– Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, I’m filming for you a Q&A video, and this has been highly requested, but I also realize I’ve been getting lots of the same kind of questions through messages now, so I put
something out on Instagram, and I’ve got 150 questions, but there were definitely some themes of what people wanted to know. So by far, the most popular question was to do with work, whether I’m going back
after maternity leave, what it is I actually do. So, I am on maternity right now from my part-time marketing job. So, I currently work three days a week as a marketing manager,
and with each child, I have had a whole year
of maternity leave, so I’ve been so, so lucky to do that. And then, I’ve always
gone back to my role, obviously part-time, so
it hasn’t been too bad. I’m due back to work in August, so I had quite a bit of
time to think about things, so I don’t have to decide just yet. But obviously, I’ve got my vlog now, and it’s really started to grow lately, so it is making me a little
bit of income on the side. So there is a question of,
obviously, a lot of you know that my dream would be to
do this vlog full-time. I think everyone knows that, I think even my work would
know that. (chuckles) But, obviously, I can’t
make any decisions yet. I’ll just have to assess things when it get nearer to August
and see what I’m gonna do. I have a really nice job, so it’s really hard for me to say that I want to give that up. And also, my husband is self-employed. He owns two businesses. So it’s always been really nice to have like a secure wage coming in each month because if he had a bad month, you know, all of that big grown-up stuff. So we would just see. So the answer is, I don’t actually know what I’m going to do, but my dream, of course,
would be to do this more because I love it. The next most popular
question that was asked was, if I would like more children one day. So obviously, again, I have three boys, it is chaos, it’s really, really busy, and Matt and I have always
said that we wanted three even before we had our first. We always agreed that three
would be a nice number. I don’t know why, it seems
like the natural limit for the average person, I guess, ’cause you can have the car and the house and still go on holidays and
get a suite and all of that. So, I think to have a fourth would really change things massively. So, we have said no, we will
not have any more children, but you guys know I
absolutely love babies. So, if it was up to me, I would
definitely have another one, I think, I don’t know. I feel done, but if money was
no option, I think that’s it. If money was no option,
and you could have help, and you could still give each boy the care and attention that they deserve, I would have another one, but then, I think I would
always have another one. I would be like the woman
from 19 and counting, and it would be like,
yeah, I have another one. But, in all honesty, as much
as it pains me to say it, this is our last baby, wah. Right, so that next question is, what are my top three beauty products, and that is easy for me. My go-to products are
Clarins Instant Concealer ’cause it makes me look awake, even when I’ve had zero sleep. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, I’ve worn that for years. I know it’s a bit thick for some people, but if you’ve watched my labor video, you will see that never comes off. It is really, really good coverage, and it lasts the whole day long. And my third product, at the moment, is the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow, and that is what I use
to highlight and contour, and I really love it. So the next question is
one I do get a lot as well, and that is, how do I find the transition going from two babies to three babies. I will link a video down below because I did a whole
video on that transition and what I think was working for us. But so far, Jackson has
just completely settled into the family. He’s only six months, so that
may change in the future. But there was absolutely no jealousy, and I think that’s
because of the age gaps. There are three years,
nearly, between each boy. So by the time a new baby comes, they all understand what
exactly is happening. All right, so the next question is one I do seem to get a
lot as well, and that is, how do you seem so calm
and happy all the time, now, and not a mummy monster, she’s put. (chuckles) so I think I am quite a calm person, but I don’t actually feel it. I must be like a duck going along because I must look calm, but underneath the water, I’m like, oh my gosh, I’ve got so much to do, these kids are crazy, oh
my God, what am I gonna do? So I think maybe I go like inward for sure ’cause when I lose it, I am more likely to like lock myself in the bathroom for a minute and be like, oh my gosh, I just need to breathe rather than shout at the kids. I suppose I am quite a calm mum, but I think that has come with experience. I definitely was more
anxious with my first. But with each subsequent baby, I’ve chilled out more and more, and now things are just so out of control there’s not much I can do. (laughs) Another question I get all of the time, where is your accent from, and I’ve written it in the description, but a lot of people miss that because I have such a strange accent. I obviously live in Essex now, and I love living in Essex, and I moved here about 20 years ago. So I sound quite Essex,
but I was born and raised till I was 14 in Toronto in Canada. So I have a weird twang. All of my family live in Canada, they’ve all gone back there, but I ended up staying for love. Someone’s put, hi, Emily, any tips for breastfeeding mums, especially what to wear? I will link a video down below that I made on my breastfeeding tips. It’s been a really popular video, lots of good feedback on it. So definitely check it out ’cause I have breastfed
for what feel like forever. And a really good tip for what to wear, because I know it can be
quite scary at the beginning, there is excellent nursing clothes on ASOS, H&M, Next. But a really good trick is to wear two vest tops over each other so that one can come
down and one can come up. I had a few questions as well about postpartum weight
and weight loss as well and how it’s all going. So, with this said, pregnancy, I kind of went into town, and I just let myself eat
