Ryan Gosling on Working with ‘Freakishly Talented’ Britney & Christina

[MUSIC – BRUNO MARS, “FINESSE”] We out here drippin’ in finesse. It don’t make no sense. We out here drippin’ in finesse. You know it, you know it. We out here drippin’ in finesse. It don’t make no sense. We out here drippin’ in finesse. You know it, you know it. Now slow it down
for me, baby, ’cause I love the way it
feels when we grind. Yeah, our connection’s
so magnetic– Ah! You know what? Here’s what he wanted to do. He had asked the producer if
he could do the Dirty Dancing thing where I’d run to him,
and he would lift me up. And I would have done it,
but I fell down the other day during the commercial break. I was going back there to do
something, and I fell down– and you know how, when you’re
going to fall, your back– I tried to– so my
lower back is out, which is why I don’t want to
do the Dirty Dancing thing. But raincheck, right? Yeah– no. Um, actually, you
kind of really have to have a really
good, strong core to even do the
woman’s part there. But I mean, that
is your go-to move. You actually have
done that before. It’s not– well, it’s handy if
you don’t feel like dancing. Because if you
show up somewhere– you do that on a
dance floor– you can just coast on that
for the rest of the night. You sure could. Yeah. And how many– you have to
work it out with somebody to do that. How many women have you done
the Dirty Dancing thing with? Um, just– just– just one. [LAUGHS] All right. [LAUGHS] So it’s really not a
go-to thing at all? Nah. I’ve done it with other–
with male friends. It’s fun. Oh, I see. It’s a thing you can– anyone can do it. You really can. Yeah. Why would I limit it to a woman? I don’t know. Yes, of course you could
do that with a man. Anyone can do it. It’s for everyone. During the break,
you’ll do it with Andy. That’ll be great. (SARCASTICALLY) Great. [LAUGHS] [LAUGHS] So as you see,
Britney was just here. We were backstage,
the three of us. And how long has it
been since– because you were in The Mickey Mouse Club
together, just to remind you. [LAUGHS] Um, how long had it been
since you had seen her? Well, neither one of
us could remember, which I think is a sign that
it’s been quite a while. It’s been a while. Or both of you had bad memories. (LAUGHING) Yeah. So since you were in the– I think since then. Since then? Yeah. And do you remember, like– what’s your memory of her? What was your first impression? I remember when we
first got to the show, they sort of had all the
kids perform for one another. And it was sort of– I remember it was
Christina Aguilera, and then Britney performed. And I remember thinking, oh OK. So they’re, like,
freakishly talented. You know? Yeah. I was used to working
with talented people, but that was another level. And then what did you do for
your talent when they finished? Did you sing? Did you dance? What’d you do? I think I was just
like, I’m Canadian. And they were like, good. Just– That’s plenty. That’s all you need. Um, I want to hear
about the story– because I saw a picture of
you in a beekeeper’s outfit. So your mother got
married in Italy? Yes. Yeah. And somehow there were
bees at the wedding. The place where we were
made their own honey. Mm-hmm. And for some reason,
at lunch, the bees decided they were
going to take it back. Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES] And so they were just,
like, 100 bees at the table, just trying to take
that honey back, which was hard to blame them for. Yes. They worked hard to make it. So how do you happen
to have a bee outfit? Do you bring that to dinner
with you in case there are bees? Or– No, well– I thought,
if they make honey here, there has to be an outfit. [LAUGHS] So I
found it, and I was able to safely remove the bees. What did you do? I just moved the
honey to a safer area. Yeah. You know. But it was– I paid for it later. Because they were
kind of on my mask. And I had a strong
feeling they were just getting a good look at me. Yeah. Like, is that Ryan Gosling? Like– No, it’s like they wanted– is this the bee man? Like they were
finally seeing, you know, this person
that had been– well, I hope keeping them well. But anyway, they
were dive-bombing me for the rest of the trip. I could barely– Oh, they recognized you. You were thinking the
bees were on your face, and then they recog– They were like– yes. And I felt like there was– they were passing out tiny
sketches of me or something. Because no matter
where I went in Italy, I was just getting
dive-bombed by Italian bees. They have, like, 50
eyes or something. So they had probably, like,
pictures of you– like 50 of you. [LAUGHS] Like, have you seen that guy?

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