What not to ask a pregnant woman! & It’s not yep, it’s yes sir!

What not to ask a pregnant woman! & It’s not yep, it’s yes sir!

(jazz music) Jacqueline Nate Barber. Good morning, Jacqueline. Hi. You’re charged with going through a, oh, you’re charged with speeding on Chalkstone Avenue. I did it. What do you want to tell me about this? Did you have any kids–
Nothing. Did you have any kids in the car? No. Do you have any children? Yes, I have a son and I have one on the way. You’re having a baby now? Yes, I’m seven months. Oh, are you having a boy or a girl? Another boy. (chuckles) So much testosterone will be in my house. (laughs) I’m gonna tell you something, and I’m, I hope I’m not crossing the line. You are glowing, you know? It’s something about women when they’re pregnant. They get this certain glow about them, and you have it. You look like you just– I wish I felt that way. (laughs) Well, you’re exuding that.
Thank you. You really are. Thank you. Now, I was told not to say this, but I’m gonna say it anyway, but for over 20 years I’ve been trying to get somebody to name a baby Francesco. (Jacqueline laughs) And every time I ask that, they just laugh like you just did like, “Are you crazy? Francesco?” Because it’s gonna be the new name of the future. Now, of course, a hundred years ago, not a hundred, but my parents named me Francesco, so I’m trying to get people to name their baby Francesco. So, if you get stuck at the very end and you really don’t know what you want to name the baby, just think–
I’ll think about it. Just think about it. Don’t make any commitments, but think about it like this (whistles) (both laugh) Right now we’re stuck on Wesley, so we’ll see. Sounds like a great name. I think you’re making a good choice with Wesley. (both laugh) Okay, you’ve had any baby showers, any baby gifts so far? I’m having it next month, actually. I don’t know the day, because it’s supposed to be a surprise, but they have to tell me so I can dress, so I’m not in pajamas. So they have to tell me somehow. (laughs) So did you start getting some gifts? I got, I’m really trying hard not to, actually, but I did buy a couple outfits, but everybody keeps–
You bought them yourself? Yes, everybody’s like–
No, but I’m talking about– Don’t do that. Not yet. I’m talking about people giving you gifts. Nope, not until, I’m just waiting for the baby shower. I always want you to remember the first gift you got was from me. Okay? The case is dismissed. Aw, thank you. There’s something about people having children that really moves me, you know? And I always think of a story that my mother told me. You know, my father was born in Italy. They came here. They were poor, you know. My mother tells me, Inspector Quinn, I want you to listen to this story because it’s a true story. My mother would always tell me that it was during the depression. My father was working WPA. They had no money, and my mother was pregnant to me. And she couldn’t afford prenatal care, so she would walk down to the Federal Hill House to get prenatal care. It was a Chinese doctor, and she’d stand in line with all these other women, you know, to be checked for her condition because she couldn’t afford a doctor. And she would tell this story, as she was walking back to the house, you know, because no car, she passed this store that had peaches in the window, cans of peaches. And her mouth would water for a can of peaches, but she couldn’t afford it. And she was pregnant, you know, and so she would tell me that story all the time, telling me, you know, that women who are having children are a very, very, very, very special category, you know. And she always would give me that story and say, “You know, whenever a woman is having a child, “you gotta be nice to them. “You gotta be kind to them.” Because sometimes they need stuff in life and so forth. So when I saw you I was thinking of my mother. Aw. And that’s a very pleasant thought. Good luck to you. Thank you. Pregnancy cravings are really harsh sometimes. (both laugh) (descending music) For reasons I’ve yet to figure out, our court room is a magnet for pregnant women, or seemingly pregnant women. And there en lies the conundrum. How do you know for sure? You can’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant. The three worst words in the English language, besides not tonight, Ziggy, are, no, I’m not pregnant. So when a seemingly pregnant woman comes into our courtroom, the judge asks an innocent question. Do you have any children? Yes, I have a son and I have one on the way. You’re having a baby now? Yes, I’m seven months. See, we got the answer without asking the dreaded question. So remember, it doesn’t matter how pregnant a woman looks, you could see a head crowning or little arms flailing away, it doesn’t matter. Assume nothing. Simply smile and ask them politely, “So, do you have any children?” Pro tip, no charge. (logo swipes) Taylor Davis. Taylor, you have a parking violation on Pinehurst Street. Yeah. What do want, yeah? (laughter) I’m sorry. Well, that solves that. Yeah, she did. She’s guilty, Inspector Quinn. So–
Right? Give me one moment, Judge. If I may have one moment. (Judge Caprio laughs) Yes, sir. Yes, your honor.
Yep. No yep.
No yeah. Okay. Your honor, so– No, you know, I have extra sensory perception. You know, I can tell what people are thinking. Yeah. I can tell what people say when they turn their back on me. I’ll bet Inspector Quinn said to you, “When you address the court, say yes, your honor, “or no, your honor, and don’t say yeah.” Is that what he said? Yes, your honor. All right, you’re off to a good start, Taylor. What do you want to tell me about the ticket? I was there the week prior, and I had no idea there was a parking ban. So I was there that night before my LSAT to get my mind off of things. I went to go visit a friend. I had no idea there was a parking ban over by Providence College. You were parked in a spot that was otherwise legal. Is that correct? Yeah. All right. And after you parked your car there, right, there was some kind of an event going on that they declared that there was going to be no parking, and they put tow zone signs up after you parked your car there. Is that correct? Yes, your honor. All right.
But I didn’t see them. Well, you couldn’t see them if they put them there after you parked your car. Yes, your honor. (Judge Caprio laughs) All right, what’s that called? Do you know what that’s called? You’re not studying law, are you? No, no, sir. I’m an undergraduate in liberal studies with a concentration in pre-law. Oh, pre-law. Yeah. Okay, well–
Yes, sir. Do you know what’s called if they make something illegal after the fact? What’s that called? Do you know? It’s called ex post facto. All right? It’s a Latin term, ex post facto, which means after the fact. We actually have a constitutional prohibition against ex post facto laws. Right? And they go all the way down to parking tickets as well. So now the next question is whether I believe you. Are you telling me the truth? Yes, your honor. Inspector Quinn? I think you solved it, Judge. (laughter) She couldn’t get any more nervous or any more afraid if I paid her, Judge. (laughter) Just relax. You’re good. All right. (clears throat) We’ve had several problems with cars being tagged after they put up these temporary no parking signs, you know. So I believe you and the matter’s gonna be dismissed. Thank you. Good luck. (descending music) Come on. How cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune in to Caught in Providence every weekday. Excuse me? You didn’t know Caught in Providence is also a TV show? Oh, wow, your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to caughtinprovidence.com, click on your local listings, scroll down ’til you find your home town, then start doing your happy dance. That’s it. Move it. Move it. Nice. All rise, and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments, like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.

