Great things
God has done for us, so we are happy. I won’t get tired of taking this message, of proclaiming the love’s power through
what God has done to me. Today is time of grace and mercy. When a true miracle is testified, the surround of this miracle
shows itself. For this reason I believe that today everything is possible. Everything is possible. Close your eyes. Put your hand in your heart. There is emptiness
inside every human being. This emptiness has the exact size of God. It has been made by Him! It has been made for Him! Many times, we go through times in our lives
trying to find things and people to fulfill this emptiness,
but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t fit,
it doesn’t satisfy. But we can get
to understand finally this love that surpasses knowledge, that is revealed through the
power that operates within us, we will be completely fulfilled with fullness of God. For I want to invite you to open your heart, to open your heart
for this power that can reveal to you a love, which is capable
of everything for you, a sovereign love and cover all the mistakes, this is above our mistakes. And I ask the Holy Spirit
to come to this place. Holy Spirit of God, Holy Spirit of God, break my reason, visit my understanding. I know, Holy Spirit That only You know What I have experienced
to come here Only He can know. Only He can know. Only He can know
what is inside your heart. He knows how you feel. He is able to do
immeasurably more. Immeasurably more. More than you ask, more than you can imagine. And today is the day for immeasurably more. Immeasurably more. Ask Him. In special
and exclusive way He reaches your heart. For He is able to make
new things of the same old things. And He fulfills you, when He fulfills you, I know, you’ll never be the same. Come to this place Fill this place Holy Spirit of God. Come to this place, Lord Come, come, Lord Touch and heal And clean Come to this place Fill this place Come to this place, Lord Come, come, Lord Touch me, touch me Heal me There’s a glorious presence
of God in this place. God’s glory is inside of you penetrating your thoughts,
your intentions. He wants to visit
your within today, taking the place
of faithlessness, and revealing the power
of a supernatural faith. Supernatural faith. It brings us
the best from God. Halleluiah. Halleluiah. Dear people, the Holy Spirit of God
is here. And He is able of making
any words of mine in that what you need,
for only He knows. Only He knows. So, if you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like smiling, smile. Where the Holy Spirit of God is
there’s freedom. I believe in the power
of truth. And all that is truthful
is strong. The truth is capable of
restoring what is lost. The truth is capable of
restoring what was dead. The truth is the resurrection
and the life. I have known Jesus when I was 16. Here, in Baccarat,
50s Paulo. I was a teenager
with so many stigmas in my soul, for a difficult childhood. I had so many complexes, my self-stem was too low, a distorted self-image, I had many disorders,
although I was too young, obsessive compulsive
disorder. When I knew that love
which loved me first, He said to me: “Daughter, I understand you think
all of that about yourself, but I want you to know
what I think about you. I can understand
you feel like that, but I what to know
how I see you.” And He started to reveal
the truth about myself, this truth set me free, it restored me, and I was musical gifted
since I was a child, but this gift
was a problem for me. I used to think: “God, why
have you given me this gift if I don’t want
to expose myself? I don’t want
to relate to people, I don’t want to do
nothing public.” People used to ask me, but when I met this love, which accepted me
like I was, which attracted me, and day by day has been restoring me
till today, I found that my gift
was to worship His name. And the will
of worshiping God, the will of exalting His name,
telling about the restoration, it has become bigger
than my traumas. So I got involved with
worship ministry at the church, and God surprised me,
taking me to the television, by God’s grace and mercy, I’ve worked for a long time
in a talent show with such a little experience. I knew that door was open
for the Gospel went through it. Wherever I was, I took
the God’s presence with me. From there, I went
to many other TV programs, I’ve met many celebrities, I’ve became a composer, I went to the Music College. I wanted to enhance the gifts
God has given to me. And people used to think
that I was fulfilled. After all,
I was serving God, I had success. But there was a desire
in my heart that nobody knew. There was a secret cry that was
between God and me. And that was a desire
to be a mother. Since I was a child,
my biggest dream was always to be a mother. In my childhood,
I found I had an endomorphisms which didn’t let me
get pregnant. After I got married,
every month, I had false symptoms
followed by negative tests. It’s so common that tribulations
take the glitter of our eyes. The disillusionment
of believing so many times, the disappointment
of keeping the expectations and find frustrations end up taking the hope
from us, and we give up of dreaming. So, many time,
I was at the church, I was in a service,
and I hear a testimony about motherhood, and I felt a lump
in my throat. And only thinking,
I said: “Lord, I can’t see my life going until
the end without being a mother. Change my history,
change my faith, touch my body.” When a woman can’t
get pregnant, she feels unqualified, she feels inappropriate, dead, unfruitful. And I felt like that. But it’s so private,
it was between God and me. One day, I was in a service, a missionary come to me
and said: “God is touching your womb. And He’ll make do
what your heart desires.” She didn’t know my history. She had no idea
it was my biggest dream. But, in that moment,
when said those words, I remember I started smiling, I thought:
“The time has come.” Even so, I had given up,
God hadn’t forgotten. Even so, I had forgotten,
for I had given up dreaming, He never forgets. He never forgets
any of your prayers. Each one of your tears are harvested and planted
in God’s heart. And each one of them will grow. Each one of them will grow. He has not forgotten you,
He has not given up on you. That moment I recall not talking
to anybody, and in my heart I was seeking
for sings and affirmations. Many times, we hold faithlessness
hoping to be protected of disillusionment. We afraid of believing. We afraid of dreaming. And then I was
in another service, a missionary came to me,
in a different place, another person,
and she said: “I dreamed about you,
you were holding a boy, a baby. And you had a big smile.” Then a few days later,
I was in another service, and a pastor said: “Hey, God will bring happiness
to your house.” And then I finally gave up
of faithlessness. I lowered my guards. I started to prepare
everything by faith. By faith. I still had false symptoms
with negative tests. But I had one word. I had a vision. And that time the Holy Spirit
was creating a certainty in my heart. The certitude
of what was hoping for. The conviction of something
that I couldn’t see that moment. Apart from negative results,
I had in my heart a positive word. I was hiding the power
of the faith. After a few months, and again, I had
the same symptoms, and I thought:
“This time is different.” So I had a dream
that was the time. I went to the lab,
without telling nobody, alone… and it was dark,
and the lab was closed. And stayed inside the car,
just waiting the time for the result. They opened the doors,
I came in, I was very anxious. The nurse started to have
my blood drawn, and I wanted to tell her
what I was feeling, but she didn’t seem
to be interested in that. And she said: “Wait 30 minutes
for the result.” Those were the longest
30 minutes in my life. I was waiting that little
white envelope that I knew. Suddenly, a girl comes
with my envelope, and she called my name. I remember I stood up,
and I walked towards her, grabbing that envelope
that I already knew, I opened by the side. I recall I was trembling. I started to open
a paper that I already knew, and I started to read
the same old information, so I got to the end. And there was a word
I have dreamed for all my life. It was written: “Pregnant.” “Pregnant.” “Pregnant.” It’s not a thing
has not worked in your life that cannot work today. As I said, He takes the same old things
and makes the new things. For all the things
there is the time and the way. And the best time is now. It is today, and now. Even so, your past faces you
and say: “You? Negative.” Even your relationships
look into your eyes and say: “You? Negative.” Even the science, the doctors,
the diagnosis, they say your name
and repeat: “Not you.” I believe when God sees you
He says: “Positive.” “Positive.” “Positive.” He is the “yes” and “amen”. Eight weeks later, I found I would have a boy. A prophet for the nations. My pregnancy was perfect. Impeccable. I didn’t have nauseas,
I didn’t felt seek. I was craving for lettuce,water…It was a miracle! Literally a miracle. Vegetables… I felt entire, I felt in a state of grace. So I used to sing for him,
I used to pray with him. I was holding a miracle. My biggest dream
was coming true. And then I started
