We Were “Perfect” Homemakers For A Week • #MomSquad

We Were “Perfect” Homemakers For A Week • #MomSquad

– Wow! – ♫ Welcome home, family. Well, that was terrible. (grunting) – Ahhh! (swing music) – [Narrator] This week we are gonna be the perfect homemakers. – People talk about what an ideal time the mid-century was for families. This week, we’re gonna give it a try and see if we can live up to that mid-century domestic ideal. – We have this handy chart that tells us what the perfect wife is and
we get to grade ourselves. How exciting. – [Ochi] And scary. – Someone is gonna be negative. – Hey. (swing music) – [Morgan] Puts her
cold feet on her husband at night to warm them. – A husband should be
there to warm you up. That’s what I say. So negative one for me. – [Morgan] Religious,
sends children to church or Sunday school and goes herself, well. – I could have had 10 points for this one. That sucks. – Has meals on time. (laughing) No. – I can cook about two dinners. – Can carry on an
interesting conversation. I mean, I think I’m funny
and fascinating, so yeah. – Good sense of humor, jolly, and gay. Can’t you tell? – Can play a musical instrument. Your wife is just there to entertain you with her interesting conversations and her violin playing. What the hell? – Dresses for breakfast. I don’t eat breakfast
and I don’t dress, so. – Man, it’s not looking good. – [Rose] I’m very poor,
parenthesis failure. I’m a failure as a wife
and a mother apparently. – As suspected I am a total failure. – That doesn’t sound that great. But I heard that it’s higher than Ochi. – When I looked at this, my
initial reaction was disgust. I would think that at the
time that my grandmother was this American housewife, she wanted to do these things. It just makes me angry to think that somebody could have looked at her and been checking off boxes. She handled her house and her life and her children with grace. I will be channeling
her and I also want to pay a little homage to her
and all the parts she did. And see if I can do it too, right? – After having my son, I got
to have year maternity leave. So, I got used to what it’s
like to be a stay at home mom and I really loved it. So decided to quit my job
and not go back to work. You’re always thinking
about am I doing it right? I’m just nervous about these rules. About what my role’s supposed to be. Hopefully it won’t make me
unhappy with my choices. – My family dynamic has
been heavily shaped by my post-partum depression and OCD. So, my husband has been
running our household, as the primary caretaker for
going on seven years now. I have to live up to what he is already so efficient at and what
he already does so well. It’s kind of scary to
ask him to step aside and let me take the reigns of something that I have, quite honestly,
failed at in the past. Are you guys as stressed
out about this as I am? – I am so stressed about it. – I’m just nervous my husband’s
going to get used to it. (laughing) – Supposed to dress myself
before I do anything else. I don’t want to do it. – I’m wearing my grandma’s apron now. I feel really hot in this things. Maybe it’s oppression I feel. – I’m planning what
I’m gonna do this week. Here it is. Different church everyday
’cause that’s the big points. – I don’t think Rose
going to church counts. She walked in and then James
got bored and then she left. That doesn’t count. – This morning I decided to get up and go balls to the wall put together and care for my family at the same time. – [Ochi] Hey, guys, what are you doing? I was supposed to make you breakfast. – We were waiting for you for a while. – [Ochi] How can I get
ready and presentable? – You have to be presentable? – Check out my outfit. I think it’s okay for what I’m trying to
accomplish this week. – I failed. I still have curlers in. My husband’s gone to work and now my mom’s here feeding
my daughter breakfast. – [Rose] Outsourcing the cleaning tasks. Thank you. – I went to get a glass for coffee and Scott has cleaned the kitchen. And ran the dishwasher. (laughing) – [Morgan Narrating] In a lot
of ways it was heartbreaking because it was a reminder
of how little faith he has in me as a homemaker and how truly earned that lack of faith has been. – I can’t do it, I’m too tired. This is so much effort. – This is not easy. – So stressed out right now. I had a last minute meeting. I have no food. I have nothing prepared. It said I had to have
meals delivered on time. It didn’t say that they
had to be homemade. If those ladies had Postmates, they’d be using it. The more I tried to check
each box off on the guide. It was just one failure
after another after another. – So I was going to clean the kitchen, but I made these amazing pancakes. And Delilah asked me to sit
with her while she ate them. And you know what? It’s a lot more fun. – [Ochi] What do you
want for breakfast, Pam. The one thing I know how to make. I think I would love to
keep cooking going forward. – I was really surprised that I actually enjoyed cooking this week. Dinner is served. It looks okay. There was a really great
satisfaction in it. – It was mainly the gratitude
on my family’s face. I’m really happy that I
feel like doing it more for my own reasons for my family. But going forward, I’m
not gonna be cooking because that’s what the
wife chart told me to do. – This scale has been
haunting me this whole week. It’s been on my fridge and I
stare at it and I get angry. Goodbye, patriarchy. – I still sewed no
buttons, darned no socks. – Darn it, did not
accomplish this task again. – Neat house keeper. Mmmmmmmm. – Has meals on time? No, I did not do that one. No meals were on time. – I know they mean dresses
nice for breakfast, but I don’t care. I had clothes on. – I think I did better. – [Rose] Wait, what? Wow, that’s crazy. I must have cheated. – Woohoo! I’m average. – I just got so excited that I raised up on this horrible scale. Then I realized I don’t care. There’s no such thing
as a perfect homemaker. Nor should there be. – The only perfect is
the best that you can be for yourself and for your family. – It just made me really happy to be in such an equal
partnership with my husband. – When I looked at this
sheet, I was angry. And I thought women
shouldn’t have to do this. This is bullshit. But as I went through the week, I realized that my own husband was
doing all of these things and that’s not right either. After this week, I’m committed to creating an equal partnership in the home. – Being a stay at home
mom has been my choice. Back then women didn’t have a choice. – Maybe grandma had this idyllic life because that was the only option for her. Once it started getting into the 70s, she went back to school
and got her degree. Who knows what she would have
accomplished with her life if those opportunities had been there for her when she was younger. – No one should have to
devote their entire life to their family because
it is expected of them. – To me this is such a special role, but in the future hope
that people can enjoy it and not feel so many external pressures. – I don’t think a woman can have it all. Having it all is trying to do everything that society tells you you should have. I believe that a woman can
have everything that she wants. So what’s really important is knowing what you want for yourself
and for your family. (calming music)

