because I was looking very ratchet
leading up to that day like I wish you understood. hey everybody welcome back to
my channel; today’s video is going to be a “what I actually packed in my hospital
bag video.” that is such a long title. I have a little special guest with me here
today. I literally just finished feeding her so
she should be sleep this entire video; if you guys can see — see her right there; she
is exactly three weeks and one day, so what is that 13 days? wait…
22 days? I’m not good at math. the day we got back from the hospital when we got
back home, my husband unpacked my entire bag so I was like “no! I need that for a
video!” I made a list of everything I packed and I’ll link it down the
description box so you guys go check out that video. I think I used basically
everything… so this is my second daughter for those who are new here. I do have a
four year old daughter, she actually came to the hospital with us. so I know
it’s very unique to bring your toddler with you to the hospital but it’s
because (if you aren’t familiar to my channel), we don’t have any family nearby
so it was literally a family experience and it was a wonderful experience. I did
post my labor and delivery video two weeks ago I think now. so I’ll link that
in the description box as well if you guys want to see that; my husband did his
own video too of what he packed for first-time dads. I think I used like 90%
of my stuff so I’m actually very proud of myself. we have two dogs at home and my
husband had to come back twice a day to let them out so each time he came back
home he actually gave Mya break from being in the hospital; and just in case I
was going through something where I couldn’t attend to her, he took her home
with him. she was perfectly fine; she was great, she did much better than we ever
expected in the hospital. we actually didn’t using the clothes I packed except
for like the PJs… her hair was actually the way it was for the next
couple of days while we were in the hospital and I basically like redid her
hair the day we were going home, so I did use the hair stuff and hair products just for that day. we did bring her tracing book. we actually didn’t use that,
we did get her a present kind of like “congratulations” like “you’re
a big sister,” but that’s actually what she played with. I wasn’t expecting her
to actually go to sleep like while I was in labor. in the back of my mind I was
trying really hard which is kind of like unavoidable but I was trying really hard
to not be in labor you know like screaming and I wasn’t like
screaming in pain either… I’m glad because I didn’t want to wake her,
I didn’t want to upset her because she was in the hospital with us obviously
seeing mommy in pain could have made her feel anxious or you know upset or
something. God like He was helping out by like letting her fall asleep and she
woke up literally right before I gave birth. so we didn’t use a tracing book
and the time that she was awake, she was watching TV. the only other thing that
she was actually playing with was her present that was a tablet.
I did not bring my laptop charger or my laptop itself because the hospital had a
TV, so I’m glad I actually didn’t need to do that. we did use her blanket and
pillow and I did bring an extra blanket which I don’t think I mentioned this in
my previous video but I did bring an extra blanket to lay on the actual couch
because I didn’t want her putting her face on it just in case she didn’t sleep
on her pillow, and I didn’t want her laying like on that either. so you know
you never know like everybody is like laying on that basically and I’m not
sure how often they clean that. we did bring snacks which were that big bag of
chips and the hospital was actually were very kind; so they always brought
myself like a plate and whatnot and they actually brought Mya a plate — they
didn’t bring anything for Tone which was really nice on Mya’s part, but kind of
really funny that they didn’t bring Tone something… but that was basically Mya. so
when it came to Mariah, I packed her going home outfit which I thought was so
cute and we did use that the day we came home and I’m really glad that I picked
that particular outfit because living in Florida you never know how the weather’s
going to be and there was actually a storm like a thunderstorm that ended up
happening as soon as we got home. I didn’t use any of the onesies I packed. I
ended up using the hospitals because it was actually like more convenient than
the one that I gave birth to our daughter in back in our home state this
hospital had. these were like half cut and covered her sleeves and her
hand kind of like the European button style and like one side, the left
side. obviously her belly button was still healing and needed to have
air; so it didn’t have anything like covering down to her onesie where like
they snap at the bottom, so that was really nice. I didn’t use the onesies
I had just for that reason — her belly button to get air. I didn’t use any
of her socks. I did keep a blanket on her or swaddle on her; before we went to our
recovery room, I used their swaddle at the hospital they give you; and then when
we got to our recovery room, I switched to using my swaddle and just because I
felt like that was more comfortable because the hospital one’s kind of like
— it’s like a towel so I used a couple diapers that I brought but otherwise I
did use the ones at the hospital because they were easier to use just
because they have the line on and honest diapers don’t have that blue
line. so I kind of had a whole bunch of stuff for myself and kind
of like random but the biggest thing that I brought I was so proud of was
actually the toilet seat covers. I know this is like so random but those were
the best thing ever, like they were so awesome I’m so glad Amazon suggested them
to me and I was really excited to use them because I figured that they were
going to come in handy especially having a toddler in the hospital. what I didn’t
realize with those is actually when you take each one out to put it on the