to prepare everything, the room, the layette. I washed them, I sprayed perfume on them, and I hang them,
the little socks… And looked at them
and started… I took pictures. It was wonderful. God had touched me. God had touched me and changed
my history for good. There’s something singular
which catches my attention. For I remember
the months before the due date,
everything was done, and then ironed the layette,
packed it in a bag, I labeled it with:
“N – newborn.” Another package for
0 to 3 months. Another for 3 to 6 months. Another for 6 to 9 months. Another for 9 to 12 months. Everything was
so well organized. If you saw his wardrobe, you could find everything. It was like the Holy Spirit
was leading me on preparing all those things
for other person taking care of him
in my place. But honestly, I would never imagine
that in the coming of a true of my great dream my life would be so close. I will ask you to open
your Bible in the Gospel of John, chapter 11 . I would like to share a small
portion from of God’s word, it says about a man
whose name means “who was helped, who was rescued by God”. And any resemblance
with that history and mine it’s not just coincidence. The leading figure in both
histories is the same. His name is Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. “Now a man named Lazarus
was sick. He was from Bethany, the village of Mary
and her sister Martha. This Mary, whose brother Lazarus
now lay sick, was the same one who poured perfume on the Lord
and wiped his feet with her hair. So the sisters sent word
to Jesus, ‘Lord, the one you love
is sick.’ When he heard this,
Jesus said, ‘This sickness
will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son
may be glorified through it.’ Now Jesus loved Martha
and her sister and Lazarus. So when he heard
that Lazarus was sick, he stayed where he was
two more days, and then he said to his disciples,
‘Let us go back to Judea.’ ‘But Rabbi,’ they said, ‘a short while ago the Jews
there tried to stone you, and yet you are going back?’ Jesus answered, ‘Are there not
twelve hours of daylight? Anyone who walks
in the daytime will not stumble, for they see
by this world’s light. It is when a person walks
at night that they stumble, for they have no light.’ After he had said this,
he went on to tell them, ‘Our friend Lazarus
has fallen asleep; but I am going there
to wake him up.’ His disciples replied,
‘Lord, if he sleeps, he will get better.’ Jesus had been speaking
of his death, but his disciples thought
he meant natural sleep. So then, he told them plainly, ‘Lazarus is dead, and for your sake, I am glad
I was not there, so that you may believe. But let us go to him.’ Then Thomas,
also knownasDiddums, said to the rest
of the disciples, ‘Let us also go,
that we may die with him.’ On his arrival, Jesus found that Lazarus
had already been in the tomb for four days. Now Bethany was less than
two miles from Jerusalem, and many Jews had come to Martha
and Mary to comfort them in the loss of their brother. When Martha heard that
Jesus was coming, she went out to meet him,
but Mary stayed at home. ‘Lord,’ Martha said to Jesus, ‘if you had been here,
my brother would not have died. But I know that even now God
will give you whatever you ask.’ Jesus said to her, ‘Your brother will rise again.’ Martha answered, ‘l know he will rise again in the
resurrection at the last day.’ Jesus said to her, ‘lam the resurrection… I am the resurrection
and the life. The one who believes in me
will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing
in me will never die. Do you believe this?’ You, do you believe this? ‘Yes, Lord,’ she replied, ‘l believe that you are
the Messiah, the Son of God, who is to come into the world.’ After she had said this,
she went back and called her sister Mary aside.
‘The Teacher is here,’ she said, ‘and is asking for you.’
When Mary heard this she got up quickly
and went to him. Now Jesus had not yet
entered the village, but was still at the place
where Martha had met him. When the Jews who had been
with Mary in the house, comforting her, noticed how
quickly she got up and went out, they followed her, supposing
she was going to the tomb to mourn there. When Mary reached the place where
Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet and said, ‘Lord, if you had been here,
my brother would not have died.’ When Jesus saw her weeping, and
the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was
deeply moved in spirit and troubled. ‘Where have you laid him?’
he asked. ‘Come and see, Lord,’
they replied. Jesus wept. Then the Jews said,
‘See how he loved him!’ But some of them said,
‘Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man have
kept this man from dying?’ Could not he,
who is so powerful, avoid the evil in my life? Could not he? Jesus, once more
deeply moved, came to the tomb.
It was a cave with a stone laid across the entrance. ‘Take away the stone,’
he said. ‘But, Lord,’ said Martha,
the sister of the dead man, ‘by this time there is
a bad odor, for he has been there
four days.’ Then Jesus said, ‘Did I not tell you
that if you believe, you will see
the glory of God?’ So they took away the stone. Then Jesus looked up and said,
‘Father, I thank you
that you have heard me. I knew that you
always hear me, but I said this for the benefit
of the people standing here, that they may believe
that you sent me.’ When he had said this,
Jesus called in a loud voice, ‘Lazarus, come out!’ The dead man came out. The dead man came out. The dead man came out, his hands and feet wrapped
with strips of linen, and a cloth around his face. Jesus said to them, ‘Take off the grave clothes
and let him go.’ Therefore many of the Jews
who had come to visit Mary, and had seen what Jesus did, believed in him. Believed in him.” I believe today the Holy Spirit of God can create within your heart a supernatural faith,
that is a gift from God. Supernatural faith that you need. In Revelation 1 :8 the Bible says: “lam the Alpha and the Omega, who is, and who was, and who is to come.” Who has not came
when was called for. But who has came
in the right time. Who loves you so much who weeps with you. “Who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” Jesus. Jesus. After 36 weeks
of pregnancy, I woke up with
an unbearable abdominal pain, and I thought I was going
into labor. We rushed
to maternity hospital. When we got there,
we knew that the baby
wouldn’t due. Something was happening and they couldn’t tell us
what was. It was a surprise for us. My heart, I admit, I felt great sadness,
soon I started to throw, and it went out dark, there plaques of blood,
it was like coffee grounds, but it was liters after liters
of that liquid with strong odor. The doctors couldn’t say
what was happening. When they said: “We’re going
to move you to another hospital, for here is only a maternity. We don’t have the equipment and
the team to take care of you.” They got me an ambulance,
and I was moved to the most advanced hospital
in Rio de Janeiro. As soonasI got there,
my pastors went there soon. And I remember my pastor
Fernanda Rum got to the Critical Care Unit, and I was dirty,
throwing up a lot, and she said:
“We will pray. God is with you here.” We prayed. I waited there four days
for the results. Since October 10, 2010, and he said to me: “Mother, your baby
is due today.” And those are
my last memories. They decided to interrupt
the pregnancy in order to find out
what was happening to me. And going to the operating room
I inhaled my vomit and I was incubated. By the time of delivery, one more miracle,
he was born unhurt, perfect, healthy. But the little face
I was looking forward to see, that cry I was looking forward
to hear, the miracle, the dream,
the promise I wanted to meet, I couldn’t meet. I was unconscious,
they took me to my room. My body went into a shock. That night, holiday eve
of October 12, they called the surgeon,
he rushed to the hospital, and found me lying in bed, and the anesthetist said: “She has almost
no vital signs. Let’s open and see
what happened.” When they opened
my entire abdomen, they had a terrible vision, because I had a necrotic bowel
and bloke itself, and the excrement leaked
on the abdominal cavity, contaminating all the organs. Who knows a little
about Medicine understands this is the final line. It’s almost impossible
surviving that. And then he started to clean
each organ, He used more than 10 liters
of serum washing the abdominal cavity,
and the anesthetist said: “Finish it up, because I can’t
keep her alive anymore.” And he sewed all my body. And I imagined he thought:
“How can I tell the family? How can I tell them
they are going to take the baby without his mother?” For sure my family
was waiting for me in the waiting area,
without any clue of what they could hear. And the doctor came to my mother and said:
“Bianca had a sepsis, a general infection,
it’s a serious situation, and we cannot guarantee
she could survive. We give her 48 hours.” At that time, facing the drama,
the disagreement, the exact moment
of celebrating for the life, there was a challenge between the reason
and faith. The news went
to the Internet, they created a blog,
that updated after 3 hours, and a schedule of praying
for 24 hours started to be promoted
by my friends, singers, pastors… They started to do
a campaign of prayer. It was on the air,
