Hey guys So it’s actually raining a lot outside So I figured why not make a video about me trying on my clothes from before I was pregnant So today’s video is gonna be a pre pregnancy Clothing video. So I’ve gained a total of 17 pound when I started my pregnancy I weighed about 108 pounds and I’m already at the 125 point which is the most I’ve weighed my entire life. I’ve already hit my six-month mark I am on week 26. Okay. So this first set of clothing that I’m gonna try on is something I wore when I was about two months pregnant. Okay. So this first outfit is so embarrassing. It does not fit. It did not go all the way up. Okay So this shirt fits and then we get to my stomach and my black pregnancy line and the past just don’t close. I mean I could probably do this. So now I’m going to try to recreate a sitting down pose like I did on my Instagram. But yeah, they did not go up. At all. So next I’m gonna go ahead and try on some American Eagle pants that I haven’t worn in a while So I knew my thighs had gotten bigger because they look bigger but I didn’t realize they had grown that much so these pants like You don’t go up like I can push them up Okay, but they’re not gonna close so I was able to get through to go all the way up Okay, so I was able to forcefully get my pants to go up but they don’t look as good so my butt looks weird and Okay, so this shirt I actually wore before I was even pregnant so when I was probably at my smallest weight So when I bought this shirt, it actually said it was a one size fits all and it actually still fits really good So I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys what it looks like Okay. So this is what this shirt looks like it still fits and I think it looks pretty good to be honest. So This is the side view. So this is something that I can actually still wear well, at least the shirt and I can wear this with like some maternity pants that can cover at the bottom, but Hey this shirt did not lie when it said one size fits all. So the pants I was trying to show you guys are some that I bought at Zara with like this matching shirt that’s really wrinkly. So those pants were actually high-waisted. They have an elastic that’s not really stretchy. So those pants are not gonna go up so I’m not going to show you guys me and my underwear. So I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys what this shirt looks like with some maternity pants. So these are my maternity shorts that I’ve been wearing. So this shirt used to be really loose and it actually looks like a maternity shirt in my opinion. So I’m gonna go ahead and stop here. I’m not gonna show any more outfits because I feel like my blood pressure has dropped and it’s getting really hot and my cheeks are starting to get really red. So I think that’s a sign to just.. Look at all this sweaty hair. So that’s going to be a really interesting video to watch whenever I’m not that big anymore. I hope you guys enjoyed that poorly recorded video because I look ridiculous trying on all of that clothing. But I think it’s something fun and it’s something that I’m gonna eventually enjoy looking out with my daughter one day. So I hope you guys enjoyed my really awkward and embarrassing video. I know I’m probably gonna laugh at this when I look back at it. But don’t forget to Like and subscribe to our Channel and I’ll see you guys on our next video. I probably should have asked Lucas to help me. Next time I’m just gonna wait for Lucas to get back from work.

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