Six Days of SENIOR PROM 2018 | #Prom Get Ready With Me

(pop music) ♪ A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s ♪ ♪ Gotta do, gotta do what a girl’s ♪ ♪ It’s all about us, see my girls and I ♪ – [Both] Hey guys it’s
Brooklyn and Bailey, – And guess what; today is prom! We’re about to head to
the dance, super exciting. So we decided, again, to film
a prom get ready with us, but this time we filmed the
entire week leading up to prom. You know, all the activities,
all the dress up days, all the things that were fun. – And I went to two proms,
so you’ll see a little bit of me getting ready and having fun and then today, of course the real prom. – Yes, so let’s get on to it! – Alright y’all, before
we get on to the video, we have some exciting news;
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guys definitely want to win this laptop, so go enter the giveaway! Now, let’s get on to the video. – Hey you guys, so it is prom week, which means, of course,
we have themes everyday and Brooklyn and I always go full out. So, I have Fid here, slash
Faith helping me do my zebra makeup, so today is safari
day, so Brooklyn dressed up- – I am the safari guide,
and they are the animals. Zebra, cheetah, zebra; we’re
going to take a picture. We’re super excited, this is just day one. We have day, how many days, five? – Five days until prom! – Whoo, that’s kind of terrifying. I need to get my stuff together. – Nothing is together, nothing is ready. – No, but we’re going to try. – Time for pictures! (camera shutter) – It is prom day number two, but today is character day
so I am being Snow White. – I am Belle. – And I am Pocahontas! – And Avery is. – Stitch! – Look at us, we’re all
Disney, Disneyfied today! So I know a lot of people are
going as other characters, it’s going to be very interesting to see what everyone is dressing up as. – I’ve seen Barbie, I’ve seen… – I’ve seen Chewbacca. – I’ve seen Jess from New Girl. – The Office characters, Friends… – It’s going to be so good,
today is going to be a classic. (camera shutter)
(upbeat music) – You guys, it’s Vine day! – Vine and memes, whoo! – So it’s about to get crazy
so we’re going to go through and show everybody’s vines. So first me. Stop! You could’ve made
me drop a croissant! – You could’ve made me drop my croissant. (laughing ) – And then there’s
Brooklyn’s, ready Brooklyn? (laughing ) Everybody, the iconic fist Arthur. We’re so excited guys,
it’s going to be hilarious. It’s going to be nonstop
laughs today, I’m excited. (yodeling) (laughing ) – Zach stop, you’re
going to get in trouble! – Ah, stop, I almost dropped my croissant. Annie are you okay? Are you okay? – The funniest thing happened! Now, our old English teacher, who is one of our favorite teachers, she was like “I don’t really
know very many memes or vines.” So she decided to dress up as
Bailey and I with one of her fellow English teachers
for this dress up day, and it was adorable. I’ll pop a picture up right
here so you guys can see it. But it was so cute, they matched our outfits super duper well. The other teacher, Ms. Arriaga,
she dyed her hair pink, to look like Bailey which
we thought was really funny. Look at how cute this picture is, y’all. – Hey guys, it is decade’s day
today for prom dress up day. So guess what decades
we are; I am the 20’s. – I am the 70’s, and
it’s been so much fun. It’s, usually people don’t dress
up for these dress up days, we’re the only crazy ones dressing up. – But everybody is doing
it this year, so bonus! – Almost everybody I’ve seen
is dressed up for a decade. You walk down, and it’s like
you’re walking through history. There’s 20’s, 50’s, 70’s, and it’s so fun. I love it. (camera shutter)
(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Bailey and Asa. So today’s prom dress up
day is prom shirts so Asa, how about you demonstrate; so it says, “Keep your friends close,
but your anemones closer” and the reason why this is funny, is because we have prom
at the Dallas Aquarium. Our whole group is matching
with us in prom shirts. You’re too tall, like I can’t get me and get you at the same time. So it’s been a really fun day, right now we’re running errands
for last minute prom stuff. It’s been a crazy day
and it just keeps going. (camera shutter)
(pop music) ♪ I, no we are real as can be ♪ – Hey guys, so its Brooklyn and I don’t know how many
of y’all know, or not, but I am actually going
to two proms this week. So the first one is today, and
it is a prom for my church, and I was asked by one of my guy friends. Then tomorrow is the legit prom, that all of y’all know
about where I am going with Cameron and Bailey and Asa and it’s our school prom
at the Dallas Aquarium. So, today I am getting
ready for my first prom. Bailey and Asa are just
having a chill day at home, so they are excited about that. They’re running some errands
right now while I get ready. As you can see, I am just
about to do my prom makeup, for my first night of prom,
and my hair is a wreck. And I have about two hours,
so I gotta go get ready, and I’ll show you guys the end result. (camera shutter) I finished my look, I told
y’all I would show it to you. So here you go.