television, radio… People from all over Brazil
were touched by the Holy Spirit of God,
even they didn’t know me. And they wrote in the schedule
of prayer, and they choose
5 minutes per day to bend the knees and say: “God, heal that woman
from the Internet.” People who didn’t believe
in God moved by this history. They wrote their names
in the schedule of prayer. They said: “I don’t know
if God exists, but only God
can heal this woman.” After 48 hours, I was alive,
and the news came out that my organs were failing. So my heart was still beating
for medicines, I had respiratory failing,
kidneys failing, liver, everything. Facing the diagnosis
of multiple failing, only a miracle could
take me out of the CCU. But I believe
in the supernatural power of praying,
I’m a proof of that. Proof of the power
of praying. Days has passed by, and I started to have
a blood clotting. I needed blood transfusion
all the time, and people started
a campaign of blood donation. It was the biggest
in Rio de Janeiro state. I needed more than
300 blood transfusions. Many bleedings,
many surgeries… Every week I needed to go
to the surgery room, in order to wash
my abdomen. And then they had to do
a tracheotomy. After I was 12 days
at the CCU, my son was discharged
from hospital. And they knew the tracheotomy
would change my voice forever. But in that situation,
it was less important. Even the most optimistic
from that hospital could possibly imagine
I would leave that place. For I had been there weeks
after weeks… And I was in the same position,
swelling, and swelling, and swelling. I weighed over 150 kilograms
of an edema, in an arcana state,
completely deformed. They sew my abdomen,
and he opened because I was so blown, that the stitches
were not working anymore. Many friends, pastors,
family members, they were all time
with me, talking to me,
praying with me,singing in me…And they said
the odor was terrible. My entire body
was rotting itself. And then I was opened
I started to catch bacteria from the hospital. SuchasKC-bacteria. Super bacteria,
resistant, no cure. But God’s word says:
“For he grants sleep to those he loves.” While I was asleep, Good was taking care
of my son in my place. While I was asleep, God was rising a nation
in prayer for me. While I was asleep, God was
bringing my family together to His presence. While I was asleep, hundreds of people
were on their knees. While they were interceding
in my behalf, their lives were changed. The intercessor became
close to God when he forgets about himself
and doesn’t seek for his life in other people behalf. And when we all
forgets about ourselves we become better people. Somehow, God was taking care
of each detail, while I was asleep. Every time you lay in bed, you will remember that, while you are asleep, God says: “Son, daughter, I take cake care
of everything.” You don’t need to take control
of everything all the time. God is always taking care
of you. God is always taking care
of you. While I was In a coma,
I had several dreams, I was taken to many places. Many of those dreams
were terrible. I was tied, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. I remember there was
a MP player with song and worship
beside my bed, and those songs ministered
in my life all the time. And when I was in danger,
almost dying, a song came into my dream and took me out
from that place. A song came into and gave me breath again. A song came into and gave me blood back. And I was dreaming of
bags, many bags of blood. Somehow what was happening
surrounding me was taking part in the dream
according to the spiritual world. The spiritual world
is much more real than what you can see. Prayers were made, forgiveness ministrations, and I had a dream about
someone from my family asking for forgiveness. I remember in my dream
that I decided to forgive. That’s interesting and it’s important
that you know, for you face a person
in a coma, you can talk to him
and he can hear you. You can pray with him
and he can receive. You can talk about Jesus and he
can come to convert to Jesus. You can ask for forgiveness
and he can forgive you. Live together with a patient
in coma is very hard, for he is not alive anymore, but he is not also dead. You don’t know what
he is thinking, or feeling. You don’t know
if he is in pain. But I know if he is covered by prayer he will somehow awake. God can preserve
his consciousness. He can preserve the feelings, and restore
any kind of trauma. After 2 months in a coma, Fernanda says:
“Let’s go to the hospital, because José Vitriol needs
to know his mother. He is big now. She has been there
for a long time. Although there no expectations
from the Medicine, there’s no hope,
there’s nothing to do, all the types of antibiotics
were given to her, but I believe,I believe…”The she called Shillalah,
a friend of her, who is a pastor too, Pastor Junior,
who is a missionary, who has a strong work
in Africa, and they went there. She said
they were like an army troop, facing a huge battle.
They got in the car and started to sing, to pray. When they got to the hospital,
in the front desk, and she said she needed
to prepare herself emotionally, for the scene she would see
was too ugly. My skin was black. My skin was peeling. There many machines
in my room. It was difficult
to get closer to me. I don’t know if you
have been to a CCU. The people who work there
are used to that place, and they don’t really care
of giving you some hope.No.Everything is so natural. People die all the time. People die every day. So when you come in
a hospital, especially in a CCU, you to take the power
of resurrection with you, the power of the truth. When they came in, when she saw that scene,
her heart bleated. And she said: “Bianca, when we
came close to your bed, there was a cloud of glory
in that place. God was there with you. God was there with you. Despite on seeing you
in that situation, we were fulfilled with a huge
and glorious presence of God, so we started praying,
we started singing, we started prophesying…” And Pastor Janie, who teaches
how to pray in hospitals, he said, after a long time,
when I could meet him… He said: “That day I acted
exactly the opposite I teach. There was a huge cloud
of glory in that place that I started prophesying, and God gave me
a specific direction, as an Ambassador
of God’s kingdom, and He said: “Go there and
introduce yourself.” Then he came closer
to my bed, and he said: “Satan, you know me,
my name is Junior. And I’m here in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name, the name
that is above every name. I want to give an order
to all the vital organs. Start to work in Jesus’ name.” And they said the machine
started beeping altogether. They were worried of
something was happening to me. And soon the doctors came, and all the machines
became normal. They said:
“Something happened. We believe
and let’s go assured.” They left the hospital.
Next day, at 6 o’clock, the doctors called my family,
and they said: “Bianca’s just had
a cardiac arrest.” When they heard, they said:
“My God, what have we done? We were there yesterday. And the doctors said:
“For 6 minutes she had no oxygen
in his brain. We revivified here. But we don’t know
the sequels in her brain.” After 10 minutes,
they called again and said: “Bianca’s just had
another cardiac arrest.” This time, two minutes.
So it was8minutes without oxygen in my brain.
They called my family there, and they said:
“Let’s lower the sedative and evaluate the sequels.” My body was saying
that it couldn’t bear anymore. By the time the lowered
the sedatives, I woke up. I woke up. Can you say
“Glorified is the Lord”? – Glorified is the Lord!
– Glorified is the Lord! So good you are there.
Halleluiah. Who has not been in a CCU
or have never took part in a history like that, when I said I was
for two months lying in bed you can think of a blond lady,
like the Sleeping Beauty, and the seats on the bed,
and she stretches like this… “Good morning! I’m back!” But it was nothing like that. I had like a Tsunami
over my body. By the time I opened my eyes, my mind was away and after came back. Away, back again. My eyelids were heavy. And then I heard a beep sound,
which never stopped… I was alone. I didn’t remember who I was. The news that I opened my eyes
were spread through the hospital and from all the sector,
people went to see me, for they thought unbelievable a woman with multiple
organ failure, KC-bacteria, and many others,
with sepsis, was awake. And then I recall people
coming and saying: “Good morning, Bianca! Hi, Bianca!” Then a girl came… “Hi, Bianca! Hello!” When the fourth person
passed by, I remember
my first thought was: “Bianca? Bianca? Bianca. It’s me. I’m Bianca. How do they know? I don’t know these people. How long have I
been here for? What happened to me?” They talk to me
like closed people, they were so kind. Maybe one of them
has cried over my bed. They took me shower
every day, they saw me die
and revive two times. They knew my son, my family,
my pastors… They knew me very well! And then it was the time
for visiting. My mother came, and she said: “Hi, daughter. I’ll tell you gradually
what happened to you. I just want you to know
José Vitriol is fine. He is at home.” But I didn’t recall
I was pregnant. When she said José Vitriol, I can’t tell
what my eyes said. But immediately I recall the sign
