– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going to be filming for you a festive speed clean. So I’m basically going
to be cleaning my house from top to bottom getting ready to put our Christmas decorations up. There is a decorate with me video to come so this is more just cleaning the house, getting ready for it, getting it smelling like Christmas, and also getting our Christmas sheets on, and stuff like that. So I really hope you enjoy it. If you like speed cleaning videos I would love for you to subscribe to my channel and stick around. I make them all the time, and one British newspaper
has even dubbed me the speed cleaning queen. Which, I’m not gonna lie,
I’m loving that title. And this video is also a collaboration with Rebecca Lamb, she is another one of my
colab giveaway winners and I chose her channel because
I really enjoy her videos. She makes quite similar
videos to the ones that I make and she is a mom of two boys, one that is three years old, and also a very tiny new baby as well. So if you’re at that same stage, you have a young baby, definitely check out her channel. She makes routine videos,
speed cleaning holes, so yeah, I love her channel, and I would love for you to go over, check her out, show her some love, she’s definitely one to watch. I’ll put the links to her
channel in my description box and she’s also doing
a festive speed clean. But without further ado,
let’s get into the cleaning. And to make it actually more festive, I thought I would wear a Santa
hat, as you do, let’s go. So first off, I want my
house smelling like Christmas so I’m gonna make my very own
DIY Christmas surface spray. So all you have to do it get
an old empty spray bottle, and some scented Zoflora, and
I have one in winter spice. And I’m gonna put two
cap fulls in the water, and then one down the drain, because it can make your drains
smell really nice as well. And I’m basically gonna use this DIY surface spray on everything, and it will leave my house
smelling like Christmas. So I’m just gonna get on, let’s
start out with the kitchen. I’m just gonna put all of our stuff on the surfaces away, like our bread, and oh my gosh, my recycling
has been crazy this month. I think it’s because
I’m doing so much more online shopping than normal and so many leaflets are coming through so our recycling is a bit
out of control at the moment. So I’m gonna sort this
area out, empty the bins, and then give it a good
clean under the bins because this is something
that I don’t do enough so I’m gonna mop it as well, and then I’m gonna wipe
down all of our surfaces. We have a gloss kitchen so literally every fingerprint shows up, but I’m gonna do our
cupboards with a glass spray, because I find that that
gives it the best shine, and then I’m gonna use my surface spray on all of the surfaces in the room. And like I said, it gives
off a really nice scent. If you’re not sure what Zoflora is, it’s something I’ve
literally just discovered because my friend was
recommending it to me. It kills 99.9 percent of germs, I’m not sure if you
can get it in the U.S., but I’m really enjoying using it because there’s so many different
ways that you can use it. But now I’m gonna get on
and clean the play area. I’m gonna put all the toys away that the boys had out this morning, so all of the Legos, their pajamas are just
randomly on the couch so I’ll put them away, and then I’m gonna clean
the surfaces there as well. I like to leave out a few little toys that actually look quite nice. And then I’m going to Hoover the rug. I love this rug so much, it’s just from Ikea, and it’s so thin that once a week I put
it in the washing machine and give it a really good clean because the kids eat
on it, and slime on it, and it just gets really messy. And then I’m gonna Hoover
our whole living area with my Dyson V6, this is still going
strong and I am loving it, it recently slowed up a bit but I took it apart and washed
it out really thoroughly. I found a video on how to do this and it’s been really great. So I would recommend doing
that if yours is slowing up. But I’m just gonna
clean the whole kitchen. I’m being really silly here. I’m listening to Christmas songs and it definitely made
cleaning so much easier. And then I’m gonna mop with the mop that everyone goes crazy for, it’s my spray mop where
the canister comes off and you can put any cleaning
products in it that you want to so again, I’m just gonna use warm water and then a couple of cap fulls
of my winter spice Zoflora. So this is gonna disinfect the floor, and it’s also gonna make it smell really nice and Christmasy. This will last like weeks as well. Depending on how much I use it, but I don’t normally have
to refill it that much and I always use a new mop head on it. They get really dirty, so I ended up ordering extra ones online. I’m just gonna run around
and clean the floor, and this is so quick, I think that’s why I
love this mop so much. And now our main living area is done. Next up it’s on to our front rooms, I’m just gonna put some things
away like the kids bags. Turn the fire on because I
think it looks really festive. And then sort out the
cushions on our couch. The kids do this to
the couch all the time, it’s so frustrating. I really like the way they
look when it’s all done so I’m just gonna go with it. Then I’m gonna Hoover our rug, and then I normally pick up
the rug and Hoover under it, and Hoover all of the rest
of the floor in the room because some crumbs can
definitely get under there. Then I’m gonna dust
everything on our mantelpiece and take it all off
and give it a good wipe with this Method cleaner. It is specifically for granite surfaces and because our love our
new fireplace so much, I’m just desperate to keep it really nice. So I’m sure you can use other
cleaning products on this, but I just feel safer using
this specific marble cleaner. Then I’m gonna light
some Christmas candles, this one is gingerbread
and it smells amazing. And now it’s on to my office. You know my nice brand new office that was really nice and
tidy on my Instagram, well it normally looks like this. It is like a dumping ground
for all the deliveries I get, and everything that I do. So I just really need to sort it out. So I’m gonna put away all my paperwork, and boxes and things. Give it a good wipe with a glass cleaner because the top surface
of my desk is glass. So I’m gonna give it a good wipe and then I’m gonna dust down
all of the prints on my shelves and I’m especially going
