Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

– The biggest thing I
learned about pregnancy was that it is not joyful for everybody. (“After Eden” by Warner/Chappell
Production Music) – I always wanted to be a mom, but I never wanted to be pregnant ’cause I always was
really freaked out about the whole confinement of it,
that’s what it always seemed like to me. (upbeat music) – I thought that being pregnant was going to be awesome. – Just a magical time of
just rest and relaxation. – I just thought it was
going to be like the cutest. – You know, they kind of
glamorize it in the media. – And I think I was
especially excited about not having to suck in my gut. (upbeat music) – Yes, there will come
a day when you realize you can’t see your vagina
and you can’t primp. – And how hard it would be to experience the skin stretching out. – Morning sickness doesn’t
mean you throw-up sometimes, it means you feel nauseous
for like three months. – I wouldn’t really be
able to fall asleep easily. – Even though you don’t have your period for whatever, 10 months or something, you still have to wear a
pantyliner every single day because you have crazy
disgusting discharge. – I didn’t know just how
much space my stomach was gonna take up. – And it’s scary to see your body change so drastically in such
a short amount of time. (upbeat music) – When I became devastatingly
sad at 22 weeks pregnant, I had no idea that what I was dealing with was antepartum depression. – I haven’t had a very strong relationship with my mother, and so becoming a mom has been a very interesting journey. – And postpartum depression
in general, I think, maternal mental health overall,
is something that I felt really unprepared to deal with. I had never struggled in my
life with mental illness. – The fear is intense. Fear is present. – We are all the worst mother ever in her own minds. I think postpartum depression or not, there is a moment where you
will feel like you have done everything wrong. – And it feels out of control
and that’s the big thing I think I’ve learned
from pregnancy is that it is the ultimate lesson
at learning to let go. (upbeat music) – It’s worth it in the end. It’s truly a magical experience. – For me, it’s been very
messy, and very primal, and empowering at the same time. And exciting and scary. – So I think you just have
to kinda keep the faith that like, yeah, you’re gonna mess up, and there’re going to be
moments when you feel like, oh my God, my baby’s screaming and I’m sweating and I
can’t get my boob out, and everyone’s looking at me,
and I’m a terrible parent, but you’re the perfect
parent for your child. (“After Eden” by Warner/Chappell
Production Music)

100 thoughts on “Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

  1. Thanks for the advice! But I feel like there was more focus on the negative aspects of pregnancy than positive, which is why people are saying they don't want to get pregnant. I understand though, I'm scared too but there has to be some positives to it too??

  2. I didn't enjoy being pregnant . Like I LOVE my daughter she's amazing ! But waiting to have her sucked . I was sick I gained like 50 pounds I looked horrible I was never "cute". I had bad anxiety the whole time !! So I always felt something was going wrong so I couldn't even enjoy my self 🙁

  3. Ugh, I had severe morning sickness that requires hospitalization and it lasted until 22 weeks and came back at 27 weeks 😭 at least I only have 6 weeks left to go.

  4. " I always wanted to be a mom but never be pregnant" that goes with me perfectly. I was pregnant and never knew until the last 12 days. In a way I feel I was never pregnant but I became a mom lol

  5. Every time I watch pregnancy videos, wether they are about positive or negative things, I always get a weird feeling in my stomach. I always find myself having my arms wrapped around my abdomen. I am never getting pregnant.

  6. Cough pee laugh pee cry pee sneeze pee. That's all I do while pregnant lol. Oh and that freaking heartburn and indigestion 😂

  7. I feel like it's the same for being single vs being married, people are like oh the right person will come all g some day. It's like are they trying to determine my future or what?! It's like it's my life, I'm not hear for your convieiance to have some to push into marriage, my family members don't even ask me! If you feel that insecure bout being on your own then get therapy😝

  8. I'm 20 weeks pregnant, and have a 4.5 year old and pregnancy is really hard and really beautiful and amazing at the same time 😁😁

  9. I can't wait to be a mother when I'm older and in a good place in my life (stable income, job, husband, suitable home,etc.) I've always been interested in this kind of stuff and I've been told that I was born to be mother which I completely agree with! It has a lot of responsibility but I'm definitely willing to do everything I can to be a great mother to my future children ❤

  10. What about being financially ready or married and not enough time? I have a thyroid problem and if I keep waiting for the right moment I may not be able to conceive like I would now. My thyroid is literally dying off.