in his room that I have made, with his name on it. And then I thought:
“What happened to me?” The time for visiting was too fast. Most of time I was alone. I had no idea of my situation.
I knew people were talking, but I wasn’t. People could walk.
I couldn’t. People could breathe. I couldn’t. I had a disease called
acute homeopathy multifunctional. I had lost the movements
of my body. Even my neck I couldn’t move. My head was supported
by a pillow cover, if they took it out,
my head would fall. Later I realized there was a tube in my neck and the physiotherapists came
to suck that secretion. But I had no idea
what that meant. I didn’t know
I had breathing failure. I saw people coming
with a big and noisy machine, with many hoses,
and they tubed me, and there’s blood everywhere,
everywhere. I had no idea what was that,
I had never seen a dialysis machine. I had no idea my kidneys
were dying. I saw them coming
with many bags of blood. But I was lost in sight. And I was completely
unmoving. They talked to me
like they are trained to, even in a coma, but they didn’t
know if I could understand. My face was paralyzed.
I didn’t have and expression. I have just learned the doctors believed
I had brain sequels, for my I didn’t haven
an expression in my eyes. But I was a hundred percent
clearheaded. Each second
was like an eternity. Then I saw a clock in front of me. I glorify God for this clock. Maybe I know it better
than the manufacturers. For many days
and many nights I was looking at it. For the first weeks my eyes were tarnished. I was always sweating
because of the fever. The infection was too strong. I always had ice on me.
I couldn’t see clearly. People didn’t realize it,
for I was always alone. It was very rare
a nurse coming to me. He saw I was soaked,
that my eyes were wet, and he dried me. And the when I saw
the clock-hands I was trying to recall
how to know the hours. And after a long time, I started
to remember those numbers. I realized the routine
in a CCU. I knew at 7 o’clock the long and empty night
would come to an end, when I didn’t see anybody. Although the lights
were on all the time, the machine were beeping, we don’t know
if it’s day or night. I couldn’t remember
even the color of the sky. But I knew 9 o’clock
was the shower time. I was longing
for the shower time. For a few moments
they were close to me, touching me, talking to me,
or talking among them. They could talk
like I wasn’t there. And they said: “My God,
poor girl. What happened to her?” And the other said:
“She was delivering, and she had a problem…”
I heard those chats, and I was recollecting the facts
in order to understand what happened to me. When they started the shower,
they soaked all my body, and the wires were wrapped,
so it was necessary many nurses. When I was recollecting
the information in order to produce
the documentary and the book, I went to the hospital,
and one of the nurses, who was very surprised for
seeing me healed and standing, she said:
“Bianca, you’re responsible for my varicose veins.” And I replied: “Really? Why?” And she said:
“In order to bathe you we needed 5 nurses. Your weighed more than
330 pounds, you had more than 5 drains
in your abdomen, many accesses,
your abdomen was opened. We could see your organs. Your bathing could take
3 hours.” And they also said:
“Do you know what make that moment easier? Those songs playing in a MP player. While we were cleaning you,
taking care of you, we started to sing, and we were involved
by that surrounding, and when we saw,
it was finished.” One day, I recall I could hear one of them
started to sing. She was washing my hair, and it was like
the Holy Spirit saying: Receive the healing Receive the anointment Receive the healing, Bianca Receive the anointment And she kept singing… Receive the healing Receive the healing Receive the healing Receive the anointment Do you receive it? Receive the healing Receive the healing Receive the healing Receive the anointment He has not given you up He has not forgiven you Today He touches you Today He heals you By that time I recalled that I had a God. And I realized the nurses
were singers. And they were Christians. They sang all the time. Later, I had a television. And I had many worship DVDs. We became closer
after a few time, they said: “Bianca, we know you’re a singer.
So don’t pay attention to us.” I couldn’t smile,
but I wanted to. My look was always the same. I just could have
I tear in my face. I saw the days were passing by
and nothing changed. I was kept
in the same position. Soon I realized that my friend
were coming to visit me, and imagined it was sad scene,
I noticed they struggled not to fall apart beside me. They came close tome…
“Hi, Bianca! How are you? We came to see you.
Let’s pray together.” And then they were beside me
and I saw they couldn’t avoid crying. Who has been in a CCU
and saw a terminal patient, foaming, suffocated by the breather, knows what
I’m talking about. I remember they taking
it off it was the worst, so they forced my lungs
to work again taking the breather off,
and they said: “You’re going to breathe
without it for 2 hours.” The feeling was like
I was drowning, almost completely suffocated,
for you had total oxygen and later it was gone. And I remember
even in that situation, struggling for breathing by the trachea, they decided to do it
by the visiting time. And I thought: “Now? Really? I have friends coming
and I’m like this, in a deplorable conditions, I’m sweating,
trying to breathe…” One day, a guy came by, he was wearing
a blue uniform, and I thought he was a regular
worker from the hospital for his uniform…
And I remember he was black, short, and he came closer and said: “Can I pray for you, ma’am?” I didn’t have any reaction. He understood “yes”. He raised his hands and said:
“Oh, Lord, heal this woman. You’re the God
of impossible things. You’re the one who has
the power over the hope. Give it back. Give the life back. You’re the God
of impossible things.” He prayed intensely,
and he cried. After the prayer, he said: “See you later.” Next day, the same time
he was there. “Can I pray for you, ma’am?” And then he prayed again, day by day- After a long time
I went to the hospital in order to know this man. And they told me
his name was Anderson. His is a porter there. The person who pushes the gurney
to the surgery room, tests room. And he said to me: “Ma’am, I don’t know you. I’ve never seen you stand,
I’ve never heard your voice, but I’m a man of God, and there was a dead woman
in the CCU, and God said to me: “You’re going to pray for her
every day till the day she stands.” The body of Christ
has no walls. The body of Christ
has no signs. When you give your life
to Jesus, immediately you’re part
of a live organ, and it is all over the Earth. When it happens, we become
member one of another. Your pain is my pain. My pain is yoursaswell. That man didn’t know me. But the Holy Spirit of God
opened his heart. And he committed to pray until the day I was stand. And then I started to see
through the signals even though I walked
through the darkest valley I would fear no evil, for God was with me there. God was with me there. He led me
beside quiet waters. He refreshed my soul. And all the doctors
were a little indifferent. They came close to me
and asked: “Why are you crying
right now? Are you feeling in pain? Does it hurt?” And I couldn’t move,
I couldn’t talk. The nurses came close to me,
and they tried to understand by my look. Sometimes
the position was bad. Sometimes I wanted
they raised or lowered the bed, but I couldn’t say. And they came,
I tried to shake my body, or to say something
with my look, and the left saying:
“Go there someone, because I can’t understand
what Bianca is trying to say.” One day, a doctor came close
to me, but he was different. His face was shining,
she has such power. He was kind. And every day they had
to change the bandage, for they have done
a gastronomy, which became
an abdominal fistula, and there was a huge hole
in my belly. And then they had to take me
to the surgery room for the bandage.
By the time I was in the CCU, and the surgeon changed
the bandage. One day, this doctor came
and said: “Hello, Bianca.
I’m here to change the bandage.” He came close to my ear
and said: “I’m doctor Murillo. I’m your surgeon.” He was the surgeon on duty
the night I was shocked, and by chance, he was called
by the hospital. He had operated me
more than 10 times, when I was in coma,
but I didn’t know him. Then he said to me:
“Keep calm, I know you, I know your history,
I know your family, and I want you to know
that I’m a pastor, and my church
is praying for you. There’s a war for your life. Are you praying?” And when he asked me:
“Are you praying?” I couldn’t answer. I remember shaking my body, my hands were like claws, for my hands, my arms
and my legs grew weak. I was crooked and warped. I remember stretching
a little bit this finger, and I shook my hand,
I was trying to say something. My arm was low,
because I couldn’t raise it. But I tried to say:
“No, I’m not praying.” The sedatives they give a person
in my conditions are huge, that is impossible
you join a sentence, a thought. I had no idea
of the context. But I remember other doctors
came closer and said: “Look, she is giving a sign. This move with the finger
is ‘no’. If she raises the thumb
