Wednesday, September 25

Wednesday, September 25

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel feel feel ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ You know you need it ♪ ♪ You do it ♪ How you doing? Now, here’s Wendy! (crowd cheers and applause) Whop Whop! Hi! (audience applause) Thank you for watching my show. Say hi to my co-host, the studio audience. (applause) How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay, let’s get started. It’s time for hot topics. (cheers) Thank you. Thank you. So the big story from yesterday was Nicole Murphy. People were talking a lot and not matter what you thought about the outcome, I have to say, she’s one of the bravest women ever. (audience applause) You know, we’re not an easy crowd here. We’re very judgemental you know, and but she came here and faced it and answered everything, so for that Nicole, you’re still our girl. Yeah, um-hm. So during our talk with Nicole, we mentioned Lisa Ray. Who was the first lady of the Turks and The Caicos, she now by the way, not about Nicole but about Lisa Ray, she is now being honored with being called, The Queen Mother of Ghana. Uh-huh, uh-huh, I had no idea that she does a lot of humanitarian work there. And so there she is in her costume and I think it’s great. Good for you, yeah. Now, about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Well, you know Demi’s got the new book out. She’s been promoting it. They were married for seven years. She was 40 and he was 25. Now in my book, that just a hit it and quit it. But apparently when they met, they dated for about two years then they got married and you know, she introduced him to her daughters. And the daughters loved him like a step father should be loved. And she did everything, Demi says, in the book, it’s called, Inside Out, that she could to be the wife that he wanted her to be. He cheated on her twice that she knows of. Uh-huh, allegedly. Although, she said it in the book, I don’t know why I have to say allegedly. (laughs) One of the girls was 21. You know and another she was justifying the cheating by saying that they had threesomes. And threesomes blurred the line. Well, threesomes is something that Ashton always wanted. Like many men. You know you wanna little threesome. But to me, and a lot of girls too I guess. Threesomes don’t work when you’re married. They only work if you’re in college or something like that. You know, one of those nights when everybody’s lines are blurred. She’s not exactly your girlfriend, this happens to be another girl that you know. They happen to like each other, and now the man’s in the middle and you all do something if that that’s what you wanna, I just don’t think they work in marriage because marriage is said to be the pinnacle of love for somebody. You know you make the commitment, you walk down the isle. In the audience, clap if you’ve ever had a threesome. (claps) Well, hold on now (laughs). Now, hold on now. Okay. Can I ask you a question? The lady in my mother’s chair in the beige. ‘Cause you clapped along with it. You said you had a threesome. How did it work? Like, let’s talk mature. How old are you? 21. Okay, everybody calm down. Perfect age. How long ago did this happen. I wanna say it happened about a year ago. I was 20. Okay, good. Now was it with your boyfriend. Ah, a co-worker. Funny that you were talking about marriage. It was the co-worker’s wife and him. Okay, okay. Everybody be mature, be mature. Let me extract the information, calm down. So were they much older than you? Um, yeah, I wanna say like five to seven years. So it’s not that bad. They were in their twenties. Yeah, still in their twenties. So he’s your co-worker and he approached you. He was. Actually yeah, he was my co-worker with me. And she would come to visit all the time and she actually approached me too. Okay. Okay, I said yes to when he asked me. But it was after they both approached me. I was like, oh, okay, I guess. So you went back to their house? Yeah. Do they have children? Yeah, but the children were with their grandmother that weekend. (audience gasps) Everybody calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down. All right, did you stay over after the deed was done and spoon and all wake up in the morning and read the New York Times? Oh, no, no, no, I went home. (laughs) Yeah, I went home. Was it good? It was okay. Would you ever do it again? Not with them. I’m just saying in general. Yeah. Okay. Did you like her more than him? No, I liked him more than her. Oh, okay. Well, thank you very much. Thank you. You can give the mic back. You can give the mic back, you can pass the mic up. Thank you, thank you for your honesty. So Demi is claiming that she broke her 20 year sobriety that she had when she was on vacation with Ashton. And they were on vacation and Ashton was saying, you know, alcoholism’s not a real thing. You know drugs are one thing, pills are one thing, but not alcoholism. You know, I wanna be with someone who’s fun. Who knows how to play, who can have some wine and some champagne. So she was sober for 20 years and she broke it for Ashton. And that’s kinda, yeah is was a slippery slope. And she also had a six month miscarriage when she was with him and they never had children together. So Ashton then posted a picture of her bending over the toilet at Bruce Willis’s birthday. Humiliating