100 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 25

  1. I LOVE watching Wendy, I only discovered her a few months ago as I'm in the UK so shes not on our TV unfortunately and I dont have Sky if shes on there. So I've been watching on YouTube for months,usually just the hot topics and other bits either the show or my fellow co hosts(ha 😊)have posted so I'm so happy that were now getting the full show on here! Wendy is fab, she comes across as someone you'd love to have as a friend,I just hope shes as nice off set/in real life? I say this as sometimes at the end as the credits roll when shes shaking fans hands and looking at the camera as she does she looks like shes giving a bit of a fake smile, as though shes just doing it for the cameras. Plus I know she wont allow selfies/pics in real life nor does she apparently like fans going over to talk to her when she's out for dinner and stuff which I understand to an extent (that said it is the fans that make or break their careers!!)
    I just like to think shes as nice as she seems and not a diva megabitch,up her own arse cow off screen! 🤣 How you doin??

  2. Nick, is that guy who try to be the nice friend then worm his way in with the caring act that has his own agenda brewing in the back of his mind. He’s just as dirty as any other dirty man he just know how to clean up his mess!!

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  4. This is the most FUN and lighthearted Wendy episode ever! And I see you Wendy showing off your good looking staff. I bet everyone is doing tinder in that audience

  5. Now they posting the whole show???…Ok Aunt Wendy I see you gurl!…but I only watch hot topics!…I might need to watch that Rakim interview though cause he is still fine!

  6. I didn't even know that Nick was looking to have his own show this is very disappointing I was looking forward to getting some kind of information to see if the Jerry O show was going to be picked up it's just like he disappeared from radar one day he was here the next day he's not very disappointing I miss him and his energetic self

  7. How is it Ashton's fault Demi fell off the wagon when they got married?! Ridiculous. Alcoholism is a disease and alcoholics will find a way to blame their problems on other people. I'm not saying I'm a fan of Ashton or Demi but he's married with kids and moved on. She should do the same.

  8. I just moved to Bush Alaska and the state its very own timezone so we're like an hour behind California. Anyway, me coming from Illinois(Chicago suburb called Naperville to be exact) I'm used to watching Wendy at 10am. So after moving to Alaska and still trying to get use to their hours its annoying missing Wendy on my DVRs which have not been recording her shows so thank you for posting your episodes on YouTube!

  9. Wendy couldnt hang with Nick.Nick was Quick an left Wendy speechless.An he got in his double dig comeback.She called my baby a oops baby.Now you say within the same women.(Nick said i like how you speak a play on her non kings english)Shes making a lot of mistakes without Norman to lead her.I do believe Norman is the new Ed Mcmann

  10. Wendy, she's a consenting adult and allowed to do what she pleases, but what were you thinking giving that 21 year old the microphone??

  11. Wendy: “Clap if you’ve ever had a threesome”
    Co-Hosts: **Standing Ovation and uncontrolled applause*
    Me: Dang, the whole audience? #SMH

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  13. She is in her 40s and a celebrity veteran.
    He is in his 20s and kinda new in celebrity circle.
    Cheating is never OK. But in this situation, it will happen. I am surprised it was only twice tbh.
    If you are not smart enough to see it, don't complain about the outcomes.

  14. My theory is that Mila Kunis is actually a Russian Sleeper Spy who chose Ashton Kutcher because of his investments in Tech,…but I watch too many movies and it makes too much sense and is too obvious to be true..or Nah? hahaha whatever just a brain fart

  15. Just because it is written and lets not forget 10 years later does not make it true. I really think she is still salty that he left her and married Mila plus why is she airing anything in the relationship. Its over move on, she blames him for her drinking again, no one twisted that woman arm. She really needs to get over it

  16. Awwww bless Wendy thinking Megan is pregnant again purely down to the fact she’s wearing the same dress 🤣😭😆 when this morning on the UK breakfast tv, they said she’s just frugal 🤷🏾‍♂️ and likes to wear the same things again lol!

  17. I just know Wendy will spend this weekend EATING Demi’s book like her life depended on it. Our girl loves that kind of juicy kiss and tell

  18. Oh Wendy, I luv u but, you are so dingy sometimes..lol Nicole Murphy USED Your show to lie and promote herself. You fell for it! And leave Nick alone about his exes.Damm! Nobody wants to talk about their exes!

  19. Look, not gonna lie, I love Nick Cannon. But and however, as a rich person to say that your goal is to sell your two-million-dollar diamond shoes and give the money to childrens hospitals is pretty lame. You're rich. You could have worn five-thousand-dollar shoes and donated the rest… To then wear diamond shoes and say "Hey if someone wants to buy them I'll donate the money" just seems a bit… don't know… wrong?

  20. What Lisa wore is not a costume Wendy ; u eluded that in Nigeria they eat crickets u anti Africa or ignorant 🤔.
    Ashton an attention seeker.

  21. RAKIM THE LEGEND is coming on WENDY!!!! I'm hyped! Now look at WENDY providing opportunities for other Black Ppl. Nick Cannon getting his own show. OKKKKKKK!!! Ppl better remember Wendy's LEGACY when she chooses to retire.

  22. I watched this episode live and doing the conversation on the couch with Nick Cannon he actually shape-shift when Wendy complimented him on still looking young. This video he don't shape-shift but live you seen him shape-shift.

  23. Um, how is Nick Cannon getting a talk show and Jerry O isn't??? Nick seems like a great guy and everything….but Jerry. Hmmmm

  24. Nick Cannon is great, glad he got a talk show. Also like Jerry O'Connell…. too bad he did not get his, he had me laughing everyday.

  25. Typical male Aquarius douchebag bully.
    Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake very similar..
    absolute embodiment of this vile, bully, snarky, egotisic, manipulative characters.
    Bullies with a victim complex.
    The main reason I no longer think astrology is a joke.
    And Nick Fake Cannon too.

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