Who Beats Up A Pregnant Woman? – Check Yourself: S5 E1 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Who Beats Up A Pregnant Woman? – Check Yourself: S5 E1 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

♪♪ You’re watching
“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.” Check Yourself. Season Five. You’ll be watching us… Watch the show. For the very first time. You’ll be getting
our natural… …and honest reactions. We’re watching it… …with you! The scene
you’re about to see is Moniece going bananas
at a pregnant mum. ♪♪ A.D.’s event is cute. You know, it’s for
her fashion show, which I did help design. I think she should
put me on the payroll. He got braids
twisted in dreds? What the (bleep)
is that in hair? Do this man
got microbraids? Is them crochet braids, boy? Hey, I’m single and mingling
right now, so I don’t have
to pay nothin’. I just pay for (bleep).
I’ll send you home, though. Rachel is a mess. This man Michael’s braids
just swing there where I can’t take him
serious, cous. I can’t wait for you to hear
these records, though. I’m opening for Kimberly.
I’ma need you there. Kimberly?
I don’t know who– Kimberly– “K. Michelle.” Oh, I think that
Bridget is so talented, and I like to see her opening up
for her friend. This Bridget,
Bridgy, whatever. Baby, heh…
I’ma need you. Just call me, man. ♪♪ I think it’s a good idea
to call Princess, ’cause she told me
to drop the location. Like, when a pregnant person
ask you to do something, you do it. That was a very dangerous
move she made by inviting Princess. I don’t think
that anybody there is gonna be particularly pleased
to see Princess. Just a guess. ♪♪ ♪ Burn it down ♪ How’s everybody
doing tonight? Okay… Pregnant gangsta. We were doing just fine until you walked your
fat (bleep) into the room. (Princess)
What type of person
announced to the world that someone else is carrying
somebody else’s baby? One that
doesn’t like you. What did I do? Paris, you kind of
set that one up there, because we all know that
Princess wouldn’t be coming to have a cup of tea
with her. (Princess)
Maybe the type of person that would fake
being a lesbian. No, it could be
the type of person that tries to shame
somebody’s girlfriend and release a sex tape. A.D. better stand
for bae, okay? Heh. And when we got home, we (bleep) the (bleep)
out of each other, ’cause that was so sexy…
mm-hmm. We can revisit
this conversation in about 2 1/2 months,
when I have my baby. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t
get popped in the mouth. Okay, bitch?
Your belly may be pregnant, but your face is not. Maybe I’ll show you how
to be a good mother, too. Yo, it done went left! You have to control
that (bleep), man. Princess is pregnant. I’m sorry, I’m still not sorry
about picking up the chair, and I guess I’m not sorry
’cause I didn’t make contact. I think I’m sorry that I didn’t,
’cause then I would actually have something
to be sorry about. Hey, hey, get her!
Get her, get her, get her! She just tried to downplay it
and downsize it, but I don’t think
that worked. Who tries to fight
a pregnant person? A bitch that doesn’t
give a (bleep) about
the pregnant person. A.K.A. me.
Let the record show… that the chair
did not leave my hands. So, I didn’t hit
a pregnant person. I almost hit a pregnant person.
Almost doesn’t count. Who tries to fight
a pregnant person? (laughing) I (bleep) love
that Wicked Witch of the West. “Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Ha ha ha!” Princess, you’re bad. I held it together
for a pretty long while. I felt like I was standing
on the judgment line, waiting for Jesus to tell me
whether I was coming to heaven or being condemned to hell. The next scene
you’re about to see is K. Michelle’s fake booty
plugged up to the IV. ♪♪ How you doin’? Hi, baby. I think
K. Michelle pretty. Pretty trash. (laughter) My single charted and… Mm-hmm. You know, I got
a big radio tour
I did off of it. You is spoiled. Why? You did the show
with me, and literally,
you was a hour late. It’s two artists,
there’s a battle of egos. And, you know,
may the best one win. I bet Lyrica was late. She wasn’t late. You wrote
some great songs. But nobody give a (bleep). Ooh… she back. You are not serious
right now. I swear to God
‘fore crackers and cheese, you was an hour late! Why you wanna be B.S.? K, you told me
about the show three days before show! Just say “sorry”
and be done with it. I definitely think
Lyrica’s entitled, and this moment of hers has definitely
gone to her head. You gotta fake it
till you make it, bitch.You fake it! But till I make it,
you got to. But let me
tell you one thing–I don’t fake (bleep)!(laughing)
If anybody knows fake, it’s definitely K. Michelle. Say what you said, dog,
that’s all I want. From the booty to the nose
to the lips to the cheeks.I’m not faking (bleep)
like you fake your marriage.
I’m not faking (bleep).I fake my marriage? Okay, make (bleep) up. It looked like that
kind of hurt Lyrica. She didn’t–
she didn’t like that. If your (bleep)’s real,
your (bleep)’s real, right? And I feel like… K’s onto something
with this fake marriage.These bitches in La La Land,they finna get a taste
of the real.
She ’bout to get
her IV. Nah, she thirsty. Eh. She’s so thirsty
for attention. Why is K. Michelle
randomly getting a drip in the middle
of her rehearsal? This is what you’re doing?
You in L.A. being the same K?The same K doing
better than you, bitch!
Doing better than me?Doing better than you!What the (bleep)
have you done?!
(both laughing) (gasps) Hollywood is so weird.
(giggling) Give me a mic!Your album was brick.Whatcha need
a mic for?
Yeah, Lyrica! Let’s go, Lyrica! Nah, security. Yeah, you don’t
wanna get the mic. Your mama’s trash. Lyrica just came
out of nowhere. “Your mum’s trash”? Ooh, “Your mama’s trash.” Your nose is pinched. Yeah, her nose is pinched.Get the (bleep)
out of here.
(bleep) you, K!That’s why you’re trying
to (bleep) Safaree.
(laughing) Safaree, you’re bad for that,
if you did go there, because A1 is your boy. Bros over hoes.You gotta (bleep)!Why you
taking me out? Let’s go.Get the (bleep) out of her
crunchy booty-ass bitch!
What did she
just call her? A crunchy what? Crunchy booty-ass bitch. Oh, my God! Uhh. You thirsty? I am thirsty. (laughing) At the moment. Can I have
some water, please? (laughing)

