Royal Baby | Harry and Meghan eagerly prepare for the arrival of their first child | Sunday Night

(cheering) – It’s the bump all the world is watching. – This amazing, sort of,
rock and roll royal couple are gonna have a baby, you know, this is understandable really that the public want to
know everything they can. – And as it’s grown, so has the sense of excitement, especially here in the UK. – Harry and Meghan have really captured people’s imagination and it’s coming so soon
after the royal wedding, people are just very
excited for another chapter in this very happy story. (cheering) – Baby Sussex is due
any day, any week now. – Meghan, she’s so proud of her bump, she doesn’t even button her coat anymore, she’s so proud of it and she walks around like that showing, “Look at me, I’m gonna have a baby.” (gentle music) – When baby Sussex arrives, it will all be very modern and announced on Twitter, but there will still be
plenty of royal traditions, a 62 gun salute and the birth announcement
posted on an easel at Buckingham Palace. – And as we all hold
our collective breath, waiting for those shots to be fired. – Leg in the air, higher. – The royal baby industry
has gone into hyper drive. – Can I feel? – Yeah of course. – Ah. (laughter) Are you ready for birth
now with all that yoga? – I think so,
– Yeah. – We’re really excited. – (upbeat music) – [Reporter] Good evening, it is a boy. The Duchess of Cambridge
gave birth to a son. – But being a royal mom isn’t an easy gig. For a start you need to be
constantly camera ready. Then there’s the juggle between duty and the joy of motherhood. – Diana herself once said
that when she gave birth, she felt the whole country
was in labour with her. (upbeat music) – And finding an impeccably trained ninja nanny could be
quite a challenge too. (car skidding) – Some people have made jokes about it, saying James Bond meets Mary Poppins. (car skidding) – But if there’s one thing we’ve learned watching Meghan and Harry, this couple doesn’t
mind breaking the rules. – Harry and Meghan will
very much carve out their own idea of parenting, remember that obviously they’re
gonna do it the modern way. Everybody is just longing to see what their modern way is. (cheering) – It was a fairytale, tailor made for the millennial generation. (screaming) A beautiful American actress. – Mark (laughs) – The thoroughly modern Meghan Markle. – You don’t know the half of it. – Boom. – Meets and falls in love with the cheeky, ginger
haired Prince Harry. – There was this beautiful woman just sort of literally
tripped and fell into my life, I fell into her life. (cameras shooting loudly) – Theirs was a whirlwind romance. (partying loudly) They were introduced at
London’s exclusive Soho Club. 16 months later, they were engaged. – The fact that I fell in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly was sort of confirmation
to me that everything, all the stars were aligned, everything was just perfect. – The example that Meghan
and Harry have made by falling in love with another and not being hindered by
anybody’s old-fashioned, stuffy, ridiculous out-of-date ideas, that one cannot have a blended family, or a mixed race baby, it is fantastic that that is
happening in our monarchy. – The royal lead couple got hitched in May 2018 with two
billion people watching. – To love and to cherish, till death us do part. – All that I am, I give to you. (cheering) – They’d scarcely said “I do” when speculation about
a baby Sussex started. – As soon as they’d taken the confetti out of their hair, the next story in the chapter was, will they, won’t they have a baby? – For the next five months, all eyes and lenses were
trained on Meghan’s tummy. – When did you first suspect
that she was pregnant? – I think when the Duchess of Sussex came to Princess Eugenie’s wedding, that reinforced everyone’s suspicions because she was wearing this
beautiful (mumbles) coat but she’d left it unbuttoned and you kind of think to yourself, “no detail goes amiss “with a piece of couture like this, “why has she not done her coat up?” (upbeat music) – Hello! Magazine’s
royal editor Emily Nash was covering the Royal tour of Australia when the news broke. – Harry and Meghan landed in Sydney and Meghan was carrying some paperwork across her front, which most people found slightly unusual, it looked like she was just
