Teaching Our Toddler To DRIVE A CAR!!

Teaching Our Toddler To DRIVE A CAR!!

– [Kristen] Does she
look tired to you guys? ‘Cause she looks tired to me. But this toddler will not sleep. Good morning guys, I hope
you’re having a great day. We are having an interesting
day in our house. Chell will not take a nap. Chell is a great sleeper, she usually naps for two, three hours every day. But ever since Cory and I
got home from Playlist Live, she has not taken a nap at all. Yesterday, zero naps, zero minutes. Today, no nap. I don’t know what the deal is. We asked Granje and Grark about it, and they said while they were
here she napped every day. She’d go to sleep around
noon, sleep for a couple of hours, sometimes three hours. But not now. I don’t know, we’ve tried everything. I’m keeping all the
lights in the house off, and she will just not go to sleep. She looks really tired
to me, like she’s not super active, she’s kinda wobbly. (laughs) She is a sleepy girl, but
she is just fightin’ it. (Chell laughs) You gotta go to sleep, Chell. You gotta take a nap. (Chell babbles) I’ve heard that around two years old kids could start
transitioning out of naps, but I did not expect it to be this fast. She literally has gone from taking a two, three hour nap, to no nap. I figured there’d be a
transition, she’d go to like an hour, then half an
hour, then 15 minutes. Not just all or nothing. (banging on the floor)
Really I was hopin’ she would transition
so I could transition. I get a lot of work done
with this little girl naps. And now, if she’s not gonna be nappin’ I’m gonna have to rethink my day. I don’t know where she’s
takin’ these umbrellas, by the way, I have no clue. (Chell babbling) Chell, you wanna go nap in the movie room? Let’s try to nap in here. Let’s go in here and nap, yeah. Our movie room, we just watched Moana, which is a nice movie, we
had the volume down low. I hoped that would make
her sleep, it did not. But we have this mattress in here from when Granje and Grark were staying over the weekend, and I keep trying to get her to lay down on the mattress. But she won’t. Come on, Chell. Come lay down. At this point I honestly
don’t care where she naps, I just want her to nap. We’re gonna try watching another movie and see if that makes her go to sleep. Whoa! Whoa, I’m a ghost. We have this super busy day today, (door slams)
and I want her to have plenty, she just closed the door. She’s like, okay mom, bye. Anyway, we have a busy day today and I want her to be
rested and have energy. I have a baby doctor appointment with our midwife, and then
it’s Granje’s birthday, so we’re gonna go out to
dinner with Granje and Grark, and (sighs) I don’t want
her to fall asleep at the dinner table, that’s my
biggest worry right now. I just got back from the
prenatal appointment. Cory stayed here with Chell
because she’s not napping. And I have to show you what they’re doing. (car horn honks) (Kristen laughs) They are driving the Mini! I took the Mini to my (car horn honks) (laughing) doctor’s appointment. We figure it’s okay for her
to dri– (car horn honks) (Kristen laughs) Oh, this is what happens
when your kid doesn’t nap. (Kristen laughs) (car horn honks) (Kristen laughs) (car horn honks) I remember growing up my dad used to (car horn honks) let me
steer into the garage. But (laughs) I don’t know if I
ever knew where the horn was. Oh, you’re turning now, huh? Don’t run over the grass! Where are you going, big girl? (laughs) Watch how much skill our two-year-old has. (car horn honks) She’s just gonna back
right in to the garage. Like a pro. Maybe she’s having a
little help from her dada. (car horn honks) (laughs) Maybe. – Good. That was good driving.
(Kristen laughs) This was totally safe, totally
controlled environment. – [Kristen] Of course. – Yeah, no, like we were going
under five miles an hour. – [Kristen] (laughs) In our own driveway. – In our own driveway. I let her steer the
wheel however she wanted. She got a little crooked a couple times. (Kristen laughs) Before Kristen went to get the camera, the car was like almost sideways. (Kristen laughs) I was like, okay, well. I’d just kinda go back and
forth and back and forth and work her into it properly. – [Kristen] Now she’s ready to drive. – Driving glasses. Yeah. We gotta get her one of those, like, small Power Wheels sorta cars.
– Yeah. – Or something.
– That’d be so fun. – There’s a lotta different types, too. There’s Power Wheels the brand, and what types of little
electric kids cars do you guys recommend? – This is actually the
first prenatal appointment that Cory has had to miss. He’s been to all the other ones, but we were worried with Chell since she hadn’t taken