100 thoughts on “We Were “Perfect” Homemakers For A Week • #MomSquad

  1. As a religious person it kind of bothered me that they kind of made a joke over prayer and getting bored at church. Not a lot, it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way

  2. I feel lucky because in a way I was raised to be the "perfect housewife". I was taught how to knit, crochet and sew so I can create and mend clothing, stuffed animals and more. I was taught how to cook, bake and clean, by my stay-at-home mother and kitchen savvy father. Being the eldest of 4 siblings I helped take care of them, sing them to sleep and change their diapers. I also babysat often so I am great with kids (not boasting, they just gravitate towards me), and I am used to keeping them entertained while cleaning up after them. I learned to iron, wash clothes by hand, and I colour-code our clothes. My boyfriend always appreciates coming home to a warm dinner and clean house, and I love dressing up for him too. I guess what I'm getting at is that I think I would pass this test easily since it has been instilled into my brain. I am grateful that I was taught how to run a household and take care of my man from home, because someday I want to be able to keep our home running smoothly and as perfect as can be with children of our own.

  3. why do they stay at home uf they don't do anything? some working mamas dealing with all this stuff more better

  4. Do a large percentage of American women not do the cooking and housecleaning?? It just seems like a trend in buzzfeed videos that women don't know how to sew, cook, clean or many other basic household duties? I live in Australia and could count on one hand the amount of women I know that don't prepare meals on time for their families. I think its more about being organised and equipped with the skills to look after yourself than being oppressed.

