and you want to make sure
she is taken care of. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: But without legally being
named her father, she’s not entitled
to these things. That’s right, Your Honor. Ms. Duncan. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: The other man,
whose name is on the
birth certificate, if you could locate him,
does he have the means
to care for your daughter the way Mr. Green does? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: No? Wow. Okay, the stakes
are really high. I will say
this, Jerome. We see a lot in
this court room. Men who accuse
women of putting the man’s name on
the birth certificate that they feel
is most qualified
to take care of the child regardless of the… In my opinion, Ms. Duncan,
I have to say it lands credibility to
your testimony that his shock translated
as rejection to you. And you went ahead and put this other man’s
name on the birth certificate because you felt like
he didn’t want to be
bothered because truthfully, as you
stated so clearly, this is the better man
to take care of the child. That’s why I
really want for her
to be his daughter. JUDGE LAKE: And that’s
a shame. That’s the power
of communication. If you just could have
had a conversation.
All right, Jerome. Let’s get the results. Oh, what a shame. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) If anyone would
like to take a seat, we know these results can be
emotional. Please feel free. These results were prepared
by DNA diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case ofDuncan v. Green,when it comes
to the paternity of two-year-old Angel Bryant, Mr. Ronald Green, you… In the case of
Duncan v. Green,
when it comes
to the paternity of two-year-old Angel Bryant, Mr. Ronald Green, you are not her father. AUDIENCE: Aw! JUDGE LAKE: I’m so sorry. Mostly sorry for Angel. Ms. Duncan. Are we certain it is
the other gentlemen? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
No other possibility? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And you have
no idea where he is? No, Your Honor. (DUNCAN CRYING) It’s going to work out. (SOBBING) GREEN: Certain things
happened. That’s the way it is. It is what it is. They most certainly do. We make mistakes. And unfortunately
sometimes our children
pay for our mistakes. Yes, Your Honor. But, if you can find a place
in your heart, Mr. Green, for Angel, play a role
in her life, whatever it may be, I think that
would be wonderful. Okay. JUDGE LAKE: I wish you all
the very best of luck and take care of your
beautiful little girl. GREEN: Thank you. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) As far as my daughter goes, I’m going to go searching and see if I can find her
biological father. And also I really would
like for Mr. Green to stay in my
baby’s life. Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s okay.
Things happen. It just made me look
like, you know, made me look
like a fool. Life goes on.

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