Recreating Iconic Celebrity Photos 2

Recreating Iconic Celebrity Photos 2

– Hey, guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel and today we are gonna be doing part two of recreating iconic
celebrity photo shoots. If you’re new to my channel,
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chatting with you guys, hearing what you think about it. Make sure you tell me your
thoughts, down in the comments. So let’s get into this video. The first photo we’re recreating, is Ariana Grande’s iconic album cover where she’s somehow
balancing on this stool. I remember when this album got released and everyone on Twitter
was trying to figure out how the heck she balanced on the stool. I guess I’m gonna have to figure it out, ’cause I’m gonna have to do it. So we just finished my
make up for the look and now we need to go get my hair into that high signature Ariana ponytail, but of course I have short hair and it’s gonna look a
little bit different. The thing with these
videos is I’m not trying to look like Ariana Grande. I’m just trying to look like
me and recreate her photo on my body with my hair and
face and everything else that makes me unique. So I’m super excited
to do this first shot. I would not be able to do
any of this stuff on my own. We’ve got a whole little team here. I introduced you guys to the whole crew in part one of this video. We’ve got Ruben on the
camera, Tony doing photos, Skylar doing costumes and
making everything happen and Stephanie doing my hair and make up and then me being the model for the day. So, I’m gonna go get
my hair in a high pony and figure out how the
heck to balance on a stool. Let’s do it. Alright, the hair, the outfit,
everything has come together. We’re actually using
ruffled swimsuit bottoms instead of the little
short she was wearing, ’cause they had a little ruffle. This was as close of a
thing as we could find. The top is just like a
little square crop top. I feel like we recreated
the outfit pretty well. Stephanie did an amazing
job with the hair. We even got the little wrap
around the pony, very Ariana. My hair is obviously
shorter than Ariana’s, so it’s gonna look a little
bit different, but I’m excited. I also have to wear white heels, but I think I’m gonna
try to get on the stool before I put the heels on. I think that should make
it easier, hopefully. I’m like, I don’t know,
I’m usually so confident in my body, but I’m a little
bit insecure about this one, because it’s like, sitting,
my thighs are smooshed, my stomach’s gonna be smooshed, but — – Even taking the test shot, ’cause I was sitting
in for you, I was like, these are the most unflattering pictures of me I’ve ever seen. I was like, I feel like I’m
usually in your boat too, where I’m like, it’s
fine, it’s a test shot, but I was like, please delete them. That is messy. – I’m really gonna have to love my curves, my chub, my thighs, my tummy in this one, so this is gonna be a body
positivity lesson as well. Okay, so knees up here. – There you go, you got
it and then sit back. – This feels literally, it
looks like I’m squatting to poop or something. – [Tony] Yeah, it’s
actually pretty on point and if you can relax your
butt a little bit back. So we’re just gonna do a few test shots. And we’re gonna see how this looking. – And you know what? Your face pointing this way. – Okay, thanks.
– [Tony] Yeah. Alright, let’s see. How she’s looking. Okay, wow. – [Skylar] Wait, that’s really good. – [Tony] Actually is kind of iconic. – Yeah, and then just
cheek out like you’re — there you go, perfect. And then face this way. – [Tony] Pull that shoulder
a little bit behind. There you go.
– [Skylar] There you go. – [Tony] Nice, nice, nice, nice. Okay, hold it, hold it, hold it. Beautiful, Sierra. Just a few more. – [Skylar] Yes, yes. – [Tony] And then, alright. – We got it?
– Alright, that’s — – yeah! – We actually got it. We actually got it. – [Skylar] We have won in there. – Okay, so it’s a few weeks later. The photos are in. Let’s take a look at my
recreation of Ariana Grande’s My Everything album cover. Somehow Ariana makes this
pose look so effortless and glamorous, but let me tell you, balancing on that stool is no small feat. Oh my gosh, it was so uncomfortable. Such like in awkward positioning. I think Skylar had it right. This might be one of the
most unflattering poses ever. It definitely highlights
some of the things that I’m still learning
how to love about my body. You know, I’m still on
this body positive journey. I’m still making strides
and learning to love myself. But this photo makes me realize
how far I’ve actually come that I can look at this photo
and be okay with my tummy and some cellulite on my legs. like, that’s me and I’m okay with it and a couple of years ago that
would not have been the case, so I’m really proud of myself
for still liking this photo even though I don’t
look like Ariana Grande. Ariana looks absolutely
stunning and effortless and beautiful in this photo, but just because I don’t look like her, doesn’t mean I still
can’t be beautiful too. Alright, shot number two. We are recreating the iconic Beyonce, pregnancy announcement photo. So Beyonce obviously looks
like Beyonce in this photo, which is ten out of ten, amazing. She’s beautiful, she’s
glowing, everything. But I feel like there’s this whole thing where woman are only allowed
to love their stomachs if they’re pregnant. If you’re not pregnant, you’re
stomach needs to be flat. Don’t draw attention to it. Hide it, cover it up. And we’re gonna totally go
against that social norm today and I’m not pregnant, guys
seriously, I’m not pregnant, I promise, but that doesn’t
mean I can’t love my tummy, I can’t hold my tummy, I
can’t embrace my stomach and that’s what we’re
gonna do with this photo. It’s not gonna be a pregnancy photo, it’s just gonna be a little
bit of self love up in here. Okay, so pause real quick. While I was editing this, I realized that this bra looks so much more revealing than it actually is. I’m wearing separate beige
