Why Was Katy Perry Banned from China for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

[Music] Katy Perry finds herself banned from China and consequently won’t be performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Inside Edition producer Brianna king is in Shanghai to cover the show Katy Perry was initially granted a Chinese visa but at the very last minute the Chinese authorities revoked it which shocked everyone here in Shanghai so what happened according to reports the Chinese government was upset that Katy wore the Taiwanese flag during a performance and Taipei back in April 2015 Katy also wore a sunflower dress a flower associated with the pro-democracy movement Katy Perry performed at the show back in 2010 now Victoria’s Secret is scrambling at the last minute to replace her the show takes place Monday Victoria’s Secret is being very hush-hush about who’s gonna replace Katy Perry it’s rumoured that Harry Styles and maybe Miguel will step in and supermodel Gigi Hadid also found herself banned from entering China apparently the Chinese flipped out when they saw this birthday video posted last April showing Gigi holding up a cookie in the shape of Buddha and squinting her eyes Gigi issued an apology right away but apparently the Chinese government wants to teach her a lesson the 22 year old is a big star in China or Gigi Hadid was banned in China she was even on the cover of Chinese Vogue I found this magazine downstairs in the lobby this is the cover of the March issue but her sister Bella seen here vamping in a Shanghai gym will walk in the show [Music] you [Music]

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