Royal Az – Meghan’s Moroccan fashion show: The Duchess wears THREE different maternity looks in one

Royal Az –  Meghan’s Moroccan fashion show: The Duchess wears THREE different maternity looks in one

When in Morocco, fashion is key. At least, that’s what seems to be the case for Duchess Meghan, who just went above and beyond by wearing no less than three different outfits over the course of a single day – and she nailed them all Indeed not only is the stylish royal due to give birth in a matter of weeks, but she’s continuing to set a precedent in maternity fashion that sets the bar very high Her last day in Morocco was case in point. While she began the day of activities in simple casual-wear, the Duchess soon stepped things up a notch, and then again after that!Outfit 1: Meghan and Harry attend cooking class with local childrenStepping out for their first event of the third and final day of their royal tour, Meghan and Harry looked relaxed and at ease as they attended a cooking school in Rabat Wearing a striped Equipment Femme striped jumper, paired with skinny jeans and later adding her old favourite olive green J Crew jacket, Meghan looked casual and chic as she engaged with guests and tasted some of the chefs creations READ: Duchess Meghan Markle’s best maternity fashion momentsAs a keen foodie herself, the event was an exciting one for Meghan, who gifted her very own charity cookbook that she developed in 2018 with women who were affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy In a personal note in the pages of Together: Our Community Cookbook, Meghan wrote: “Chef Mohar Wishing you continued success and congratulating you on your incredible work in engaging the community in cooking All the best, Meghan.”WATCH: Prince Harry sneaks a treat during cooking class with Meghan in Morocco Story continues after video.The same morning, Meghan and Harry visited the Moroccan Royal Federation of Equestrian Sports where they met some of the horses living there The federation was set up as a program for disabled children where the horses help them to carry out physical therapy A horse enthusiast himself, Prince Harry spoke of his own experience with horses as they mingled with children and guests during the event Outfit 2: Meghan goes monochrome for social entrepreneurs eventStepping out in her second look of the day, Duchess Meghan wore a stunning pleated black dress by one of her favourite designers – Givenchy And nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, we’ve definitely seen the style on Meghan before – she wore it back in January for a meeting with the ACU Given the slightly warmer climate, the pregnant royal styled the dress quite differently this time, ditching the wooly layers and wearing a simple white Babaton jacket over the strapless dress Pairing it with a pair of stunning gold earrings, Manolo Blahnik slingback pumps and wearing her hair in a chic pony tail, Meghan was positively oozing glamour As they arrived at the event, Meghan and Harry were presented with flowers by two young girls The pair then admired Moroccan arts and crafts on display, while Harry shared his thoughts on the importance of recycling with one guest, Youssef Chaqor, who runs a recycling company called Eko-Geste Harry told him that he needed to put more pressure on big companies, encouraging them to recycle He added: “They are still producing single-use plastic bottles. Go to the source!”Outfit three: Private meeting with Moroccan KingIn their final engagement of the day, Meghan saved the best for last as she stepped out in a stunning custom Carolina Herrera gown The royal looked incredible in the flowy blue printed style with ruffled sleeves – the perfect outfit to mark the end of their three day tour The Moroccan King welcomed Meghan and Harry as they pulled up to his 1950s Arabic-style mansion, where they later spent time with his immediate family In a moment caught on camera, Meghan also curtsied to the king as she entered the residence – and it’s clear she really has perfected the act! Watch the moment below:

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  1. Harry & Meghan always look like they're really enjoying themselves, not like they have to be somewhere representing the Queen. I hope she gets some downtime now.

  2. 1st look black and white stips prison brake
    2n look blue dress grandmas kitchen window curtain
    3rd look hiding moon bumb in black with white jacket around😂😎

  3. Their supposedly official visits,for which they are given hefty allowances,and which must cost a lot,are more like vacations and fashion shows..
    Why didnt they instead use the money to help those who really need it?
    Are these trips really necessary?and what is the outcome?

  4. Hey, I have an idea!! Let's fly to NY. Sand have a baby shower and all of us (4, or 5 girls) wear black (or occasionally red!! Then lest fly to Morocco and wear red and black! Wow, what a cool thing to do. I feel so iconic now!

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