ThredUp Maternity Haul (TRY ON)

ThredUp Maternity Haul (TRY ON)

Hey everyone, I’m Lisa and today I have a huge thread up haul Thread up is a online thrift store You guys know that I love thrift shopping, and I also like online shopping, so this just brings both of those worlds together Yes my box is already open and I was gonna do an unboxing for you guys, but I tried filming this video yesterday my memory card ran out of memory, and it was this like whole long ordeal in process and Anyways, I’m refilling this today, so I have purchased from thredUP a couple of times, but this time ThredUP actually gave me a gift card to buy some stuff off their website. I did just join their affiliate team So if you guys do decide to purchase some stuff from thredUP be sure to use my link below Just because it helps mine and my husband’s channel out and our family out Whenever you use that link so thank you for those of you that do that and if I can get a coupon code I will and I’ll put it right here and in the description below, so that way you guys can save some money But what I love about thredUP is all their brands that they carry are the nicer brands And they’re very selective about the items that they choose to put up on their website There as far as the quality goes They make sure things aren’t too worn out or anything and if things do have some where they do Specify that on their website, so you know what you’re getting all these items are Maternity clothes or maternity friendly so that they’ll work with my bump, which I think is awesome Maternity clothes can be really expensive so thrifting is a great way to do that and thredUP has a whole maternity section on their website So for those of you that are pregnant or are going to be pregnant This this is a great place to check out maternity clothes because they have so many great options So let’s go ahead and get into the hall first thing I got are these maternity shorts which are gonna be perfect for summer because my due date is in July so The weather has already started warming up here at Southern, California So it’s warm a lot of time so I figured I’d get a lot of use out of these shorts And the brand is indigo blue. I forgot to say that every item I purchase is under $20. I’ve kind of wanted to stay in that range. Just to make it very affordable But I love these shorts. They’re just a lighter denim color. They have the cuff. They’re not too short I don’t like ones that are like booty shorts, so I like them to be a little bit longer which is nice And then it has the full belly band I actually try these on yesterday, and they’re so comfortable, and they fit really well So I know I’m gonna get a lot of use out of these next we have a pair of maternity pants my first pair of maternity pants And they’re just kind of a darker denim color more of a skinny pant style and then again these have the band at the top and the brand of these are Liz Lange Maternity, and this is the one that was for Target I love the way these feel they are I’m always nervous about buying pants online just because Jeans, I’m really picky about these fits so well, so I’m really glad that I got these all of my pants right now Don’t fit me Either have to where I’m like open or with the rubber band trick and the rubber band thing has actually been hurting as well, so I’m so happy to have some actual maternity pants and towards next I got this Top slash dress it could be worn as either, but I love the print and color of it isn’t that beautiful Just has this really cool kind of Has this really cool kind of abstract floral design on it, and then it has coral Light blush pink navy blue all over it. I love this and it’s an off-the-shoulder Style top, which I love that style especially for summer eyes I think it looks so flattering and cute especially on pregnant women I think that this looks really flattering and then the sleeves are 3/4 length And it has like a little tie at the end of the sleeve And then it just goes down and it kind of has a drop waist to it And then it just ruffles out from the drop waist which I thought that was really cute as well Oh, and this one still has the original tags on it, so I forgot to say that this is exhilaration So this is originally from Target, and it looks like it has never been worn Original tags great fine next top I got is a top from Wendy bellissimo I think is what it’s called and it’s this pretty kind of off-white Gauzy type of material top then it also has some prochaine on it I thought this was really cute for summer this could actually even be a beach cover-up I probably won’t be going to the beach too much, but I really do like this top, and it looks nice and breezy and Breathable for a summer which will feel so nice because I’ve already started getting some hot flashes, and they’re not fun This will be nice to be a little bit cooler while I’m pregnant and it is a longer top So it kind of covers the booty area and everything But I really like this kind of flowy and just perfect for summer then I got this Sleeveless cardigan in an olive green color. This is one of my favorite colors right now I love olive green and this is originally from Old Navy and It’s just kind of like a longer Basic sleeveless cardigan kind of a knit type feel and I thought this would be really cute just to wear with my Maternity maxi dresses just to kind of change them up a little bit, and I can wear it with a belt I thought that would be really cute, then I got to blush color tank tops This is another one of my favorite colors This blush pink and the olive green I can cover my two absolute favorite colors right now So this first one is more of a flowy tank top, and this is originally from loft It’s their vintage soft vintage soft tank top But this has the original tags on it So if I agree is and Ann Taylor Loft fine with original tags that I bought from thredUP for we cheaper That’s so cool, but again Just a flowy kind of casual tank top can wear it by itself or with a cardigan over it great for summer and then this tank top is more of a Maternity fitted tank top so I have my Loose one and then my fitted one because I’ve also been loving these Fitted tanks because they show off your bump really well And they’re cute to wear under like a kimono or cardigan type thing and this is originally from Old Navy And it’s a ribbed Kind of style so it has the lines going down in it which I really like and then just has the ruching on the side Since it is maternity. I love this I will definitely get a lot of use out of this And then I have another Top this is another off the shoulder top and I was a little worried that this might not fit over my bump I didn’t know who was gonna be long enough, but it actually looks like it’s plenty long enough But another thing I love about off the shop shoulder tops is when they have this ruffle right here. I think this is so cute but this is just kind of a It’s almost like a dusty red. I don’t even know how to explain the color It’s like a dusty red though a muted red, and then it has blue And it just has this really cool print on it and these stripes on the bottom nice and flowy Again breezy and breathable for summer and it’s long enough to cover my bumps So I think this will be really fun to wear I think it actually would keep for fourth of July to because it has that red white and blue type look to it and then the last item I purchased is Something I’ve actually been wanting to get and it’s a crocheted cardigan and this one. Oh wait. Did I say what brand this was from? And This is from the brand faded. Glory, which I think you can buy at JC. Penney’s I’m pretty sure that’s where they sell it so this is by the brand blue pepper vintage and It’s just this creamy kind of off-white Color Crocheted cardigan it’s super long and flowy the bottom of it just has this friend Which I really like I’ve been wanting to get one of these just to wear again with my maxi dresses I thought this would look really cute for summer and just right now, but it feels so soft and comfortable I can’t wait to wear this, and I think it’ll look just really cute with a lot of different outfits So that is everything I purchased from thredUP. I hope you guys enjoyed this thrift haul if you did Please give it a thumbs up let me know what your favorite. Item was that I bought and if you like thrift shopping I want to know what your favorite find in the past couple of months has been from the thrift store So make sure to leave that in the comments below again I’ll have thredUP linked below and a coupon code down in the description so be sure to take advantage Of that and go get yourself some cute clothes from thredUP They also have kids clothes as well, so be sure to check that out too, but I love you guys And I’ll see you in our next video. Bye

12 thoughts on “ThredUp Maternity Haul (TRY ON)

  1. I love those Liz Lange jeans! That whole line is amazingly cute (especially for Maternity clothes, which can sometime be less trendy). You got a good amount of stuff! I like that ThredUp has a whole maternity section because I find it hard to find Maternity clothes at my local thrift shop. Everything looks so cute on you, and the bump is adorable! 🙂

  2. Everything looked awesome on you! My favorite was the gauze top and dark jeans!!
    I’m due with my son in August. I’ll check thredup out and use your link. Thank you

  3. I have 2 sweet girls, so not currently expecting but I will be making a few purchases 😉 you'll love the Liz Lange jeans!

  4. Love your choices! Some of those items like the cream cardigan you can wear even when you have your baby and are not pregnant anymore! 🙂

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