That Moment You Learn You’re Having a Miscarriage

That Moment You Learn You’re Having a Miscarriage

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  1. Can someone please explain to me why you would see happiness as weakness. Whilst i appreciate this video i still don't understand why you would see happiness as a weakness- isn't that what we're all essentially striving for?

  2. I got this comment a lot. I've been a pretty optimistic person, and a lot of people saw me as naiive, stupid, or just living with rose-colored glasses. But I learned that it takes a TON of strength to look at hard times and persevere enough to smile, to look at someone rough and think about the pain that probably causes that behavior, etc. Recently, I've struggled with depression, and it's been weird to see how I have lost that strength to be able to smile and persevere but to instead hide and curl up and cry and feel like a failure. I'm trying to learn to laugh again and see through the pain. It takes a boat load of strength that, some days, you just don't have. Kudos to your hardcore, precious wife!!

  3. That's amazing, I can see why you would think happiness is weakness. It's almost like saying why are you so naive about how terrible the world actually is. And yes. It's not all sunshine and rainbows her but you don't have to put your own extra thunder cloud above your head because the people on this world put a few up (if i'm making sense) I love his wife changed his whole perspective jut because she smiled and said that everything would be okay. Goes to show you how much of an effect small things can have on somebody else. I'm happy that he was able to change his mindset. And i genuinely hope he and his wife have an amazing life together with an amazing adopted (boy or girl). <3

  4. I literally sit here & tell people around me that THIS is how you should live. Cause no matter what comes your way, you'll find another way to be happy. You'll see the light in the negative space & grow from & with it. Its sad that kids my age are so quick to cut off their emotions & their hearts & think money will bring them the happiness that they want when thats no where near true at all. Sure it'll help but at the end of the day its whats surrounding you, how you've learned from your mistakes & the joy you choose to bring & have in your life.

  5. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your story and outlook. (Also, adoption is wonderful; my sister was adopted and I'm so grateful to have her in my life).

  6. Well i took care of my two sons from their birth to five years old because I wanted them to have a decent life even tho their "mom" was absent (still is 10 years later). It was hard being a single dad with two tiny babies but I did think of people like you that has gone thru hell trying to have kids or have kids that have hard lives because of health or other circumstances. I call them The Clones and say I made them in my mom's basement secretly from the government lol They play along. Also I am one of those happy people, IDK I think life was a little bit difficult as a kid so I developed this way to be able to see a positive side, I guess as long as I'm not dead I can possibly see some amount of light for some reason. Awesome video tho, made me think, and write! Yay.

  7. I started crying while watching this video and we often forget to look at things that seem terrible at first but if we think about it there is always that silver lining to everything. Thank you for making this video as I really needed to hear this.

  8. Great message but I legitimately can't tell if he's telling a serious story. 5 miscarriages? Sounds a bit over the top. Not impossible. But still.

    But it's a badass story to tell either way.

  9. This came out on my birthday! I really want to get 100 subscribers for my birthday, could you guys try to help me, please?

  10. Remember to focus on the happiness of all beings, not just you or your group. Sometimes a group's happiness causes pain to another group, which means conflict. Conflict is only going to flourish if everyone is striving for their own personal happiness. If used incorrectly, happiness definitely, undoubtedly one of our biggest weaknesses. Please do not oversimplify things for viewers.

  11. This guy needs serious therapy. His anxiety was has difficult to watch, like he was on the verge of breaking down 😔

  12. the title was an instant D'UH? for me so I was a bit guarded watching this but it did crack me real fast 😀 a very heartfelt story ! thank you and i apologize for raising my brow like a snob haha

  13. It's all about perspective,and you really do have the power to turn a bad day into a good day. It may not be the best day but at least you're willing to live your life to the fullest.

  14. I really needed this today. Thank you for sharing your story. I have those who are close to me that view certain traits as weaknesses and those things that I held on to in order to maintain a good outlook on life has truly started to falter as they've tried to drag me into their mindset, increasing my anxiety and battles with depression. I know that you can have a genetic predispostion for these things and they can be triggered in your life by the people, events, and tragedies that happen. I had triumphed and pulled myself through so much until the last few years because of the constant barrage of words that my hope, my willingness to see the best in others, my empathy, etc., was a weakness. I had and still have a different view on life and people, but the ability to maintain it has been the battle because I'm reminded that I'm broken somehow for giving people a chance and that what I've come through is something that doesn't matter. I think that your video reminded me that it's not necessarily the term happiness as much as it is a positive outlook towards others and towards the things you go through, despite the faults of the world, the broken system, and others, and that this care and love is not a weakness. I've been on a serious quest to find the old, happy and fun me for quite some time. This short glimpse into your life and thoughts showed me that even my views of my wedding day compared to my husband's view of it (which is close to what you described), tells me that I'm actually stronger and happier than he is. Thank you so much again because in this, you reminded me of my true strengths.

  15. You guys really need to take out that stupid whistle ending. It ruins the moment. It's like a rim shot after some just tells you this heartbreaking story.

  16. I thought I recognised him! I went to one of Brian's shows here in New Zealand a few years ago, when I had just started university. He told a great story about pain and loss, but also of how we have to find the rare perfect moments in life. I didn't know it at the time, but his story and advice were about to become very relevant and important to me.

    Things are better now, but when times are tough I remember that things can be awful, but that sometimes we experience perfect moments of happiness. And that's enough.

    Cheers Brian, and thanks SoulPancake!

  17. Glad to know that republicans is why your first miscarriage happened. Sad/happy story, good story teller but believe it or not we are not the root of your problems.

  18. This is absolutely beautiful. Although… I do wonder why is it that Americans speak so fast. It took some adjusting to follow what he was saying

  19. I'm so sorry . I know you probably don't want this sympathy but I am sorry for you . Congratulations on. Great life out look though

  20. I just love crying my eyes out on the bus. Or at my desk. Or in the toilet at work.

    Wherever I watch these, I know I'm probably going to cry. This one had me in tears, then crying, then sobbing so hard I couldn't breath.

    I wish Mr. Finkelstein and his wife Jean all the happiness in the world.

    And Brian, you might have won, but we all won because you shared your story. Thank you ~

  21. His friends are bad parents that why so many Americans feel like they own everything and are asshole that push their ideals on everyone. You can’t even say no to them so they are going to be weak minded people and the world is going to eat them alive

  22. technically, it's not "You're Having a Miscarriage" it's your wife… the title is… wildly incorrect

  23. Wow, my best friend had a miscarriage and she sees the world just like you do. It's been very hard for her…I hope when she gets pregnant and has a baby I can show her this video. (

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