a nap, that she would just be too fussy and it
wouldn’t be a good idea, so. They stayed here and had a grand old time. And everything is just fine
with your brother Atlas. The midwife was very pleased
with how everything’s looking. There you guys are, I found you. I’m so glad. We just got home from
Granje’s birthday dinner. And we were in such a rush
to get out of the house that I did not pick you guys up. One, because I couldn’t find you, and two, because we were in a rush. Chell fell asleep, let me show you where. Right after we got her
inside from driving with Cory I was like, okay do you
wanna watch a movie? Trying to get her to go to sleep, right? Well she fell asleep in her
little chair watching a movie. Woo, Penny you’re so fast today! So she sat right here by her
snacks, and was eatin’ snacks. And like five minutes in the movie she was just passed out in this chair. Which was awesome, because
she was finally napping! The only problem was, she
fell asleep around four and we were supposed to
be at dinner at five. So she didn’t get much of a nap, and by the time we kind
of gradually woke her up it was time to go, and we
were gone out of the house. Anyway, Granje had a
great birthday dinner. It was nice to see her,
it was nice to have some family time together. But now we’re trying to
get Chell to go to bed. And I’m hoping getting this
little girl to go to sleep for the night will not be as
difficult as getting her to nap. What are you so excited about? What? Are you excited about the possibility of tornadoes tonight Penny? Huh? What? (tapping on the floor) – Oh my gosh. – You’re supposed to be sleepin’. – Well she hit her head
really, really hard. – What?
– She went like this, she went… Ahhh! So I had to go, oh no! (smooching noises) – Kisses!
– All better, oh all better! – [Kristen] All better! Yes, there is a potential
for tornadoes tonight. They’ve been talking about it on the radio and everything all day. So we’ve been coming up
with our tornado plan, what we’re gonna do when we hear, if we hear the sirens go off. I think we’ve got a pretty good plan, but. – Yes, I’m gonna grab a kitchen knife and I’m going to stab it. I’m gonna go outside and going to stab that tornado to death. – That’s not a good plan, no. – That’s a pretty darn good one. – Well Chell and I and the animals are gonna be hiding in
this closet back here, so. You have fun with that. – Yeah, stabbing. I’m really good at stabbing. I don’t know if I am or not. No, okay. (Chell fusses) What? – Owie. – Oh you got more owie? Okay. Oh no, your head (smooching noises) (Chell laughs) – [Kristen] What do you think buddy? Is there gonna be a tornado tonight? You know they say animals have like a– (Cory blowing a raspberry)
(Chell laughing) Whoa, that was very loud. (laughter) – [Cory] Oh no, Chell hit her head. (gasps) Does she have an owie? – Ow. – [Cory] Owie, okay, okay come here. (smooching noises) Oh, you just got a big owie on your head? It’s just an owie right here? I saw you hit your head. – [Kristen] Better get up there. – [Cory] Oh man, I’d better
give you lots of kisses. Okay, okay. (smooching)
(giggling) Oh good, all better. You better not get any more owies. Oh no, she hit her head again! Oh no! (laughs) – I don’t know if I’ve shown you guys this maternity shirt before or not. But some of you who are of my generation will definitely appreciate this shirt. It’s says kick me baby one more time. Isn’t that so cute? I feel like I just need like pigtails and a school uniform or something to make this the most appropriate, but I love this shirt. (Chell giggling)
It did not have a name with it, so I do not know who
to thank, but it’s a good one. So much laughing! I mean, owie-making-bettering. – Yeah, all these owies. She just keeps hitting her head right here,
– Yeah, it’s a lot of owies. – on the bed. I mean, if you hit your head on a pillow, that hurts really bad. – [Kristen] We need to get her a helmet. (both laugh) – She’ll find a way. – She went to bed, it
was actually pretty easy. We just got her upstairs, and
she went straight in her bed. She did not wanna wear her PJs, she kept saying, “No clothes, no clothes!” So we said, fine, no clothes. She crawled in bed, and now she’s asleep. I love when that happens
that way. (laughs) I’m gonna go ahead and say
good night to you guys. Thank you for hanging out with us today. I hope you have an awesome day and a great tomorrow. We will see you in the next one! Bye. – Dada’s owie? – Oh, my owie? Oh, I have a owie right here. Owie. – [Kristen] You kiss dada’s owie? – Kiss my owie? Aww, thank you. All better. Oh no, Chell got a owie! Oh come here. (smooches) (Chell laughs)

