Prenatal Yoga Relaxation – 3 Ways to Modify Savasana during Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga Relaxation – 3 Ways to Modify Savasana during Pregnancy

Hey, Miracle Makers! Today we are going to show you a few different ways that you can set up for Savasana or Final
Resting Pose during pregnancy. So let’s jump in. The first one we’ll show you is
Side-lying Savasana, which is really the best for it your circulation all over and
it’s a great way to sleep. We’ll set it up like this. (Most of the time you
don’t have a whole studio full of props, so if you have them handy–have a bolster,
have a couple blocks, and have a blanket. If you don’t have that handy, then you
could use couch cushions or whatever you need to get in this position. But we’ll
show you with what we have. Katie is going to come on to her side.
It’s her left side. She’s just going to lay down, and her bottom arm is going to be like her pillow. The top leg bends to about 90 degrees and just rests right there on
this lovely bolster. She’s just snuggling with the blanket on the blocks.
Her bottom leg can go straight out. Yep. I’m not going to keep her here for too
long right now, but if she were to be in a class where I’m going to keep her for
10 minutes or so I might tell her to put a blanket under her hip to kind of give
her a little extra padding. I may even roll up a blanket and put it under
her baby bump to give her a little extra support there, too. So those are some things that you can do to make yourself more comfortable if
you’re going to be here for a longer. For today’s purpose, I’m just going to show
you the shape that you’re going to make. Once you’re here close your eyes take a
few full deep breaths and just feel the support underneath of you. Then, after you’ve been here for a
few breaths, you will to roll into your hands and gently press up to
a comfortable seat. Just know she’s not going to sit straight up. She’s going to
roll to the side (well she’s already on her side) but she’s going to roll onto her hands and
press up that way. Then, we’ll show you the favorite option of, I think, everyone who
comes to my prenatal yoga classes. I give all of these options, and everyone just does this option instead and they ignore me. So this is the ramp option, and it looks
like this. Katie’s building stair steps with
her blocks. She likes this block long. It can be long or it can be this way–it
really doesn’t matte. It can be on this level or you can take it up even
another notch, depending on how much lift you want for your spine. I’m going to
put it back the way that she had it. Then, she’s going to bring that bolster
right on top so it makes a ramp. Her sacrum is going to come to the end of the
bolster. She likes a little extra padding for her seat, so she does that with a
blanket. Then, the legs come straight out in front of you. Feet flop open like a
book. Turn your palms to face up so the backs of your hands rest on the floor.
Then just close your eyes. Take a few breaths. What is really lovely about this
position is that you get the feeling of laying flat on your back which, I totally
missed in the later months of my pregnancy when I wasn’t supposed to lay
on my back anymore, but also you feel gravity helping you to pull your
shoulders back and down toward the floor, which opens up your chest. It can
soften all that tension through the neck and the shoulders at the same time as
you’re just relaxing. We all need so much more of this anyway,
but especially during pregnancy. So take a couple breaths where you are, just
experiencing what it feels like. As you’re ready, bend your knees, bring
your feet to the floor. Roll all the way off of your support and
into your hands to press yourself up to a comfortable seated position. Awesome. So, I’m going to show you one more variation. This one is for moms who just really
don’t feel comfortable laying on their backs or their sides any more for
whatever reason. We’ll leave this set up the way that it is. So she’s got the
ramp going there. The blanket, you could use for your knees. She’s going
to come into a Child’s Pose and rest on the bolster. The knees are
wide, big toes touch. Make sure there’s lots of room for the belly, so you’re not
squishing the baby into the bolster or onto your thighs. And then you can just
come forward and down you can rest your forehead on the bolster or you can turn
and rest one cheek or the other cheek. Then just close your eyes. The
beauty of this one is you have a couple options. She has her arms up by
her ears. That’s fine. Or you can bring your hands back and so the fingertips line
up with your toe tips. Yep. And then there’s a rounding that happens through
the upper body. That gives you a little bit more spaciousness through the
upper back and the shoulders in the back. So take a couple breaths here, and then
lift up your head and bring your other cheek to the mat, I mean to the bolster.
Then, just take a couple breaths there, close the eyes, soften the face, the
tongue, the jaw.. Then when you’re ready to come out
you’ll just bring your hands under your shoulders and gently press yourself up
to your comfortable seat. Good. So, you cannot practice Savasana for too long.
Some people say 20 minutes a day when you’re pregnant. And, guess what? If you
don’t feel like doing anything else on your mat you can just do this, and that
can be your practice for the day–any version that you want. So, until next time,
may you each be blessed with peace and joy, love and light. Namaste

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  1. Using all the options for yoga props can seem a little overwhelming because of all the options…but this was so simple!

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