Sims FreePlay – How Pregnancy Works (Early Access)

Sims FreePlay – How Pregnancy Works (Early Access)

Hi guys! Hey everyone. Welcome to Make2 and a Sims FreePlay video
explaining the new pregnancy feature which is being added to the game in a new update
coming soon. Thanks so much to EA and Firemonkeys for early
access so we can share what to expect with you all. We have separate videos walking through the
pregnancy tasks and actions in more detail and also showing everything you can buy at
the maternity store. So check the video description below for links
to those. And also the Sims FreePlay team is doing a
livestream which you can watch on their Facebook page and also possibly on the Firemonkeys
YouTube channel. Now, just to note, in this video we’re showing
a temporary version of the game with currency and maternity store tokens added by the game
developers. This is not our game and we will not be keeping
this game for ourselves unfortunately. Okay, let’s get into it. In order to UNLOCK PREGNANCY, you first need
to complete the Two and a Half Sims Quest and the Bump-y Ride Quest. The Two and a Half Sims Quest is a required
quest which will start automatically in your game once you hit level 8 and also complete
all the quests in the queue ahead of it. The Bump-y Ride Quest is a brand new discovery
quest which you can start whenever you want, by building the maternity store in town. The Bump-y Ride Quest will require you to
complete a 9-day pregnancy event which is one of the 2 new ways that pregnancy will
work in the game. That’s 3 trimesters, with 3 days for each
trimester. We’ve walked through an example 9-day pregnancy
event in another video which we’ve linked to in the video description below, but in
this video we wanted to just give a quick summary of how it all works in general, and
also give some tips and tricks. The 2nd new way that pregnancy can work, after
you’ve completed the Bump-y Ride Quest, is to choose a 6-day option. This will skip your pregnant sim directly
to their 2nd trimester and all you need to do is wait 6 days for the baby. Or you could skip the 6 days with a lot of
LPs. However, with this kind of pregnancy, you
won’t be able to earn some of the special prizes and bonuses that come with doing the
9-day event. If you don’t want to do pregnancy, you can
still have babies the old way by adding a crib to a house, paying simoleons or LPs,
and waiting 24 hours. So first of all, WHO CAN GET PREGNANT? Right now, only adult female sims. The good news is, they can be single female
sims, so you don’t need a married couple like you do with the old way of having a baby. And by the way, if you still want to do it
that old way with just adding a crib and waiting 24 hours, you no longer need a married couple
for that either. You just need an adult sim, and they can be
single, and they can be male or female. Second, HOW MANY SIMS CAN BE PREGNANT AT ONE
TIME? Right now, only one sim at a time can do the
9-day pregnancy event. But if you’re just doing the 6-day version,
you can have multiple pregnant sims doing that — and these can happen at the same time
as another sim doing the 9-day pregnancy event. Pregnancy party! WHAT ABOUT THE SIM LIMIT? Right now, there is a limit on the total amount
of sims you can have in your town and also per household. The town limit gets higher depending on your
level, up to 34 sims once you hit the highest levels. In order to add a sim, and that includes a
baby sim, your town needs to have at least one fewer sim than the town limit for your
level, and the household needs to have one fewer than the household limit. So yes, you may have to lose a sim from your
town and maybe even from your household if you want a sim to be pregnant. This is how the game works right now. We can’t say whether those sim limits will
change in the future, but we hope so. HOW MUCH DOES PREGNANCY COST? Key question. Each new pregnancy event will cost 2 LPs for
the 9-day event and 5 LPs for the 6-day event. Just a note, that these numbers might change
in the final version of the update or they could change in the future, depending on what
the game developers decide. The 9-day version will also require your pregnant
sim to have at least 1 appointment each day which costs either simoleons or LPs, in addition
to several other tasks which we’ll explain later. This appointment is with a sim who comes to
your house for your sim’s health benefits, and the game will randomly make it a doctor
or a nurse or a yoga instructor. Our special preview version also had an aerobics
instructor and an ultrasound technician but from what we understand, these might show
up in the game in a later update. Typically these appointments cost between
70,000 simoleons to over 100,000 simoleons. You can also purchase a version of these appointments
with LPs, in order to receive a bonus in maternity store tokens — which is a type of currency
you need to buy clothing and house stuff at the maternity store. So just like in real life, pregnancy is expensive
— at least half a million simoleons and some LPs. You’ll definitely want to save those up, and
we’ve got several videos with our recommended ways for earning simoleons and LPs on our
channel so feel free to check those out. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE 9-DAY PREGNANCY EVENT? Each day, your pregnant sim will have 24 hours
to complete a random list of daily goals. These goals are all pregnancy-themed, and
