100 thoughts on “Video conflicts with Warren’s claim that she lost job over pregnancy

  1. We have Schiff (Pinocchio) who lies so much he will never be human because his nose never stops growing. Then we have Warren…. Where… when she lies her clothes get shorter not her nose LOL. How dare she (wanting to be a future president? %^&* ) tell the public that a male interviewer discriminated her  for being pregnant just to get a vote and hate males!!!! In 2007 on you tube, she stated (in her fake soft voice) she didn’t take the job because her husband wanted her to be home!!!!!! What if he loses his job because they believe her lies??? We don’t need a Christine Ford for President what other lies does she have under her short sleeve and short slacks.

  2. Running for office is a downward move for the people of good character. .. to serve the people. Telling statement.

  3. Warren is incapable of telling the truth. This is becoming more evident every time she opens her mouth. Hillary taught her well.

  4. The Casual beer wasnt enough, she keeps taking the low road. I'm still mad at her for taking most of Bernie's policies.

  5. The Democratic Party is dirty when are they gonna see that the people don’t even get to pick the primary’s in the Democratic Party that instead the DNC already has there pick. Biden is there clear choice he will get the nomination unless Hilary comes back into the fold sometime in the next few months.

  6. Warren: "Whatever advances my chances will serve as truth. Today's truth trumps yesterday's truth."
    Something is seriously wrong with anyone who can listen to her whining and fabricating new life stories and then vote for her.

  7. I just don't get how people could doubt Princess Sitting Bull. Those high cheek bones. Bright eyes burning like fire. When the Warren was under threat, Think of the rabbits ! Sacked for being visibly pregnant in the seventies. President Trump built a wall so she could not breast feed her baby for many days too. I may be dreaming but she is totally legit I tell ya !

  8. Nobody is surprised, Lizzy Warren is a Democrat. No Credibility is the defining character flaw all of those in the Jackass Party have.

  9. I am a liberal, and I liked this segment. There was no democratic or republican bashing. It was just 3 people, who know what they’re talking about, talking about what they know.

  10. This probably happened whilst she was a young black woman being persecuted in apartheid South Africa. Or when the colonial British invaded her aboriginal village in Australia. She’s had a hard life growing up as a persecuted woman of colour.

  11. Is anyone surprised that Warren lied again. I suspect she tells a different lie at every campaign stop. All her lies are designed to make her appear as an underdog who overcame tremendous obstacles.

  12. She’s delusional. Exactly why she claimed to have Native American ancestry. She has gone through life playing the victim and nobody has challenged her. Unfortunately you can’t get away with that crap when you run for President.

  13. why do people keep voting this old piece of shih into office she is harming the American people she needs to hurry up and die

  14. Just Amazing. Trump sells out our ally in the fight against ISIS. No one will ever want to enter into a coalition with us again. Let's talk to some old, white guys talk about how unfair a 26 year old, pregnant Elizabeth Warren was to her school district. Hey Fox! This is an amazing idea to bring Women into the American Bund (uh, I mean Republican) party!

  15. Every woman I know who has been pregnant worked until they popped.
    Not once did I hear about any discrimination.
    She’s obviously trying to start a problem/talking point in order to have something to talk about.

  16. You mean the women who lied to everyone about her ancestry, is being scrutinized when she says something like this? I’m shocked

  17. I also like how these people are getting paid to run for a different office than the one the hold currently so we the people are paying them to do a job they aren’t doing makes sense

  18. Dear Mrs. Warren: Why did you lie about being fired from your teaching job because you were pregnant? Did you know there is a video circulating from 2007 where we can hear and see you saying that you quit? Are you a compulsive liar?

  19. She was actually fired over affirmative action, a less qualified woman that's 1/1024th Native American was hired in her place… oh wait, that's how she got the job in the first place

  20. A candidate that's had a heart attack should not be allowed to be president. A pathological liar should not be allowed to be president. A corrupt politician that brags about extorting favors from foreign governments for financial aid, should not be allowed to be president. Who else you got?

  21. hahahaha the liberals are now basically stuck with this stupid chick or Hillary (hahahhahahhahha) and even the dems know they simply can not win the election, and of course this means IMPEACH….. hahhahahhhaha what a bunch of clowns the liberals are

  22. all you hear out of these donkey candidates is lies and more lies and the fake media trying to to cover it up. what a joke, no telling what lies we will hear next, you can bet it will be some sort of cover up!

  23. This is what is wrong with the Democratic party.

    A proven liar who gets called out and absolutely embarrassed by the truth is still allowed to not only hold office but she was "voted" to continue representing her constituents (who should have their voting rights revoked for doing so) in office. Now she is running again for president filling her coffers and blathering more lies proving proving without a doubt how much of a fraud she is.

    It would be interesting to know what her net worth was before she entered politics and compare it to her current networth.

  24. Why don't you dwell on a few of Trumps daily lies. The Donald is a PIG uttering dozens of lies every single time he opens his mouth. You make a big deal about something that you will never be able to prove about Warren, because you were not present when she was fired. Spend a little time going over Trumps 12,000 plus lies he has uttered since being elected.

  25. I GUARANTEE you that Trump has WELCHED on every bet he has ever made.
    How can you even talk about anyone telling LIES when we live with the Android LIE App known as Donald Trump.

  26. Donald trump lies every single day. He has literally cheated on all his wives. Republicans can not claim any moral high ground when it comes to presidential candidates

  27. Democrats are not doing well. Biden bleeding from the eyes, Bernie having a heart attack and Warren is a liar. The Socialist need a new candidate.

  28. Elizabeth Warren is a habitual liar. She claimed to be Native American – a lie. She submitted a recipe for a cook book called "Pow Wow Chow" that she claimed was and old family Cherokee recipe – a lie, it was taken from a famous French Chef's recipe word for word. She told a story of how her mother stood by the bed and cried about the house being foreclosed on – a lie. She lied to get into Harvard. She lied about being fired from a teaching job because she was pregnant, she quit teaching because she was pregnant, and the list goes on… when does it end!!!

  29. Felicity Huffman lies to get her daughter into College and she's going to jail .
    Elizabeth Warren lies to get herself into College and then to get herself into the Presidency .

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