The Truth About Shay Mitchell’s Pregnancy

The Truth About Shay Mitchell’s Pregnancy

Actress Shay Mitchell is about to take on
one of the biggest roles of her life: She’s becoming a mom! In June 2019, she confirmed her relationship
with her boyfriend and announced her pregnancy. And now she’s taking fans along on her journey
with a brand new YouTube series. Actress Shay Mitchell rose to fame playing
Emily Fields on Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars, a drama series surrounding four teenagers
dealing with a murderous stalker after the disappearance of their friend. She starred in the series from 2010 to 2017. But ever since the show ended, Mitchell has
been plenty busy. She starred in the Netflix series You and
the horror movie The Possession of Hannah Grace, and she’s been filming the Hulu series
Dollface, which will premiere in November 2019. When the gorgeous former model isn’t acting,
she’s taking “Shaycations” around the world and sharing her travel adventures with her
millions of Instagram followers. In fact, the actress loves traveling so much,
she even created a luxurious luggage collection called Béis. “Want some options for the weekend, with different
shoes? Wanna bring with you a couple pairs of shoes? Wanna meet hot locals in your area? Call 1-800…” The year 2018 was a really big one for Shay
Mitchell. In a January 2019 YouTube video, Mitchell
called 2018 “the BEST year” of her life. It certainly looked amazing from the outside
looking in. Over the course of the year, she offered makeup
tutorials with celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta. She traveled to India. She celebrated her birthday with a girls trip
to Cabo, Mexico. And she went to China with her boyfriend,
Matte Babel. “Whoa, look at that squid! That’s a lot of calamari right there.” In the YouTube video “China: Matte versus
Shay,” viewers got a good look at their romantic relationship. While traveling through China, the couple
challenged one another to a food showdown, and they clearly had a total blast picking
out food options that would gross the other one out. “See, she always one-ups the challenge, like,
I got something respectable that everyone snacks on here. Just some dried…” “Everyone snacks on fish balls, too. They’re just a little moist.” Spoiler alert: Mitchell was definitely the
victorious one in this particular challenge. “I won. I won.” It was one of the first times we got to see
what their chemistry is really like and it was seriously refreshing to watch the actress
let loose and be completely comfortable with her man. The gorgeous twosome certainly seem to be
well-suited for one another, and it’s easy to see why they’re together. Things aren’t always what they seem in the
entertainment world. Although 2018 was a big year for Shay Mitchell
professionally, she was actually going through one of the most difficult times in her life. In a January 2019 Instagram story, Mitchell
reflected on the last twelve months, and opened up to fans about the fact that she’d had a
miscarriage, an experience she’d been keeping private. In her post, Mitchell wrote: She made a point of thanking her fans, too: Mitchell even shared an image of her sonogram
and included a broken heart emoji. The actress ended the post by urging her fans
to be compassionate to one another in 2019, because no one ever truly knows the hardships
someone else is going through. Just six months after revealing the heartbreaking
news of her miscarriage, Shay Mitchell shocked the world by announcing that she was pregnant. On June 28th, 2019, the soon-to-be mom made
the announcement on Instagram by sharing a stunning photo showcasing her bare baby bump. In the caption, Mitchell joked: The actress hid her pregnancy from the world
for months while waiting for the right time to make the announcement. In a YouTube video also posted on June 28th,
she said: “It didn’t feel right to just put up a photo
and be like, ‘I’m pregnant,’ and have people just think that everything has been peaches
and rainbows.” This will be the first child for the actress
and the star sounds ready to be a mom. In the caption for the June 28th YouTube video,
she wrote: “Now I can do this.” Mitchell and Babel have been dating on the
down-low for about two years, and had been keeping their relationship relatively quiet. From the looks of it, Babel will be heavily
featured in Mitchell’s upcoming YouTube series Almost Ready. While we’re fans are happy that Mitchell has
found love, they undoubtedly want to know more. Who is this Babel guy, exactly? Well, for one thing, he’s a former Entertainment
Tonight Canada host. “I think you are definitely enjoying yourself.” “I’m still having fun.” “Yeah?” “Yeah.” Mitchell and Babel have reportedly been an
item since 2017. And while some publications romantically linked
Mitchell and Babel when she first shared news of her miscarriage, she didn’t officially
confirm their relationship at the time. But in the trailer for her new YouTube series,
Babel can be seen smiling from ear to ear while holding Mitchell’s belly. While Shay Mitchell was shooting her 2018
horror film The Possession of Hannah Grace, she was interviewed on Entertainment Tonight
Canada in January 2017 by a handsome host who couldn’t stop smiling. That’s right…She was interviewed by none
other than Matte Babel. “When was the last time you’ve been on a date?” “God, a long time.” “Are you dating right now?” “I am having so much fun with my friends and my family.” “Are you?” “Yeah.” Throughout the interview, it’s clear that
Mitchell and Babel get a huge kick out of teasing one another…but were they teasing
us, too? “Hey guys, it’s Matt Babel here with Shay
Mitchell, another fellow Canadian.” Mitchell evidently can’t keep her hands off
the television host. She takes Babel behind the scenes of her film