it’s ‘yes’.” He had a revelation
from God. Glorified be God. I was there giving a sing
for ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We moved a little ahead. By the time I knew that in the critical moments,
in a coma, in the operating table,
there was a man of God, with anointed hands operating
a temple of the Holy Spirit. While I was asleep, God made
choices better than mines. He takes of you in the details. In the details. And then the Christmas came. And I was still in hospital. The same way. My family came
for the visiting, they wanted to disguise
it was Christmas no to make me sad
realizing I was still there. They were allowed
to extend the visiting time, for them to be with me
a little longer. And my family was perfect
all that time. They got there smiling,
showing me pictures, videos, talking about positive things. I didn’t know that
I could die any time. After the Christmas night,
when they left, I remember being alone
again with that clock. I was waiting for midnight, for I wanted that day
finished soon. One nurse came close to me,
she took my hand, and she said: “Bianca, don’t give up. I know it’s Christmas, and I’m here with you,
and you are like my family. I don’t know if I deserve
ask something God”, she said. “But if I can ask one thing, I wanted to ask
your life back.” She held my hand, and she said: “Can I pray?” And she also said: Our Father in heaven Hallowed be your name Your kingdom come Your will be done on earth As it is in heaven Give us today our daily bread And forgive me, Lord And lead me not into
temptation But deliver me from the evil That is inside me For yours is the kingdom The power and glory Amen For yours is the kingdom The power and glory Amen For yours is the kingdom The power and glory Amen God heard her prayer. I couldn’t pray together,
but I looked at her. And I remember I started crying,
and so she did. After a few days
and the New Year came. The doctors called my family
and said: “There’s nothing more
we can do. We need to wait.
We have done everything.” And that was the truth. My family decided
to remove me at New Year’s night. My surgeon asked God: “Lord, why are removing her
from here? I believe she will be healed.” And God answered: “Son,
do you why I’m doing it? Because I am the one
who is going to heal her. I am the one
who is going to heal her! The glory of healing
won’t be for any hospital. The glory is all mine. The glory is all mine!” I can remember it
like it was today when they got me in
the ambulance, I was all wrapped, and the breather was broken. For 16 miles, I kept only thinking doing the only prayer
I could, and that prayer was:
“Holy Spirit, be with me. Holy Spirit, be with me. Holy Spirit, be with me! Holy Spirit, be with me! Holy Spirit, be with me!” When we arrived
the other hospital, the electrologist, convinced by his wife
to take care of my case, for none doctor wanted
a case like mine, he received me and said:
“Let’s stop the medicines, let’s change the accesses.” When they stopped giving me
all the medicines, my organs, spontaneously, responded. Can you say
“glorified be God”? – Glorified be God!
– Glorified be God! He is the Mighty One. He is powerful to give, He is powerful to take back, and He is powerful
to give back again. He is, simply like that. After a few days, they said:
“Your lung is starting to work. Would you like
to hear your voice again?” They brought me a sing
with many letters. Although I couldn’t move
my arms and hands, so they helped me to pinpoint,
and I said: “Yes!” The took the breather out,
and they said: “Let’s close this hole
on your neck, which was big, and make some sound.” I remember putting
the finger on it, and I did… They said my mother
was coming, and I thought of making her a surprise. When came in, I did:“Hi, Mom.“And she replied: “My daughter!” Although I was a singer
with a gifted voice, I was really happy with
the sound… And then they asked me: “Would
you like to look in the mirror?” And I replied: “Yes.” But nobody had told me
that I had lost my hair. Nobody told me
my skin was brown. I admit I don’t know how Lazarus
came out from the cave. But I was really bad. I had no idea there was
a catheter in my nose, because it was there
since I woke up. It was so strange,
all the accesses in my neck for dialysis. That night I could say a prayer
for the first time, and I said: “God, how is it going to be? I’m not a singer anymore, I can’t play any
musical instrument, my hands are like claws,
and the doctor can’t say when I will be able
to open my hands. They said I had a baby,
but I’m not a mother. All the happened to me
tore my maternal instinct.” I couldn’t feel anything. My challenge was
breathing without help. It was so difficult. I couldn’t walk. I had warped legs. Then I thought: “Lord, how is
it going to be from now on?” The abdomen fistula was so big
that they said it wouldn’t close. That night, the Holy Spirit
visited me in supernatural way, and I started praying,
I had visions, I prophesied, I was taken
by the glory of the Lord, and the Holy Spirit said:
“I will restore you entirely. I will restore you entirely, and I’ll take you
all over the earth, for you tell the people
what I have done to you.” That same week my doctor said that I would be
discharged from hospital.And he said: “Bianca,you kidney doesn’t work
for 4 months and a half. It doesn’t work at all. Acute renal failure. I couldn’t urinate
one single drop. You’re going to do
kidney transplantation. And you’re going to use
a permanent catheter, and the dialysis
will be done at home.” We didn’t buy the word. He said He would restore
all my body. For He who began a good work
He is faithful. He is faithful. He is faithful to completion it. After a few days they came
to change my dippers. They were soaked with urine. This electrologist doctor called all the people
in and out the hospital, they called
an examining board, they made many tests, and the he said:
“I’m incredulous, but I have to admit there’s someone helping me. You’re going to be discharged
with all the organs working, without sequels, without sequels!” And on February 18, last year, I was discharged
from hospital. Glorified be the name
of Jesus Christ. The very moment
I left the hospital I remember I felt unsafe, I was coming
form another dimension, I couldn’t recall
the color of the sky, I couldn’t recall
people walking on the streets, I couldn’t recall
the cars in movement, I had just learned
how to swallow. I was afraid of choking. I was so dependent,
for I couldn’t walk by myself. And then they got me
in the car, and I prayed for the people
still in the hospital. When the car started to move, I noticed there was
a song playing in the radio. Even I was feeling unsafe,
I paid attention to the lyrics. It was like
it was telling my history. God was not only writing
this history with His very hands, He was also choosing
the soundtrack. And the song was like that… Teacher, I need miracle Change my life, my situation For a long I don’t see
the sun light They are trying to bury
my happiness Trying to see
my dream canceled Lazarus heard your voice
when the stone was took away After four months She revived Teacher, there’s no other
that can do That only Your name
has all the power for I really need miracle Halleluiah. He calls you by your name. And todays He says: “Come out. Come out. There’s a life
waiting for you.” When I got to the townhouse, I came close
to my apartment’s door, and it was still closed,
I could hear a cry. That cry I wanted to hear
for so long. They opened the door, and there was a big baby
in the living room waiting for me. I remember I tried
to come in by walking, but my legs were weighing
more than my whole body. And I dragged me legs, trying to reach him. My challenge the very moment
was to breathe. My challenge was to stand. And the doctor forbade me
to get close to him, for the bacteria
from the hospital. And I remember looking
at him from afar, and trying to figure out
what I had to feel that moment. My mother gave him
a little flower and said: “It’s for you, Mommy.” And he looked at me
and smiled. That very moment the Holy Spirit
said: “Can you see? Much more than
what you’ve lost is what I’ve prepared
for you. Much more than
what you’ve lost is what I’ve prepared for you. And for many days
I looked at him from afar. And I watched other people
hired to take care of him, and I didn’t know them. They were so close to him. They even called him
“my son”. I looked in the mirror,
but I didn’t recognized me. I had to take care
of that big wound. I was dependent, for I took many months
to walk again. I laid in my bed, at night,
I had dreams I was singing. But when I woke up my voice was like a whisper. The doctors said that someone
with a tracheotomy for such a long time wouldn’t ever sing again. And then I recalled an eagle, in its old ages,
when it needs to renew, and its leaves fall down, its beak is ripped, it loses its nails,
and I imagined this eagle in my sleep,
dreaming of flying, but when waking up, it was clearly impossible,
and I felt like that. Then God told me: “My daughter,
have you knocked off your feet? Open your wings. Open your wings. There’s wind blowing and it will take you
to the high places. I haven’t created you
for just walking, but for flying. My grace is sufficient
for you, for my power is made perfect