(laughing ) I’ve actually had this dress– – [Bailey] Show them the
shoes, these gold heels. – I’ve had this dress for a while, and I’ve just been waiting
for an excuse to wear it. So I finally got one, so I’m excited. – [Bailey] Show us your makeup look. – [Bailey] Show them the under eye. – I did it all by myself. We asked for crayons
so that we could color, oh yeah, so Matt asked for crayons, so that we could color on the tablecloth. We’re going to play Pictionary,
hangman, everything. – Everything. – Here we go prom, way
to be adults everybody. Y’all, I am home from prom. Obviously, I am ready for bed. We had a crazy awesome time. We went dancing at this like ranch house, we went to an after party
where we had waffles, and we hot tubbed I am losing my voice because
I was screaming the songs and dancing so much, so now
I’m ready to go to sleep, and get ready for day two, second prom. Here we go. Hey guys, we are here and
it is officially prom day. Kamry is chilling in the background. And we are finally starting to get ready. It’s like 1:30-2 ish right now. We are taking pictures at 5
and we have dinner at 6:45, the dance and then after parties. So now it’s just process, we have quite the crew
of girls up in here, and there’s a few more coming. We’ve got dresses,
makeup, hair stuff galore. This is fun, I’m having fun. It’s like a wedding day,
but not a wedding day, so. And peep Jenny. – Hi guys. (pop music) ♪ I’ll stay tickling your
your bored out soul ♪ ♪ And we’ll play, pretend
if it’ll get you warm ♪ (all talking at once) – [Mindy] Bailey is now working
on somebody else’s hair. Well, she’s waiting for makeup, right Bay? – Literally the multitude of
every color in the rainbow. – [Mindy] Brooklyn is getting makeup done. We still have people working in closets. We’ve got this going on
from Jenny and Bella. – [Mindy] I’m pretty sure
if you lit a match in our bathroom right now– – [Shawn] With the hairspray fumes. – [Mindy] It would blow up. Yeah, I’m staying away. (pop music) – [Brooklyn] Okay y’all,
here is my prom 2018 look. I was obsessed with it, I
did not want to take it off. So, my shoes are from Nordstrom. I thought they were adorable. They reminded me of our scrunchies
which is why I love them. And then I have my pink rose dress, which y’all saw in the Camille
La Vie prom dress video. But I officially picked
it out to wear for prom. And then I added some gold
rings as fun accessories. And my earrings, which were
three black beads stacked, on top of each other,
we found online on ASOS. Which I love shopping there,
they have great stuff. And then as a fun little touch, we put some gold bangles in my hair, which added a totally
adorable, cute accessory. And there you go, that’s
my prom 2018 outfit. – [Bailey] Alright you guys, so I am going to show
you my outfit for prom. So as you can see, to start, I have my gorgeous silver studded shoes. So these remind me kind of like the modern day Cinderella shoes
and I got those from Nordstrom, the best place to find
some comfortable heels. And then you can see my
high-low blue design dress that I found at Camille La Vie, and guess what, it has pockets! Along with that, my jewelry that I stole from my mom’s closet, as usual. And then of course, you can’t
forget about the makeup, which my friend Lauren did it, and I wanted it to be bold this year, because it’s senior year, so why not. And then of course, my pink hair, because it wouldn’t be
me without pink hair. And that was my look for prom. (indistinct conversation) – Hi! – You look good! You got me flowers? Aww! – [Kamry] Look they’re
the Rapunzel colors. – Aww, but I look like Cinderella today. – [Asa] She looks beautiful. – We’re going to two princess– – Hey! – Hi! – These are for you. – Thank you, they’re beautiful
and they match the dress. – They match the dress perfectly. – It’s only 55 degrees outside
but we’re bearing through it, we’re getting our photos
for prom, they’re important. It’s windy which is terrible,
but we’re gonna do it, and they’re gonna look great. – [Shawn] Look who showed up. – Hey! – [Shawn] Yeah, look at you,
you look like you’re 25. – Thanks, I guess? – [Shawn] 15 going on 25. – Yep
(laughing ) – [Jenny] The braces kind of give it away. – [Shawn] The braces give, yeah, she’s still a teenager
though, see, smile, smile. (pop music) ♪ You’re the only thing
I’m holding on to ♪ ♪ Anywhere and anything, I’ll be there ♪ ♪ You and I, till the end ♪ – Check this out guys, ooh pockets. It makes the dress, this
means I’m not going to stop talking about my pockets
for the rest of the night. I’m obsessed.
