Pregnant Teen Confronts Boyfriend About Abandoning Her His Reply Brings Her To Tears

Pregnant Teen Confronts Boyfriend About Abandoning Her His Reply Brings Her To Tears

100 thoughts on “Pregnant Teen Confronts Boyfriend About Abandoning Her His Reply Brings Her To Tears

  1. It wasn’t just him who got her pregnant!!! She played a part in it to!!! It takes two to have a baby!!! Fucks sake! You knew what you were doing!

  2. My step sister got pregnant at 17 and her boyfriend stepped up and took full responsibility. They are both 30 now and have 3 children (my necies). Some guys are worth keeping around😁😊

  3. My big brother, who turned 18 this summer, had got his girlfriend pregnant and then left her. Me and my family found out during church and it was really upsetting for us all. Eventually, we talked to his ex and became close to her and her family. My big brother doesn’t show any emotions except for angry really but once we really got involved with it all, he was so excited. A few months before she was due, we found out that the baby had turners syndrome. We were told she wasn’t going to make it until birth. This really hurt my family, especially my brother. But the baby was strong. She lived after her birth, she was a lot like my brother because she kept fighting. Even thought, we had to let her go, We lost her about two weeks ago at only 6 weeks old. I’ve never seen my brother more hurt. She changed his life and he, along with my family, won’t forget about her. In the beginning my brother my have looked like a heartless jerk but in the end, he was a great dad.

  4. Happened to my best friend she was 16 and her guy was was 17 then they did it and she got pregnant the guy moved to India now I am dating her and caring for her I am 17 btw

  5. If you impregnate someone and leave them, then you are a coward. This guy is amazing. He's very mature and very responsible.

  6. He is definitely the minority when it comes to teenage fathers. I was actually most surprised to hear that the teen mom has anxiety issues. The reason why I'm so surprised is that I have them too and it got me wondering: How am I going to feel when I have kids? How am I going to feel towards my husband and kids? Will I live in constant fear that my husband will leave me? I guess you can say that I'm getting anxious over my future anxiety.

  7. This should be slashed this man is bringing back love and kindness in the world cause he just made my day better just by watching this

  8. That boy is a 1 in a trillion!!! I'm so happy for her and the children! There are few things better than seeing a man who is in love with his wife (which is how it should be) and children. The children are so fortunate, and I LOVE the date nights idea, so cute, and an example to daughter of how a man should treat her when on a date. Does he have a brother or cousin with the same disposition?? never mind………….

  9. Hold up “she was mad for getting her pregnant” is this a joke First of all she can’t be getting mad or be saying nothing bc she Decided to have things with her manz soo….😒😒😒

  10. Her as a teen: *pregnant*

    Me as a teen: *Obsessed with anime, BTS, Blackpink, JUNGKOOK (my bias), tea parties, what to eat for the next meal, and what song that I love to listen for hours and hours until I start hating it*

  11. Does anyone notice that Facts Verse and Extreme Trends are pretty much the same thing?

    Edit: Use the real pictures please!

  12. Wait did anyone else catch that the Twitter post says " he brings her flowers" the reader replaces he with she 3:14 ish it might be a little before or after

  13. (Sorry for Ranting) I am being so selfish right now, but I don't care. I wish this was my family. My biological Mother was 19 when she had me, and 18 when I was 'made'. My biological Father just disappeared. I was given away when I was born, and I know nothing about them. Only the name and age of my biological Mother. I love my family I have, but I just wish.
    (I am 14)

  14. All future Dads and guys looking to be fathers, this might be a situation with a not so smart beginning but the ending obviously is worth it, same goes to all future mothers, strive to be the best that you can be and don't just take the easy way out

  15. That is what you call a "True Man". This is so heart touching. Not all guys who had there girlfriend pregnant would stay with her and prove everyone wrong. I wish I can find someone like him.

  16. Dammitt,.. at already 1.36min. They shapeshifted..I couldnt even count, how much times… /,now I,ll try!!:to watch little further

  17. What a beautiful young couple and it makes me happy to see he really stepped up to be such a great father. Being a dedicated parent is the most difficult job that anyone will know. My parents (that's my mom in this profile picture because I'm on her tablet right now) divorced when I was only 5 years old. Even though I clearly witnessed the physical and verbal abuse, I didn't really understand it at that age. My mom got remarried when I was 7 to the man that is my dad now. Notice that I say dad and not stepdad because he's more of a dad than my biological father. A couple years after they were married, my biological father called my mother so that he could ask them both if my dad would adopt my younger brother and myself because he didn't want to keep paying child support, especially since he no longer had partial custody of us. I thought that was so extremely disgusting and irresponsible of someone to have children and then not fight to have any custodial rights. As I grew up, I didn't really get along with my dad much. He just didn't really know how to communicate with young children and sometimes I would take advantage of this and tell my mom how mean he could be. When I became an adult we became closer and we got along much better, especially when he was going through and recovering from back surgeris and a few knee replacements. I took care of him and helped him a lot. For as much pain as he suffers with, he's the strongest man I know. When I started having severe back pain and then Fibromyalgia, he was understanding and would give me some of his pain medication sometimes until I had my own spinal fusion and pain management doctor. Anyway, he's not perfect, but I really appreciate him stepping up as a father to kids that were not his. He has 3 children from a previous marriage and he only has communication with his son who was the youngest and it makes me sad that these kids' grandparents poisoned them against their father by filling their heads with lies. When I meet other stepdads and I see them treat these kids as their own, it makes me so happy because I know how hard it can be sometimes, especially when the kid/kids know this person is not their real dad. I've told my bff's husband how much I appreciate him as a stepdad because even though the daughter isn't his and he does have a son with my bff, treats them both with the same love and level of discipline and of course I treat them just like my own niece and nephew. I love those kids so much and am actually closer to them than my own niece and 2 nephews because of family conflict that was never truly resolved, which makes me sad because I'm an awesome auntie and I know those kids love me. It's their mother who is the problem. Anyway, sorry for the long post!

  18. My mother was told the same when she got pregnant at 17, everyone said Dad would leave. It's been 58 years, 5 children, 15 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. He hasn't left yet.
    Good on this young man. He will be blessed for the rest of his life.

  19. Oh btw, my nephew became a father at 14, by the time he was 17 he was a single father of 2. It's not always the father that leaves.

  20. Preventing unwanted pregnancy is the easiest thing in the world.  Great that media promotes teen pregnancies.  In the majority of cases the girl and baby are doomed. How many teens get pregnant a second time?????

  21. My mom can’t get mad at me if I do because one of her sisters got married at 16 with someone 9 years older and they are still married and they also have a child even though I’m not planning on being a teen mom

  22. I can't be believe you did not know how to swallow, use a condom or up the duff, or spit it all over your face. No excuse, if you do not want a baby, do not subtract her clothes, divide her legs, give her the square root and see how she multiplies. Oh wait, that's what students do to their teachers in sex Ed.

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