in weakness.” And I understood every time
I glorify God in weakness, Christ’s power dwells in me. That is sufficient. That is sufficient. I understood that
there’s a treasure in the desert, and the mine is called
brokenness. Breaking up is admitting
that we’re nothing without God. Nothing. A broken heart is dependent. A broken heart surrenders. And I understood
when I kept quiet, for I didn’t have
no more voice, I learned how to hear God’s voice. I learned how to thank
each hair I had. I learned to thank
for a little step I climbed, and then I know the biggest
gift I received was gratitude. For I know today
what means that verse which says: “Let everything that has breath
praise the Lord.” Can you fill the air lung? Fill it. Fill it again. One more time. I know God can
generate in yourself the same happiness I feel
when I breathe. Fill your lung again. Can you praise God for that? You’re going to be happy
when you’re grateful. Be sure what is
nothing for you can be everything
for other person. You have much more
than you can imagine. You have much more
than you can imagine. I would like to show you
some pictures that testifies what God has done to me. That’s my pastor,
Josue Alejandro Junior, praying for José Vitriol. The machines attached
to my body. The first few days
in coma. No There’s no impossible There’s still hope Jehovah Jehovah Rap ha God heals you Jehovah Jehovah Rap ha God heals you José Vitriol being discharged,
with his grandmothers. My mother, Fernanda,
Pastor Josue, Pastor Leandro. They prayed with me,
they read the Bible, even in my coma. Fernanda, Shillalah, Pastor Junior,
Shillalah parents, they were all there, facing the death,
prophesying by faith. By faith. I don’t know if you can see
my size, how big my arms were. My skin was already brown. The Holy Spirit gives you
the confidence to prophesier in a valley of dry bones. Halleluiah. Halleluiah. Halleluiah. My friend Rebecca Never. This very time,
touched by this image, In the book
“A History of a Miracle” you can see those pictures
and many others, and the narrative of each one
of those people who took part in the book
telling this history with me. That was the first day
I could seat. A sister from the church
went to the hospital to cut my nails. My like was always
like that, vague. 10 milligrams
of watermelon juice. Halleluiah! First time I went to the balcony
with my mother. That day I looked
in the mirror. She was taking out
the tracheotomy cannula. He was changing the deep
dialysis accesses. I was trying to stand. Dear people,
start living over is difficult. Who saw me
could say I was dying, for my situation. I was too thin. Stop in this one. That moment I was leaving CCU
and going to my room. The nurses were
celebrating happily. For Jesus’ glorification, this picture was taken
more than one year. Those are the images
of abdominal fistula under the jersey. All that is truth
has its power. Incredibleasit may seen,
brothers, it all happened. That day, Fernanda
went to visit me. It was the first time
she saw me with eyes open,
talking, seating… And she was euphoric trying
to tell me what happened while I was in coma. She said: “Bianca, you’ve been
through many surgeries. I’ve had so many
cardiac arrests…” And I became breathlessness…
I asked her: “Little by little, please! I don’t want to hear
everything.” And she said: I’m telling you
for you know what you had been through
is much worse than what you may be living now.” I was sad for I thought
I wouldn’t walk again. And she said: “In Jesus’ name,
the One who revived you is going to make you
walk again. And you won’t only walk again,
you’ll also sing. I don’t with which voice, but I know when you open
your mouth, by the power of resurrection
that healed you, the sick ones will be healed. Today I have only 10 percent
the voice I had. But it doesn’t care. It doesn’t care! For today I know
when I sing out of tune, the Holy Spirit of God, in His rich grace and mercy,
manifests His power, and testifies
what He has done to me, performing many other
miracles. And that is all that matters. That day I was reading
the passage that says: “In all things God works
for the good of those who love him.” He was waiting for me. It’s a medical report written
on February 18, last year. It says: “Mrs. Bianca Perspire
DE Toledo Pimento is being watched for me
since December 31 . She presents severe
abdominal sepsis, acute respiratory failure, acute renal failure, saurian, severe malnutrition, gastric fistula,
post-surgical gastronomy, abdominal wall cellulite, severe homeopathy,
multifunctional, has been evolving
progressively in general, with resolution
of the infection, progressive closure of
the orifice of gastric fistula, and recovery
of renal functions, discharged from hospital
on February 18, last year. Glorified be Jesus’ name. Glorified be Jesus’ name. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Name above all the others. Your history can have
a happy ending. Can you believe that? I want to tell you that you’re essential
aspart of a totality. But you are uniqueasindividual. And God wants to reach
your heart. Today. If you’re not part
of this church, raise your hand again. If by chance this history
has reached your heart, and you like I pray for you, for this supernatural God
be part of your history, keep your hand raised. If you have your hand raised,
can you come forward? Can you? Come. Come, that’s the best part. Put him on the floor. I like to see him
coming walking. Please, take care. Hello? Come with mommy. Mommy, mommy… Granny. Granny. Granny, granny… Don’t give up your dreams. Don’t give up your dreams. Don’t give up your dreams. Don’t give up your dreams. Granny, granny… Put your hand in your heart. Say this prayer after me: Lord Jesus, I’m not looking for religions. I want the truth. I want the way. I want the eternal life. I want this living Godaspart of my life. Change my life. Write my name
in the book of life. Lord Jesus, I receive Youasmy only Lord, and my savior, and I declare from now on my life is placed
in Your hands. Things will never
be the same. Halleluiah. Holy Spirit of God, we praise and worship You, for only You, Lord,
can restore our heart and give us a new chance. A new chance. If there’s someone here
who needs a miracle today is the day. Raise your hands. We will pray. If you have a disease place your hand
on it. In Jesus’ name. In Jesus name, be healed now. Be healed now by the power of Jesus’ name. May the disease
be interrupted, now, now, in Jesus’ name, the One who restored
my organs. The One who preserved
my life. The One who is able to do
immeasurably more, He is in this place,
and He touches your body. Now, in Jesus’ name. I don’t know your coma. I don’t know what is
paralyzed in you, what is failing
in your life, but I believe
the resurrection, from today on, will be held by you. The power of resurrection
is in Christ. Today, it’s within your heart. And what was dead will live. In Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. Maybe the paralyzed organ
inside you is your heart. Only God knows
the bruises on it. But I’m here to tell you the Holy Spirit of God
is capable of changing traumas into sources. Sources of anointments. The Holy Spirit of God can clean your heart today, and give
all the functions back, making you love as if
you weren’t injured, giving you back the trust
as you weren’t ever cheated. And today you can start a new life,
without sequels. In Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. He is an expert in loving
who doesn’t deserve, starting with me. He can teach you. He is the Teacher
of forgiveness. He forgives us every day. He can enable you. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Let this shadow behind. Everything is new now. Everything is new now. Everything is new now. Everything is new now. If you need to forgive,
declare with your mouth. Say the name. The Holy Spirit wants
to wash your soul, for He wants to deliver you
new things. New things, in a new time,
for a new heart. Be filled with
the Holy Spirit. Be filled with
the Holy Spirit. Be filled with
the Holy Spirit. Be filled with
the Holy Spirit. Be filled with
the Holy Spirit. Be filled with
the Holy Spirit. Gratitude is a gift. Celebrating the life is a benefit. God calls you today to celebrate a new time. A new time. Amen? The unbelievers won’t understand
your happiness. They may try to steal
your peace. But you won’t allow
anybody steal what God
has given to you today. Nobody. From today on,
Christ lives in you. In you. And whenever
your soul hushes, you will be able to hear Him
talking in your heart. For He live in me Christ lives in me I believe in tomorrow For He lives in me There’s no fear But I know I know That my life Place your life
in God’s hands. Is in the hands of Jesus Who is alive May the church stand up? I would like to listen to you
singing now. For He lives
Christ lives in you I believe in tomorrow
You can believe For He lives I don’t need to fear anymore. There’s no fear But I know I know That my life Is in the hands of Jesus Who is alive Everything God has done
to you today is for glorifying
only one name, and this name is… Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Halleluiah. Glorified be your name, Lord. Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah. Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