(laughing ) (camera shutter) (pop music) – [Mindy] We have all these people. – [Mindy] It’s senior year! (cheers)
(camera shutter) (pop music) – Hey guys, we are currently at dinner, eating at Mangiamo, say hi everybody. Say hi everybody. So, what did we get? – We got fettuccine Alfredo
and salmon and potatoes. – We’re gonna eat good tonight and then we’re gonna get turnt
and its gonna be great. If you can see, Cameron and
Brooklyn way down there. Brooklyn, say hi. – Hi! – She’s all the way down there. Time to eat, I’m hungry. Alright you guys, so we just ate, and literally I have a
food baby like the size of, I don’t know, massive,
it’s the size of a baby. Kamry, how are you doing with your boot? – Pretty good, its not, not making any, why are we in a parking garage, Asa? – Because I turned the wrong
way and it wouldn’t map me. – [Bailey] He kindly gave me
his jacket because I was cold. – It’s not terribly cold, it’s like warmer than it was earlier. – [Asa] It’s windy, it’s
really, really windy. – Well yeah, on to prom we go! – [Asa] On to prom! (pop music) ♪ Everybody, can you feel the groove ♪ ♪ Grab somebody, let it go, ooh ♪ – May Tay is falling apart. – [Brooklyn] Her wheelchair and all, and gentlemanly Cam pushing her around. – As always.
(laughing) – [Brooklyn] We are leaving
the dance early because May Tay was tired, but
we’re gonna go have a party. – Yeah! – [Brooklyn] And what
just happened with me? – So, Brooklyn decided to push me, and the road is slanted and
so she tried to get over it, and we got over it but then
she tripped on her dress, and fell to the ground. – [Brooklyn] So it was good,
and now Cam is driving. – You’ve got a tail, you know. – [Brooklyn] Yeah, I
have a tail in my dress, so it makes it really hard to move around. – I have a new driver now so… – You win some, you lose some, alright. That’s just how it is. – This is what the aftermath
of prom looks like. Right there, Asa is
carrying Bailey to the car, because her feet hurt.
(laughing ) (pop music) – Alright guys, it’s two
o’clock in the morning. Obviously everybody has
left from our party, we are just barely getting into bed. I am makeup free, my
hair is a little crazy. – I’ve been makeup free
since I got back home. – It’s been so much fun,
I am losing my voice, because I’ve been at so
many parties this weekend. But it was so much fun,
the aquarium was amazing, the fish were amazing,
our dates were amazing, our group was awesome,
the party was awesome. It was just a lot of fun. So this was an amazing senior prom. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. We’re glad we got to spend it this way. – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. Now, we want to know, did we pick the dresses that
you thought we were going to from the Camille La Vie video, because we did have several options. And hopefully you guys enjoyed
watching our very last, and only prom senior year. Now it’s time to move on. – Be sure to click the button, down there, to subscribe to our channel. If you want to see more of our videos, click the box over here, and we’ll see you guys next week. – We love you guys! – Bye! (pop music)

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