her, she was throwing up or something or another. It was not the word thing, the wedding. Bruce was getting married. Demi and Bruce have always gotten together for the sake of their family still. And he posted it and she felt as though he was trying to shame her. Which by the way, is still not a bad picture. I mean, you know. Cute, right? (claps) I kinda thought Ashton was cooler than all this. I’m really kinda shocked that he was such a you know. He’s been quiet about it and then he tweeted last night. He said, I was about to push the button on a really snarky tweet. Then I saw my son, daughter and wife and deleted it. Because you know, he’s remarried and got two kids, to Mila Kunis. Who if I was Mila Kunis, I’d have foot up ass right now. Like, why are you even messing with these people. That’s your ex-wife, you don’t have any children with her, she said some horrific things about ya Ashton. Which now that I’m married to you, I see glimpses of how maybe this could be true. One hour later, Ashton tweeted, for truth text me, and he posted the number. Well, you know the bureau. They jumped on it. So we texted the number and here’s what happened. It led you to a form that you have to fill out. Well, we decided not to fill out forms because we don’t wanna be that involved we just wanna know stuff. Would that be correct? Exactly, I saw a from and said, oh, no. I just thought that he was more sensitive than that. I don’t know. I thought he was more sensitive than that. The book has a whole lot of shocking revelations and this is her story to tell. And I can’t wait to get my copy. I’m gonna read it with a highlighter. Yeah, Nick’s coming. He’ll be here in a moment. With his turban (laughs) and open shirt. Anyway, you know the actress Jenna Dewan? She was married to Channing Tatum. Well, she’s got this boyfriend. She and Channing are no longer together. They do share a child or two or something like that. Anyway, her boyfriend’s name is Steve Kazee. Anyway, they’ve been dating for like a year and now they’re gonna be having a baby. Some people think it’s too soon to be having a baby with the next man because she just split from Channing last year. But she’s 38 years old. If a woman wants more children, you gotta get out there and get it done. Now whether, she and Kazee will stay together, I don’t know. But if she wants a baby, he’s 43, she’s 38. Life is not slowing down for anybody. Once you get divorced and you’re out here you gotta make things happen. Besides he’s moved on too. He’s dating that singer Jessie J. So everybody’s moved on. And they both said, there was no cheating during the marriage. It’s just like irreconcilable difference or whatever. I never heard anything. You know, we’re nosy. I’ve never heard that she cheated on him or he cheated on her. It’s just that they’re two good looking, accomplished people. It’s only gonna be with some much time when you’re separated and going into divorce that somebody doesn’t catch your eye. And you get the want to go out to a candle lit dinner and have your hand held and spoon at night. So, you know, good luck to you Jenna. And congratulations. (applause) And so, hey Marco? If you let Ellie borrow your shirt or you let her borrow your pants. And you let my camera woman Ellie borrow your shirt, it’s a full outfit. It’s a full outfit (laughs). Anyway so speaking, Norman. Oh wait, now what the threesome is going on? Hold on now. (laughs) When you work together long enough you start doing things like each other and finishing each other’s sentences. So speaking of babies, Safaree Samuels is going to be a father. Congratulations, Safaree. I mean, it’s not for me direct, but it’s still hot to look at right. I mean it’s all too much but if it’s some other girls man than I don’t want like, look at him, look at him. (laughs) Anyway, according to our friend Jason Lee, at Hollywood Unlocked, he says that Safaree’s expecting a baby with his fiance Erica Mena. And this is gonna be Safaree’s first child. Well, in our Hot Topics, morning meeting everybody was shocked. I think I’ve said this about Safaree before, that he doesn’t have any children. I think we’ve all been shocked about that, and I don’t want to do a stereotype but you know when you thing (laughs) girl, don’t leave me alone. Afro and pink earrings. You know a young black man who’s out here you know in the rap world, running with Internet girls and you would just think he’d have three kids by now. With three different babies mothers. I don’t want to stereotype but you know what I’m saying. That’s terrible to say. Well, Erica already has a 12 year old son. And remember she was engaged to Bow Wow. And did she used to date Nick? Nope, I don’t think so. Okay, so she’s one of those girls and reportedly, well, you know in search of. Anyway, Erica reportedly did a maturity shoot and she’s expecting to make the announcement soon but I guess now it’s already made. Congratulations to you Erica and you too, Safaree. Baby will be cute. So we saw the royal baby this morning. Co-hosts you were outside trying to get in but look at the royal baby. I gotta tell you something. This baby is so cute. So Harry and Meghan are in South Africa and they took four month old Archie. He’s only four months old to meet Desmond Tutu. But, here’s the thing. Look how engaged he is to us. He’s looking at us with a squinty eye. Look at