  11. you guys lucky to be pregnant I know some people who tried to be pregnant for 10, 20 years but can't whatever happens it's still a joyful moment don't complain about little things 😤😩

  12. Everything they say is true I'm almost 23 weeks pregnant and it sucks it hasn't been easy but I know it will be worth it

  13. Pregnancy is no joke. Some people go through it no problem and some people don't. My pregnancy has been VERY difficult. I'm not gonna lie but I wouldn't change it for the world 🌎 I'm creating life and I can't wait to hold my son.

  14. Id like to add: (at least this is true for me) but worrying about virtually every ache and pain, every cramp or twinge, and every possible thing that could go wrong all the time. That you need to surrender yourself fully to the uncertainty of things and embrace every moment. That you will rediscover who you are, that you will question every thing about your body mind and soul. It is a journey, a grand journey, and it changes almost everything you thought you knew about yourself. 20 weeks pregnant next week.

  15. I'm loving every minute of being pregnant! the morning sickness has been from week 3 until now at 4 months! still just as bad but so worth it! just want baby growing bigger and have him/her in my arms snuggled up all safe with me💙

  16. I still want to be pregnant and have kids. It's something I've wanted sense I was 4 I want to contribute to making the next generation wonderful. I also love kids.

  17. I kind of like the fact that there is someone willing to stand up and tell the bad things about pregnancy. We are always hearing the good but people need to know both sides.

  18. Love children but hate the process i am pregnant right now is sucks cant slay my outfits so looking forward to give birth and get fit again 6 weeks to go finanly. The fear of my body changing but is all worthy at the end.

  19. Finally a realistic video addressing the fact that pregnancy is not fun and glamorous for everyone. Every woman's body is different and handles it in their own way.

  20. I liked being pregnant. I liked the fact that I could have enormous chocolate ice cream cones and big Cinnabon rolls and people would say aww that pregnant lady is eating for two. (I used to eat like that before i got pregnant, too… shrug). I liked seeing my son's little foot roll across my belly. The only thing I didn't like was random people touching my belly.

  21. Constantly sick constantly nausea wetting herself twice on public transport and not going to a restaurant for 6 months as the smell of beer made her sick. My best friend is a legend cause all the money in the world would not make me do that

  22. as a mum of three children i have some advice for anyone pregnant or trying for a baby.
    in my experience and from all the stories i have heard the first few months after giving birth are harder than the 9-10 months you go through during pregnancy. during the time you are pregnant you need to make yourself a few hampers. you absolutely need a junk food hamper. you absolutely need a pasta/pizza hamper. you most definitely need to stock up on ice cream. magazines. facial tissues. feel good stuff like perfumes and makeup! 
    after giving birth you will feel a whole bunch on emotions. you will cry for no reason. you will sit on the window and gaze outside, see a pretty flower and be like wow that colour is amazing!! then you will cry even when you weren't sad like half a second ago. you will be on the toilet pooping remember you need to hang the washing and you will cry. you will have a conversation with someone and think they are being rude and you will cry! this doesn't last too long but for the time you will go through this will feel like forever. you will absolutely need feel good things around you ever minute of the day

  23. I am in my 1st trimester it’s horrible I can’t keep anything down. I have so much saliva in my mouth it makes me want to barf 24-7 can’t wait to deliver my baby this is uncomfortable.


  25. Just extra reasons for why I would never want to go through with this. There are plenty of ways to become a mother that does not involve being a human incubator.

  26. My first pregnancy was horrible, I was a month overdue, I had hyperemesis gravidurum, I was sick and depressed and in pain the entire time, and I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my second, and this one I've had no sickness and it's so much better now that I know I will have to deal with anxiety.