whatever I wanted to eat, and I didn’t weigh myself for a long time. But I think I put on
about four stone, nearly, which is nearly 50 pounds. So I put on a huge amount of weight. I instantly lost a stone
when I left the hospital ’cause, obviously, the baby
weighed nearly eight pounds. So, I instantly lost about
14 pounds from giving birth and water and all of that. Since then, I have lost
another two and a bit stone. So I literally have 10
pounds left to lose. He’s obviously six months old now, and I am giving myself
until he’s like nine months to lose this extra 10 pounds. But honestly, I haven’t really done much. I’ve obviously been breastfeeding, I’ve been drinking lots of water, and I have spurts, have
been really, really good, and then I’m really, really bad. I’m kind of all or nothing. And also, I can be dieting,
and it all going really well, and then I’ll have like one biscuit, and I’ll be like ah, well, ruined, and I just go to town. I have wine, pizza, it’s really bad. So what I think I need to do is just start getting more active and getting out with a buggy, which I’m really hoping that the spring and summer will help me with. I also have lots of questions about how do I always keep myself together, and how I always look put together. Now, I am a type of person that will always put on makeup
before I leave the house, and I like to make an effort just because it makes me
feel better in myself. I think all of us feel better when we’re looking our best, don’t we? But also, bear in mind
that this vlog is edited. I show you what I want you to see of me. I don’t show you when
I’m telling the kids off, I don’t show you when I’m
having a really hard day or shouting at the kids, because I wouldn’t want to watch that. Everyone has their good
days and their bad days. And while my vlog is very honest, and I leave a lot of stuff in, you know, no one’s life is perfect. Right, someone’s asked about skin care, so I will link my skin
care routine down below. I use a lot of elements and
dermatological products, and I really like them, so
definitely check that out. And the next question, someone asked, in what ways are your boys similar, and in what ways are they different? So obviously, I have three sons, and I think, at the moment, they are quite stereotypical
eldest, middle, youngest. My eldest, he is very
sensible, he is very academic, he is a little angel,
he’s such a good boy, he’s so caring, he’s so cuddly, he’s just a brilliant, brilliant boy. But he was a really hard
baby, he was my hardest baby, he didn’t really sleep. He still really doesn’t like to sleep. So it’s funny, he was a difficult baby, but a very easy boy now, whereas my middle, Caleb, you know, we call him crazy Caleb because he is nuts, like
he’s just off the wall. Sometimes, I just find
him doing crazy things, and he’s a little bit like naughty, he’s got a bit of a
mischievous streak in him. He was such an easy baby, though. He was such an easy baby,
but a very difficult toddler. And Jackson, he is so chilled
because he’s the third, I think he doesn’t really have a choice, he just lays around, he’s just so relaxed, and so chilled out. I mean that may change because Matt keeps reminding me that Caleb was like this as a baby. So this may well be the
calm before the storm. But, at the moment, it is like typical
eldest, middle, youngest. So they’re all very different, but they are so similar in their looks. Right, Jackson has just
woken up from his nap, he wanted to be on the video, didn’t you? He said, we’re live,
we’re happy. (chuckles) Yeah, so I’ll just do a few more questions ’cause I think this is
probably quite long by now. Someone asked what discipline techniques are used on the boys. Now, I would never film me
disciplining the children ’cause I don’t think that’s fair on them or anyone, really. But they are quite good boys. We definitely have a thinking step, so, it’s like a timeout. If you do something a few times, then you have sit on the step for as many minutes as your age. Fraser never needs it ever. Caleb’s been using it quite a lot lately, hasn’t he, yay, you’ve not had it yet. Someone’s asked, how
did I prepare the boys for a new baby, and the best
advice I can give on that is there are some great children’s books that talk about having a baby, what’s in mummy’s tummy,
and those kinds of things. So definitely have a search for those. Someone has asked how I split myself between the big boys,
and that is quite tricky. But I have a couple of
days with just Jackson, me and him, just the two of us. And then, I have three days
with Caleb and Jackson, so all those days, I
focus on little Caleb, go to little classes with him. And with Fraser, when
he’s off in holidays, but Caleb is at nursery, we have a date day, as we call them. So I’ll take him to the cinema. And even though, Jackson
comes in toll as well, we have our little dates. Yeah, and when I put the boys to bed, if it’s just me putting
all three to bed, it… (Jackson screams) It takes forever, but I will literally read some little books
to him, put him down; read some little books
to Caleb, put him down; and then go and do Fraser’s. It takes forever, but it’s really nice to have that one-one-one time each boy. I’ve also had lots of questions about how I keep a love life with Matt and how do we have dates so have a a bit of romance. I will link a video down below that I actually did on that subject. So definitely go and check it out if you want to know more about that. And finally, someone has
asked the dreaded question, do I wish I had a girl. So, no, I really don’t now. When I did my gender reveal with Jackson, I’ll link that as well, if you watch that, you will see a bit of disappointment in my face because I just hoped maybe for
a girl to balance things out because I’m so outnumbered! But now, look at this
face, look at this face. I would never wish he was
a girl now, never, ever. And actually having three of the same has made life so easy, and there
are so many benefits to it. And they are like my boys. I feel like it’s my thing,
I’m like a mama boys, and I am like badass. Anyway, we better go and play. Thank you so much for watching. I have so many more questions. If you want a part two to this, then just comment down below. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you soon. Bye, we say bye-bye. Bye-bye! (chuckles) You cutie.


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