Preparing for Your Newborn Expo – Boys Town Pediatrics

One more, perfect. We have the preparing for your
newborn expo with a variety of activities for new and
expecting parents. A lot of times moms have a checklist of stuff they need to do, this event itself, offers a lot of things
that you can get checked off that list. May 17th. They can come out, meet our
pediatricians, tour the Boys Town pediatrics clinic and relax with a chair massage, we have
gift bags, giveaways mini manicures and carseat installation. The goal is to provide new and expecting
parents educational information. We have seminars today led by our board certified
pediatricians on hot topics from feeding and skin care and just some of the common questions
that any new or expecting parents may have. I love events like this because it gives us
a chance to actually talk to parents before their babies are born about two of the most important decisions they’ll make for their babies. What time of feeding they will do for their baby and immunizing their baby. So many patient families when they come in to the clinic They may have already had conversations with each other about immunizations and made some decisions, but they didn’t have a chance to ask a doctor or give their
concerns to to a dcotor so a doctor can explain the medical side of things.
We cover a lot of topics. All those questions, mom and dad call in with, we’ve made a list. So, we’re going to talk about that. So, I think it’s a one stop shop and I think it’s a great opportunity for them. I thought the seminars were really really informtive. There was a great session about breastfeeding which eased a lot of my fears. There’s a great session about
sleeping and those kind of tips, car seats and all kinds of safety
things which there’s just so much to know and so much to be prepared about that it really helps to know as much as you can going in. The doctors here at Boys Town have
been wonderful. They’re very reassuring, very supportive, lots of great
information. There is a lot of decisions that need to be made about
your baby. It really helps make this one very easy that I know that Boys Town is going to take great care of us.

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