toilet seat they actually had little stickies at the bottom where it helps it
stick to the toilet seat. these actually stayed still and they were overlapped on
the side it was such a breath of fresh air having that especially having a
toddler and I didn’t have to be paranoid about her you know her hands holding her
up like by using and touching the toilet she was still touching the toilet seat
cover. the other thing I was really glad that I actually brought and used like
crazy, always depends; and one of my friends who’s also a youtuber, she is Berry
Beautiful on YouTube, Elizabeth; she bought me some fancy looking discreet
underwear and I used those first because they were so nice. so I put the pad
inside of the hospital underwear that they gave you like those little like
shorts and then I put my always underwear on top of that and then I have
my PJs on. I didn’t want to ruin my PJs because I really really liked them and I
didn’t want blood coming out on the sides or anything so I made sure to have
layers basically; but everything was so breathable especially the always
underwear to have them over top of another pair of underwear because I did
leak out the first time I gave birth to Mya. I did leak out onto like my clothes
and stuff. I was constantly bleeding and actually bled a lot longer with her than
I did with Mariah, so I did wear my PJs. I figured I was going to wear those every day
that was in the hospital so I did wear those and they were so comfortable
they’re so soft; because I said in the last video that it was really easy to
have a button-up shirt for PJs as opposed like a zip up or just like a
shirt in general because for breastfeeding it was really easy for
that reason, but for her because I didn’t want to like stop looking at her and I always want to make sure she was still breathing. I actually let her
lay obviously like I like this, but i buttoned her up in my PJs shirt and I
knew she wasn’t going to go far so it was really helpful for that aspect too. we
didn’t actually bring toothbrushes we use the Colgate Wispies. obviously it’s not
the same as brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste but
this was actually like very surprising at how well it worked because I use it
for the two and a half days in the
hospital. one thing that I will tell you, if you’re watching this in your new mom,
and you’re planning to breastfeed, use like boobie balm, leading up to giving
birth because I did not chafe or crack or anything this time with getting ready to
breastfeed or after breastfeeding while my milk was still coming in because I
was doing that prior to. I ended up using the hospital’s first just because the
one that I actually have I didn’t use that just because I had to rinse it off
I didn’t realize that when I purchased it so I used the hospitals instead
obviously I brought my camera and my charger and all type of stuff I did use
my camera and I also use my phone the only thing I didn’t bring that I wish I
had was my external microphone so the one that I have is usually connected to
this camera and the other one I have is connect to my laptop so I didn’t bring
this one that I’m using right now but I kind of wish I did bring the one that
was attached to my Canon because at one clip in my labor and delivery video you
can hear the TV just as much you can hear me talking I didn’t realize that
like when I was filming that the camera wouldn’t distinguish because my iPhone
does distinguish like the person talking you know noise and
surrounding sound. oh, one other thing that I didn’t pack that I wish I did was
deodorant like I don’t know why like I blanked on that and I didn’t shower in
the hospital because I just I refused to shower in public places so I didn’t
shower with my when I gave birth and yeah that might sound gross but I wasn’t
doing that this hospital at least actually gave you like a full body
packet of wipes to you know clean your entire body I actually forgot to bring
lotion too, but the hospital provided that because they gave you like a gift bag. Oh
I did use the contacts solution; I did use that obviously and I’m glad I
brought my glasses. I used my glasses to something else that I didn’t mention the
video was my nursing bra and I did wear my slippers — my avocado slippers. I was
really excited to use those so basically like as soon as I was admitted I
switched into like avocados slippers and I actually wore my slippers on top of
the hospital socks that they give you because I brought those home to like I
feel like I’m forgetting some things just because my husband unpacked my bag
a lot of people were commenting about my makeup and looking like great
throughout labor and throughout contractions which one, thank you but – I
do not do my makeup there. I know a lot of people bring their makeup and do
their makeup while they’re in the hospital I didn’t do that when I went
into labor we were actually out watching Captain Marvel at the movie theater my
husband and I so I already have my makeup and hair done
like my hair was done the night before because I was looking very ratchet
leading up to that day like I wish you understood and then I always do my
makeup every day especially we’re leaving the house so I just happen to
have my makeup done already that day so and I just left it on like I didn’t wash
my face at the hospital either especially since I knew I was going to be filming so I was
like I don’t want to look ratchet in this video if I started out looking
pretty decent. so priorities right? you guys have any questions below — we will see you guys in the next video bye thanks for


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  2. Hi Victoria sweetie, I have been unwell so haven't caught up with my fave YouTuber in ages… So I guess congratulations are long overdue!!! 😀👍🏽🥂👶🏽 Well done darling on your baby girl, she looks so sweet and lovely! 😚😘😀

  3. Yay! I'm happy you liked them lol 😀 Those toilet seat covers sound like a life saver for hospitals too!

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