being very business-like but then obviously a few hours later we discovered that
actually she was pregnant. – And like the media
savvy couple they are, they announced the news on Twitter. Straight away the tone
of the tour shifted. With every interaction involving children, discussed and analysed. – Couldn’t think of a better place to announce the upcoming baby, be it a boy or a girl, so thank you very, very much. Everyone give Meghan a group hug. – Harry has been desperate
to have kids of his own, desperate, so it’s an
exciting time for him. And I hope his child is ready for all the kisses and love that Harry’s gonna bestow on them. (screaming) – I do know Harry and I do know how much he adores children. I mean he was desperate
for his own children, his own family. He wanted that so much and I think he’s gonna
be a fantastic father. – Arthur Edwards has
been taking photographs of the royal family for more than 40 years and he’s developed a close relationship with the Windsor clan, especially Harry. (laughter) – Seen him do walkabouts in Australia and spend time with children, not many royals do that. They take the flowers
of the women in there but sometimes the children, they’ll be looking miserable and he tries to make them smile. (upbeat music) – Pregnancy didn’t slow Meghan down and the more she stepped out, the greater the scrutiny and the more plentiful the rumours. – There’s been so much speculation
that she’s having twins. Personally I feel that it’s
more to do with her proportions. She’s quite petite so there’s not much space
for that baby other than out. I don’t think that this
idea of twins is correct. (violins playing) – It’s all a far cry from the Queen’s day as a young wife and mother. – [Old Reporter] It’s easy
to see the radiant happiness on the Princess, as she and her very good looking husband pose for the cameras in the Palace. – Back then, the nearest whisper of a royal pregnancy was considered vulgar. – It wasn’t felt quite nice as it were for a woman to flaunt a visibly pregnant belly, so she tended to retire a little bit. (violins playing) – But by the time Diana
arrived on the scene, the world had changed and the Palace changed with it. – By this morning’s announcement your Royal Highness’s are to be blessed with a child. (applause) – Didn’t this change the
way we saw royal mothers because we never saw the Queen like this? – Never, no, I mean that was the thing you loved about Diana, when she smiled you used to feel a little sort of clap of
thunder in your camera, you knew you had a great picture. Look at that look, I mean she’s a marman, she’s lovely and a great mother she was too. (gentle music) – Arthur Edwards took that iconic image of a very young lady Diana Spencer in a see-through skirt. And a few years later, this even more controversial snap of a pregnant Diana in a bikini. – It was quite scandalous. – Scandalous, and I’ll tell you why, it’s the one week where I have, Charles and Diana where going
off to the Bahamas on holiday and I said let’s have a look. And we were of course
hidden in the bushes. I got these pictures of
Diana pregnant in a bikini on the beach in Eleuthera
with the Prince of Wales. They were intrusive pictures. There was a massive row here. In the House of Commons
there was questions asked but if, I probably wouldn’t do it again, not anymore, well also if you did it now, William would sue you (laughs). – The Queen was really annoyed
and horrified about this, so she called a meeting
at Buckingham Palace of all the editors of
the national newspapers. And she said, “You knew,
you simply have to leave “the Princess of Wales alone.” But I don’t think they
really took it in 80s. (cheering) – There was just too much money to be made out of the
burgeoning royal industry. This new generation of royal
moms-to-be sold newspapers and more, despite their frumpy 80s fashion choices. – I think it’s changing
times and changing fashion and being a pregnant
woman in this day and age is far more forgiving