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  2. My parents said to me and I said it to my kids. "Ok you don't have to nap, just lay down and rest your your eyes for a while." it never failed the child is usually asleep in 10 minutes.

  3. Please consider installing a safe room or tornado shelter. It is so hard for me to understand why every home in tornado alley does not have an underground shelter or safe room. I love storms and watch the chases live via Daniel Shaw-Severe Storms and a few other skilled chasers. I'd be interested to know what part of the county you live. PS – Do you have a weather radio?

  4. This perfectly summed up Chell in a nutshell. An independent explorer, but at the same time so loving and caring.

  5. I miss when my daughter was that small. It's such a fun age. That's also when my daughter stopped taking naps. And it definitely was one day she did, the next no more naps.

  6. Definitely get Fisher-Price Power Wheels. And look into the modified power wheels community Cory.

  7. Just a quick reminder ,during a tornado warning you need to go to the lowest part of your home not on the second level. Go into your movie rooms bathroom.

  8. My brother in law bought one of those that has a self conduction system and inalambric controller too. It's safer this way, I think.
    Happy birthday Grangie, by the way.

  9. Happy Birthday grangie it was my Birthday πŸŽ‰ yesterday πŸŽ‚πŸ˜ΊπŸΆπŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ€°πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘«

  10. It might be alittle bit of "trauma" of you guys leaving but you can fix it.
    Add her to a room with color changing lights and turn it to orange/red. Read her a book or turn on some meditation music. It's all about keeping a routine!
    If she realises red/orange lights is nap start she will automatically start dosing off. And the light is less stressing on the eye and will make her fall asleep alot more πŸ™‚ good luck!!!

  11. I'll never understand why so many houses in tornado prone areas don't have basements/storm cellars.
    Seems like a thing one would want to have…even a partial one for such occasions.
    Then again I don't live in a tornado prone area (we do get them every now and then though) but they're still a big fear of mine. My nightmares of childhood and even teen years were of tornado's…long before the movie twister came out.
    Stay safe!

  12. In Alabama our local news and pediatric doctors recommended kids to wear a bicycle helmet during tornado warnings. A lot of hits get head trauma from the debris flying around . Might want to check into it for safety options

  13. That's normal if the kids growing up they have also some changes in sleeping mode until they sleep late because they are so playful.

  14. I say I have the "super power" of putting small children to sleep. First – in a quiet, dark room sit down with them and start telling a slow quiet story. Get them interested in the story but only tell it when their eyes are closed and their head on a pillow. Nearly every time they will be asleep within 15-20 minutes. My favorite story to tell is "Dream Kitty". It starts "One day Chell went to sleep and had a dream about Dream Kitty. Chell and Dream Kitty went on a picnic (or to the zoo or whatever comes to mind) Then just keep adding details until they're sleeping.

  15. GetΒ  a hour timer and start enforcing "quiet time"Β  set it and tell her its quiet time and you have to be quiet andΒ  lay in bed or the couch, watch a movie or read books or due some coloring.Β  Tell herΒ  she can't get up till the bell rings.Β  It will take a little time and patience Β but it works well.Β  My daughter ended up falling asleep after 15 min each time and sometime she would sleep hour and sometime 3 hrs and sometimes no sleep but was very quiet .Β  You have to be stern and say no you can't get up till the bell rings.Β  Let her pick where she wants quiet time, bed, couch .Β  Also have to enforce no talking, quiet,.Β  It ends up working well for other things. Like out in public you can say we need to have quiet time. And she would settle down and sit quiet.

  16. you know, i would love to see a small skit of cory trying to stab a tornado lol. Happy birthday grangie!!

  17. Time to have just quiet time if no nap happens. This way she's not running to the ends of the earth and screwing up bed time sleep.

  18. this makes me so happy that Kristen has taken the main role is vlogging!!! Its like baby tube 24/7 – dont get me wrong I love Cory because….. it's his channel and i love all his content.. but it's so great that she is taking the vlog as a source of outlet! You can tell she picks it up when shes frutstrated or happy!! She's thinking about it more because it's been such a huge help – she can cry scream laugh it doesnt matter its a camera and IM JUST SO HAPPY TO SEE HER TAKING CHARGE <3 ALMOST THERE MAMA AND THEN WE WON"T SEE YOU HOLDING THE CAMERA AT ALL – Praying for Baby Atlas <3

  19. Happy Birthday too you
    Happy Birthday too you
    Happy Birthday dear, Grangie!
    Happy Birthday too you!
    Hope you had a lovely day!!!!

  20. man….cant believe this is the little girl we watched come into the world!!! shes driving allready!!!!

  21. Kristen, I’m new to your channel and I just want to say that your eye color is absolutely beautiful I can’t stop looking at your eyes

  22. Maybe Chell isn't taking a nap because she thinks you and Cory might leave again. And Happy Birthday to Grangie πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ½πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚.
    Lol by the way the thumbnail was to cute.

  23. https://youtu.be/6aBMlZFu-BY
    I saw this on YouTube and remembered how much you didn't like little things. But she build the whole house.