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    Agradeço a Deus por você existir , por ser um milagre em nossas vidas .
    Vidas estão sendo tocadas, restauradas, curadas e salvas , porque Jesus está em VOCÊ. Sendo assim, passa para todos que te ouvem. GLÓRIA A DEUS . SANTO, SANTO É JESUS !!!
    Deus abençoe a sua vida, seu Filho, esposo, e toda á Família .
    OBRIGADA <3 🙂

  12. Essa Mulher Foi Guerreira Todos Os Órgão Delas Pararam E Voltou a Funciona Novamente Glória a DEUS Aleluia os Medico Pode Dizer Que Não Vai Ter Curá Mas DEUS Diz Que Vai ter Sim Oooo Aleluia

  13. Uma das histórias mais lindas que já ouvi. Nosso Deus restaura! Pra. Bianca oro pra que Deus te dê forças e estratégias para continuar levando a palavra da VIDA!

  14. 👏👏👐liiiindo testemunho GLÓRIA A DEUS. . Que o senhor Jesus venha te usar poderamente a cada dia mais .. 😆😆

  15. bianca mulher valente escolhida nossa que testemunho que verdade do que o nosso deus pode fazer ele pode mudar tudo de dentro pra fora e de fora pra dentro ele e fiel sempre pra fazer infinitamente maiiis

