Sewing plans | Sew HoneyBea | March and April 2019

Sewing plans | Sew HoneyBea | March and April 2019

Hi friends, welcome back to another
episode of Sew HoneyBea. In today’s video I wanted to share with you the details
of the sew-a-long series that I have planned for March and April. So let’s get
started. (soft intro music) The first sew-a-long I will be doing is featuring McCall 7322. For many
of you who have been watching my videos, you know that I really like this pattern. It is one of the Learn to Sew for Fun series that McCall’s has. I will be doing
three of these garments, and all three will be different. The first one I will
be making for myself, and I will be using this navy polka dot pattern, it’s a knit,
and I got this fabric at the open-air auction here in Fresno, and I paid $2.00 a
yard. Yes, $2.00. So I will be making myself a
t-shirt out of this, because you can never have too many t-shirts. (laugh) Now, for
the other two, a friend of mine is pregnant, and I wanted to make her two
maternity tops, now when I was pregnant, I made all of my maternity clothes, and I
made them in a way, that when I was pregnant, I could wear it as maternity,
and then after my babies were born, I was able to take apart the garment at the
sides, and alter it again so that I could wear it, continue to wear that garment
after they were born. So that’s what I will be doing. I will be making her two
maternity tops, and showing you how they can be altered after she has the baby.
So the first fabric that I chose was this one. I purchased it at Joann’s, and it
is a nice spring fabric. It is a very light weight, and I know she’ll like this
one. Now the second fabric was one that I
bought at the open-air auction also. This one I also paid $2 a yard for, and it is
white background, and it has lilies on it, and
it is also a knit fabric lightweight, and it has a really nice drape to it, so
it’ll go really nice for maternity clothes. Now, the next set of series we’ll
be using one pattern in which I will be doing four garments out of that one
pattern. It is this one here. Simplicity 8265 Since it’s such an easy
sew, and really tailored for the beginner, even though I’m not a beginner, I wanted
to do a series, a sew-a-long series featuring this pattern. So let me share
with you the details for the tunic top. I will be using this pink chrysanthemum
fabric. I purchased this at Joann’s and it also has a very nice drape. It is
lightweight, and it is very soft, and it is a knit fabric also, and it’s like I
said, it’s very lightweight, and which is really important for me, because here in
the summers I live in Fresno, and it gets very hot! Every summer I’m reminded how
close to Death Valley I live, which is the hottest place on earth, because it
trickles into Fresno. But I will also be doing a skirt out of the same pattern,
and I will be using this black stretch crepe fabric that I purchased at
Joann’s, and it is also a knit, and you can see that I really liked this fabric
because I didn’t want to just go with the Ponte Roma or something just a
simple kni- knit, I wanted to make it look a little bit more nicer. And you
will notice that this is a bottom weight knit, which means that it when stretched,
you cannot see through it, which is really important. For the pair of pants, I
chose this black jegging fabric, and I also got this at Joann’s, and this too
is a bottom weight fabric, and so when stretched
you cannot see through it. When you go throughout your day, and you’re bending
over and doing whatever you’re doing through your day, you want to make sure
that you’re not exposing anything. And so when choosing material for the pants and
for the skirt, I wanted to make sure that it was a bottom weight fabric. Now for the
coat I chose this white baby cord fabric. And
I purchased this quite some time ago. It’s maybe 2 years it’s been in my stash.
I think I got it at Walmart, but you may be wondering, why am I using a white
fabric to make a coat in the winter? Well there is a method to my madness. I chose
this one because I wanted to try and dye fabric. So I’m going to do some samples
with this fabric, and see how it turns out, if I can dye the fabric or not. What
I’m going to do, is since it is a cotton based fabric, I’m going to sew the coat
with using a synthetic thread or a polyester thread, so that when I use a
cotton dye, it’ll stick to the fabric and not the thread, and even afterwards when
I wash it, the dye shouldn’t stick to the thread. So I’ll have a colored coat with
white top stitching. [sigh] In theory. [nervous chuckle] We’ll have to see. I’m going to test it out,
and if I’m successful at it, then I’ll go ahead and use those- go ahead and dye the
fabric. Now I did want to share with you a few of the details for each of the
garments for this sew along. Now the coat, is has no collar, no buttons, no
buttonholes needed, anything like that. It also does not have any lining, so it can
be tailored for the absolute beginner. So even if you’ve never sewn anything
before, I really encourage you to give this sew-a-long a try. Now like I said, the
coat does not have a lining. What I’m going to do, is I’m going to finish the seams off using a Hong Kong finish. Now don’t let that deter you from trying
this sew-a-long, it is really quite simple, and I will show you step by step, so
that’ll be simple for even a beginner. If you choose not to use the Hong Kong
finish to finish off your seams, you can also use pinking shears, which works just
fine too. One of the details that I wanted to share with you about the skirt
and the pants, is that it has a flat elasticized waistband, which takes away
any need for zippers, or buttons, or anything like that, so it makes it a
really easy sew also for the beginner. Now a detail I want to share with you about
the tunic top, is that it has slits on the side, the jacket also has these slits
on the side, which make both of these garments a really comfortable fit for
any shape and figure. Now I really hope you’ll join me in these sew-a-longs
or just watch along. I like to watch a lot of sew-a-longs too. I don’t make them all
but I really do encourage you to join me. if you would like to, add it in the
comments below. Okay, until next time. I’ll talk to you later, bye. [Cheery Jazz Music]

4 thoughts on “Sewing plans | Sew HoneyBea | March and April 2019

  1. Thank you for this! I definitely will be joining you in the sew alongs. You make such beautiful garments and I like your style very much!😊❤👍 p.s. I have to go pick up the patterns also. When are the sew alongs going to begin? I must have missed that😘

  2. I will be uploading the first sew- along on Thursday March 7th featuring McCall's 7322. I encourage everyone to join me : )

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