The Real Reason Why Meghan And Harry’s Staff Keeps Quitting

The Real Reason Why Meghan And Harry’s Staff Keeps Quitting

Thank heaven the monarchy doesn’t have a Glassdoor
page, because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just can’t seem to hold onto employees. The couple have reportedly gone through three
nannies — and counting — within just five months since baby Archie was born, and before
that, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had already developed a reputation for a revolving door
staff. The first to go was reportedly Prince Harry’s
“right hand man” in April 2018, Edward Lane Fox. Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s senior communications
secretary, Katrina McKeever, resigned in September 2018. McKeever, according to the Daily Mail, served
as a liaison for Duchess Meghan’s family, and if you know anything about certain members
of that crowd, she probably didn’t have an easy job. “Samantha has been quoted in the British tabloids
as calling her sister ‘narcissistic and selfish.'” “Those were never words that I used.” Next was Duchess Meghan’s personal assistant,
Melissa Touabti, who resigned in November 2018 after working for the Duchess for just
six months. A source told the Mirror that Touabti couldn’t
stand the pressures that came with working for the former Suits actress, explaining, “Meghan put a lot of demands on her and it
ended up with her in tears. She is hugely talented and played a pivotal
role in the success of the royal wedding. She’ll be missed by everyone in the household.” In the same month, the Sun reported that Queen
Elizabeth II warned Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan about the newly minted royal’s conduct,
with insiders alleging that Duchess Meghan couldn’t drop her high Hollywood standards
and adjust well to royal life. Considering her biggest role was on a basic
cable drama shot in Toronto, you may want to take that with a heaping grain of salt
… “It is always something, It’s always some
secret, or some story, or some lie …” The issues at the time reportedly revolved
around which tiara Duchess Meghan would wear for the royal wedding, with a source revealing, “Meghan can be difficult. She has very high standards and is used to
working in a Hollywood environment. However, there’s a different degree of respect
in the royal household and Kate [Middleton] has always been very careful about how she
has acted around staff.” Biographer Robert Jobson alleged in his book
Charles At Seventy that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s wedding in May 2018 put a major strain
on most royal staff, going beyond tiffs about tiaras. One insider said in the book that Harry got
“petulant” with staff, telling them, quote, “What Meghan wants, she gets.” Another defended the Duchess, saying, “She is simply not afraid to express her opinion. While many find her a little pushy there are
many in the royal household who have quickly taken to her.” The Sun also reported that tensions were so
high leading up to the royal wedding that Kate Middleton snapped at Duchess Meghan for
allegedly berating her staff, though Kensington Palace later denied the claim. In late 2018, the tabloid rumor mill ahead
of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s wedding was turning at such a pace that outlets like
the Daily Mail attributed things like her being “an early riser” and texting staff multiple
times a day as problematic behavior. These descriptions of Meghan, dubious as they
were, bred monikers like “Duchess Difficult” and “Me Gain,” according to Express. During this period, the Sunday Times reported
that Samantha “The Panther” Cohen, the couple’s interim private secretary, made it known that
“interim” was the key word in her employment and that she was leaving her post after the
birth of Harry and Meghan’s baby in spring 2019. According to the outlet, Duchess Meghan had
wanted Cohen, who previously served as Queen Elizabeth II’s personal secretary, to stay
on permanently. A source close to the Duchess told the outlet, “Sam will be a huge loss. Going forward, Meghan might need someone cut
from a slightly different cloth to traditional courtiers, who is not a career civil servant
or royal insider. Meghan needs someone with reserves of energy
and patience to help her define her future role.” Still, more exits came. In January 2019, People revealed that Duchess
Meghan’s bodyguard resigned after less than a year on the job, a move that reportedly
“gutted” the Duchess. In March 2019, Harper’s Bazaar additionally
reported that Duchess Meghan’s assistant private secretary, Amy Pickerill, resigned, but that
their parting was an amicable one. It’s important to note, however, that it seems
like no one stateside ever appeared to complain about Duchess Meghan’s alleged diva ways,
and it’s also unclear who the unnamed sources calling the Duchess of Sussex “difficult”
really are. Royal expert Omid Scobie told Us Weekly that
Duchess Meghan’s American background may have provided some issues with her alleged tone. Scobie says that there are cultural differences
at play more than an attitude problem, saying, “I’m sure there are people in the royal household
who don’t agree with some things that she does or with her delivery. Americans are direct when it comes to business,
and Brits are reserved. So of course some things can be misread at
times.” Indeed, another royal expert, Victoria Arbiter,
told Express that rumors of Meghan being difficult to work with stemmed from, quote, “absolutely
nothing.” Citing the drama surrounding Samantha Cohen’s
exit, Arbiter pointed out that the secretary was never meant to work with the House of
Sussex in the long term from the very beginning of their agreement. Of course, there’s allegedly another big reason
why Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s staff are leaving, and it’s a pretty simple one:
It’s a tough gig that doesn’t pay well. Dickie Arbiter, who worked as a press secretary
for Queen Elizabeth II for 12 years, explained to Global News that working for a young royal
family is essentially a recipe for burnout. Plus, there’s better money to be found elsewhere. He told the outlet, “We work to earn good money and the private
sector is a lot more lucrative.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about the
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  1. It's well established that Prince Harry is not the biological son of Prince Charles. His father is James Hewitt, the
    riding instructor to Princess Diana with whom Princess Diana was having an affair.