all of the green action bars to achieve these goals will have a special picture of a pregnant
sim. By completing these daily goals, your pregnant
sim will earn tokens for the maternity store. Your sim can earn between 700 to maybe 2200
tokens per day, usually increasing with each day depending on how long all of the goals
take in total. We think it depends on that, but we’re not
quite sure. You can complete the daily goals in any order
you want. From our calculations, on average doing all
the goals in a day can take between 16 and 19 hours per day. So it’s difficult — but it’s not impossible
— to keep up. The task times can also be shorter if you
use items with 2 or 3 stars in the home store. You could save a half hour, or an hour even,
on a task if you use a higher starred item, but of course these are more expensive to
buy. Again, we want to be clear that all of these
calculations are based on our special preview version, and the numbers might be different
in the final version. Plus, the game developers can change the game
whenever they want to. Once your pregnant sim finishes her daily
goals, you can either wait for the next 24 hour cycle to start, or skip ahead with LPs. Whichever way you get to the next day, once
it starts you’ll be able to start working on that day’s new list of goals. During the 9-day pregnancy event, other sims
in your town can earn even more maternity store tokens by doing random support tasks. Usually you’ll get 1 support task which needs
to be done a certain number of times, and when those are all done, you’ll get a new
random support task. Any teen, adult or senior sim in your town
can do these support tasks, and your pregnant sim can do them also if they’re not busy. The important part is, they can all do them
at the same time. So for example, if you’ve got a support task
which says it needs to be done 13 times, you can put 13 sims on that task so they all complete
it together at the same time. It’s a really good idea to use this strategy,
because most of these support tasks take several hours, and at least 1 that I caught will take
15 hours. If you want to get all the support tasks done
within the 9 days, you definitely need to have as many sims as possible working on them
at the same time. We tried to calculate the total amount of
time it would take to complete all of the support tasks, using the strategy of having
all the required sims doing the task at the same time, and everything added up to around
6 days total. So it’s definitely possible to get them all
done in 9 days if you have enough sims. The most number of sims we needed at a time
was 13 for some tasks, but for some tasks it was as little as 5 sims. If you complete all the support tasks, you
can earn an additional 28,000 maternity store tokens. This means that added together with the tokens
earned by your pregnant sim for completing their daily goals, you could potentially earn
around 37,000 maternity store tokens per pregnancy. Remember, these numbers are from our special
preview version so they could be changed in the future, and also, they’re numbers that
I counted and added up, so they could very well be really wrong. Because I’m terrible at math. By the way, all of the pregnancy tasks, for
the pregnant sim and also the supporting sims, can be sped up, but in our preview version
it cost precious social points. This is pretty expensive in our opinion, so
we hope one day this will change to LPs instead. At the end of the first 3 days, you’ll hit
the 2nd trimester and see a small baby bump! It’s super cute. At the end of the 6th day, you’ll hit the
3rd trimester and see a bigger baby bump! It’s even more cute. If you complete all the daily goals and also
all of the support tasks within the 9 days, the baby will be born with special bonuses. These include bonus XP per action, doing actions
faster, and they won’t be affected as badly when their needs are low. These bonuses will last for that sim’s entire
life which basically makes them a super sim. The problem is, if you miss achieving all
of the daily goals for one of the 9 days, you can’t make them up on other days. So if you miss out on one day, you won’t get
the big prize at the end. However, you can still earn maternity store
tokens so it’s still worth doing as much as you can for the rest of the days. And the baby will still be born fine. It just won’t have those special bonuses. So, that’s pregnancy in the Sims FreePlay. You get to give your sims super cute baby
bumps. Watch them waddle around. Have them do a whole bunch of cute baby related
activities — everything from pregnant yoga, to throwing a baby shower, to puking in the
toilet. Yep, that’s definitely cute. You have a maternity store where you can buy
a ton of cute maternity clothes and nursery furniture. And if your sims work really hard under your
guidance they can make a super sim. Of course, you don’t have to get anyone pregnant
— it’s just a cool extra part of the game now. But we know tons of players have been asking
for pregnancy probably since the beginning of the game, and finally we’ve got it. The system works! We hope you found this video helpful — if
you have feel free to give it a like. If you have any questions about the pregnancy
event let us know in the comments, and also share your tips. And if you are new to our channel feel free
to subscribe because we’ve got plenty more Sims FreePlay on the way. Thanks for watching!

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