What should I eat to prevent miscarriage | Nourish with Melanie #74

What should I eat to prevent miscarriage | Nourish with Melanie #74

Did you know that some foods can actually
decrease your risk of having a miscarriage? If you’re pregnant, this video is a ‘must
watch’. I’ve looked at the research and found the
5 top foods for preventing miscarriage. Stay tuned! Fifth place goes to eggs. It seems that eating eggs at least twice per
week helps to reduce the risk of miscarriage. Eggs are an important source of key pregnancy
nutrients such as choline and protein. Just make sure that they are well cooked so
that your baby isn’t at risk of salmonella poisoning. Whipping up a vegetarian omelette can be a
great quick, easy and nutritious meal when you’re exhausted after a big day. Forth place goes to fish. Eating fish twice per week has been found
to decrease the risk of miscarriage by up to 30% compared to women who don’t eat fish
during pregnancy. Obviously, ensure that they are handled and
cooked well to avoid listeria toxicity, and avoid high mercury fish such as swordfish. If you’re unsure which fish are the best to
eat during pregnancy, check out my Nourish tutorial on my four favourites to eat during
pregnancy after this episode. Number three goes to vegetables. One study found that women who ate at least
fourteen serves of veggies per week had a 40% less chance of having a miscarriage than women
who ate less than 7 serves of veggies each week. So make sure you’re having at least two serves a day. A serve of vegies is equivalent to a cup of
salad or half a cup of cooked vegies. Vegies are rich in fibre, folate and vitamin
C, all which are protective…so it’s just another reason to your greens! Second place goes to dairy products. A UK study found that daily consumption of
dairy products reduced miscarriage by 30%. And, it’s not the only study, milk and cheese
in particular have been found to be particularly good at reducing the risk of miscarriage. And, an Italian study found that women who
included a 40g serve of hard cheese each day had halved their risk of having a miscarriage
compared to women who didn’t eat cheese. Yes, you heard right! Cheese is good! You love me now, don’t you?! So, try grating some parmesan through your
salad or put a slice of tasty into your roll at lunch time. But, avoid butter as women who consumed it
the most had double the risk of miscarriages as the women who consumed it the least. Okay, so the best food for reducing your risk of miscarriage is….. Drum-roll please Fruit! A study found that eating two pieces of fruit
each day reduced the risk of miscarriage by over 70%. It’s believed that fruit lowers a hormone
called androstenedione which has been linked to higher rates of miscarriage. So, if you do nothing else, ensure that you
include two pieces of fruit in your diet each day throughout your pregnancy. Well, I hope you found that helpful! And, to help you even further, I’ve put together
a pregnancy meal plan for you. To download it just go to www.melaniemcgrice.com/pregnancy. There’s no cost. It’s my gift to you. However, if I may ask one little favour in
return….I’d really appreciate it if you’d share this video amongst your friends and
family. Obviously we don’t share our early pregnancy
with everyone, so you never know which of your girlfriends might be pregnant, and this
video could be just what someone needs to help them avoid the heartbreak of a miscarriage. If you haven’t subscribed, please do so, and I’ll look forward to seeing you in my next video.

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  1. Why does butter cause an increase in miscarriages? Is it all butter or just unpasteurized butter? I thought pasteurized butter is safe.

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