than back in the 80s, where most people just had to resort to the big, old tent dresses, which were incredibly unflattering. (cheering) – Kate was the first royal to marry pregnancy fashion with style. Hers was an understated elegance. Meghan added a little Hollywood drama. – Look at what Meghan’s wearing today, showing the bump, you know, really skintight clothing. But lord very very Eiffel
Tower height heels. She looks incredibly elegant but she probably just wants
to take those heels off and put on her flip flops. – Meghan might be a
very modern mother-to-be but she’s married into a
family bound by tradition, especially in matters of childbirth. Just three generations ago, all royal births had to be witnessed by a government official. – The royal birthing chamber
was a very crowded place. I mean it’s appalling to our eyes. – The closer you were to the
business-end, shall we say, the greater your honour. – This quiet custom was still in place when Queen Elizabeth was born back in 1926 after a 24 hour labour. – The little Princess was eventually born by Caesarean section. The Home Secretary immediately
rang the Mayor of London and then the news was put out. – By the time Queen Elizabeth gave birth to her first child Charles, government officials were no
longer invited to the event. She did have a home birth though in a purpose built surgery
at Buckingham Palace. – After Prince Charles was born, it was something like a
month before Cecil Beaton was invited to take official pictures to be released. And because not much had
been seen before that, there really were rumours that there was something
wrong with the baby. (gentle music) – Everything changed with Diana. In 1982 she made the daring decision to give birth to Prince William at the Lindo wing of St
Mary’s in Paddington. – Can you be very kind and somehow ask them not
to make too much noise? Cause some sleep is badly needed. – It was the first time
an heir to the throne had been born in a hospital. – Prince William was apparently induced, she says later, “Oh so it
fitted in with Prince Charles “polo match.” But I think really she
couldn’t take anymore and doctors will take a
decision to induce a child if they think that the mother
is distraught and suffering. (background noise drowns out other sounds) – A very proud mom there, is this–
– and so young looking. – Lindo wing? – Yeah Lindo wing, look how young she looks you know. She’s such a young girl, just 21 I think. – Photographer Arthur Edwards hasn’t missed a royal birth since Diana shyly emerged from St Mary’s with Charles and the young Prince William. – It was very different
to what it is today. If you were photographing a royal birth leaving the hospital, was all new, and they pose for a little while and then they got into
a car and off they went and we thought that was fabulous. No one had covered the
royals like this before. I was the first person to start doing it and it became an industry at the end. – Does it feel more staged managed? – It is today, yeah it’s very much staged managed and it has to be really. (violins playing)
(cheering) – William and Kate kept
the tradition going, the Duchess of Cambridge had
all three of her children, George, Charlotte, and Louis at St Mary’s. – She’s always been flawless, almost too perfect and I don’t think anything more could demonstrate that perfection, than when she’s emerged three times with her three children. – These are those famous steps we’ve seen after each royal birth. You can’t help but think of Diana and Kate walking outside just
days, sometimes even hours after giving birth, holding their newborn and trying to look fresh
faced for the world’s press. (cheering) – Kate did have an army, well not an army just a little troop of her stylists, makeup artists because obviously she
wanted to look her best. In fact some mothers complained, you know she’s setting too
high a standard for motherhood, cause she turns up on
the steps of the hospital hours after giving birth, looking like a movie star. So this is putting pressure on us. (upbeat music) – No doubt Meghan will make her own rules when it comes time to introduce baby Sussex to the world. – Part of me would love to
see her in some sweatpants with her hair scraped back and just obviously looking
beautiful as always and say, look here we
go guys and off they go. – Can’t imagine Meghan in sweatpants anyway (laughs).