    So Harry has no biological link to Queen Elizabeth. He has no royal blood.

    Do NOT forget that trailer-park-trash-megan was SNUBBED by the Queen when the Queen REFUSED to grant her the title of Princess. She's NOT Royalty. She's TRASH!

    Then Harry marries this Kardashian-wannabe and trailer-park-trash who openly shit on President Trump during President Trump's state visit claiming that she was too busy to meet President Trump because she was recovering from childbirth.

    The day after Trump leaves England, Queen Elizabeth has the "trooping of the colors". On the balcony is trailer-park-trash-Megan so that she can get in her camera time. I thought she was recovering from childbirth? Clearly she was lying when she snubbed her own president.

    Note that Archie (who also has no royal blood) was born on May 6, that's the same birthday as former prime minister Tony Blair, actor George Clooney, baseball player Willie Mays, and the anniversary of the Hindenburg blowing up.

    Why was Archie baptized in a private ceremony? Trailer-park-trash-Megan Markle-Kardashian sponges off the British taxpayer to fund her fake royal lifestyle, as her husband is not of royal blood, but then demands that the
    baptism be private?

    Frankly if you want your baptism of your child to be a private affair I'm going to back you on that one. I think some things should be private. And I can certainly understand that one.

    Here's the point…… They kept the names of the godparents secret. What are they hiding? Are the Obamas involved in this?

  2. Knowing what we all know now, don’t we all agree that she was manipulating PH in their so called second date in Africa for a week in a TENT? A f**king TENT? If she mesmerized him sexual in a damn tent without all her diva demands he was the idiot who fell for it. She’s not having sex with him in a tent now, she’s in castles and on private jets. She’s too smart for him.

  3. Wow I had no idea. Think about that for a minute. That speaks volumes. Wow Princess Diana’s people stuck with her through thick and thin. She must be very disrespectful.

  4. This is what happens when you marry an airy, entitled and opportunistic b*tch who isn't even fitted and respecting royal standards. They made their bed. I can see a fallout / divorce on them in the future. I watched the sweet growth of PH and I cant believe he went for this person. We will see if this b*tch will stay with him after the titles and international attention will be taken away soon. People pay taxes to make sure Royals stay but it seems like these two became a liability as they aren't grateful to people. Such a disgrace! Harry will regret this in the future. smh

  5. MM is AWFUL. Have fun with our trash England. You lose again!
    Oh, I am sure she took another plane to watch her pal play tennis in NY!

  6. Yeah, her pivotal role was having a child, other than that she is a spoiled diva, even that kind of attitude fit in very well with the rest of the Royals.

  7. This is so pathetic. The three nannies did not resign, they were let go for not fitting in with the family. Samantha the panther, left because she was only going to stay until the baby was born. Megan‘s bodyguard did not just resigned from being her bodyguard, she were of the design from Scotland yard. People are trying to make it out that Harry, and Megan, are difficult but, those who have been around them know the truth. They are far from difficult. As an actress, you tend to get up very early and start your day. She did the same thing, when she married Harry, and some people cannot handle it. What a shame, then a woman actually starts your day early and expects her staff to start their day. It is so pathetic, that people want to make them out to be who they are not. William, and Keith, have lost several staff members as well. Nobody ever comments on them. It’s only the black Duchess that the press want to make out to be difficult. Over the 11 years, that Kate has been a member of the royal family, guess how many staff members they have lost? If you want the answer, just ask.

  8. It’s like history repeating itself .. the tabloids did the same to fergie when her and Andrew got married .. leave them be

  9. Power obsession Meghan lost in showbiz one minute shes a washed up has been the next she has servants and staff at her disposal. Nothing worse than a z list celeb nobody cared about gone power mad

  10. How many people in America even knew who Meghan even was before she met Harry 4% , 10% , 20% Now shes Power Mad with staff and servants acting like shes been a A LIST CELEB HER ENTIRE LIFE not the Z list celeb she actually was

  11. Markle is a vi*e selfish arrogant gold digger who has absolutely no class at all.She has no place in the Royal family and they should send her back to the states.Although I doubt they would have her back and who could blame them.She really is a burden on us tax payers too.

  12. I'm not English, we already left the royals behind a long time ago,so I'm just saying after Queen Elizabeth dies that should be the end of that Royal crap. Entitled people that never worked a day in their life. Prince Harry gets on stage and tells everyone they have to watch their carbon footprint and his other dribble. Yeah he flies around in a private jet 4 times in 11 days. Hypocrites. Taxpayers should stop funding their extravagant lifestyle.

