Varicose Veins during pregnancy explained

[MUSIC PLAYING] Basically, varicose veins are
the dilatation of subcutaneous, what we have as skin. Deep to the skin we will have
subcutaneous veins, which will be dilated and [INAUDIBLE]. They appear like a
warm [INAUDIBLE].. And people, they
can feel as well as they can see visualizing. They appear generally a bluish
discoloration, sometimes dark. So these are varicose veins. Some people, they do
feel nagging pain. Then they will notice these
varicose veins, especially in the lower limb–
both the lower limbs it develops more common. Generally, these
varicose veins can get activated during pregnancy. That is a stage
where there may be a compression on the
inferior vena cava so that that may be the cause– by the uterus compression can– that may be the cause
for varicose veins. Sometimes these varicose veins
can regress post pregnancy. And since it’s not an
emergency procedure, we generally wait for
the pregnancy to go over. And then later on, in
the post-natal period, mothers will be taken
care [INAUDIBLE] and then can be taken care by
using a laser procedure if it is in a higher grade. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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