Total Body Support, Pregnancy Pillow, Comfortable U-Shaped

Total Body Support, Pregnancy Pillow, Comfortable U-Shaped

The first Lake Superior comfort you body pillow can effectively reduce tensions in your back joints and muscles Visit When lying on your back with your feet raised and placed on the crossed comfort you legs Your lumbar region will be extra well supported Visit Use a sleeping pillow for extra support for your head and neck when sleeping on your side the comforter helps you stretch and Elevate your legs and feet when you place your lower leg and knee on the pillow it eases any strain on your lumbar region hips and knees Placing your arm on the pillow can reduce strain in your shoulder Visit Another position providing added back support simply bend one leg of the pillow behind your back Use the comfort you in an upright position Bend the pillows legs to form an armchair use a sleeping pillow behind your neck molded to cradle your head a Perfect sitting position supporting your head back and arms when reading watching TV, or just having a break Another upright position is placing the pillow legs crossed Against the bed’s headboard and the pillow forming a circle on the bed The fill is a special blend of phosphates and polyester fibers the comforter pillow will keep its loft We recommend using a cover to protect your pillow. Just shake your pillow frequently one leg at a time You

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