– No. I think, you know, but it would be doing something
for the sisterhood perhaps to just say, look you
don’t have to do this, you don’t have to have
every hair in place. – Certainly, yoga-loving
Californian Meghan is not your run-of-the-mill royal and the birth plan she’s
worked out with Harry will be a little different to that of her more
conservative predecessors. – I’d be amazed if Harry
wasn’t helping out in some way. We know that he meditates everyday and I would be amazed if they are not practising some hypnobirthing. So getting into the
state of deep relaxation which can help, you know, with the birth in whichever way it turns out just to keep the mother
in particular calm. – And there might be speculation that she’ll give birth up a tree, you know, weird (mumbles), I mean some crazy stuff comes out. The reality is they will be surrounded by some expert attention and they will be as well looked after as you could be possibly dream and they will do it their way. – That’s it, so be a bit
more yogaresque I think. Stretch it out, put your head back. Great belly. – The belly is good. – The endless speculation
about the royal birth has led to some creative and rather cheeky interpretations of Meghan and Harry’s
– Sit up, get up towards me. – unconventional approach to parenthood. – Yeah I’m trying to get that view. (camera clicking) – I sort of depict the secret, secret, private moments that we’ve all being dying to see but we haven’t actually had a chance to see before. – Photographer Alison Jackson uses lookalikes to create
her royal family happy snaps. Her Meghan and Harry series
is especially popular. – What do you think the royals would think of those photos? – Well I think the royals would probably find my
photographs very funny, they’ve got a great sense of humour. Sway back a bit so I can see Harry, so I can see the names. – Was the Meghan and Kate
cat fight an obvious one? – Well in the press at the moment, there are all those stories about how Meghan and
Kate aren’t getting on and a power thing and you know some kinda squabble. (background noise drowns out other sounds) So it was natural to think that they would be in some kinda cat fight scrape, so I depicted Meghan pulling Kate’s hair and who was gonna win. Struggle Kate, chin out, chin out, let’s see your face Meghan, going too fast, go on kick her. – Have you ever got into
trouble with any of your photos? – Well Diana, Dodi and
their mixed race child caused a lot trouble and a big fury at the time. Britain was a very
prejudiced place at that time and the idea of a mixed race child close to Prince William
was near on abhorrent and so it was like a scandal. It is very different from now 20 years on (violins playing) because we’re all celebrating
the wonderful news that Harry is going to have a
mixed race child with Meghan, so it’s a wonderful new
beginning for Britain. – What do you think, boy or girl? – I think a girl. – I think boy. – Oh gee, both one side of the fence. (laughter) Soon though, okay, so good luck. Is it gonna be a beautiful calm, – relaxing yoga-inspired birth? – We hope so. – I think she’s gonna have
a water birth (mumbles). – How does that sit with you? – Fine. (laughter)
– Just get it out hey. – Yes get it out, yes (laughs) – Have you begun casting for the new baby? – I’ve been casting for
a Harry and Meghan baby for a long time and I think it’s gonna
be a mixed race look but with ginger hair, a lot of, you know, crazy ginger hair. – Harry and Meghan have shown they’re not afraid to turn
royal convention on its head. (upbeat music) (gentle music) – Granny was christened in this and I was. Looks remarkably well despite (mumbles) – One questioned, is will the christening be a grand family occasion like that of Harry himself. – [Man] After the service, the Queen talked to
Princess Anne’s children about a new puppy. – It’s called Dash. – Dash. – Dash. – Zara? Can you get Zara? Look.
