Radical Abortion Law In Virginia Would Shut Down Most Clinics

Radical Abortion Law In Virginia Would Shut Down Most Clinics

this s_l_ transported by westerns offering
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twenty five percent off west phones west coast wistful now we’ve been talking about a lot of different
work was that the proposed route country by republicans uh… they are clearly on the war path here
there’s a outrageous what we told you about in georgia where they would punish women who have miscarriages
i woman would have to prove that they didn’t intentionally do it admitted and possibly faced uh… life sentences and in
the death penalty if they couldn’t prove that they’re miscarriage uh… wasn’t done on purpose uh… yet for that with when they called quote
human involvement so now there’s many many extreme was throughout
the country the one in georgia is the one that you know
i probably the most shocking but there were other proposals uh… allowing people to good call killing
abortion doctors justifiable homicide one was proposing not done another one i believe this popped up in in
another state echoes on and on and on its even talk to keep
up but there’s a new one in virginia that’s uh…
have passed uh… of the legislator their which they treat their it’s out of the government owner’s also in
favor of it and said that he will sign the bill and then it will go to regulators to see how
they in force it uh… but what they want to do is the only
treat than the private clinics as hospitals as if it really does hospitals a different
set of rules will apply to them and it would be in effect shut down seventeen of the twenty one of washington’s
in virginia thereby making they get an abortion in virginia nearly impossible for a lot of this citizens
than virginia and very very hard for the others now how this happened on the wednesday eighteen
resisting where there was a well transact your requirements for always uh… are much larger in a hospital so your hallways are too small sad day for you at the knock down the hall
dot and other requirement as you don’t have a
cafeteria unique apertures we need to build a cafeteria solicitations could cost up to a million dollars
maybe even more you don’t have have the right staffing requirements uh… your doorways or not the right side now you really believe the people of virginia pass this law give a damn what the size of the door what
raise our no obviously that you tried to shut these
clinics down now within the african this on which is one cleaner safer procedures you
don’t know what the worst of it all so breakthrough in the size of the doors of
motherhood in fact a lot of people of that that was asked as an antiabortion activist at she’s with the triple a_ winning of court
released in manassas by the way you get that they call themselves women for choice when their guest rooms it’s so orwellian soul republic and to do
that so this woman services what dental clinics and even barbershops have more regulations than these clinics saying you know in essence these clinics need
more regulations and we’re doing a reno to make sure that they
are but then per second quote the real reason why they’re doing she continues we support these regulations and it’s the first push to stop the legalization
of spelling bee so there you go in reality obviously these
regulations artist op abortions by the way of course abortions i gotta keep reminding
people and republicans of this are legal in this country because of roe versus
wade and it is the legal to try to block it as their clearly trying to do in virginia now this goes not just proposed this past for governor will
sign it it’ll be the new law in virginia it will bend goto board to see which of the
regulations they needed adopt and how much like hospitals they need to be
are big business and here need to be and hopefully the warble they reasonable steps not on reasonable steps that’s not a great hope to have but they say
some of the board members were picked by former democratic governors so there’s a little bit of hope in that regard
but the minute that they have more republicans on that poor or even enforcing this current
law a lot of the abortion clinics in virginia will get shot down and access to abortion will be clearly being
limited and in no way that i think according to the role reversal away will be clearly
unconstitutional and that is their purpose they’re trying to find every single way they
can get around roe versus wade and make sure people can get abortions no matter what the
law of the lands that’s what you like day grupo domas of delivering
free if that’s not what you like well manage the big question for you both
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100 thoughts on “Radical Abortion Law In Virginia Would Shut Down Most Clinics

  1. If we do not do these things, those of us who are pro-life will look incredibly hypocritical. It doesn't help that in many American states, it is perfectly legal to abort or euthenize a child who has some form of disability, up to and even after their birth. At the very least, we must promote adoption to emphasize that while there may be unwanted pregnancies, there are no unwanted children.

  2. @jpav0923 I'll paraphrase you.

