The Sims FreePlay Pregnancy Update FAQ/Q & A

The Sims FreePlay Pregnancy Update FAQ/Q & A

– [Michelle Osorio] Hello,
my daring and lovely Dare To Dreamers, it’s
Michelle Osorio again, your singing, dancing, gaming host. I wanted to make another The Sims FreePlay pregnancy update video. This is an FAQ, frequently
asked questions. I’m gonna post your
questions that you asked me on social media. So first, we’re going to start with questions asked on Twitter. Babyg and asheleighmeno wanted to know, “When is the update?” DJ, Barson4Ever on Twitter, also asked, “How do you get it to show up?” The update was officially out June 19th, but I know some of you
have still reported to me that you’re having issues with the update. Now EA Firemonkeys is aware
that people were having issues, things were freezing up for them, or they weren’t able to
play for whatever reason. A hot fix already went out
for the Android version, and they are working on an iOS one, and working with Apple on that, so they will get that fix up ASAP. I also wanted to emphasize though, you may just not see it because you haven’t fulfilled the requirements. So I will just remind you,
you need to be level eight, and you need to have finished
the two and a half Sims quest. But not just that, if you
were already in the middle of a discovery quest, keep in mind then, you’re not gonna be
able to do the next one. For instance, even though I showed you all of this really cool footage, remember, this is from a preview build
that EA Firemonkeys sent to me. In my actual personal account,
I actually can’t play yet because I didn’t realize I was in the middle of the Love and Treasure Quest. Oops! So I have to finish the Love
and Treasure Quest first before I’m going to be able to even build the maternity store
to get things kick-started. Now before I move onto
the YouTube comments, I just want to remind
you, I am michelleosoriom on Twitter, and I do check
my Twitter every day. It is a great place to
ask me more questions. Now on YouTube, L3w1s … oh, Lewis! Lewis 0502, I see what
you did there, Lewis. Lewis says, “Does the
baby bump only appear when your Sim is wearing
the maternity clothes?” I have a feeling Lewis got
started on the pregnancy event and went through maybe the
first day, maybe the second day, and noticed that the Sim
was wearing normal clothes and didn’t look different. Now if Lewis had tried to
put on the maternity clothes, he would have noticed
that he was not able to. So here’s how it works. Your Sim has to be in the
second trimester before she can wear maternity clothes. That’s how it works. So if you are doing the
nine day pregnancy event, she’ll have to get through
days one through three first and then in the second
trimester, you should already have some maternity
clothes ready to go at that point, and she will
automatically put them on, and then she won’t be able to
put normal clothes back on. If you chose pregnancy, not
pregnancy event but pregnancy, that’s the automatic
one that takes six days, she just jumps straight
to the second trimester. Therefore, she will have
the bump immediately. So if you’re not seeing
the bump, that just means that you chose the nine
day pregnancy event, and you’re probably in
the first trimester. Jessica Ryan says, “Do
Sims have to be married to have kids still?” Great question, Jessica. Sims no longer have to be married in order to have a baby. In fact, single female
Sims can just get pregnant, as long as they fulfill the requirements I mentioned previously. Yay! Helen 2005 says, “Hello, thank you so much for this helpful video.” You’re welcome, Helen! “I have a little problem. I
need two more days to complete building the maternity store,
so I’ll start the quest event three days later. Am I still gonna have nine
days to complete the event? Or I’ll have only six? Please answer if you see this, thank you.” Well, Helen, no need to worry. The amount of time it takes
to complete the building is completely separate from
the nine day pregnancy event, if that’s what you choose. There are also the options of add baby, which is an old option, and then the option for a
six day automated pregnancy. None of those start until
you make that choice later on in this progression,
and they are not affected by the amount of time that it takes to build your maternity store. Jolie Jensen asks, “How did
you get the personality part? I want that now.” Well, Jolie, you can unlock
personalities after completing the Life, Dreams, and Legacies Quest. It’s as simple as that. MyNameis Harambe asks,
“Can you skip one day?” If you’re asking if you have
to wait until the next day in the pregnancy progression,
you can use LP to skip ahead. If you’re asking if you
skip, as in miss a day, I don’t recommend it. You can, but if you miss a
day, you’re going to lose the baby bonus, and you
really want that baby bonus so that you can get a
super Sim at the end. But if you do miss a day,
don’t be discouraged. You should still progress on the event, because when you earn maternity
tokens, you can use them to pay for really cool stuff, like adorable maternity clothes and nursery room furniture. Kimberley Gamble asks, “How
are you enjoying your gameplay of this new pregnancy update so far? And, if you have a pregnant
Sim or Sims in your Sims FreePlay Simtown game,
what stage are they at? Just asking; I look
forward to your reply.” (laughs) This is funny and sad. I just did not plan well,
because I’ve been so busy preparing for VidCon. I forgot I was in the middle
of another discovery quest, so I cannot even (laughs)
I can’t even build the maternity store, and I
don’t have enough money either because I built so many
stores already, I don’t have enough Simoleons to build
the maternity store anyway. By the way, if you want
to say hi at VidCon, follow me on Twitter or on Instagram. I’m posting where I’m
at and what I’m doing. Feel free to DM me,
tell me where you’re at, and we can do a meetup. I will spend a lot of time
at the LiveMe booth, though, so go look for me and say hi, because I livestream there a
lot; I do a lot of singing, and I will be performing
on the LiveMe stage. So go look for me. That’s VidCon 2018. Purp Somnie says, “I’ve
been watching your vids for hours now, and I have
to say, you’re amazing. Everyone else that’s
subscribed to you is too.” Well, thank you. The Dare to Dreamer club is made out of wonderful, awesome people, and welcome to the family, Purp Somnie. Dare to Dreamers are bold,
brave people of all ages who aren’t afraid of loving
fun, childlike things like the Sims and Disney
and never growing up, and they’re unapologetic about it. And I’m glad to have you, welcome! Ashley Sepulveda says, “I’m
super excited about this update, but how much does the
maternity store cost?” Actually, Ashley, businesses
in the Sims FreePlay change in terms of how much they cost and how long they take to build. It’s completely dependent on how many businesses you’ve already built. So if it’s your first
time building a business, it’s actually going to be quite cheap, and it’s going to finish
building really fast. But if you’ve built, say,
seventeen stores already, well, it’s going to be very expensive to build your maternity
store, and it will probably take a couple of days. For instance, for me, (sighs) in this preview footage you’re looking at, which is just a temporary
build that EA Firemonkeys sent to me, it says 850,000 Simoleons. But that’s not how it
is on my actual account. On my actual account, it’s going to cost 3.5 million Simoleons because I built so many stores already. And right now, I actually
don’t even have enough money. It’s kind of sad that I’ve
made these videos for you, and yet on my own personal account that I actually use every day,
I don’t have enough money yet and it will take me two days
to build once I’m ready. But that’s okay. I look forward to it in the future. The nine day pregnancy
event is not a live event. It’s a permanent event, so it’s okay. I have all the time in the
world to get to it eventually, but for that reason, I did make sure that I got lots of footage
of building the nursery rooms after finishing my pregnancy journeys, and I even created
several pregnancy stories. So do you want to learn
more about pregnancy? If so, let me know in the comments what exactly you’d like me to cover. I have some video game
music videos lined up, but don’t forget to like
and subscribe, please, if you want to see those, and
let me know in the comments what questions I didn’t answer, or what you’d like to learn more of that I can make videos about for you. Until next time, dream big, never grow up, and you take care of yourself. Bye for now! Michelle Osorio out.

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