100 thoughts on “What not to ask a pregnant woman! & It’s not yep, it’s yes sir!

  1. *Suspect kills 69 children
    Judge Frank: 420 years in prison
    Suspect: I once broke my leg..
    Judge Frank: The case is dismissed

  2. This Judge is the most understandable and kind judge I have ever witnessed…and I bet where he practices law they have 10 hanging judges that will offset all the fines he dismisses to make up for the losses in revenue for the State. Guaranteed!!!

  3. this is the best judge i saw 👨‍⚖️ he lets kids decide if theyre guilty or not,and disimisses sooo many cases ive never seen him tell someone theyre guilty ♥️

  4. Shoulda said: "As I am the sole beneficiary and sole executor, that makes you my trustee, therefore, I direct you to award me triple damages in cash within 24 hours and jail the adverse party until it is paid in full, or I shall not hold you harmless.

  5. Why was the first defendant denied the courtesy of the Judge allowing her to SIT (7 months pregnant) for her defense? Did the judge think Courtroom etiquette more important than the disposition of a pregnant woman? Was the second defendant financially reimbursed by the state for demanding her defense be in person? Did the judge – as a representative of Law & order, on behalf of that state – offer an apology for wasting her time?,.

  6. When you are raised with authority at home.
    1. It’s yes mom no dad.
    2. It’s yes sir no mam.
    3. Yes your honor no your honor.
    Last. Please, thank you, your welcome, excuse me, may I, could I, sorry, pardon, and Go ahead.

  7. Speeding to spend her husbands money, not being considerate of the other drivers and their lives.

  8. Look she's pregnant that judge let her speed her car anyway, how sweet. Would some people think but in reality he hopes she has an accident speeding, killing her and the child.

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