colored coverage under the bra so you’re not seeing as much skin as you actually think you’re seeing. So, yeah, don’t worry, there’s
not gonna be a nip slip, I got coverage, it’s just subtle, but yeah anyways, back into it. Beyonce has this really
bright kind of pink lip that I didn’t notice when we
were first planning the photo, but I feel like we got a pretty good match and Skylar, you have
to see the DIY she did for this background. She made this beautiful
floral wall to match and she got a green tulle
veil to put over my face like Beyonce had. We’ve got the blue paper roll, the green paper roll, so I think we’re gonna get pretty close to recreating this. It’s definitely not gonna
look as glamorous and perfect as Beyonce’s did, but yeah, I’m gonna be Dollar Store Beyonce today. Let’s get into it. So, sorry, top hand is up or down? – [Skylar] Uh, so down, up – Cool.
– [Skylar] yeah. – More there. Why don’t you adjust the
lighting a little bit? Then tension straight out of there. I think hands are pretty good. Bring this one a little bit lower, it’s actually tucked more underneath,
– [Sierra] Under. – ’cause she’s like yeah, kind of crossing the stomach little bit. But beyond that, I think right now, let’s just tension the eyes and then everything else will connect — – So good. Perfect, good. – [Tony] Nice, nice,
nice, nice, nice, nice. Awesome. Chin down, perfect. Angle out your shoulders
a little more toward me. Nice. A few more crepes. Wonderful. More chin slide down for me. Nice. – Queen B, my not
pregnant pregnancy photo, let’s see the final product. I absolutely love this photo. Both my version and Beyonce’s, it’s just so powerful and regal and self loving. I feel like way too often
I try to hide my stomach and pull attention away from it, but with this photo it’s
like I’m touching it, here it is, this is me. ♪ This is real ♪ ♪ This is me ♪ Camp Rock anyone? Nope, okay, just me. Point being I like this photo, it’s real, it’s honest, it’s not hiding anything
or drawing attention away from my stomach. I think doing this shoot
and this photo in particular was a really good reminder for me that it’s okay to have a stomach, even if you’re not pregnant. You don’t always have to hide it. Okay, for our third and final look, we’re doing something a little bit sillier than the first two. I am gonna recreate this
photo of Ashley Tisdale on the red carpet in the early 2000’s. This outfit has so many layers, so I’ve got the flared jeans,
the gold glittery skirt, blue tank top and Skylar
recreated her D.R.E.A.M baby shirt with transfer paper, so
we even have that detail. I’ve got the bangles that are super loud, I’m trying not to move my arms, so it doesn’t mess up the audio. I’ve got a feather necklace
and gold flats as well. And I actually even have
one more necklace to put on. A big blue one, but I didn’t
want it to be too loud while I’m talking, so
I’m gonna put that on right before we film. Uh, yeah, I ‘m glad that
we’re gonna be ending on a silly fun one. We’re gonna take this
picture on the green screen so that we can edit the background to look like I’m on the red carpet. This outfit was definitely
kind of hard to track down. There’s just so many elements to it, but I think we got it. Let’s go try to recreate this photo. – Okay, so you want right foot out, – Right foot out. – Kind of bent at an angle. Hand on hip, lean in back (laughing), pelvis first. – Pelvis first. – And then straight leg, straight arm. – And head is towards the piano first. Okay. – Yeah okay, Let’s see. – Also one of the big problems
we’re having with this outfit is that the transfer
paper’s kind of coming off since my boobs stretched out the shirt when we put it on. So if you see me doing this a lot, I’m not just grabbing myself, I’m trying to keep the transfer paper on. It’s a look. It’s the last look, we’re gonna make it work. – [Tony] Cute, cute, cute, cute. Do we see her elbow at all
in this little shot here? – It’s almost like turned out. – [Tony] Oh. – And the end’s like
hanging from it like that. – Wow, this is a complex poser. – [Tony] Work it, Ashley, yes. (laughing) – Yeah, Sharpay Evans. (laughing) – The weirdest thing about this is that I can’t switch up my pose, ’cause I feel like usually
you’re in photo shoots, I’m like move, move move and instead I’m just like. – See ya and, see ya pose. Really good actually. – Yay! – Yeah. – Ah, that’s like literally. – Oh wow. That is like spot on. – That is so good, you can’t
even tell it’s a transfer paper – [Sierra] Oh my gosh. – [Tony] Oh no, it blends right in. That’s fantastic. – Oh my gosh. (laughing) hi, I’m Sierra Schultzzie and you’re watching Disney Channel. (bangles chiming) (laughing) I hit myself. (laughing) – [Sky;ar] That piano works. – That’s my magic wand. Oh then okay, this photo
might be the biggest reveal because there’s so much
editing that went into it, so here we have me and Ashley Tisdale on the red carpet, Circa 2009. I loved doing one that was just ridiculous and silly and so much fun. One of you guys recommended
I recreate this photo on Instagram and I couldn’t help myself. It was too much fun. I think moving forward with this series, if I do another episode, I
always wanna do at least one fun silly one like I did with
the Ashley Tisdale photo. Because yeah, sometimes it’s
fun just not to take yourself so seriously and rock a piano purse. So if you guys do wanna
see another episode of me recreating celebrity photos, let’s get this video to 15, 000 likes. 15, 000 likes and I
will do another episode in March, recreating celebrity photos that you guys recommend in
the comments of this video and over on my Instagram. So if you do wanna be a
part of videos like this where I ask you guys for
your recommendations, make sure you’re
following me on Instagram, ’cause that’s usually where
I post that kinda stuff. But anyways, I hope you
guys enjoyed this video, be confident, love your
body and I will see you on Tuesday with another new one. Bye. (bright upbeat music)

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