100 thoughts on “Who Knows Me Better? Twin VS Dad 2020

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  2. Oh. My. Gosh. When I heard talking about "Caamp", their music is just amazing and I absolutely love that 😍 So Long, Honey is THE best

  3. I don’t know how people can deal with having thousands of unread emails. For me, that would stress me out to no end! That’s why I constantly check my inbox and delete stuff that’s unimportant or outdated; I try to keep both of my inboxes at around 200 emails tops. I don’t know many people like me who do this, so I guess most people just don’t read or delete their emails? Can’t relate but ok 😄📥

  4. It makes sense that twins have a higher rate of claustrophobia, because in the womb it’s much smaller a space because there’s two of them

  5. I have a list of people I slept with it'd be crazy to have a list of people I've kissed its such a simple end of date thing

  6. Omg I’m claustrophobic too because of the same reason my sister and her friends when I was 4 sat on a bucket when I was underneath

  7. Fantasy is a sub genre of Fiction so Fantasy is Fiction but Fiction isn't Fantasy. I think it was a poorly phrased question, I translated question to Fantasy v.s. Anything else

  8. What’s going on between Brooklyn and Ricky from Ireland Boys Productions?

    I feel like something is going on between them.

    Like if u agree

  9. I started listening to Caamp and Judah and the lion after watching this video, thanks for introducing me to those great bands guys 😁

  10. I have as a worker, the channel worker is a source of livelihood. I spend on my treatment. I hope you can help me and make me happy

  11. 1:47 nooooo that's cheating! IT IS close if you take the closest border to NZ, the map counts from the middle of the country which is huge!

  12. Me and my sister met you at Walmart!!!!!!!! My name is Reagan if you didn’t remember. No offense Brooklyn but Bailey is my favorite

  13. anyone else love how the models of their new apparel aren’t all sticks? i love it. they showed all body types. that’s how it should be

  14. You should make a who knows me better with Mindy and Kamri to see who knows Brooklyn better and one with Paisley and Daxton or Rylan to see who knows Bailey better 😂

  15. Fantasy is fiction but fiction is not always fantasy. Fiction can also include:
    Contemporary (a.k.a. Modern/realistic fiction)

  16. Brooklyn – mention about wanting to go to NZ

    No one –

    Not even a kiwi –

    Korg – Kia Ora, let me introduce myself, the name is-

  17. fiction is a genre meaning anything unreal and fantasy is a subgenre only talking about things like harry potter ps. im learning this for some reason at school

  18. Brooklyn I’m from Ireland boys production I just wanna say that you should date Ricky he is a pretty cool dude GUY LIKE IF AGREE because I think a lot of people want to see that LIKE it

  19. This is funny because I’m currently living in australia for 5 months now (I’m from Canada) and I’m going to New Zealand in 3 days for over a week and I’m doing the bungee jump there 😂😂what a coinkadink

  20. Hi Brooklyn and bailey did u see Rohan tv’s new video it’s called “Showing my best friend his crush after wisdom teeth removed” and one hit ricks in it

  21. Fantasy is a specific genre within the fiction grouping. Soooo not the same. One is much more broad while the other is more specific

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