Harry when he was a baby and you look at this new little baby, right? That’s Harry over here with the dress on. And then this is the little boy with a seersucker. It’s cute. They’re saying that she might be pregnant again, Meghan. I mean after only giving birth four months ago. I mean, I guess if your body hasn’t fully come back and things are still ready down there, I don’t know, that would have been my election. If I could do it all over again, and I wasn’t on bedrest. ‘Cause I was on bedrest, okay, this is a real situation but I, you know they call them Irish Twins, that when they’re less than a year old from each other. I think that’s a great idea. You get those kids out, and then you get your tummy tuck and your boobs lifted, you go on your diet. You know what I mean. Now, we’re not exactly sure that she’s pregnant again, however, she gave us hints. Intentional I might add. By like well, last year, when they went to see Desmond Tutu, ’cause they do the same trip every year. She wore the same, she had two maternity dresses for this trip that she wore in the last trip. Here’s her in the last trip, last year. And here she is in the same wrap dress in this trip. Now you know, probably some one on her team said, well, don’t wear the same thing because we have more clothes for you, but she was probably like, I wanna give a hint to the world without giving a hint to the world. And then here she is in the second outfit. It’s a stripped maxi dress. The picture on the left was taken last year, and the one of the right was taken yesterday. Do you think she’s pregnant? Yes! Or do you think that after giving birth for four months, if you’re not going to get surgery, and cheat and you know do things, then you still have a flubby belly, you know what I mean, your body’s not back so you still wear maternity clothes, especially if they’re fashionable. I don’t know, I’m not sure but we’ll be watching for you. (applause) The rapper Rakim, you know the legendary one? Yes! He came over to my apartment for dinner last night. I mean you know I love hip hop. I am hip hop as far as I’m concerned. And he’s scheduled to go on our show tomorrow. But he’s got, Rakim’s got a very calming personality. So I invited him over because I know when I say, Ladies and gentlemen, Rakim, if we didn’t have a one-on-one because I’ve never even been one-on-one with him other than you know radio interviews in the past. He wasn’t my friend. He was a legend who I was scared of because he’s so deep. You don’t wanna do anything stupid. You wanna honor his legacy. But I’m like, wait, hold on now. Now, I wanna have him on the talk show. So he’s one of the people that I got connected with Chief went down to his DM, got his telephone number over the summer and I called him up and went ring. You know, Rakim, it’s Wendy. Peace, ma, what up? I’m like, okay, okay, so far so good, so far so good. Look Rakim, you and I don’t talk like this. I am who I am but I love who you are. And people need to know more about the legacy of hip hop. I want you to be on season 11 of our show. I want you to be a guest. But you and I have got to get together first in some place calm so we can talk and laugh and have a good time so when I say, once you get on the show, ladies and gentlemen, Rakim, you don’t come out here and try to be too cool. ‘Cause, girls are gonna be showing thigh. People wear crowns and tiaras. The music is loud, the lights are blinking, it’s not exactly a spot that you would see Rakim. But I wanna make it good. Everything isn’t for everybody but I make people understand exactly who you are. I know, so I invited him over. We had fish, which is his favorite dish. It was me Rakim, and I had somebody over as well. And the three of us, we just talked it up for hours. I mean, he missed an appointment. We had the best time. So anyway, he’ll be here tomorrow. I can’t wait for that. In the meantime, we’ve got more great show for you today. Up next, Nick Cannon is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (audience applause) (upbeat music) (applause) Please welcom, Nick Cannon. Hi. Welcome back. Whoa, you got the most amazing audience on television. They are so amazing. Thank you. Shoe Cam please. Louis Vuitton work boots. Yeah. Very nice. It was chilly today, I was chilly. Yes, oh my gosh, I got Marelle’s makeup on you. Oh, that’s all good, it’s all good. I love a little Wendy on me. Keep that for later. You look really handsome. Thank you. You look beautiful. Thank you. You’re glowing, you look happy. She’s happy, it’s a beautiful thing. You’ve been through a lot but I’m so happy for you. Can’t sit around being sad Nick. Hey, it’s a beautiful thing. So look, I know that you love fashion and appreciate it so much but I at the Emmy’s. I wish they gave you a closer shoe cam, maybe they did and I missed it. Two million dollar diamond encrusted shoes. For two million dollar, Jason of Beverly Hills. We worked on those for a couple years where you can make it work where you can have diamonds on shoes and they not fall off an stuff. And my goal is when I first go these shoes, and I still want to but is to donate the proceeds. I’m gonna donate them to charity. If someone wants to buy them and I’ll give it all to Children’s Hospitals. (audience applause) But right now, I’m stuck with two million dollar shoes! Nobody wants them. No, it was a couple