  13. Are you sugar coating the real reason all the staff run for the hills when the Duchess is barking at them well suit yourself Nicki but the the truth will be revealed and then we can sympathise with these staff who are really the victims.

  14. No wonder Harry is going prematurely bald. That wife of his is a HARRIDAN. Their behaviour isn't worthy of the Royal family. What a bad choice Harry made.

  15. I am afraid she is a narcesist . Impossible to live with . Impossible to please . Always right . All about me me me . Will never change

  16. First, I didn't know that Megan and Harry's staff kept on quitting, so I watched this video, which tell me they don't really keep on quitting, maybe it's just normal they move on .. Have I just wasted a part of my life? Well to get an answer I'm wasting another part of my life writing this. Life is just weird.

  17. In the United States Hollywood is nothing more then a bunch of drug-addicted alcohol-induced anti-American anti-christian Pro Muslim no-go zones pro-gay Pro transgender Pro pedophilia. Meghan Markle is all of that and should fit in quite well with Prince Andrew the pedophile of your country. This is what happens when you allow trash into your home. The queen should have taken care of Andrew long ago and Harry had better take care of the trash that he has brought into the house immediately or things are going to get very bad there. In the United States we have a saying… You can take the Ghetto Queen out of the ghetto but you cannot take the ghetto out of the queen. Meghan Markle is ghetto trash.

  18. Nobody likes them except themselves.. Both are self obsessed evils 🦹‍♂️🦹‍♂️🦹‍♂️Why would anyone want to work with hand on great people who keep on emphasising how much they love to not have any staff , both are liars.. Waiting to see which baby or whose baby will travel to SA as they are so much into secretly sneaking the baby doll???

  19. Hollywood standards 😂😂common guys I never knew who she was nor the show she was in. I knew it from Wendy Williams talking about her and Harry dating

  20. Duchess Megan?? She’s just Megan unless RF are present. When alone she is just Megan & not royal….no royal blood line in her,

  21. Meghan is a fickle mouth, extra demanding. How long will Prince Harry stands.. the palace have their standard dropped ..
    A palace standard should always be palace standard
    She shouldn't cross the line so much

  22. The Staff keep leaving because MM is a self entitled, self absorbed narcissist… Everything has to revolved around her. When will the Royal Family take steps to stop all her nonsense???

  23. It is suprising how much hate is on Meghan.People act like the Royal family are angels.Just racist hate.
    All rumors.
    Even the staff are racist.

  24. Every single one of you are horrible people. You don't even know this woman but because she is black you are saying these disgusting things. Just be real and say you don't like her because she's black. Stop trying to cover your racism in stupid tone that don't even make any sense. None of you are in the relationship with them or even know her. Shame on you all. What goes around comes around in life remember that when you are going through trials and tribulations of your own.

  25. These nannies (just like the rest of her worthless haters)are racists, jealous and wished they were in her place. That’s why they bitterly complain to the media about her. They are always complaining that Meghan is difficult and must have everything her way. Of course she wants things her way, not you way; your the fuckin nanny so know you place! When your at work as a nanny your needs are secondary not first!

  26. He said she said. One person probably has an issue with her so they started spreading things. Culture differences are most likely part of the cause.

  27. The power has gone to her head. Megan has to learn how to deal with the hired help. This is not easy for someone who has not grown up extremely wealthy.

  28. The whole Royal thing is so crazy. People line up to see and bow to these people that do what, go to charity events….And get paid allowances by the state to breathe.

  29. If you could switch all the hate this video creates on a mixed race women who just had a baby to positivity, what a beautiful planet this would be. Where does the hate come from inside you, who hurt you ? what happen to you to creat a format for haters on an innocent person ? Enough is enough 🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧

  30. When ever the servile lackeys of Buck House "QUOTE" There is no truth to the statement" you can bet there is a great deal of truth in there.

  31. Queen Elizabeth couldt care less anymore she's leaving this couples problems to the next king either Charles who will I think eventually ruin the monarchy ones he is king. The king that will save this monarchy would be William. And they thought Diana was the problem… She may have caused a kind of "scandal" with her actions as the new princess and future queen but at least she brought a lot of positive publicity and charisma back to the royal family.

  32. Even in America growing up I was taught not to go into someone else's family or home and tell them what to do to change them to my liking. that if I didn't like how things are then politely leave. Meghan doesn't understand. She is in Britain. She needs to respect their traditions and not expect them to totally change for her. The reason people like Kate is that she seems to respect the Royals traditions. She was more out going when she was single but she doesn't rebel against the Royals like people are saying Meghan does. Royals normally don't wear shorts but it was accepted when Kate wore shorts when yachting but she doesn't wear them on every day public occasions & act as if the rules don't apply to her in the family. If Kate has the thinking I can do what I want and the rules don't matter she doesn't show it. Meghan comes across as the rules don't apply to me. i am here to break them all. British people don't like that. it's viewed as disrespecting the Royals. all rights reserved

  33. Megan is a nightmare from hell and HARRY is to igorant to stop this nut job. They both need to be out of the Monarchy.

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