    I'm human life…until it passes the vagina…then it can starve in the street for all I care.

    Elderly? Let em starve and freeze in the gutter…it was good enough for the elderly in the 30's it's good enough for the elderly now!

    Work til you're a hundred or starve gramps! You fuckin drain on society that just happened to be a part of a generation that used social programs to build everything good in this country that we enjoy today!

    You really suck.

  3. @themysteriouscrumpet Very well put. I wish there were more on your side that felt and thought like you do. Or, if they are out there, that they were more vocal. I would think then we could have an actual discussion and come to some reasonable agreements.

  4. @lordcheetah Exactly, which begs the question as to how many of them support these anti-abortion measures out of some rather ill-conceived good intentions, and how many are simply milking the subject for political power, by distracting the public from still greater issues and by attempting to keep women "in their place." Nobody finds abortion an appealing notion, but we need people with principals to debate it.

  5. @tcdowning666 Likewise, I would be very grateful if there were more people like you who were willing to think and discuss these matters like human beings rather than screeching abuses and slogans and attacking clinics. The problem is that our society has become incredibly polarized by media figures who build their fortunes and careers off of setting people at each others throats, and powerful private interests who tell us our governments are out to exploit us while doing just that themselves.

  6. @lordcheetah

    HAHAHAHA!!! You are too funny!

    No, it's "Zero government in MY wallet, full government inside YOUR vagina." Makes perfectly good, fiscal sense, right? SMH.

  7. So this is bad, but Chicago getting forced to allow people their second ammendment rights by lawsuit…then turning around and banning all gun ranges within the city…making it impossible to get the rights people just won back in court is OK? Cause Cenk hates firearms? Fuck Cenk and fuck these hypocrites…both laws are retarded, but this guy is so up his ass with his agenda its insane

  8. @SuperKingJingaling sorry to burst your bubble but a fetus is not a child and $17,000+ (without health insurance) is not a "few bucks"

  9. Um, all u sane Americans, I think it is about time you more to Europe, let them brainwashed fanatics slave for the corporations and destroy them selves with unreasonable morals, but don't get dragged down with them!

  10. @SuperKingJingaling you sound like you spend a significant amount of time every day trying to lick your own ear.

  11. i love how the people who are the most anti-abortion do it under the guise of a religion that spent 300 years torturing and burning people alive so they could seize their property and land. there's respect for life for ya ya dumb fucking hypocrites.

  12. @themysteriouscrumpet Not to mention polititians who do likewise. Ultimately, since I am a man and have zero risk of every being in such a horrible position to have to make that decision… I really have no business telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. That's just me.
    Here's to dreaming of that day and that place where that conversation can take place. =)

  13. @tcdowning666 Yea verily! People's spirtuality and morality and their civil liberties are not mutually exclusive. Here's to transcending partisanship. =)

  14. @TheGunpowderTreason
    President Palin will never quit on the people. She WILL serve out her 2 terms as our greatest President EVER!

  15. @TheChrissy473 a fetus is a parasite by definition not a human it may have a heart beat but it does not have thoughts it does not have any senses it cant touch,smell, see, hear, or taste it is solely dependent on the mother it can not breathe if they are separated the fetus will die its a symbiotic relationship in which the health of either effects the other so again by definition a parasite not an individual

  16. @SuperKingJingaling they are not children in the womb they do not even become a specific gender for a couple of weeks its is a parasite it can not live on its own it can not breathe on its own it can see hear touch smell or taste when people are for abortion it is when its in this parasitic state where it is not a human that is why you will not see people aborting in the 30th week and as someone else said if you are so against abortion then you must also out law masturbation as its killing sperm

  17. @TheChrissy473 science also agrees that a fetus is a parasite so should we allow all parasites that may invade us to live? would you let a tape worm that is damaging you and making you sick live would you allow it to live it if just stayed there or how about the other ones. and you say if the fetus is killing the parent its ok but if its a 13year old girl who was raped by a relative she would have to have her incest child? or any rape child? or if the baby is doomed to live a miserable life