to wipe down this one because it is my silver play button. It came you guys, and I just wanna say thank you so much, it is like my prized
possession and I love it. Every time I look at it I
feel so proud of myself. So thank you so much for subscribing. So yeah that is my office, and that is the front
room all nice and tidy. Then I’m gonna go upstairs
and clean the bedrooms and I’m gonna use my
cleaning caddy which I love. I found it in Donel’s. I’m gonna start out in Frazier’s bedroom. His room is the newest
and probably my favorite. I’m gonna wipe down all of the surfaces with my Christmas spray, and then put his books away, but I’m gonna leave The
Christmassaurus out. I’m also gonna wipe down his windowsill, and also give his windows
a good clean as well. And then air out the room as well. Then I’m gonna take all of
the sheets off of his bed, because at this time of year I normally put some cute
Christmas sheets on. I think even just a duvet cover of a different season can make
such a difference in a room, so I got these new ones for him, I found them in Next, and
I really liked the colors. I thought they would really suit his room. So he will absolutely love these, they’re new for this year. Then I’m gonna give his
radiators a little wipe as well. And then put any toys away
that are out in his room. He’s got these big cupboards
where I can hide everything, which is amazing. I’m also gonna Hoover his
room with my Dyson V6 as well. And then that is his room done. Then it’s on to my
second son Caleb’s room. So I’m gonna wipe down his windowsill and also clean his windows. And then again air out
his room while I clean it. I’m gonna put his books away and then wipe down the surfaces with my Christmas surface spray again. And then I’m gonna sort out his bed because I also have some
festive sheets for him. And then I’m gonna organize
this corner of his room. This is a little corner
where he does fancy dress, or he’ll sit and read a book, and it can get quite messy
and out of control with toys. So I’m gonna give it a Hoover underneath, and then try and put the toys back in like some sort of order. Sort out his fancy dress clothes, and his masks and things like that. And then Hoover his room. I’m gonna take his rug up, his rug is also great
because it’s the kind of one I can throw in the washing machine. I’m gonna give his room
a good little Hoover, and then change the sheets on his bed. And this year I’ve got
him some really cool ones. They are these elf yourself sheets, so basically there is also
a hat on the pillowcase so when he lays in his bed
he looks like he’s an elf. So yeah I’m pretty pleased
with these this year. Next up is on to our family bathroom. It’s a pretty small family bathroom, but I’m gonna start out with a little bit of bleach in the toilet. And then I’m gonna use my blue cloth because blue is for loo. So to avoid cross contaminating I tend to use different colored
cloths for different things. So I’m gonna clean the toilet
with that and my spray, and then I’m going to give it a good wipe and then what I like to do is leave the toilet brush like
that so it can dry out before I put it back and away. Then I picked up these cute
little hand towels from Primark that are festive. I thought it would just make
the house feel more festive. Then I’m gonna clean the
sink with my pink cloth, because pink is for sink. I’m just gonna take everything off, give it a good wipe down, I do do this regularly when
the boys are in the bath sometimes I’ll just give it a wipe. So this area is normally very clean. Also gonna wipe down the mirrors, and I just got it on my face there, and then also quickly do the floor, but again I sometimes clean the floor when the boys are just in
the bath and I’m there. Next up I’m moving on to
Jackson’s little nursery. He has got quite a few toys in there because I tend to put him in there when I’m getting ready in the morning. So I’m just gonna tidy up those toys and give it a quick Hoover. It’s normally pretty clean. But I do need to clean
up his changing area. So I’m gonna just organize everything, put some things away, and then give it a good wipe. But I’m gonna use a paper towel because I really don’t wanna get any germs from anything else on to this area. So that is Jackson’s little
nursery all nice and clean and then it’s on to the
final bedroom which is mine. So I’m just gonna put some clothes away, and then take the sheets off of our bed because I also have some
festive sheets for our room. I just picked these ones up in Next and I really liked the pattern on them. They have little polar bears all over them and I really like the colors and I though they were really festive. So I’m just gonna change the pillow cases, and then put the sheet inside out and quickly put it on our duvet cover. And then I’m gonna add
obviously our pillows, do an army roll off the
bed by the looks of it. And yeah I actually just bought this new like chunky knit blanket thing
to go on the end of our bed, but I’m really not sure about it. I kind of like the way it looks but it’s so heavy I’m
almost regretting buying it. But anyway I’m just gonna
quickly Hoover our room and then I’m also gonna
tidy up my vanity area. This definitely builds up with clothes and just cosmetics and paperwork, and random stuff, cow poles there as well. So I really just need
to clear everything away and give it a good wipe with a glass spray because it is glass. And finally, that is my room done. Right, so I have cleaned the whole house and I’m feeling so much better and ready to put up the decorations. But in the interest of being real, I just wanna show you one room that I have not got around to doing, and that would be our laundry room. Take a look at that, that is because I did not get a chance to fold any laundry yesterday. That is the backlog I get
if I miss just one day. But anyway I’ve got to go to London now, so I’m gonna just have to leave that room for Matt when he gets home. Sorry, bye guys.


  1. Rewatching your festive speed clean for inspiration and motivation and you can see just how much more functional your new kitchen is!!

  2. So obsessed with your videos specially the speed cleaning ones. new subscriber here! how long did it take you to clean the whole house in this video?? i'm so inspired. i am a mom of a year old boy <3

  3. When i watch cleaning videos for like to hours I’m definitely getting the sign I need to start cleaning…
    But I start immediately now because it just gets me i a cleaning mood. 😂

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