which, as you can see, was largely set in a morgue. Babel eventually quizzes Mitchell on surgical
equipment. “This is a…?” “That’s a drill.” “This is a drill? Is that what they call it? It’s still a drill. Ding-ding-ding-ding.” The chemistry between the pair is pretty obvious,
and it certainly seems like they’re attracted to one another. That same month, a source told Entertainment
Tonight that the pair were indeed a couple, had been dating for several months, and had
even spent the 2017 holidays together. What’s more, Babel reportedly brought Mitchell
as his date to Drake’s 30th birthday party. The source told Entertainment Tonight: So, were Mitchell and Babel already an item
during that January 2017 Entertainment Tonight Canada interview? Hard to say for sure…but it sure sounds
like it to us. Matte Babel has already discussed Shay Mitchell’s
pregnancy online. After she made the big announcement, he posted
his own message to social media. On June 29th, 2019, he took to Instagram to
share a touching black and white photo of a pregnant Mitchell, writing in the caption: With a sweet, heartfelt message like that,
it’s easy to see why Mitchell would want to have a baby with Babel. Shay Mitchell’s new bi-weekly YouTube series,
Almost Ready, premieres on July 17th, 2019. Throughout the show, she’ll be sharing all
the ups and downs of her pregnancy journey, and the series will presumably end with the
birth of her first child. In the trailer for the series, Mitchell says: “When you’re in the public eye, there are
some things you want to just keep a secret until you feel ready. This for me has been the hardest.” The former Pretty Little Liars star will let
fans see her more vulnerable side. Viewers will watch Mitchell as she informs
friends and family of the pregnancy news, and they’ll watch her become emotional about
her changing body. Shay Mitchell has lived a relatively private
life, so it’s rather surprising that she’s willing to show the world her pregnancy journey
in Almost Ready. As you can tell from the trailer, emotions
are running high for the mom-to-be. Sometimes she just doesn’t feel like herself. Other times, keeping her pregnancy a secret
has made her feel upset and isolated. It looks like Mitchell really isn’t holding
back anything: She’s showing fans exactly what her real life is like. In the description for her YouTube video,
Mitchell wrote: Mitchell further opened up about her decision
to create Almost Ready, telling Deadline: As of the making of this video, no one knows
for sure why Shay Mitchell kept her pregnancy a secret for so long. But after suffering a miscarriage in 2018,
it’s understandable why she was initially cautious about sharing the news. Now far past the point of keeping her baby
bump under wraps, the actress is sharing the joys and challenges of her pregnancy. In the trailer for her upcoming YouTube series,
Mitchell details how she kept the pregnancy a secret by wearing oversized sweaters. She also opens up about how it’s impacted
her emotionally: “I think pregnancy is awesome for the most
part. But it’s also really f—ing lonely.” Thankfully, the secret is finally out. Now, Mitchell can openly share pregnancy updates,
concerns, milestones, and, eventually, the birth of her first child. Hopefully, we’ll get even more baby updates
on Mitchell’s social media and get to see her adorable baby right away! Before making her pregnancy announcement,
Shay Mitchell shared something else with her fans: She was releasing high-end diaper bags. You heard that right. The bags are an addition to her luggage collection
Béis, which she launched back in 2018. The constant traveler shared the product news
in this June 2019 Instagram photo with the caption: “Coming soon…Béis Baby.” The photo depicts a chic black bag stuffed
with diapers, bottles, pacifiers, and more. Without the added baby accessories, the bag
is sleek and classic enough to be worn as an everyday personal handbag. We suspect the post was meant as a tease…a
hint that much bigger news was on the horizon. Surely fans must have wondered why Mitchell
wanted to create a diaper bag in the first place. Of course, now it’s obvious: The jetsetting
actress will soon be a mom and she and her baby will certainly be traveling in style! On July 4, 2019, Mitchell teased fans with
yet another big update on her pregnancy a gender reveal! In a new video on her channel, Mitchell decided
to surprise Babel with the news, which was complicated by the fact that she didn’t know
the gender herself. Enlisting the help of two friends who were
in the know, Mitchell arranged a mock battle between a pink and a blue Power Ranger in
their own backyard. Talk about an epic reveal. The two combatants plunged into a fountain
and briefly struggled to breathe when their masks filled with water, but in the end the
pink Power Ranger came out victorious. That’s right, folks, Shay Mitchell is having
a girl! And it only took a little accidental waterboarding
to share the news. “They can’t breathe.” “Can they not breathe in there?” “Can you breathe?” It’s clear that the expectant mom is, indeed,
“almost ready” for the big day. Over the coming months, fans will likely find
out more and more about this exciting time in Mitchell’s life. And it appears the actress may be in the middle
of a babymoon. In July 2019, Mitchell shared her travels
via Instagram Stories and even included an Instagram photo of her breakfast. With an upcoming television series on Hulu,
a successful luxury luggage collection, and a baby on the way with the man of her dreams,
it’s safe to say 2019 will, in fact, be Mitchell’s best year ever! “You’re just so beautiful.” “Oh now I can see it.” “This is getting huge now.” “It’s so pretty.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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