San Antonio Photographer – Lexi Murzea Photography Studio Film

San Antonio Photographer – Lexi Murzea Photography Studio Film

My name is Lexi Murzea and I’m a portrait photographer. When I started my journey as a photographer, I learned that to really find the beauty in others, I had to learn how to find it in myself. If you’re like me, self-love can be a challenge. You probably know what it’s like to compare yourself to others and you know what it’s like to not feel good enough. You’ve been told to have it all and be it all. Taking care of yourself is something that you know you need to do but time is in high demand and low supply. You may have even shied away from the camera because you don’t feel photogenic and you don’t see the person inside reflected back at you. I want to show you a place where not good enough doesn’t exist. Where you don’t need to have it all or be it all because you are more than enough. Right now, just as you are, you are beautiful beyond measure. You are my muse. I’m inspired by you. I want to help you reconnect with sides of yourself that you haven’t seen in a while or want to discover for the first time. This is a day for you, all about you. Your portraits are art starring you. And they truly reflect back the incredible person that you are both inside and out. These are more than images of you, they are a celebration of your journey – where’ve been, where you’re going. Life moves swiftly so capture those feelings and moments that you never want to forget. Surround yourself with love and gratitude. And don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Embrace who you are and if there’s every a doubt you know where to look for reminder.

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  1. Awesome Video! I'd love to know who helped create it, I would love something similar for my business.

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