(baby crying) – Prince Harry was christened at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, the same place where
he and Meghan married. Maybe there’s a godparent amongst those A-list wedding guests. – The Beckhams, who knows? I mean, why not? Meghan’s background being as it is, you know, she is close friends
with some very famous people, so I think it’ll be very, very interesting to see their choice of godparents. – Meghan is expected to take around six months maternity leave. Harry will have paternity leave as well. Then it’s straight back to work just like the Queen 70 years before them. – Hats off to the Queen because she was doing the
working motherhood thing in a very extreme way, long before most of us were. And you can only imagine how tough that would’ve been for her. – We sort of forget that, don’t you? The working mother, working parents, both of them. – Yeah. – And that’s were the
royal nanny comes in. The Queen was incredibly attached to her nanny, Bobo. – The royal nanny is so
important to the royal child and many royal children, they are utterly devoted to their nannies and never forget them. The Queen’s nanny Bobo, she was always by her side. She was devoted to the Queen. – Literally the night before the wedding, before she was about to
marry this handsome Prince, the Queen had loyal Bobo
sleeping next door to her. Therein a way she went straight from the nursery to the marital bed. – And when the Queen
became a mother herself, she immediately summoned
the reinforcements to help raise the heir to the throne. – Charles had parent
substitute all his life and Diana said, that she was never going
to bring up her children in the way that he’d been brought up, which was to be so emotionally
distant from your parents. – Diana preferred a more
hands-on relationship with her boys but as a working royal, she did need some hired help. – Diana said she wanted
a far more modern nanny but of course it didn’t really work because Diana actually wanted
the children all to herself. She had a wonderful nanny
called Barbara Barnes and Diana became jealous and would pick on Barbara and it just became untenable, so in the end Barbara had to leave. (dramatic music) The Queen was quite shocked at how wild William and Harry were. – They were little monkeys, so Diana was having a lot of trouble making them do what she wanted them to do. – Diana did say that at Fergie’s wedding, when William was a Paige, she thought she might have
to put a line of smarties along the aisle so that Prince William would keep his eyes straight in front. In the end, he did behave. (loud chiming bells) – What sort of mother
do you think Diana was? – Diana was an incredibly
warm mother, very fun-loving. All of the images we
have of her with her boys show this fantastic bond and they seem to be laughing in so many of these pictures. It’s so lovely to see her just revelling in her role as a mother and I think that we’ve seen
that replicated in Kate, in the way that she
plays with her children, whether they’re rolling down the banks at the side of a polo field or, you know, going down a slide together, there’s seems to be this just natural joy. – When Kate needed a nanny to help care for her growing brood, there was only one place to turn. – This is Norland College, tucked away in beautiful Bath and it’s where royalty and the super rich get their nannies from. It’s a four year diploma and they learn everything
from martial arts to throwing the perfect
teddy bears picnic, and even pushing a pram, which is harder than it looks. – Norland College has
been around for 127 years, so what we try to do at Norland is to retain some of the core values and some of those traditional skills that are still necessary and needed in the modern world but at the same time try to make sure that we keep abreast with
current developments, you know, the brave new
world that we’re in, 21st Century technology, and so on. – Of course at Norland the focus continues to be
on the traditional staples like cooking, sewing. – Cause you could just whip it on by hand.
– Yeah. – But then it’s got to be really strong for children to play with, so it might be worth just doing that, then you haven’t got to worry about it. – And child development. – The purpose of play is to think about how children are developing
their gross motor skills. – But the trainee nannies are also instructed in
more dynamic skills. – God you are so good, look at you. – Like defensive driving.
(screaming) – Ah yes! (car skidding) – We do skid pan driving to be able to handle a car in a situation where you’ve got your child in the back and you need to make sure
it’s as safe as possible for the children. – And martial arts. – Go! – [Girls] Go! – Some of the more recent
additions to the programme, more cutting edge that fit
more with the 21st Century include the security and
cybersecurity training with our former military
intelligence officers, for example. – No, no, no. – So some people have made jokes about it, sort of James Bond meets Mary Poppins, but of course we’re not
trying to turn our graduates into bodyguards but at