  16. linda história de vida o nosso Deus e tremendo e poderoso só ele pode fazer o impossível acontecer ❤❤❤❤💜💝💝💝💞💞💞💞

  17. emocionante e maravilhosamente incrível como a sua voz, parece mesmo acalmar nossos corações e nossas dores.

  18. Estou com minha irmã com sepse no hospital ! Eu assisti 2x esse testemunho p me dar forças… pessoal orem por minha irmã Cristiane Valderis ! Por favor 🙏🏼. É como a Bianca disse: vc se assemelha a Deus quando esquece seus próprios interesses e pra por outros . Me ajuda Senhor Jesus.

  19. Deus eh tremendo⭐ Glorias te dou Senhor Jesus!
    Bianca cada dia mais minha fe aumenta em te ouvir❤ te amo mulher De Deus ❤
    Que a paz do Senhor esteja sempre contigo e seu filho amavel❤

  20. Hola me gustaria saber q es lo q dice, x favor traduscan toda la historia desde q estuvo en el hospital

  21. Glorificado seja o nome de JESUS ….SIM Bianca a minha historia terá um final feliz 🙏eu creioooooooo. .

  22. Deus é maravilhoso. Chorei muito ao assistir. Glória a Deus por compartilhar pra q todos possam conhecer sua história.

  23. Oi sei que não é muito bonito o que vou lhe pedir bianca tolendo mas gostei muito do seu festido queria saber se eli é tomara que caia ?

  24. Deus é bom ! Meu coração se sente ainda mais motivado após conhecer esse testemunho♥️ na minha mente só vem uma frase : Deus é bom!!!

  25. Estou passando por um problema de saúde mas esse vídeo me deu mas esperança e mas fé em Jesus Cristo ele vai curar minha mãe (ivanha Ribeiro Rocha)…!

  26. Glória a Deus…. Jesus é lindo…. Sou fruto de célula….. Sou grata a Deus por tudo que ele fez em minha vida..

  27. Que o Senhor continue te usando poderosamente,e te sustentando na tua presença!!!
    Uma palavra poderosa ,a igreja não dá um GLÓRIA a Deus, Jesus tem misericórdia da tua igreja.

  28. Deus é maravilhoso!!! Isso me torna muito mais forte perante as dificuldades.
    Única coisa que não compreendi, é que ela era casada porém nunca fala em nenhum momento do marido dela… Deus é com você.

  29. Nosso Deus faz milagres e se importa conosco, creio que ele tem um plano para cada um de nós. O importante é crê.

  30. É incrível a maneira como Deus cuida de cada um de nós nos mínimos detalhes… A Glória de Deus é perfeita e agradável, consigo sentir o Espírito Santo se manifestando nessa vida! Lindo, lindo, lindo! Só Deus e essa mulher sabem o que aconteceu nesses meses de renascimento, mesmo assim, podemos sentir um pouco do amor de Deus… quem tem ouvidos, ouça! ❤️ EU AMO JESUS POIS ELE AMA A TODOS NÓS, somos assim, parte de um único corpo que é o de Cristo e não há como não sentirmos a ti Bianca ❤️🙌🏻

  31. É incrível a maneira como Deus cuida de cada um de nós nos mínimos detalhes… A Glória de Deus é perfeita e agradável, consigo sentir o Espírito Santo se manifestando nessa vida! Lindo, lindo, lindo! Só Deus e essa mulher sabem o que aconteceu nesses meses de renascimento, mesmo assim, podemos sentir um pouco do amor de Deus… quem tem ouvidos, ouça! ❤️ EU AMO JESUS POIS ELE AMA A TODOS NÓS, somos assim, parte de um único corpo que é o de Cristo e não há como não sentirmos a ti Bianca ❤️🙌🏻

  32. É incrível a maneira como Deus cuida de cada um de nós nos mínimos detalhes… A Glória de Deus é perfeita e agradável, consigo sentir o Espírito Santo se manifestando nessa vida! Lindo, lindo, lindo! Só Deus e essa mulher sabem o que aconteceu nesses meses de renascimento, mesmo assim, podemos sentir um pouco do amor de Deus… quem tem ouvidos, ouça! ❤️ EU AMO JESUS POIS ELE AMA A TODOS NÓS, somos assim, parte de um único corpo que é o de Cristo e não há como não sentirmos a ti Bianca ❤️🙌🏻

  33. Ou glória a Deus aleluia aleluia,eu creio q ele existe e min tirou do lamasal do pecado,eu orei por 8anos para o senhor min libertar do pecado,vivi com o pai do meu por 12 anos sendo a amante,isso min resultou em uma depressão profunda, ansiedade já não min amava mais,por muitas vezes vinha pensamentos de suicídio eu não vivia,vegetava,foi quando conheci Jesus e rompi com o pecado para ter a paz interior, vi o quanto ele min ama q fui libertada do pecado, obrigada meu senhor meu amor meu salvador ➕🙏Ele é fiel não dessita de pedir ele ouvi👆

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