Surprise $25 million gift to Children’s Hospital

– Good evening, and
welcome to our 26th annual Children’s Hospital Foundation Gala. – [Narrator] More than a
thousand people gathered inside the Riverside Convention Center for an evening full of
adventure and wonder for the 26th annual Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation Gala. – ♪ Oh, when I was a child
without a care, so free ♪ – [Narrator] The evening
showcased a patient’s story of a successful heart transplant and honored heroes in our community. (jazz music)
(applause) There were also silent and live auctions with an excited crowd that brought in a little over $1.6 million
for the Children’s Hospital. – We usually say good night
at this point, don’t we? – Yeah. – But there’s a little
bit more, isn’t there? – [Narrator] What guests did not expect was a jaw-dropping surprise
at the end of the night announced by the San Manuel
Band of Mission Indians. – So tonight, San Manuel
is honored to be here to do its part in
partnering with Loma Linda for health and wellness
throughout the Inland Empire. Tonight, we are honoring
the Children’s Hospital with a $25 million gift to the new Loma Linda Children’s Hospital. (piano music)
(applause) – [Narrator] In honor of this
landmark gift, the fifth floor of the Loma Linda University Health’s new adult acute care hospital and Children’s Hospital facility will be named the San
Manuel Maternity Pavilion. The San Manuel Band of Mission
Indians were also presented with the Discover Lifetime
Achievement Award, highlighting a partnership
and relationship between San Manuel and Loma
Linda University Health for more than a hundred years. – We never imagined where the
relationship was gonna go, but we’ve always stuck kinda
together the whole way, and so it just naturally
grew in a good way, and here we are today. – It just moves me to think
that the San Manuel tribe together with Loma Linda University have had that kind of a
bond resulting in this kind of a benefit for the future
of the Inland Empire. – The fact that San Manuel
Band of Mission Indians has partnered with Loma Linda
University Children’s Hospital and our maternity services means that they care not just about the children in the Inland Empire and surrounding area, but they also care about the women. – Loma Linda, they gave back to us. Before, we were stuck in poverty. Thankfully, they were there
to come up and step up. So now that we’re able
to, it’s time for us to step up and help the community. And we know the community really needs it. – It felt nice seeing the
appreciation and the excitement knowing that it’s gonna
help so many people. – From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for helping
us make a difference. (jazz music)

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