of cats they’re gonna custom make them to whoever’s feet. They’ll take the diamonds and make the whole shoe. Floyd Mayweather may want them, he likes that. Well hey, we’ve shared some things in the past. No! Y’all better stop, that’s not what I meant. He’s my friend. You’ve dated the same girl? No. But here’s what I did see when you were at the Emmy’s. Okay. If you saw when Nick was on the stage he was with his co-worker Ken John. That’s my guy. But didn’t look like your guy that night. You looked like you wanted to hit him in the head and knock him out. He was so extra. Very entertaining, but he wouldn’t let you say a word which is a lot. Well, you know what, I’m not an award show type of guy. I believe we should appreciate all art and I was just there because you know, I’m promoting the Masked Singer and stuff so, I thought we were supposed to say one or two words and– He got real extra. They did whole bit about Tick Tock, I was like. But that’s my guy, I couldn’t leave him out there. So I let him hit me with a Mariah joke and all that. It was cool. So you didn’t really care about being in the show. I’m not really for. I’m like one of those people like how do you judge art? If people work their butt off until to put all of this effort into making these projects and you gotta sit there and hope you win. I think everybody’s winner in all honesty. Did you go out afterwards? Nah, I’m kinda over that little L.A. go out scene. I got a radio show I gotta do in the morning, so I had to get up in the morning yeah. Very busy you are. Was that a diamond broach, by the way? It was diamond broach. On your turban? On my turban, you know I gotta be fabulous. Why you lookin’ at me like that? I love your fashion risks I just can’t get with the turbans. That’s my crown, that’s my sovereignty. I need a queen to wear a turban next to me, yes. You don’t want a queen. I don’t her. Nick doesn’t want a queen, he doesn’t even want to be monogamous. And I heard you talk about that. See, see that is not what I said. I said I’m working on myself. So therefore, I don’t want to disappoint anybody and I don’t want to be responsible for anyone else’s happiness, especially, I’m a work in progress. I feel like I’ve tried marriage and now I kinda feel like damaged goods so I’m just trying to figure it out. So what does that mean? You’re not dating at all. No, I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m in love with being in love. I love flowers, long walks in the park, anything you need, I’m there. Wow! But I don’t think the government should be involved in my relationship. Okay, I understand. ‘Cause you know, that paper work is tough. I don’t wish that on anybody. It is. It’s just one of those thing. I think that love should be a thing that people should experience however they want to experience. But you and Mariah are still really good friends which makes it great. That’s my dog. I love Mariah. She’s been looking great too. Looking amazing, yeah, I’ve been going over there like hey, Mariah, I see what you doing girl. You might get. That would complicate things, she has a boyfriend. Exactly, nice dude and really respectful to my children. And we’re like the best parents we could possibly be but we still know each other are attractive. Yeah. There ain’t nothing wrong with knowing that your ex is poppin’. Like it’s a beautiful thing. Nobody wants to be with somebody nobody wants. Do you want more children? I wouldn’t mind having more children. Now, you have two with Mariah. And you have another one too right. Yeah, the golden, golden child. He’s two, he’s already reading, he’s speaking Mandarin, he’s amazing yeah. Mandarin, no pressure there. Yeah, he’s a genius. Now, would you like to keep all your children with the same women. Because there are a lot of men– In the same women (laughs). No because– The way you word things is hilarious. First he was an oops baby, now we (laughs), now we’re gonna keep our children within the same women. Well, Mariah’s gotten her body back together. I wouldn’t think that she’d want to have more children with you. Or even with you know what I mean. What are you doing later? That’s what I’m talking about. I’m just saying. I like making more diva babies. I’ve got the menopause. Yeah, I’ve got the menopause. There’s ways, there’s ways around that. There’s technology around that we can fix that. Did you hear my story about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? I didn’t realize that he was such a yeah. I mean I thought he was a different kind of guy. Yeah, I mean. Her book. Have you read the whole thing? No, I haven’t even gotten it yet but people have around here. I can’t wait to read it. I mean I’m definitely one of those guys that wants to get the full story. When is Ashton’s book coming out? It better not, he’s married to Mila. So therefore, why are you gonna dig up old bones? If I were Mila, I’d be pissed. I’d be like get off your Instagram and order this book. See that’s the difficult thing ’cause you know being in the spotlight when you have to talk about other, ’cause people brought stuff up about my past, I’m like, I don’t even want to talk about that anymore. Did you cheat on– See, I knew that was where she was going I knew that was where you was going. See, she’s pregnant right now, she’s happily married. Christina Milian. Yeah, and I wish her nothing but the