the same time we want, you know, in many respects, we want our nannies to be as fun, and loving as Mary Poppins was. (toy child crying) – I know, I know. – Meghan and Harry like to test tradition, so who knows they might
choose a Mister Poppins to tend to baby Sussex. – What attracted you to becoming a nanny? – Just the course was just amazing and the way they teach you how to look after children is topnotch but more importantly, you
get to travel the world. – Have you always wanted to do this? – Not always, I wanted
to join the military which is very different to a nanny some would argue (laughter) but I mean both come with their routines and their challenges. – Well there’s lots of cliches that would be similar. The combats and war zones
– Of course yes. – and all of those similarities. – They’re very funny. Uphill battle, I think
the war zone (mumbles) (laughter) – You know you’re rocking don’t you? – I do yes, it’s very instinct about this, ah yes it’s very natural it’s great. – Have Harry and Meghan
contacted the agency yet? – So unfortunately I’m
not able to comment at all about any clients, you know we do pride ourselves
on being very discreet. – Speculation is that
they won’t have a nanny, they’ll be hands-on parents. Well I can’t wait to see if harry at two o’ clock in the morning, I think he’ll get a nanny. (trainees talking) – After all the excitement
of the royal birth, baby Sussex will be whisked away to the English countryside to be brought up here in the quaint little village of Windsor. Behind those walls is Frogmore Cottage, Harry and Meghan are racing to get all the renovations done in time but you can see why they’ve
decided to settle out here. Cute little streets to
push the pram around and best of all, the
great-grandparents right next door in Windsor Castle, in case they need a spot of babysitting. – The move to Frogmore will give them much more time to just be the family unit, away from prying eyes. As much as Kensington
Palace is a wonderful place, they’re part of a big community there. They know that on the
other side of those walls there’s the whole of London. At Frogmore they have a lot more space to breathe and of course they in the
middle of Windsor Great Park so there’s plenty of open countryside and freedom for a child. – Yeah you make it sound as though it’s– – It’s a no brainer (laughs) (dramatic music) – There have been rumours that the move to Windsor is because of a rift
between Kate and Meghan. (dramatic music) – Is the rivalry real? – I think the rivalry story
has been wildly overplayed. I think that they may
have been some differences of opinion in the past but Kate has talked
about how exciting it is that there’s going to be a
little baby in the family and a cousin for her children. I’m sure there are gonna be
lots of happy family moments in the future for all of them. – Meghan and harry won’t be spending too much time here at Windsor. Like everyone else in the firm, they are expected to muck in. That will mean endless touring to show off baby Sussex. But once upon a time, the royal tour was considered
no place for children. – There’s no doubt parenting
has changed enormously. If you think about when
the Queen gave birth, she had her first two children
before becoming Queen, then she was immediately off touring, you know, she famously went
on the commonwealth tour, didn’t see Charles or
Anne for about six months. It’s inconceivable now that modern world parents would do that. She was doing her duty and as Queen she didn’t
really have much choice but the younger generation has a lot more flexibility and they are able to
work around parenthood. – Diana was the first royal to tour with an heir to the throne. Nine month old Prince William made his first international appearance in Australia in 1983. Photographer Arthur Edwards was there. – Diana said, “He goes or I don’t go.” I mean that was pretty much
an ultimatum to the Palace. As they got off the
plane at Alice Springs, nanny brought William down from the plane and we all photographing him like mad and then of course Diana
and Charles held him. I got a really nice picture. – So it’s almost like
Charles and Diana ushered in a new way of royal parenting, didn’t they? – I think it was Diana that did it. I think Charles may have
done that without William. When Kate and William
went for the first time, they took George. He was the big star of Australia. When we went to Canada
they took the two children, it was tremendous. Paparazzi no longer stalk the children. You know they no longer
following them around when they go for their walks in the park and things like that, its all finished. That’s over now. – Every time the royal children step out, they make a fashion statement just like their mom Kate and there’s no doubt that baby Sussex will
become a style icon too. – There’s been a huge boost
to the British economy for all three of the past royal babies and this will be no different. But this is gonna have a
more of a global impact, I would imagine, because the Duchess is American. – Right now Princess Charlotte is the royals star performer. She’s worth about 200 million
