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(baby crying) – We were scrolling through Facebook and we saw knitters wanted, and I said, “Well, Isabella, you’re a knitter, let’s see what this is about.” So when we clicked on it,
it was Click for Babies. I’m a retired Police Sergeant
in the city of Paseo, so I had to go back and
tell her some stories of Shaken Baby Syndrome, which is very, very sad to see. – Abusive Head Trauma and Shaken Baby Syndrome does happen. It happens in all communities, and we serve about 40,000 families a year with a period of purple crying program, with the hopes of preventing
any type of infant abuse and abusive head trauma. – Ever since she taught
me, that day, I was like, “Mom, I want to do more to help.” (sentimental music) – I’m a social worker. I’ve seen firsthand the effects of developmental disabilities, and if we can prevent one injury, the cause is very worth it. – [Isabella] No one would
really think that you can knit just one little hat and it can
bring so much more awareness. (dramatic music) – [Gina] A lot of people
don’t know that babies can cry up to five hours a day. Each letter in purple actually stands for one of the frustrating
crying properties. That information is shared with parents, and so they know, this is normal. This is what can happen. The nurses give the
education to the parents about the period of purple crying, and then when you know about it, you know how to prevent it. – We have about five
women right this minute who are making hats on a regular basis, who are all mothers and grandmothers, who are all interested in helping babies and people to take care
of their children better. And this is a learning
experience for all of us. – Knitting, crocheting, any craft, if you can put it to
use to bring awareness, it’s important to let them
know that they’re not alone. – I’m excited to be here
because it’s an opportunity where I can hang out with my friends, do something I love, while helping others, all at the same time. – I’m happy to help the newborn babies by making purple hats. – Today we would like to
present to you 240 hats. – It really was wonderful,
and I want to congratulate you on the success of this
knitting and crocheting day. Thank you, Maria. – Thank you. (applause) (sentimental music) – When you’re knitting a purple hat, it’s definitely life-changing, because you’re not only
impacting yourself, you’re impacting a new mom. – I’m more confident,
more comfortable, yes. – [Isabella] I received so many boxes from so many different
people around my state. I was so incredibly thankful, and we want to make it
bigger each year we do it. (sentimental music) – I’m so grateful that
I got to find that ad that changed everything. I’m Maria Galan, and I am a Scary Mommy.

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