best. She’s amazing. That was a long time ago. That was Love Don’t Cost A Thing. I had an Afro, I was a pool boy on a scooter. She’s amazing. You haven’t aged a bit. I mean, you trying to throw us off by having some hair on your chin, a little bit more hair on you. I exfoliate, that’s all there is. That good melanin. Yes, now where do you call your home home now? Between here and Los Angeles. That’s a lot of flying. Yeah, you know ’cause I go to school everyday. Howard University, I’m graduating in May. So kinda using these planes like Ubers, just bouncing. So Nick has a new project and I want him to tell you all about it. Congratulations by the way. Thank you. Go ahead. I can say it now? Yes. Well, you guys know that I had the amazing opportunity to fill in for Wendy. She let me come here and be with you all. And I fell in love with it so much that now– Talk show. I’ve got my own talk show. (audience applause) Start in 2020, we know you’re here. Congratulation you’re staying here. So I’ve got this plan in my head right. This has never been done on television before. I say, I’m just trying to stay as close to Wendy as possible so if Wendy come on, and I come on right after Wendy. Two hours of funny, why not? It’s the new marriage. It’s the new marriage right here. We making it happen. I’m so happy for you with that. Like people really do like you. And I like people. And I say that jokingly but I have so much respect and admiration for you for just always coming on here each and every day, speaking your truth. People don’t understand how hard this is to live your life and to be entertaining each and every day. You are amazing, I learn from you, you are a queen and continue to do what you do. Thank you. All right, so Nick is not going to go anywhere. Not going no where though. So stick around, we’re gonna play a game with him called, The Mask Exes. Keep it here (laughs). Wow! (upbeat music) Masked Singer premiers tonight and since Nick has dated a lot of singers, we’re going to show him pictures of his exes wearing masks. This is the thing ’cause when I hosted the show we did the masked dating game and we had some amazing women come on here. So now it’s like that didn’t work out. So we just going straight to the exes on this. It’s always fun playing games with you. This gets me in trouble. All right here we go. Let’s see ex number one. Nick, who is this? Don’t help him. I have no idea. How am I going to know who that is? Well, if that’s your ex it means your familiar with that body. It’s an amazing body whoever it is. Okay, you wanna hint? Yes, please. You definitely knew how to push her button. (laughs) Nicole Scherzinger? There you go, there you go (laughs). I don’t even know if people knew that. Did y’all know I dated Nicole. ? No! See you putting my business all out in the streets. It’s okay, she’s moved on to a billionaire race car driver. (claps) See that’s what happens. Women go from me to billionaires. That’s just what happens. Okay, let’s see ex number two. Okay, okay. Well, she’s at the BET Awards, she’s gotta be black right? Well, she likes black. Ah. She’s had a lot of black in her. (laughs) Kim Kardashian. No, actually it was Dream Baylan. No we weren’t, we didn’t, we we’re friends. She dated you who is black but who else did she date? I don’t know. We didn’t really date, we friends. I like her. I like her too, she’s a friend. And now she’s happily married. You never slept with her? No, no, I did not. No, this is a Christian friendship, this is a Christian friendship. We was Christian friends. All right, Nick’s ex number three. Who’s this? I don’t know. I was stumped on this one, I was stumped. I don’t know. A little woman with a lot of body right there. I’ll give you a hint. Please. Where is she at the Kentucky Derby. Well, no, that’s our department. She also dated usher. Chille. (ding) There you go. How do I win in this game? This is not helping my life. I mean, you’re a young man. I know this is like bringing up. I feel even more sad, I’m never gonna find nobody. Of course you will. When you gonna be on there, that’s what I’m saying. (laughs) I’m very busy Nick. All right, let’s see Nick’s ex number four. Oh. Okay, do you need a hint? Yes. All right, she knows how to zip it low and bring is up slow. That’s Christina. Yes. Okay. All right, here’s your last one. I like librarian’s too though. I like regular girls that work at Walmart. I like them too. You just, they don’t have on the. Okay. This is not good for me. This is your final one, ex number five. Let’s show the picture. There you go. I mean of course, we know who that is. Who’s that? That’s Mariah. Yes. Good one Nick. Thanks for being here. The season premier of The Masked Singer is tonight at 8:00 on Fox. Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music) All right, still having a whole lot of fun here. It’s time to get serious. This is where we help people. It’s called, Ask Wendy. So come on over, let’s show them how it’s done. How you doin’? Hi, how you doin’ Wendy? My name is Diane. Where are you from? What do you do? I’m from Clifton, New Jersey, I’m a data analyst. Okay. I have a 12 year old daughter. She’s my only daughter. She recently told me that she has a boyfriend. I’ve met the family, I’ve met the child. They’re very nice people. So she asked me if she can go on a date with him alone. So should I let her. No, no. When should I let her? When she’s 15. Okay. I’m gonna tell you why. It’s not about your daughter and the young man. Or even having a boyfriend at 12, it’s because going on dates, they’ll be at the mall, what if something terrible happens and everybody’s gotta run? And I know she’ll have a phone with her. She has a phone I’m sure. Or what if they go to the movies and something terrible happens or street fair or something? To me, I would go with them but not sit with them. I sit way in the back of the theater and mind my own business but keep an eye on exactly where they are. And make sure everybody has gas in their phones and stuff like that. They can go out, just not alone. Thank you, yeah. You’re welcome. How you doing? Come on over. How you doing? How you doing? I’m Debbie. Where you from? I’m from D.C. Okay, what do you do? I’m a government worker, yes I am. I’m a D.C. government. Sorry. How can I help? So Wendy, here’s the thing, I’ve been married four times. I’m dating a guy who was married three times. Wait, how old are you? I’m 48. What’s your longest marriage? Eight years. So my longest marriage was eight years and it was the second one. So we have nine adult children between the two of us. And we recently moved in together and bought a puppy. How old is adult? Do the kids, any of them live there? Yeah, in and out because you know they’re in a transitional age but everyone’s 20. I’m sorry the youngest is 16. The oldest is 28. Okay, so a 16 year old does live with you. Well, with the mom but not with us. So obviously things are getting serious, we bought a puppy, we’ve moved in together. So we’ve sort of been mentioning marriage possibly in the future but do you think I should get married again or should we just leave things the way they are? Do you want more children? Oh gosh, no. Okay, so there’s really no need to get married. Okay. But, how long have you been dating him? A year, but we’ve known each other for ever. No, we’ve known each other for ever and ever. How long have you known him? Probably 16 years. Why wasn’t he ever chosen by you? Because he was supposed to be number three but you need to ask him that part. (laughs) Everybody that knows us, knows the story so I’m not spilling tea that he don’t already know what people around us. You guys have been back together for a year, you got nine kids between you, now you have a puppy, and you live together. I would say, hold off on getting married again but it doesn’t mean don’t ever get married to him. It just means hold off, breath, let the 16 year old get out of the house and go off to college. And then it’s only you two and the puppy. And see how it goes from there. Yes, absolutely. You know, all right, and good luck. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) All right, we’re back with more Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat except for you. How you doin’? How you doin’ Wendy? My name is Petra. Hi, Petra. Hi. How can I help you? Where are you from? I’m from Saudi Arabia. Okay and what do you do? I’m a doctor. Okay, how can I help you doc? Well, I’ve been single for a few years and going on lots of dates but I’m not interested in any man who doesn’t want a serious relationship. What does that mean? Living together, having children? Marriage. Marriage, okay. So my question to you is, how many dates should I go on with a guy before I tell him I’m looking for marriage. No more than three. Oh, okay. I don’t have a problem with you mentioning it on the first date. It depends on how you mention it. You’re an accomplished woman, you’re a doctor. You represent yourself very well. For a woman like you, you can say it on the first date. A girl like me does, like look, this is what I’m interested in. I’m not a girlfriend, a wife. But you don’t have to push it to scare him off. Because it might be you. I’m just telling you I’m Dr. Petra and this is what I like. Right, thank you. Well, good luck. Thank you. Up next, everybody we’ve got Fashion Flashback. Don’t go far. (upbeat music) All right, welcome back. This is Jason and he’s from The Bronx. What do you do? I’m a graphic designer. Very nice. All right, we’re gonna play Fashion Flashback okay. Yes. All right, Jason we’re gonna show you two iconic red carpet looks, you know both celebrities. You have to tell me who they are and then we have a nice prize okay. All right. Okay, let’s see the first look. Oh, I guessed this one right away. Are they wearing a turban? It might be Nick Cannon or Halle Berry, which one? Which one? (laughs) It’s Halle Berry. Yes, yes, all right, whoa. All right, Jason, here’s our second one. There it is. Oh, that’s a dead flamingo, what you mean? But she’s very fashion forward in her own way. Gwen Stefani. No, no younger than that. Halsey? Younger, well, maybe same age. Wait, no, you’re right, maybe in … This was at the 2003 VMA’s. Christina Aguilara! Yes. Oh my god. I got it, I got it, I got it! Yes, Jason, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) Nick Cannon, always fun co-host studio audience have a seat. Thank you for being here, you were fabulous. Tomorrow on the couch, the legendary rapper icon, Rakim. Plus, I gotcha covered with the Hot Topics. We have Fall’s Hottest Fashion’s as well. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy. Bye, bye. (audience applause) (upbeat theme music) How you doin’? Nice.

