Weird Things Pregnant Couples Do

(playful music)
– Come on, come on, show us some movement. – Come on, give us like a
hand or a foot, something. – Give us something we
can send to grandma. (laughing)
Who hoo hoo! There you are. – You ready to go? – Yeah. I have to pee. – Then you’re not ready to go. – Double cheeseburger, a large fry and a chocolate milkshake.
– [father] A double cheeseburger, a large fry
and a chocolate shake. – And can I also get a
couple of apple frit– – And a couple of apple fritters. – And you know what, give me a sundae too. – And a sundae too. (chomping) Nice! – I got sushi. – You can’t have sushi. – But you can.
– [father] I already ate. – Eat it! Slower. Yeah, that’s right. Can I get like one with the larger size. – Okay, scratch the 12, make it a 24. And can I also get– – Do they make like gravy that
they can put on the fries. Do they have any gravy?
– [father] Alright, this is weird, do you guys make gravy? Oh (censor beep)
– [mom] Ooo don’t curse in front of the baby. – Babies can’t hear what
I’m saying right now. – Um, yeah they can. (censor beeps) Stop!
(censor beep) Are you kidding me right now? I have to pee. Now try this one. – I don’t like this kind. – Just try it! – [Voiceover] As the baby head crowns, the vagina will experience
what some refer to as the ring of fire. – (sighs) Why did you make me watch this? – I don’t know. – I gotta pee. Wait, oh, oh, are they
still serving breakfast– – Are you still serving breakfast? – because I would really
like some pancakes. – Because she would
really like some pancakes. (horn) Sorry, I’m sorry. – Just hold on! Gees! Tell me how much you love it. – (sobbing) I love it so much. (coughing)
– Okay, I’m good. Thanks for that. I have to pee. (classical music through headphones) (rap music through headphones) Hey! (little farts with each step) (father laughing)
Stop, I can’t help it. – [father] Come on, it’s funny. – Can you believe it? – What? – In just a little bit there’s gonna be a real living baby here,
like a real, screaming, crying, pooping baby. – I know. And I can’t wait to meet her. Are you ready? – (laughing) No, are you? – I don’t think anybody ever really is. What do you think? – I think… I have to pee. – I love you babe. – [mom] I love you too. – You do? What’s your favorite album? Joshua Tree, Rattlin’
Hum, I really like Boy. – And the dad jokes begin. – Get used to it baby. – Baby’s gonna come out like a sailor. – Well, she was born of semen. – (imitates gun shot) Blah.

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