The Palace Will Announce When Meghan Markle Goes Into Labor | Access

The Palace Will Announce When Meghan Markle Goes Into Labor | Access

Meghan Markle is due any day now. We just got word from the palace, here is how it’s going to go down, she’s not going to come out of the hospital, but the palace did tell us she will announce when she is in labor.>>I like this.>>We’ll get the heads-up.>>We cannot get enough of her flawless pregnancy style. We’re going to show you how you can get Meghan’s look for $50 or under.>>She’s the best dressed pregnant later. She knows how to show off her bump in a major way.>>She’s had half a million dollars to spend. You’re going to show us how to get that look for less.>>Wait a minute. Look at Natalie.>>I was on a budget too.>>You look amazing, Natalie.>>I didn’t own maternity wear. I just swore stretch pants. They’ve come a long way. You can dress cute. I love those.>>There’s so many options now which I love at affordable price you don’t want to spend a lot of money when you’re pregnant because you’re not going to be able to wear them very long.>>We got — I think we all loved this look. And I never thought to pair red with purple.>>But it’s color-blocking. She likes to make a statement. He loves fashion too. This look is so gorgeous. We see her in this little jacket. It’s a long line jacket which is slimming. And it covers her up in all the right places. If she wants to feel a little bit more modest, this is a great way to do it. And we have this beautiful purple dress which is superaffordable. Meghan when went the red heels so we did too. This is more summer friendly and this is a great look to wear to the office or even to a fun family barbecue or gathering.>>That jacket is under $20. You look gorgeous, by the way. Beautiful. Let’s talk about our next mom to be. This is rent the runway.>>Rent the runway. We’re talking looks under $50. This is right at $50 and it’s a great way to really look beautiful for a wedding or if you’re going to a baby shower. This one is so gorgeous. It has the pleats in the front. We saw mehgan in the beautiful dress. This is a summer take on that because that was the wintertime. This is a great way to dress up for any special occasion this season. We see her here with a beige handbag and she looks so stunning. I love the off the shoulder look. You can’t go wrong with the ruffles in the front.>>I wish they had rent the runway when we were pregnant. You would save so much money. And you look beautiful too. Good luck.>>The black and white pattern dress, we Sall saw her sport this.>>This is from H and M. It’s so stunning on her. We see Meghan all the time with blazers. We paired a blazer with it. And went with black accessories. This looks so sophisticated, but she can take it to drinks afterwards, or having dinner with the girls. I feel like she can wear this beyond maternity.>>You can wear that blazer all year round. That’s one thing I learned –>>It makes you slimmer.>>It draws the eye in. She just looks stunning.>>You can leave the hospital in this. Good luck.>>Okay. Now — Cassandra has ten days until she has the baby. Hopefully not right.>>No, I want a baby. I can deliver. She’s in this head to toe old Navy look. She has the little tee and then the little jacket over it. This is a Daisy print which mehgan didn’t do. But I couldn’t resist it. It’s a great piece that’s drawing your eye down. She looks so cute. This jacket is $49 and then the tee and jeans are superaffordable. Also from old Navy.>>Let’s guess what you’re having, I’m going to say a boy.>>Everybody says boy. We don’t know.>>I love that. Massage her feet. One more look. This is our mono chromatic look. She nailed this.>>We see her in blush and nude so many different times. And I feel like she pulls it off in the best way possible. This dress is from It’s only $19 and the blazer is equally affordable. It’s — it’s so sophisticated and classic and she looks really stunning and put together. She can wear this dress with a black blazer, a black jacket. She can pair the blazer with jeans and a tee. It’s really vertical.>>I liked having my arms>>You feel everything expanding, so jackets are nice to cover you up and feel more confident. And I feel like to stay true to your style –>>Come on out, ladies. Spicy food for everybody. We want to have some babies.>>Expect for those who don’t want to go into labor yet.>>Look at all of them in heels.

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  1. If you have THYROID Issues Maternity Clothes are so Comfortable and if you gain or loss either way you are not losing money, and I am not pregnant and Maternity Clothes are my Favorite to wear esp dress

  2. Why would anyone want to dress like she's dressed the clothes don't fit which means they're ill-fitting they don't look right on her they're too tight in her belly area they have gathers and other areas that are not supposed to be there I would never want to look like she looks in clothes I could go buy clothes out of the thrift store and look better than she does I could make my own clothes and look my far better than she does they would fit right they would look right they would be solved exactly for me and I will guarantee you I don't know all the designer out there this better than I am at designing and making things to fit and look good on people I've been doing it all my life I could have made that wedding dress she made for a fraction of what it cost and it would have sitter it wouldn't have had gathered up spots on it it would have fit cuz I don't make things that don't fit right

  3. That red and purple thing she's got on that's freaking Gastly are you guys dreaming or are you drunk you must be drunk are having a bad dream cuz I think that is like one of the most ghastly looking things in the world you would never put a red coat on with a purple dress not the world I learn to style stuff in

  4. @marcia Ann
    A jealous 69 yr old (she claim) that only gets attention when she spews on SM.
    Lives in a make belief World, that believes in space bumps and Royal protocol.