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  1. I LOVE watching Wendy, I only discovered her a few months ago as I'm in the UK so shes not on our TV unfortunately and I dont have Sky if shes on there. So I've been watching on YouTube for months,usually just the hot topics and other bits either the show or my fellow co hosts(ha 😊)have posted so I'm so happy that were now getting the full show on here! Wendy is fab, she comes across as someone you'd love to have as a friend,I just hope shes as nice off set/in real life? I say this as sometimes at the end as the credits roll when shes shaking fans hands and looking at the camera as she does she looks like shes giving a bit of a fake smile, as though shes just doing it for the cameras. Plus I know she wont allow selfies/pics in real life nor does she apparently like fans going over to talk to her when she's out for dinner and stuff which I understand to an extent (that said it is the fans that make or break their careers!!)
    I just like to think shes as nice as she seems and not a diva megabitch,up her own arse cow off screen! 🤣 How you doin??

  2. Nick, is that guy who try to be the nice friend then worm his way in with the caring act that has his own agenda brewing in the back of his mind. He’s just as dirty as any other dirty man he just know how to clean up his mess!!

  3. Irish twins are not technically twins, meaning two people born from the same gestational period. It's a colloquial way to classify siblings that are born close together. Sometimes the use of the termIrish twins is expanded to describe any siblings that are close in age.