  24. i feel sad now… 2 year old can reverse park better than me a 22 almost 23 year old who cant drive at all

  25. Oh please get an underground tornado shelter. After seeing the damage they can cause a closet won't help!!! You guys are important to me.
    Happy Birthday to Grangie. πŸ€—πŸ’πŸ¨πŸŽˆ

  26. Try bribing her lol "oh you want your paci/nuknini etc, well if you take a nap you can have but only while your napping

  27. That was so sweet my teeth hurt! Kristen you look great. Atlas is getting ready to be born. I think Monday the 14th,

  28. Get ready for a big change. Mine stopped taking long naps at around 2.5-3 years old. They need to sleep so badly but they fight it. We started having our go to bed at 7:30 and they still go to bed by 8pm and their teenagers.

  29. Forgive me if I come across as snarky, but I'm genuinely curious….are basements not a thing in Oklahoma?

  30. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Grangie! β€οΈπŸ˜ƒπŸŽ‚πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ

  31. How is Chell doing with the big girl bed? Has she fallen out of it yet? I remember when I had a twin bed I'd wake up with my head on the floor and my feet still on the bed some times.

  32. My son clint alan he will be 5 yrs old aug 10 he did the same thing at 2. He just had to tuckers his little self oout he eventully did. Might be times wjere momma meeds her tonsleep and she burn out later in evening. Cant count the doc visit store visits car rides where he gave it up. Lol driving miss daisy. Now she needs her lic

  33. If my son slept after like 430 pr so je wouldnt sleep until 9. My son has adhd and keels me busy busy

  34. Well, having the lights off isn't gonna do anything when you have all the curtains open, flooding the house with sunlight. Is it any wonder she's still awake?

  35. Chell is so full of fun and laughter!! She is also starting to look more and more like her mommy!!

  36. For a tornado you want to be on the lowest floor possible (more heigth equals stronger winds) in a internal room without windows. An internal bathroom often makes the best choice due to pipes strengthening the walls.

  37. Happy belated birthday πŸŽ‚ to our beautiful Grangie. Hope it was a good one, darling xxxx πŸ˜πŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ’

  38. Personally I think its fine, she was safe, but just so you know that is technically illegal!!!!! Be careful putting it on youtube. Its illegal in most or all states to operate a vehicle with a child inside who isnt in a car seat, buckled properly. Just dont want you guys to get in trouble.

  39. Happy Birthday, lovely Grangie β™₯ Hope you have a wonderful time and a great celebrate with all your beloved ones β™₯

  40. My toddler is a week younger than Chell and usually naps for 2-3 hours and has refused to take a nap for a few days now. My four month old isn’t napping either. It’s a little tiring. Happy Birthday Grangie!

  41. When my girls out grew naps I still did quiet time. Not as long as a nap would be but I need just that bit of time.

  42. Just so you know I stopped napping when I was 1 and I haven't taken a nap since!XD Happy birthday Grangie!<3 Of course those kisses at the end were way too adorable!<3

  43. I work at a daycare, mostly with the 1.5–2.5 year olds, and they usually start fighting naps around Chell's age, but they don't phase out of naps until they hit 4 years old. I'm sure you guys have tried everything, but what I've found works best is laying them down in a dark room with rain ambience.

  44. There's a 2 year sleep regression which is the big boss of sleep regressions. After a couple of weeks she should go back to napping and sleep better, but in the meantime put her to bed 2 hours early on days she misses her nap.

  45. Happy birthday, Grangie!
    Also, my son was never a sleeper.He can function off of 3 hours of sleep and be fine for the day. He stopped napping around two – his choice, not mine. For a while he used to get up at two am and was ready for the day and would not sleep until 7:30 at night. He's grown out of that, but sometimes they just don't need a nap to have energy.

  46. go under the stairs in Chell's "club house" under the stairs is the safest place during a tornado

  47. Juices can make them stay up water down her juices and give her milk and let her play a little and pop in a movie when she you relax she my relax with you .

  48. The car I had when I was that age was a Kiddy Car. Human powered (by legs), had a cute little beepy squishy horn, and a flat bed in back to hold alphabet blocks. It was a great Fisher – Price toy. My nephew of the next generation had an electric ATV car with Harley – Davidson on it. It was good for him. But I have great memories of the Kiddy Car.

  49. Seriously, do explain to Chell that there are things she is able to do that Atlas will not be, and while she is a wonderful big sister, it is good to be her own great wonderful self.

    And I think the car drive was just a big rocking chair for her. (Don't tell her that!)

  50. I feel like the electric little cars stop working after a while.
    my favorite driving toy is the kind where you peddle like a bike to make it go, but then it has a steering wheel. because then you can go as fast or slow as you want.

  51. Happy Birthday Grangie!

    Start her with a regular powerwheels that supports one of these kits for when she gets use to the stock, slow powerwheels. http://www.eastcoastpowerup.com/

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