  18. @TheChrissy473 the parent should be forced to keep it or maybe its not rape its a 14 year old having protected sex and the condom fails the child should be forced to have to give birth to a child? maybe you should be in their shoes when having to make that decision before going on about how its murder and should be illegal there are so many circumstances surrounding abortions they don't go out and have sex just to have an abortion but it is a safety net for when things go wrong so people arent

  19. @TheChrissy473 throwing there life away because of things they had no control over or something they don't want or cant handle or cant afford or aren't prepared for if you think people who say abortion is ok are sick you are the lowest scum on the face of the earth for wanting mothers and children to suffer

  20. @TheChrissy473 the very first thing i said to you was a fetus is a parasite by definition not a human i never said anything about children as a child is of ages 4-12 newborn 0-6months infant 6months to 2 toddler 2-4 teenager 12-18 in most cases adult 18 some 19 and a few 21 while in the womb it starts as an embryo conception to 9weeks fetus from 9 weeks to birth so it goes embryo, fetus, newborn, infant, toddler, child, teen, adult

  21. @TheChrissy473 so please tell me how i implied children should die when it is a fetus and embryo which i am talking about a child can think, has the ability to survive on its own, is not 100% dependent on the womb of another being while a fetus until week 21 at the extreme earliest and most commonly at week 24 can possibly survive out side of the womb making any fetus or embryo up to week 24 a parasite as if the host dies so doe the fetus and completely dependent on the host

  22. @TheChrissy473 are you fucking kidding me rape isnt an issue? man your a whack job, and pride??? no one takes pride in giving a baby away or choosing to abort a fetus its made soley on there person situation if they cant afford it or if the child will suffer by being born with a death sentence in the case of some diseases or if the child will be a crack baby or what ever there are so many factors and you just choose to ignore them all and say its for pride?

  23. @TheChrissy473 how about you go and talk to some of these people that actually had to make this decision rather then trying to say you know whats better then they do try telling a 13 year old girl that she HAS to give birth because of a circumstance out of her hand or how about telling a mother whos fetus is diagnosed with downs syndrome that she is being immoral and killing a human after she made the most devastating decision in her life not to give birth to to prevent that child's suffering

  24. @TheChrissy473 how about reading from the last comment up as thats how you tube comments work. as for calling you a whack job im sorry to have offended you but you just called rape a NON issue go tell that to a rape victim

  25. Easy Peasy for women to shut these idiots down…if your a crazed zealot of a republican looking to pass these laws…no sex for you bitches. As for the women that agree with this idiocy…..you get to lose your right to vote or work outside the home.

  26. @SuperKingJingaling seriously? lets look at this medically a child by the tabers medical dictionary is any human between infancy and puberty, an infant is a human in the first year of LIFE, life the time between the birth and death of an organism. now lets look at the definition of a parasite An organism that lives in or on and takes its nourishment from another organism. A parasite cannot live independently now tell me honestly by definition which is a fetus and embryo??? hint child is wrong

  27. On a serious note, isn't the woman proving it wasn't an accident a violation of 'innocent until proven guilty'?

    Coffin v. United States 1895. Look it up you ultra-right morons!

  28. @SuperKingJingaling what are definitions to much for you? or is it that you disown medicine? or maybe you just hate science? what ever your problem is reverting to name calling is a sign of a lack of mental capacity if those are to big of words for you let me rephrase it so you can understand what i'm saying you sir are an idiot

  29. @cloudvszell How is the start of life defined though? Remember that there is no consciousness until a certain point. Also, the termination of those with Anencephaly is not murder or neglect.