  5. wow these women are so lazy. its not that hard to be a "homemaker" get off your butt and just do it. its hard for you because your lazy. I'm not saying its easy to take care of kids,cook,clean etc all by yourself but it sure isint as hard as they make it seem. literally they haven't even done anything and are saying I'm so tired blah blah. especially those women that do not work and stay at home while the husband works have no right to complain. you think your husband can just decide not to go to work everyday or only go whenever he feels like it cuz he's tired? no he has no choice and has to go to work everyday with a boss that rides him everyday with all the tasks he needs to do everyday!why? because he has to provide since your not working. damn be grateful and do what you gotta do! no ones perfect bones saying that, but cleaning and cooking etc are a part of life. get over it. if you don't like to clean and cook and take care of your children everyday then go out and get a job. let's see if your employer will let you be as lazy as you are at home. smh should be ashamed of your selves.

  6. I bet another demerit would be: Does her husband do any of the household chores. Like laundry, cooking, vaccumning, etc… please mark for every chore he does. i would be in the negative sooooo fast. My fiance, due to me being physically disabled, has to unfortunately shoulder a major part of the chores.

  7. I think the reason homemakers were so successful at doing all of those things back then is because none of them worked outside of the home

  8. Why does that one lady have curlers on in the morning, if you're smart you put them on over night and take them out in the morning.

  9. their comments in the beginning were kind of condescending to women who struggle to get this stuff done, but like doing this kind of stuff 🙁

  10. one of the negatives was "is over 15 pounds overweight" that's fucked up. You're telling me that even though my mother is an amazing homemaker, and works over the normal amount that the average person works she's inferior to other wives because she has an awful metabolism? This is FUCKED. UP.

  11. How to know you have a GREATTT husband
    Mom: "I have to be presentable"
    Husband: drops spoon "You ahve to be pre-sen-table!?" HAHAHAAH <3

  12. Its all about balance 🙂 no need to dress up while cooking breakfast unless you are leaving the house right after

  13. My family has teached me the ways of old fashioned woman and I can do it or can go to school and do what I want or a mix of both

  14. My moms is awesome I wouldn't change her for the world and I don't think she does any of this expect instrument she can play the sax and I think a few others

  15. they had a hard time , back them moms dint have microwaves or washer machines and sewed there own clothes, sad thing is I know meany women who want to be stay at home moms but they can't afford it in todays economy.

  16. The problem with most of these "we tried…" things is the people participating dont really try all to hard to accomplish the task.

  17. This is embarrassing. Stop acting like homemaking is beneath you and be proud of it. It's hard work but it's fulfilling.

  18. This goes for men or women. How can you not cook simple things? How can you survive? People need food, and it's not good to eat out all the time.

  19. Most of these tasks are tasks that had to be done in the household. In the 50'es, women were in charge of the household, and men were in charge of earning the money. This is why the list was geared towards women, there was one for men as well. There is an average score, with the possibility to score both above or below. It is really more of a way to tell how well-managed your household is. Women in the past did it just fine, and today it can be used to see who do the chores more in the household, since both people take part in it. (and then find out if it is a good/even distribution or not, depending on work situation)

    Putting a little effort into your appearance is not necessarily a bad thing. As a bonus, it helps you look more attractive to your partner, and the men were also dressing better. Being presentable didn't mean shower, full face of make-up, hair perfect and fully dressed up like today. More like a quick shower, moisturise, everyday well-dressed and quickly fix their hair. Their style was a lot more low-maitinence than what we do today, everything could probably be done in 20 minutes. You would get up a little earlier than the rest of the household, get 'presentable', make breakfast. Then after breakfast, you would see your husband off, maybe do a light make-up (as a 5 minute routine), make the beds, walk the kids to school, and then start your day. And then freshen up yourself and the children before your husband came home.

    They weren't really superhuman back then, they just prioritised and planned ahead more. I am by no means perfection myself, but technically it is not that difficult; we just haven't been trained in the skills the same way. I personally take a lot of inspiration from the 50'es when it comes to planning and maintaining things effortlessly; because they were very good at that.