  27. Lucky for me both my pregnancies were glorious and loved it. I had mourning sickens for 1 week for both times. It was my nineth month where it was hard because I wanted to hold my babies in my arms.

  28. I love my mother …love you for going through all that struggle and for carrying me like for crazy 9 you from my soul ❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋🤗💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  29. I’m 36 weeks and for the first time I can say I honestly hate being pregnant.
    I’m in so much pain, I can bearly walk without my legs giving up on me , my back constantly hurts and I’m just tired and getting annoyed with being pregnant.

    I’m not getting pregnant anytime soon. Im 26 and this is my first child and the last few weeks are honestly the worst because it goes so slow and your body just given up on you at once 😩

  30. Pregnancy is physically exhausting and emotionally draining. I’m amazed at women who chose to give birth to multiple children. You guys are superhero’s in my eyes. And women who chose not to give birth naturally, I respect you too. Adoption is awesome.

  31. Way to spread negativity. Women love scaring other women. Some women CANT even have babies. Yet y’all are bitching about “how hard pregnancy is”. Our bodies are designed to handle pregnancy. Yes, as with life, nothing is perfect and some pregnancies will come with difficulty. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad or terrible. Also- Babies can be born with birth defects and that’s OK because that’s THEM and they are unique and perfect just they way they are. Not every pregnancy or baby is going to be like a baby you see on pathetic and narrow minded tv. Be strong and LOVE what god gave you.

  32. I can't wait to see a positive test. I'll freak but have to hold it in before I tell anybody. I want it to be a surprise till I start to show and if I'm good to go. 💖💖💖💖

  33. I thought I would be so happy being pregnant. My morning sickness was awful and during my second trimester my emotions were out of control. I would have emotional outburst and depression. It took a lot out of me. My advice is when you’re noticing the symptoms of postpartum seek help and find a support. No matter what you are great mom.

  34. Being pregnant was the most wonderful, fantastic thing I ever went through. I would do it every year of i could afford to. Don't be down in yourself . You now belong to a sisterhood reaching as far back as the beginning of man kind. Enjoy the ride.à

  35. Im pretty sure they lie about pregnancy being "great" and "magical" because if the truth was all you heard the population would decline drastically and no one would want to have children lol, you can get the same effect if you simply give yourself a hangover – tired, in pain, nauseous, feeling dirty, little sleep, uncomfortable, gross ect. the only positive i experienced was the moving, that was cute, the rest of being pregnant absolutely Sucks, and i feel anyone who goes around saying how great it is, is in total denial lol well unless they love the whole expanding and waddling around, i just wasnt one of them xD

  36. Dear people from all over the world I want you to know I have my tubes tied up that means no babies for me I don’t have kids or babies and im very very happy and im 29 years old woman. And I’m single for along time ago and I’m still single. 😃

  37. LOVE this. I am 7 months pregnant and it has been a terrible experience. I have been sick, mentally drained and I dont look pregnant I just look fatter. When people ask me how I'm feeling I'm truthful and tell them it's not going well. More women need to be open about the struggles not just all of the positive. 👌✌😘

  38. Moms are so strong, and they’ve been through so much for their kids. All these women deserve a huge round of applause.

  39. I love how many people in the comments are like: "I don't want to be pregnant, I just gonna adopt "

    Like bish do you think babies grow on trees?
    Like there are just some women that pop out babies for you to adopt because that's what they so desperately want?
    Giving their offspring to strangers that most likely won't be able to comprehend the true gift behind it.


  40. They didn’t mention the fact that your back literally feels like it’s breaking during pregnancy or at least it has for me

  41. I'm currently 3 months pregnant, and this video meant so much to me. Everyone in my life is so excited for what is to come, and me and my husband wanted this baby so much. But I've really been struggling with feeling sick every single day, being so exhausted I can't function, and just feeling sad constantly. I have a history of depression, and I have a great therapist and other supports to help me through this. But knowing I'm not alone in how hard I'm finding pregnancy really helped me feel like I'm not alone.

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