Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant

Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant

(intensely sighs) – What are you watching?
– That tire commercial. – Oh the one with the cute baby? Why, you want a baby now or something? Are you serious?
– I’m serious. I’m being serious.
– [Man] Yeah so am I. Okay so according to my calculations, if we have a baby, we won’t be able to eat or go on vacation ever again.
– Okay. – We’re also going to
have to cancel cable. – What! No I’m out. Hey, hot stuff, wanna make a baby? (cheers with excitement) – Why do you have leave
your pee glasses everywhere? – It’s for my ovulation test. – Yeah, but these are
our drinking glasses. – I clean them out.
– Ugh. – Nope. Hey, sweetie. It’s time, I’m ovulating. – Alright, I’ll just make
it quick. It’s overtime. – Alright. – They have like lobster
stuff, It was pretty cool. – They have samples of lobster? – Well it was like an imitation lobster. – Was it good?
– Eh, it was Costco lobster. What are you doing? – I’m keeping ’em from falling out. Nope. Okay. I’m taking off.
– Alright babe, love you. – Love you too. Don’t jerk off. – I’m not going to jerk off. – It lowers your sperm
count, don’t jerk off. – I know. Bye.
– Bye. – Tell me to not to jerk off.
(door opens) – Forgot my phone. Are you kidding me? I’ve been gone like 25 seconds. – Come on.
– It’s the dessert round. – It’s got to be now.
– Ugh. – Really helping to
set the mood here dude. (phone chimes) – You’re playing Candy Crush? – Yeah. – Get the blue one. – Nope.
– What are we doing wrong? Ooh what about this position? – I don’t think I can bend that way. (sneezes) Hey hot stuff, you want to make a baby? (cough) (laughs excitedly) – For reals?
– For reals. – My junk it works, my
junk, my junk it works. – Okay you’re kind of
ruining the moment here. – My junk. It works!

100 thoughts on “Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant

  1. It’s funny how when you’re not trying to have a baby you get a damn baby but when you are trying to have a baby you don’t get no damn baby

  2. Oh, my gosh. THIS IS THE CUUUUUUUUTESSSSSTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention it's HIL-AR-I-OUS!!! "Are you playing Candy Crush?" XD

  3. Lol I think every males celebrates. Even my husband was excited to know his man hood works even though it was our first try.

  4. Haha this is why me and my fiancé aren’t ever going to try. I’ll stop my birth control and then just let it happen when it happens. And if it never does, so be it, we’ll get more rabbits lol

  5. How many tries does it take??? Those condom commercials make it sound like as long as you don't wear she's gonna get pregnant.

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  8. it's like women use birth control to prevent any chance of having a baby and then when ppl want one its hard for them to get pregnant. maybe cuz theyre older?

  9. I never realised it was so hard to have a baby. I used to say I hated kids and didn't ever want kids, but I think I'm not gonna say that anymore. There are so many people out there who long for a baby… May their wishes come true

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