– Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is going to be
an updated morning routine. I thought it was about
time that I updated it, cause the last time I
filmed one like this, Jackson was a tiny, little baby, and he was sleeping for most of that. But he is very much awake now, eating, so lots has changed, so I thought I would do an updated one for you. If you’re new to my
channel, my name’s Emily. I’m a mom of three and
I would love for you to subscribe and stick around, and if you already are a subscriber, I’d love for you to hit that bell so that you get a notification
when I post a video. But anyway, into the video. I hope you like it and I will
(Jackson wails) see you very soon. On this particular morning, Jackson woke up at about 6:30 a.m., and what I normally do,
because our six year old still gets in our bed at
about 3 a.m. every night, I normally take Jackson
into Fraser’s room cause no one’s in there,
and hang out with him there. And I’ve got in the habit of getting these glow sticks out every morning. I’ve got a big pack for a pound, and I will just crack a
couple in the morning. And he’ll lay there, holding
them or looking at them, and this kind of gets me another like 10 minutes of snoozing. But yeah, we’ll basically lay in his bed and like cuddle, and
I’ll feed him as well, and I’ll also change his nappy as soon as he wakes up as well. Once my two older sons are also awake, we will make our way downstairs. – Morning! – First thing in the morning, the older boys will normally
hang out on the couch and watch tv or play with their iPads, and I’ll put Jackson onto his play mat, and get some baby toys
out for him to play with while I get on and make breakfast. He’s really good. He’ll just kind of lay on his front and work his way through a basket of toys. And one of his older brothers
would normally play with him. They’re such sweethearts and
they’re so good with him. Then the first thing I’ll
do is empty the dishwasher. I find I need to do this
straight away in the morning or there becomes a massive
back load of dishes, and then I’ll move onto breakfast. I’m gonna make the boys a drink. It’s normally milk or water, and I’m really loving
these Camelbak cups lately. I give the boys a gummy vitamin
like this every morning. They love them. They think they’re like a sweet, so they always want this first thing. And then I can get on a
make myself a hot drink. It’s either a tea or a coffee. Today I’m gonna have tea, and
then I’ll start on breakfast. And today for the boys
I’m making french toast. So all I do is whiz up two eggs, and then I will add a little
bit of cinnamon as well. And then once that’s all mixed together I will will dip the
bread into the egg mix. You might want to use
a flatter bowl for this cause this didn’t really
work out very well (laughs), and then I like to fry it in
a frying pan with coconut oil. Just literally fry it until it’s brown, and I really like this breakfast
because the boys love it, and they’re getting a whole
egg and a whole piece of bread. I try to clean as I go. I am quite a tidy ship. I just find it makes it so
much easier to manage the mess. And while I’ve been making breakfast, my son Caleb is been jumping
in the baby’s jumparoo. Once it’s all finished, I
use my trusty pizza cutter to cut up the french toast,
and I’m gonna put two aside so that I can cool them down
to give to baby Jackson. And then I’m also gonna add
some strawberries for the boys. I like to give them fruit every morning, and with this dish, I
also add maple syrup. This is like what makes
them eat all of it all up. It’s so, so yummy with this, and the boys think it’s a real treat. Then I get all three boys at
the table to have breakfast. Jackson’s in this Ikea
high chair at the moment with this Ikea insert
because he is still so small, and I found this bib also
from Ikea that I really like. It does like his arms,
and all across him here. Actually looks like he’s about to paint, but if anyone else has
done baby-led weaning, you will know how messy it can be. And then I’m just gonna give
the boys their breakfast. Caleb wanted to sit in our
other high chair this morning. And I also wanted to show
you this high chair toy that I just got for Jackson. He really likes it. It’s like a car. And today for Jackson I’m
just giving him the off cuts of his brothers’ breakfast,
so he’s having strawberry. Look at that face, and he is also having french toast and a rusk as well. I’m finding the older he gets, the better he’s getting
at baby-led weaning, and it has become a much
easier way to feed him. And now for my breakfast, I’m
gonna have a protein shake. Shocker, I do that every morning. So I’m having almond
milk, and I’m also going to put a granny smith apple in with this, and also a tiny bit of cinnamon. And then I’m also going
to put in two scoops of vanilla protein powder,
and then I just whiz it all up in my Nutri Ninja, and
that is my breakfast. And I really like this shake because it will keep me
full until about noon. Then I’ll sit with the
boys and have breakfast with them and encourage them to eat. Normally play a game of
Pokemon cards with Fraser. You know how it it. And once they’re finished,
I will wipe Jackson’s face, which as you can see he absolutely loves, and then I will wipe
the floor up below him because there is normally
loads of food on the floor. And although I get lots of
things ready the night before, like uniform and things, I
always make the snack fresh for Fraser for school, and
today he’s having crackers with butter and grapes as well. And I always cut the grapes. Even though he’s six and a half, I still have a fear of it.