100 thoughts on “Who Beats Up A Pregnant Woman? – Check Yourself: S5 E1 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

  1. Her face may not be pregnant but you putting her under stress could cause her to lose the baby but she was looking for a fight, I would never put my pregnancy/child at risk like that.

  2. B**** are so so f**** idiotic that they be saying your belly is pregnant in your face is not… Yeah when you hit a pregnant woman in the face if she passes out or can't breathe that cuts off air from the baby or if she falls over from you hitting her in the face she can hit her stomach or her head and be in a coma or lose her child still. The stupidest thing I've ever heard a woman say

  3. I think princess knew she wont get hit cuz why'd she put herself in that situation for 2 years she been talking about moniece and her son a d try release a sex tape

  4. K Michele is Fake. Fake Ass. Fake 👄. Fake 👃. Fake Hair. Fake attitude. Take all those Surgeries away You got Olive Oil. Popeyes Girl. I just want her off the show…Period.
    Fake Fake Fake Fake.
    I got real breast and A*s.
    Its Real in the Bay and Fake in L.A.
    Sodum and Gomorrah Revisited. It will All be under Water. God dont like the Ugly in Hollyweird. 👽👽👽

  5. Lucci..how does he even know the different types of hairdos..the nerve of KMichelle to call out another fake ass when hers is falling apart..you’re both in the same boat

  6. I thought that tattoo on that lady's chest with the British accent was chest hair…I had to rewind it and look again to make sure.

  7. I love moniece but she shoulda walked out as soon as she seen princess. Princess obviously wanted a reaction from Moniece that’s the whole reason she did that. And she got one. Moniece should’ve walked away to make her look stupid. She wanted to do the same thing Moniece did to Brandi.

  8. Moniece you are too old to be acting like this. It's not a good look. Learn how to Control yourself! You should be ashamed! Stop acting like a kid, its too much already!

  9. Revisiting this in 2019 with all the Fizz and apryl drama. In these particular catty drama situations, i didnt like Moniece. Because she picked on people and then got mad when the action was reciprocated. But recently the way shes been going off, i agree with her 100% because she was terribly betrayed.

  10. At the end of the day whenever you bark at somebody be ready to get bit, pregnant or not. Your baby is YOUR responsibility not anybody else's so if you choose to put your baby in harm's way that's on you. I don't blame Moniece.

  11. Love how Moniece is acting innocent. She done this plenty of times to others but when people roll up on her and do the same thing it's an issue. Well you know the saying Karma's a…….
    P.S Moniece should've calmed down because even though she didn't hit. Princess she still have authority to charge her with attempted murder….just saying

  12. I don't believen in hitting a pregnant woman. I'm just gonna wait until you drop that baby , and I'mma be posted outside the hospital waiting on your ass . I'mma wait til your baby daddy or whom ever their get you , too get the baby then game

  13. This is y u dont underestimate pisces 😂🤣😂 we'll give a chance to walk away but dont keep coming looking for trouble because that's what you're going to get period 💁🏽‍♀️

  14. Monice work with movie writer from detroit Joe from detroit i make movieswork with me Monica Thursday Friday8am 11am 11pm 6miledetroitWest side Meyers i do movies16836mendota 6mile West side Meyers i we dough nation for movies Timfromdetroit im a rap er detroit 3132131108 call

  15. If she cared she was pregnant she wouldnt have talked about being a better mother. I wish she wouldve got beat up tbh

  16. Wow If she hiding behind her baby now imagine when the baby born😂 gone be fighting people with her baby on her hip

  17. Princess came for a fight. She wrong for coming up there. She put her baby in danger knowing what she was walking into

  18. I like Moniece. She crazy but always provoked 🤷🏾‍♀️
    And Princess messy af. Where was Ray cuz my babydaddy would’ve snatched my pregnant ass up!

  19. Nothing against Moniece, but one day she's gonna meet a tougher and smarter girl than herself and will get her ass beat up so bad…..sometimes she is extremely pretentious and has a very annoying attitude, I really feel I wanna smack her and have he mouth shut.

  20. Imagine being pregnant and focusing on the negativity in your life, and NOT turning over a new leaf for the well being of you or your unborn child. Couldn’t be me.

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