Pumpkin Patch Pregnant Bumpdate!

Pumpkin Patch Pregnant Bumpdate!

okay pictures gonna be deceiving and
you’re gonna see longer live in rural actions because we’re right off the
freeway so we had a prop in the kind of innovative in the way that we shot
pictures and you could tell us we’re right behind in freeway 300 only spot
back shade guess Lennon Lee they didn’t have a phone she doesn’t want to talk to
you is there to lose you call the talk right now okay rushing off now super excited
cheating with its new girl who we’re gonna have a blast I’m sure we just got
here I don’t like these two cuties introduce themselves I’m hailey
photographer doing some hair praise you need for doing a picnic set up over here
look at all these cute little baskets there’s one there’s one basket basket
flowers we’ve got pumpkins and then I’m the
worst and I forgot the blanket look there’s the Golden Gate Bridge right
there hide your hairs down so much that she did it I mean we’re twinning color great we’re gonna do a picture and
this is me majorly bumping it up my first maternity outfit my bestie Rachel and her baby Lennon and
her mom so the grandma as well but I Fido morning I woke up at 7:30 feel like
you should have accomplished so much and somehow it didn’t I had a mini meltdown
because I found a workout outfit that I’m doing a promo for and just felt very
pregnant all of a sudden and realized that things don’t fit me the same way
and then proceeded to carry a bunch of stuff down the stairs had another mini
meltdown because I realized that I can’t carry as much right now pregnant and
that I can’t risk falling down the stairs basically was a really long
morning and I had a lot of meltdowns but I made it off to get some coffee and see
the best day and so I can’t believe a baby bump in all highland region
Michigan your copies button has a phone this is linen
Lenin guess Lenin li wei-ting you have a phone call he’s a phone call would you like to take
it no okay she doesn’t want to talk to you guys I need to cool the talk right now
too busy we’re just hanging out huh you don’t want to be rude
yeah you want to text her back no you know what that’s good
technologies that you don’t already need to unplug all right we’re off to take
some pictures Wow Rachel’s mom watches little cute
Lynn and she ain’t got me this awesome shirt from France and then my outfits
from a shop in France too we didn’t have to change ID you can clearly tell Rachel
skew top and now we’re obviously pumpkins guys all right we’re here at
the pumpkin patch and this is the funniest thing ever
– pumpkin brave rotting disgusting in kids everywhere I have a kid in my
belly does that count as a reason to be here okay pictures get a piece of sleeping
and you’re gonna be bloggers life in real action because we’re right off the
freeway so we had a crop and be kind of innovative in the way that we shot
pictures and you couldn’t tell her right behind freeway tree you whether you only
thought that had shade very entertaining at least probably not
so much for you guys watching this you’re like we’re bored forgetting
anyone so I’m measuring the picture that we just kind of funny and you have to
guess which pumpkin size the little baby girl is the smaller one for the bigger
one don’t let you know if you’re right I’ll comment you back go comment below
let me know which one she is doing we are taking a break from pictures to get
milkshakes raise about a chocolate milkshake and bringing a strawberry
milkshake and I’m wearing the ranch little t-shirt take a picture picture you can see him or not I got a whole
lunch and little pumpkin over here and they punky number you have pumpkin and
his grandfather we’ve been talking about Gigi you’re fucking Batman
did you they’re off the card that big something
thanks for watching guys our pumpkin patch photo shoot day we’re very fun and
we got a whole bunch of chocolate pumpkin with my giant pumpkin

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  1. Zoo cute Chantelle😍😍😍😍💖💖🤞🤞please like this💓😍 love you Chantelle you’re so pretty whit you’re baby bump😍😍

  2. Love ya sooo much and I really hope you can see this message and reply to me I was with you sense your first video ever I love ya sooo much

  3. Chantelle and Savannah look so alike!!!!! I’m so happy that they are having babies within a month of each other!!!

  4. Love y so much!! Congratulations on the baby!! I wish you all the happiest for the rest of your new chapter in your life 💖💖💖

  5. Your belly is so cute it’s like so perfect. I can’t wait until this cute little pumpkin is born. By the way she replied to one of my comment on her other video ahhhhhhhh😁😁😁😁

  6. I live near Chantelle lol the coffee ship where she went to called Philz coffee is like 5 minutes from my house no joke I was there like a week ago and I know that pumpkin patch ahhhh

  7. Chantelle and Savannah look so alike Twinning stunning sisters chantelle and Savannah are so gorgeous and they both have gorgeous blonde hair that is so long !!!!! I’m so happy that they are having babies within a month of each other it so freaking cute !!! and I think the baby is the size of the bigger pumpkin!! also can’t wait for her to be here so excited to meet her can't wait love you chantelle Paige ! 💕

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