  20. Every home is different you aren’t a failure different homes function different ways there is no standard just to be a good mom by caring and loving and teaching the best of your ability that’s all anyone can ask

  21. After watching this all the way through I really wish they would have picked at least one woman who genuinely wanted to try this and genuinely wanted to succeed. As a woman who does try to do all of these things it would be nice to see the ladies who enjoy this represented and not just the woman who are doing it because they think it'll make a good video to post on their Channel. Why do understand a lifestyle like this is not enjoyable or doable for all some of us truly do enjoy being as close to the bottom quote perfect little housewife as they can

  22. Wow, western women are becoming lazy, selffish, unfeminine, pathetic, and sad….i see why men are starting to go mgtow, effeminate/gay, and buying sex dolls.
    We should really study the ways of women in the 40's and 50's and the East to reclaim alpt of out feminine charm.

  23. my hubby and I are in our mid to late 30s and have ZERO kids by choice. so according to that era, we are not even allowed to take the test I guess lol

  24. Ok, so the woman with the blonde, short hair reminds me of the mom from Home Alone. I wonder if she ever hears that?! LOL

  25. I would like to have seen more of the their "perfect homemaker" routines. It feels like a lot was edited out considering this was supposed to have been over the course of the week. I think this could've been made into a mini-series. Part 1: Pre-assessment, Pt. 2: The experiment (at least 10 min.); Pt. 3: The results & reflection. Like what the Try guys have been doing.

  26. Does anyone else find that that lady Is way too negative and her constant complaining is actually annoying?

  27. What's so wrong with being a house wife and mom? It's not easy, so I don't know why they make it seem that it is demeaning.

  28. Why is that girls tongue so disgusting. Does buzzfeed not have a healthcare plan? She really needs to take care of that 😣

  29. Well it was a lot easier in the 50s to be an excellent homemaker when they didn’t feel compelled to work!

  30. You guys are soooooo frustrating to see.. I think I'll ignore you guys and focus on my mom's routine…she is the most perfect homemaker I have ever seen

  31. This perfect housewife thing is so romanticised. My grandmother HATED it but she said back then it was just normal. And she still had to work as a cleaning lady as well as take care of everything and everyone. I mean my grandparents are still married but my grandmother is miserable and always says if she could turn back time shed run lol Her friends arent that different. Also in old age husbands just turn into an additional child that the wife cant get rid off.

  32. i feel like the blonde lady didn't even try. i understand she was/is going through things but she needs to either get help or step up because she has a great man by her side.

  33. I’m not the a typical “old fashion” wife but my days usually look like this:
    Wake up, change/dress our 16 month old, breakfast, clean, play then reading time, clean/run errands, lunch, nap time for our son, clean/laundry, snack time when Chris(our son) wakes up, play/read, then right before my hubby gets home clean and start dinner. He showers and I finish any cleaning that needs to be done while finishing dinner then I’ll make plates and feed the little one while we try to eat. Then give him a bath then let him play. While he plays I vacuum then right after I put him to bed I clean up his mess and take a few minutes to myself

  34. lol im almost certain the majority of women didnt sing for their husbands as they came in the door wtf was that

  35. my husband did the test with me and I got all the points. .But Not because I tried to.. I just love cleaning and cooking, church, my husband and creating a beautiful home. .

  36. They weren't even starting yet and had just finished the evaluation and already felt the judgemental attitudes that were thrown onto wives from society. Shows how terrible it is when we are expected to obey to a societal expectation that feeds off our insecurities or goes out of its way to instil them…and that goes for men and women.😢

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  38. How fitting that this video was on buzzfeed. If I'd seen that first, I wouldn't have wasted my time. What a pathetic picture of modern women.

  39. It says they were perfect homemakers for a week but they barely did anything and complained constantly!

  40. I like fifties morality and home dynamic. I have to stop watching these videos because they make me feel ashamed of my values…

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