  30. @Makron5 im for abortion i was making a point that the court system is fucked that instead of it being innocent till proven guilty the system now treats you guilty till proven innocent

  31. @SuperKingJing being passive never changes anything argument is the basis of debate debate is how ideas collide to form an idea that works for everybody its the very principle of democracy. as for why we are arguing we have polar opposite ideas on a very controversial topic i believe in the the choice of the mother to come to term with her fetus or not you see an embryo and fetus the same as a living breathing child im coming from a science background i would i assume you come fro a religious

  32. @cloudvszell I know, America must be destroyed for turning its back on the people and instead dropping to its knees for corporate interests which are raping America and the rest of the world.

  33. @Makron5 lol i just feel said for americans when people in there country want to make slaves of them i dont know how many times i have argued with people trying to tell me that min wage is the source of all problems and that people should be paid like 3 dollars an hour the americans deserve what ever they get maybe one day they will smarten up and join the rest of the world

  34. @TheChrissy473 but its still apart of it that you have disowned as not being a reason for abortion when you say the only way it should be allowed is when the mothers life is in danger. by saying that you say 13 yearolds have to come to term, drug addicts must come to term those of low income must come to term, recently single females must come to term babys with birth defects or genetic problems must come to term and for what? these people make the decision on what they think is best for them

  35. @TheChrissy473 and there possible baby. how would you like it if some one controlled your health and life? forcing you to do something! here let me put it this way if you break a leg in the future you can NOT get treatment you must live with it or better yet next time you get a sever viral or bacterial infection you cant take anti biotic. what you dont like being told what you can and cant do about your health or your body then dont impose it on others

  36. @SuperKingJingaling you make a valid point in that we can work together to find out how things work but in this case this topic its already been proven and documented by science. religion and science have had a very long history very rarely do they agree usually religion ends up adapting sciences ideas as they can no longer disprove or it has become the major way of thinking religion is adaptive science is fact based i do not think people to be stupid unless their comments state other wise

  37. @SuperKingJing i will say this though if you are willing to learn then by all means do so. i respect your honesty on this topic but before entering any argument you should always know both sides and both reasons and have an opinion based on such if this is the case in your opinion i respect it as we will always see differently but in a true debate we would come to terms that satisfied as much of both sides but as we dont have that power all i can say is good talking to you an have a good day

  38. @Saaduk92 Wrong. Sperm and eggs are not alive because life begins at the moment of conception. That's a scientific fact. And yes, many pregnancies, and eventual abortions are the result of irresponsible sex. There might be the odd time where the condom breaks, but I think we can agree that women who agree to have unprotected sex without the intent of getting pregnant are putting themselves in their own difficult situations.

    You can say fetuses aren't babies, but they are still living beings.

  39. @TheChrissy473 ya your right there are a lot of people out there that want children that cant have them they also have segregate mothers, adoption abroad, sperm doners and so many more options but here let me put it this way the rate of abortions compared to the rate of adoptions would cause a huge financial strain with a large increase in foster care people have more babies a year then that are adopted so now your also forcing children to live in foster homes and the govt to pay for it

  40. @TheChrissy473 and you right comparing a fetus to a leg is not the exact same but the principle is still there you are forcing a descision about someones HEALTH onto them. as for the health a young woman who gives birth their body will be effected physically as pregnancy early in life alters a woman's growth of certain organs and structures and can also leave physical and emotional scars. so this is not some random thing where you just have it in you for 9 months push it out and its over with

  41. @TheChrissy473 the number of adoptions from most sources seems to be less then a million adoptions a year so let me ask you this who will these 40 million new children survive when only one of each 40 will get a home? adoption does help i have no quarrel with it but abortion is also needed

  42. OH MY GOD, US

    You realize this abortion debate is just to distract you from the bigger issues, right?