And you have to make sure that you always cut them lengthways like this. After breakfast, I take
Jackson to get him dressed for the day cause I like
to put him down for his nap completely ready for the
day in case he oversleeps, and we need to go straight out the door. And then then I will go
on and get the boys ready for school and for nursery because they are both at school today. Daddy’s gonna try and get Caleb ready cause he is really tricky to get ready. And we say our goodbyes,
and I’m really lucky my husband Matt does the
school run on his way to work. And then I’ll put Jackson
down for his nap at 9 a.m., and as you can see, by
that time he is so tired. He falls asleep as soon
as I walk into his room. So I’ll literally just give
him a little bit of a cuddle and put him down, and then use
this time that he’s napping to get ready and also tidy the house. I always choose to get ready first though, just in case he wakes up early. At least I’m ready for the day, and we can go out and the
cleaning can always wait. So I’m just washing my face
with this Elemis cleanser. I will put my skincare routine down below, and while I get ready, I
normally put my phone here and catch up on my favorite Youtubers, and today I’m watching VasseurBeauty. I love her channel. I’ll link her down below. She does the best mommy videos. And then I’ll brush my teeth. To use my toner, which is also Elemis, I really love it; it’s the ginseng toner. And then I’m using Dermalogica
skin smoothing cream. Today I’ll just put that all over my face, and then I will choose my clothes. I’m not really sure about this outfit. It’s pretty gross (laughs), but that’s what I’m wearing today, and I’m wearing my favorite jewelry, which is my Michael Kors necklace and my Monica Vinader ring. And then for my hair,
I am using my InStyler, which is a heated, like,
curler and a brush in one. So I’ll normally leave that warming up while I brush through
my hair, and I’m using a wet brush cause I do have extensions. And for my makeup, I’ll link
my makeup routine down below. I have false lashes
put on every few weeks, and for my concealer I used
Clarins Instant Concealer, which I love; it’s so brightening, and it honestly makes me look awake. And then for my foundation I
am using the Double Wear Light. This is a light foundation,
and I really like it. I feel like it stays on all day. And then I always put brows on with my high brow eyebrow kit, and this is in brown, and I’ll
just stencil my eyebrows on. And then I’m using a nice
pink from Bare Minerals to do the apples of my cheeks,
make me look a lot more alive and then I’ll use my Charlotte
Tilbury Bronze & Glow to contour my face and
also to highlight my face. If you want to see this
more in-depth, like I said, I will link my makeup routine down below, so you can check that out. And then that’s all I’m gonna do. I’m not gonna do any eye makeup. I’ve got no real plans, so I’m
also gonna wear this lipstick which is Charlotte Tilbury,
and it is called Bond Girl. And that is my face done. So now I’ll just quickly do my hair. Because I am a mom of three, I always have to shower in the evening. So when I wake up in the morning, my hair looks like this because
I haven’t styled it at all. So I’m literally just gonna
go through really simply. I’m just having a mommy
day, nothing major. So that is a little bit improved. Uh-oh, look who’s waking up early. It has actually been about an hour. I think I was taking it
slow cause I was filming. And he’s up, so now I’m gonna
actually try and tidy up with this little guy,
but it should be okay. He’s very good. So while Jackson lays on my floor and plays with a hair
brush and a tape measure, I’m gonna open all of the blinds, and also make our bed for the day. I really like making our bed every day. I know it’s really probably not necessary cause the boys normally
jump on it before the bath and mess it all up, but I just
like to have it looking done. And then I’ll just move on to each room, taking Jackson with me. This is Caleb’s room, and
then Fraiser’s bed as well. Right, so this morning I’m
gonna have to try and do a quick tidy up while holding Jackson because I think his teeth
are really hurting him. He doesn’t want to go on the play mat or in the jumparoo, so I’m
gonna try and cheer him up with his favorite song. Watch this. He loves it. Okay, you ready? Hey Google! Play Shape of You. – Sure, Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. – Watch him dance.
– Here it is on Spotify. (“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran) – Whoo, it’s your favorite song! ♪ The club isn’t the best
place to find a lover ♪ ♪ So the bar is where I go. ♪ ♪ Me and my friends at
the table doing shots ♪ ♪ Drinking fast and then we talk slow ♪ – All right, now that I’ve
cheered him up a little bit, I’m just gonna clean up after breakfast, put all of the dishes in the dishwasher, and wipe down both of the high chairs because they were both used, and yeah, that is basically our morning routine. And we’re off out now, and
I’ll put all the links below for my morning cleaning routines and my past morning routines if you want to see more like this. And yeah, thank you so much for watching. We’re gonna go to the park now, try and cheer this little guy up. His front teeth are huge, and
he is in quite a lot of pain, but yeah, thanks very much for watching, and I’ll see you soon. Bye!


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