Preserving memories in a new light featuring Ana Brandt and the Profoto B1X

No one regrets taking photos. People only regret not taking photos. My name is Ana Brandt, and I’m a professional photographer
specializing in maternity and newborn. You’ve got two bags and a baby! Oh my goodness. I’ve pulled some things out. I know he likes to be wrapped, but I didn’t know if there were
any particular hats or things. Do you like things with ears
or anything in particular? Being an adopted child, I don’t have any photos
of myself as a newborn, and taking photos as a teenager was a way of really capturing my own image. I knew that by taking photos
of myself and my surroundings was kind of a way that
I was building my own little history, my own little photo album. You want to give me his swaddler? Had I had a photo, I would probably equate that to a memory. Are you talking? My photography is
a constant journey in my brain to understand the light
and understand the subject, and then marry the two. Before I was introduced
to the Profoto B1, I cannot say that I felt
my lights were consistent, or that I was a hundred percent
comfortable with my lights. Now that I have the Profoto B1s,
I feel I can guarantee my work. I think that light is one of the most
powerful tools a photographer has. Photography is writing with light, so we need to understand
how to use light. Natural light is not always an option. I’m using the B1
with the nice, round umbrella. It has a nice diffuser,
and the light is soft and consistent. That explains it,
because when I saw your photo I was thinking,
“Oh no, she’s due next week.” If you were, I was not going to have you because pregnancy can be
so taxing on the body, and it can cause preterm labor. When you said you’re pregnant
with twins, I understood why. Because you’re carrying like
you could have a baby any second. So, you’re due December 27?
Christmas babies! – You look good.
– Thank you. The idea of pregnancy itself
is so absolutely amazing. I really enjoy looking at light
and the female body. I just gravitated to it
so early on, and I don’t really have
a defining moment or an explanation. I just knew that I was drawn to it. My overall process is just streamlined, and I think it’s pretty close to perfect. One, two, three! There. That was it! There’s nothing better
than being able to work and focus on the work
and not worry about the light. I don’t want to worry about the light. I want it to be just part
of the air that I breathe.

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