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  7. How is it Ashton's fault Demi fell off the wagon when they got married?! Ridiculous. Alcoholism is a disease and alcoholics will find a way to blame their problems on other people. I'm not saying I'm a fan of Ashton or Demi but he's married with kids and moved on. She should do the same.

  8. I just moved to Bush Alaska and the state its very own timezone so we're like an hour behind California. Anyway, me coming from Illinois(Chicago suburb called Naperville to be exact) I'm used to watching Wendy at 10am. So after moving to Alaska and still trying to get use to their hours its annoying missing Wendy on my DVRs which have not been recording her shows so thank you for posting your episodes on YouTube!

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  10. Wendy, she's a consenting adult and allowed to do what she pleases, but what were you thinking giving that 21 year old the microphone??

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    Co-Hosts: **Standing Ovation and uncontrolled applause*
    Me: Dang, the whole audience? #SMH

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  13. She is in her 40s and a celebrity veteran.
    He is in his 20s and kinda new in celebrity circle.
    Cheating is never OK. But in this situation, it will happen. I am surprised it was only twice tbh.
    If you are not smart enough to see it, don't complain about the outcomes.

  14. My theory is that Mila Kunis is actually a Russian Sleeper Spy who chose Ashton Kutcher because of his investments in Tech,…but I watch too many movies and it makes too much sense and is too obvious to be true..or Nah? hahaha whatever just a brain fart

  15. Just because it is written and lets not forget 10 years later does not make it true. I really think she is still salty that he left her and married Mila plus why is she airing anything in the relationship. Its over move on, she blames him for her drinking again, no one twisted that woman arm. She really needs to get over it

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  18. Oh Wendy, I luv u but, you are so dingy Nicole Murphy USED Your show to lie and promote herself. You fell for it! And leave Nick alone about his exes.Damm! Nobody wants to talk about their exes!

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    The main reason I no longer think astrology is a joke.
    And Nick Fake Cannon too.

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