  43. @TheChrissy473 science does not support that terminating a fetus is killing a human science clearly states they are two separate things and even by sciences definition a embryo and fetus up to week 24 is a parasite. im not trying to change your mind just trying to get you to stop spitting out nonsense science created the means in which to give safe abortions science also has come up with the means to save lives but science does not deal in bullshit an embryo is an embryo a fetus a fetus

  44. @TheChrissy473 a human is a human they are all developing stages starting with the sperm of a male so as others have pointed out should males have to be constantly impregnating woman so sperm does not die off and what about the millions of sperm that don't make it and die off they are part of the development stages to creating a human

  45. @TheChrissy473 a parasite is "An organism that lives in or on and takes its nourishment from another organism. A parasite cannot live independently" taken from a medical dictionary an embryo and fetus both fall under this definition neither are able to live independently, and they accumulate nutrients from another organism (the mother) they live with in the body and are attached this is why most places will not abort after 24 week when the fetus actually has a chance to survive on its own

  46. @TheChrissy473 as now it is killing a possible child as at 24 weeks it is possible to survive out side of the womb although very risky

  47. TheChris no i argue because you are being biased if you want to be pro life then help support the lives of the people in the world instead of dictating what a mother should or shouldn't do there are millions of children starving and working in sweat shops that a pro lifer like your self could be fighting to stop instead of fighting with someone elses anatomy which you all read showed you wouldn't want some one controlling yours but what ever have a good life and stop forcing you ideas on others

  48. @TheChrissy473 what double standard do you see me going around telling people how to control their anatomy? do you see me picketing in front of a church saying they are lairs and the people there are being brainwashed do you see me expressing my opinion and trying to make it the law? no you know why i go by facts not opinion my opinion varies quite a bit from the fact hence why its called an opinion. as for people who are SICK again it should be there choice as to what treatment they get its

  49. @TheChrissy473 their anatomy not yours so if some one want to end THEIR life because they can no longer take the pain of a disease then that is THEIR choice its THEIR body THEIR life THEIR anatomy not yours. the only time it becomes yours if you are the spouse or next of kin and the person goes into a coma or cant decide for them selves. as a pro lifer you should also be pro choice forcing some one to live for your own person feelings or idea is selfishness and last i checked thats a sin.

  50. @TheChrissy473
    But otherwise it is scientifically murder, and you can't get away with killing another human being who isn't in the womb, so babies in the womb shouldn't be an exception.
    that sounds to me like you controlling some ones anatomy also this is an opinion so it is invalid i believe you used that statement before. further more by the original quote you would be sending the woman to jail and probably the doctor as well.

  51. @TheChrissy473 now onto your comment about a an embryo thinking. how to put this lightly you are wrong a nervous system does not translate into thought a nervous system does reflect the presence of reflexes or instinct also a complete nervous system is not formed till week 23 long after most abortions are not allowed except in extreme cases. as for brain function until week 25 is completely involuntary meaning it is basic instinct and relfex not thought processes

  52. @TheChrissy473
    a parasite is defined as – An organism that lives in or on and takes its nourishment from another organism. A parasite cannot live independently.
    an organism is a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently
    this is why abortions are legal until the fetus/embryo is able to live independently it is a parasite meaning it is effecting the woman's anatomy and is her choice also see my note about cases where next of kin have the choice

  53. @TheChrissy473 instinct to SURVIVE.
    Really that's your argument so does that spider you squash because it scares you or that mosquito you swat because it bit you or the worm you step on when you walk after it rains, or the chicken or cow you probably ate the other day they all had the instinct to survive but yet you would show no hesitation in killing or eating them if you are vegan then plants also have the instinct to survive and the best one yet i hope you don't eat veal or eggs

  54. @TheChrissy473 actually life is life
    kingdom of human, chimp, cow, sheep, dog, or cat is animalia meaning animals
    class of the same species is mammalia meaning mammals
    phylum is chordata meaning we all have a spine
    so no there is not difference as humans are animals by scientific classification we are all mammals and all chordata the only difference between us and other animals is the species homo sapiens so nice try i know facts troublesome things and btw a troll doesn't use facts

  55. @TheChrissy473 thats funny because only an idiot would fail to realize that by DEFINITION it is a parasite no matter how you look at it can an embryo survive on its own? no! where does an embryo get its nourishment? from the host! if the embryo is sick does it effect the host? yes! can it kill the host? yes! so by definition it is a parasite in another definition a parasite will harm the host in taking its nutrients again have you seen a pregnant woman they are not the healthiest people

