What Pregnancy is Really Like | BLOOPER COMPILATION

What Pregnancy is Really Like | BLOOPER COMPILATION

hi guys welcome back to my am I gonna
say it again this video is basically my way to explain to you how this past
eight and a half months been feeling so when you see me smiling and happy I’m
positive I am truly on the inside I’m super happy but so enjoy this and thank
you for being part of the journey and soon this will all be over but this
video will remind me and all my pregnant sisters out there dad died I don’t know
I had a point but it’s baby brain so I don’t remember enjoy I love when I can
smell a person and be like not what why do I smell people what was that oh thanks then I do have credit please
don’t forget to subscribe and quit what are you do
press the bed Hey and what if mint peppermint what
signature aroma flavor was certified stop it are you joking
it smells like peppermint we know you like plants it’s a plant Anna whenever
you’re ready I’m gonna show you five little easy fun pure nourishment lip for
extreme moisture or any oil if you use it how do you call the sweaters that
cover the neck okay again again don’t have crumbs on my face huge difference I
why would I say that after with fruit butters wax huh what
what’s going on what happens here birds chirping in my head I forgot to my how
do you call the thing that you brush your hair hair brush that’s it English
is having a vaginal swab today my kids are just gonna benefit from this mama
post Oreo McFlurry my dreams yeah I ate leftover Thai food
and now I’m having my ice cream coconut milk sandwich and this is it
this is Monday you guys good night also I ordered a burrito so I’m sweating
from my burrito and then I can go to the office marita first then work maybe just wait am I have to write what day is it
today I wasn’t planning to eat it for the video but it’s right here in front
of me how can I do oh look I even have my good brown today you’ll get a whole
lot of malaria today different shades of long at the moment what did you get on
your dress another one be South Monday so without further ado they say right
Emma’s further adieu for no dude Bernhard so what if it’s 11 a.m. it’s
not even actually you can judge me I’m pregnant god dammit don’t steal my car
anymore okay this is a humbling experience future
valaria when you’re back to your skinny self just remember this could happen
again stay away from Gary you

100 thoughts on “What Pregnancy is Really Like | BLOOPER COMPILATION

  1. Who wants to see a blooper compilation of the kids… 😏

    Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/valerialipovetsky

  2. So funny! 🤣 😆 “Future Valeria, this could happen again. Stay away from Gary.” Bwah ha ha ha! 😂 I remember those days. I called it “Pregnancy Brain.” Thinking of the simplest words was so hard! Glad someone else gets it, LOL! Thanks for being yourself! God bless you❣️

  3. I laughed so hard during the whole video but at "stay away from Gary" i just died 😭😭😂😂😂lyyyyyy Valeria ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Future Valeria, this could happen again. Stay away from Gary 😂😂😂 the whole video is a blast! You will treasure this when little Leo (insert his real name if different) comes 😍

  5. Hello beautiful, you look so cute with your baby bump😍😍 would you share your secrets to prevent stretch marks with your fellow pregnant sisters😇😇

  6. Hahahaahaa!!!
    This is soo good!!!
    It’s good to show future mamas that you feel the same as them.
    Honestly I wish you to have a smooth birth and to enjoy your new member of the family!

  7. I dont know how many times i have seen this fantastic real video!!!!

    From a 28 a&e nurse who is trying to survive in this World hahahaha great!

  8. I died with this video!!! Never get tired to see it, you inspire me and many other people and that is the purpose that every person must have in life… love you😘

  9. 8 weeks into my first pregnancy, constantly both nauseous and hungry. My emotions are so outta whack it's crazy. To top it off I'm taking the hardest CPA exam in 2 weeks!!!! My life…v.v I feel the pregnant struggle to maintain balance between creating a human in your body while also wanting ambitious achievements for yourself

  10. I´m 20 now and I wish that when I'm 28 I have someone to start a family with. Because for now it seems that nobody appears.
    Btw I love all of your videos , I see them all from Spain

  11. Lol you were so convinced when you said "I love when I can smell a person" and then you realized what you just said and added "no what? Why would I smell a person?"

  12. You are beautiful and cute. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💓💓💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍💞💞💝💝

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