  5. Ye must be blind or ye are terrible with fashion everything she wore was terrible especially that black skirt and shirt OMG! It looked terrible

  6. Meghan is not pregnant she can not have children she is a fraud she is is pretending and acting to be pregnant and the royal family paid someone to have a baby and the royal family calls it baby scandal

  7. They can do what they like with the birth of their baby. The Queen's mother abolished the secretary of state watching royal wives giving births, so if she is not comfortable she can say no. The British public are bullying her because she refuses to be herself. Shame on you racists.

  8. Having a baby at home at her age with no royal doctors in attendance – how short sighted and stupid can you get – especially a large baby. Tiny older woman has 8 lb baby – what could go wrong!!! According to her first husband Meghan is not able to get pregnant. I don't mind the surrogate – what I do.mind are the lies. If Meghan were a TRUE feminist she would rejoice a surrogate not pretend she carried a child for months.

  9. I am glad they are getting involved with mental health because this woman is insane to portray this falsity for so long and now even talk about labor? No sane person would do this. Is it her insatiable desire for money and power which keeps her to continue on with this delusion?

  10. Every one is showing and holding the bum
    Good on you Meghan for making women show of and proud of their baby bum

  11. After reading some of this comments, I can understand why she dont want to let people know when or maybe see their baby. You know what is so sad about all of this, people and the media has put Meghan Markle, from the start. Maybe we all should ask ourselves, why are people treating her this way? Could it be because she dont look like your traditional princess? Yes I am talking about the color of her skin. And before people get mad, just think about it. Please take the time to think and look back on everything. Also compare how different people and the media did between Meghan and Kate.

  12. This not news, it is standard issue with the monarchy to announce the birth of a grandchild , on the easel. Those fashions look like size 16 in a size 2. Lol

  13. The SILICON BUMP!!! That’s the reason why they want to go private with the delivery. They’re waiting for the surrogate to hand them over the child and then only can they announce. She’s not pregnant and is NOT GIVING BIRTH!!

  14. Good on you Harry and Meg What woman ran towards 100s of cameras minutes after giving birth and haemorrhaging? Protocol my a.s

  15. The Royal Family will buy into Megan Markle Capitalising off the Media regarding the Surrogacy and photos of the Surrogate baby.


  17. Dear lord, the ruffle dress is super tacky. This is not Royal fashion. Meghan is getting slammed because she dresses like a peasant despite spending £1000000 on wardrobe since the wedding.

  18. Wishing Meghan and Prince Harry a trouble free delivery of their baby. I can't understand why so many people say cruel things about her. She's Intelligent has a degree became an actress and married a Prince. She has accomplished more in 37 years than most people do in a life time. Ignore the jealous haters.

  19. you mean tacky, too tight pregnant style?? Kate is the one that knows how to dress while pregnant. Meghan doesn't even know how to dress when she isn't pregnant.

  20. No matter what your status as a mother you've earned your right to have your private moment with your newborn. Shes a new mother & in the spotlight & yes signed up for all this attention but any new mother has a right to privacy with her newborn thats one of the most critical moments when their born.

  21. See how all those pregnant women waddle? That's because pregnancy causes joints to loosen at the lower part of the spine. I've never seen Meghan waddle, not even in her last 2 months. No matter how much yoga you do. I been a yoga instructor for 15 years, and on all of my 3 pregnancies I would swell somewhat, especially on my 3rd pregnancy at 34 years old. It wasen't mayor swelling but obvious and visible. And I couldn't keep my legs close and kneel down, I would loose my balance and had difficulty standing up; 15 years instructing yoga 4/5 times daily 45 min, sessions, also seen many pregnant mums in my clases, more/less having the same symptoms.

  22. Idiot reporters half a million dollar budget stupid white racists.. it's too much now all trying to make cash out of the Duchess.. the worst racist reporting was the ugly woman with white hair announcing the Sussexes will not stand by the steps with baby so racists will comment such negative against baby Sussex.. she had such a lot of bad things to say it's shocking you old woman with white hair and the only Asian looking woman were racists.. the black lady had poise and dignity non insulting.. so sad why Meghan not entitled to do anything for racist Britain..

  23. I did not waddle please only white wemon waddle so you talking rubbish racist person.. the Duchess is super fit I was super fit almost 40 years ago and I still am fit so don't start bigot brigade to fan fires it just adds to you ignorance.. Duchess is causing haters hell they can't eat or sleep good good.. go back to school and get a decent job so you don't have to focus on the Duchess.

  24. Can we all just breathe in and out until God have His way? They are blessed that's what I know but satan and his messengers will be put to shame.

  25. However they chose, don't know why the big to do. Share immediately, or wait a week…their choice does not concern me. Healthy Mom, healthy baby…all that counts.

  26. Good luck with that announcement. Announcing a woman that is lying about a pregnancy. Just like the CROWN announcing Diana and Charles," A LOVE STORY".OH HOW THEY LIE..MEGHAN MARKLE CONNING THE WORLD WITH EMACULATE CONCEPTION .A MIRACLE CHILD OF HARRY AND HIS ACTRESS WIFE "CON"CEIVED IMMEDIATELY .. . WITH NO FERTILIZER.

  27. I don't know why they Bow to this bitch.???? She is not and will never be a royalty. ….she is a zebra that sudeced opie.

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