  56. @TheChrissy473 im sorry that facts state things but they are facts turning your eye to them or saying they dont count or its not the same is ignorance plain and simple if you need help in looking up that word as well it is when some one chooses to ignore facts so sure call me what ever you want at least im not ignorant




  60. @MetalIsEvolution Actually their saying that some bc's can cause early abortions, I think one of them is Yaz. The more stronger bc pills can actually cause abortions, but there are some pills that just keep the sperm from going to the ovaries and they don't abort a baby if the woman does get pregnant.

  61. @FlyinSpaghettiMnstr7 don't even know what you are responding to, plus this isn't even about christians this is about abortion…you know,.. murder!

  62. @wetdream09 Well, tell me, do you support abortion for special cases? Such as incest or if the mother's life is in peril?

  63. @wetdream09 Ah, rational, so refreshing! Although, I'm not sure how letting someone other than the mother decide if the baby will be kept or not would work out.

  64. @wetdream09 A doctor certainly can recommend an abortion if the mother's life could be in jeopardy (which is the rarest form of abortions performed), however, the mother does not have to consent to the abortion being performed. It would be just like if a doctor suggested some other form of surgery…the patient cannot be forced into having the surgery done. If the patient wants to take their chances, they are allowed to say that they do not want the surgery performed.

  65. @wetdream09 Well, I understand that it's not exactly fair – a man doesn't want the kid, he's forced to pay child support, or the man wants the kid but the woman wants an abortion – but it would be the exact same way if say men were the ones who got pregnant. If the woman keeps the baby, it's the man's child as well and he should at least help, and if the woman wants an abortion, well, letting the man have a say would take the choice away from the woman. It's a catch 22 really.

  66. why can't people understand that human life is sacred? if you really can't love your baby, you can always give it up for adoption, because there are many couples who want to adopt a baby. it's when they become children that it becomes much harder. using the argument that a fetus is just a potential person is like saying a baby is just a potential adult. does that mean human rights don't apply to the baby then, being that it's not fully grown? it's the same with the fetus.

  67. @extrapressure Some women simply do not want to go through pregnancy, whether it is for health reasons since pregnancy can be dangerous for some women, or they simply do not feel ready, do not have the means (money), or even more simple, do not want to go through 9 months of constant change in your body (that is beyond stressful). People seem to forget that yes, even though when a woman is pregnant there is the possibility of a new life, this is still her body. HER BODY. HER RIGHTS.

  68. @humanistheart What makes you think they don't care? Women who get abortions are known to go through some depression afterwards, it isn't the simple decision people say they think it is. You're ignorant.

  69. @NixieOfTheMillPond Some women do, some women don't. I know many women who don't give a rats ass that they had it done. And why the change. In the comment of yours I responded to you acknowledged abortion as women's rights, now you seem to be against it. Which is it?

    As for not caring, people know it's a womans body, they go against abortion anyway. Thus the not caring.

  70. @Mezey5 yes but you see the majority of people do not believe in this "right to life" instead they believe what most other first world countries believe, zygotes/fetuses are not people and do not have rights, do not have personhood, they are part of a woman's body, she and/or her family make decisions regarding it and trying to restrict that decision making is infringement on their ACTUAL rights.

  71. @NixieOfTheMillPond NO ONE is saying abortion is a "simple decision" but the people who want to take away women's rights act as if all women who want an abortion are just doing it because they don't want the responsibility of having a child, treating these women like floozies. Don't go calling people ignorant if you're going to IGNORE the intent to completely withhold certain rights that pro-lifers have.

  72. THANK YOU!!!! That's absolutely true and I wish more people would get some brains and realize that. Proper education about a very important subject in your life and about your body is the best way to make the right choices!

  73. Well unfortunately this guy is a prime example of why abortion should be legal to bad his mom didn't swallow that night

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