dollars to the UK economy with fans snapping up
everything from what she wears to what she plays with. Prince George and Prince
Louis are generating about 150 million dollars each. – This is were all those
beautiful dresses come from. – That’s right. – Ah gorgeous. – So this is were the royals baby shop. – This is were a lot of
George and Charlotte’s clothes have come from, Pepa and Co. it’s a fantastic brand and we’ve seen a lot of these items gracing the royal children. – Wow, so this area here
does look like Prince George. – This is very, very Prince George. This in particular you
can imagine him wearing. It’s very traditional as well, which is something that
Kate seems to favour for the children in particular. – The clothes are reminiscent
of the 40s and 50s, an old-fashioned look that Charlotte has made popular again. – This dress. – The floral, hand smocked dress is kind of a staple for her. We’ve seen her wearing variations of this, quite often blue as well, which is quite nice, not
too much pink, girly stuff. Yellow cardigan as well you
can imagine seeing her in. They do seem to favour these
lovely hand knitted items. – So the moment Princess
Charlotte wears any of these, how quickly do they sell out? – Within hours, things
disappear from websites and stock is gone, everyone wants to dress their
daughter like a princess too. – And it’s not just in the
UK, it’s worldwide isn’t it? – It is worldwide, there’s
huge interest from overseas, from the US in particular
but also Australia. – There’s a new generation of princes and princesses and Kate and William are the poster couple for modern royal parenting. (people talking loudly) – From observing William and Kate and their brood, what sort of parents are they? – Well you know, he never
stops talking about them, “it’s oh George” he said and you know Charlotte
she’s got me wrapped around her little finger, you know. He’s always so proud of them and he tries to make a
point of getting back home in the evenings to sort
of see them off to bed and read them stories. (people talking loudly) And of course Charlotte, I
mean she is a little treasure. I remember when we were in Hamburg and we were getting the plane and George was up in this helicopter, and she wanted to go
and her mother said no, she just threw herself on the floor, I remember it, she just tantrum, you know. This 30 men and all had long
lenses going (camera snapping) like this. Kate just scooped her up and no nonsense and get on with it and then she sort of tip toeing along, it was funny. – William and Harry will
always be influenced by their mother. Her desire to try and give them a taste
of real life, normality, runs through the veins
of William and Harry. – But as a child, Harry also witnessed how the media hounded his mother. And that’s made him
especially wary of the press. – With Meghan, I think
we’re seeing a Prince Harry that is viciously protective,
understandably so, but viciously reactive
to criticisms of her. Harry the dad, my goodness, again multiply that. I hope for his sake that he’s able to kinda
just take a step back, don’t take this all to heart. (plane engines roaring) – Harry could take a leaf
out of grandmas book, at nearly 93 years of age, the Queen has handled all
the public ups and downs of her big family with great dignity. A family that now includes four children, eight grandchildren, and now her eighth great-grandchild who is due any day. – I think the Queen is incredibly
proud of her grandchildren and the great-grandchildren and in fact she’s invested
in what they’re doing, she’s very proud but so is Prince Charles, I mean, he doesn’t always get the applause that he deserves for
being a proud grandfather but he, you know, has
built things in his garden at Highgrove for the children to play, and there’s the tree house
that was William and Harry’s when they were children. He’s very excited about
becoming a grandfather again and we saw in those beautiful photographs from his 70th birthday how much of a connection he has with them. – Meghan has that connection with her mother, Doria but is estranged from her father Thomas and her half-brother and sister. (gentle music) They won’t be part of
the birth celebrations. – The saddest thing about it all is that Meghan’s family are
not gonna enjoy this event. You know, apparently
the father learnt of it from a magazine that
she was having a baby. And so there’s obviously
a big friction there, they’re gonna miss a great event. I wish that schism could end, could heal because you know, a
new baby in the family, I mean, grand dad, he would
be so excited to be there to see that. You know, I think this baby could sort of maybe heal the family. (cheering) – And then we all can’t wait
to see who the baby looks like. – I think people are so excited. There’s no doubt this baby
is gonna be incredibly cute. I mean, such good looking parents and the cheeky grin from Harry, you know, it’s gonna be a showstopper. Can you call a baby a showstopper? That was a bit weird, isn’t it? (laughter) – I think this one will be a showstopper. (laughter) (cheering)

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