Snooki’s Pregnancy House Tour | Jersey Shore

(techno music) – Hey guys, and welcome
to my pregnant house. (techno music) You have to wait until Jersey Shore to see how I decorated this place. Obviously it looks like, you
know, a grandma lives here. So I definitely put like my
animal prints and everything to make it look more like me. But as of right now, it just looks like an
old person’s shore house. It’s a very small house, but that’s all I needed
because I’m pregnant. I didn’t want to be in that environment with like my roommate’s junk and (beep). I just needed like a safe place. So this is the kitchen. This is my bathroom, and it’s very, very tiny. That’s really all I needed was like a tiny bathroom to myself. I didn’t want to share with anyone, because when I shower
now I take a long time, ’cause I wanna exfoliate, make sure I don’t get
wrinkles on my stomach, and like, you know, put lotion on. So it takes me a while to shower, just because I’m pregnant and
I still want to look good. This is my living room, and
it’s really not that big, but it’s whatever. It was kind of like my closet. Like this whole house was my closet just to live in. So I had clothes everywhere. You know the roommates
never really came here. It was just for me to escape
and relax and be pregnant. So this is my bedroom. It didn’t look like
this when I lived here, ’cause I don’t like this. This is ugly. In the other house it’s like a cot bed, so it’s gross. It’s for like jail people, and this one was actually like a real bed for a nice pregnant lady. My stuffed animal friends
definitely helped me out. Crocodilly slept here, and then you’re going to
meet some new stuffed animals that I won at the boardwalk, and it was just nice to
sleep with, you know, a stuffed animal that I
love, and not just by myself, because it’s kind of creepy in this house when it’s dark and you’re alone. Usually I’m used to my roommates, so if I do get scared,
Jenny’s right there. But I’m alone here, so having my stuffed
animals was my security. Jionni came over as much as
he could, like, twice a week. And when Jionni was here, he
definitely took care of me, feeding me, making sure I’m
okay, giving me back rubs. I definitely love this room. And I slept in it a lot, because when you’re pregnant
you know you’re really tired, especially with this heat. It sucks. So thank you guys for stopping by. I appreciate it. I hope you like my pregnant house. I know it’s not cool like the other one, but I enjoyed it. And I love you, all of my Facebook fans. You’re amazing. Thanks for coming. (techno music)

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