Pregnancy Must Haves For Moms – Pregnancy Advice

Pregnancy Must Haves For Moms – Pregnancy Advice

hey guys my name is Trena if you’re a new here and if you’re also new here don’t forget to subscribe to my channel down below for all things pretty much mommy so you may notice if you’ve watched my videos before we’ve got a different background going on here so we recently moved yes while I was eight months pregnant and we’re currently in a temporary rental so if you would like me to sit down and just you know chat about what’s kind of going on in our lives right now give this video thumbs up that way I know you want to see that video otherwise I’m not going to make a video of me just talking that you guys don’t want to see so let me know if you want to get if you only have like a sit down chat life update tight video by giving this video a thumbs up but today we’re going to talk about all the things that I think you should have while you’re pregnant are things that definitely helped me get through pregnancy so as you know my little one is two months old now I’ve experienced pregnancy twice in the past three years so I’ve kind of had a just at what hopes while you’re pregnant now every pregnancy can be totally different trust me i was completely different with each pregnancy i had so everybody’s pregnancy may be different but let me just tell you the things that definitely helped me while I was pregnant so the first thing and I think one of the most important things you need to invest them when you’re pregnant are supportive and comfortable bra so these are the brawls that i found that we’re most comfortable for me there believe they’re from Target and there at the bravado bra from target I did not have these with my first pregnancy and let me tell you these things made a world of difference they do cost around $35 trust me the investment is worth it you definitely don’t want a maternity brawl it’s going to have like the under wires are just uncomfortable because your boobs are going to be big and you want something comfortable so definitely invest in like two brawls because you can wear them more than one day obviously one of the first things you’re going to need when you’re pregnant our prenatal vitamins you actually might be taking them before you’re pregnant and the ones that i found that worked best for me were from honest company i know a lot of people can get sick on their pre needles so i got the ones from honest i can actually show you what they look like they are the pills if you have to take three so you could take them one throughout three times a day or you could take all three at once they are relatively large if you can see there you go yeah but they didn’t make me sick I could take all three at once I took them mostly at night because I had them sitting this on my nightstand just won the last things I did at night I had these were good ones for me at least next let’s talk about morning sickness I know the general consensus is it happens for the first three months and then once you’re in the second trimester you’re healed ya know didn’t happen for me what the first one did not happen for me for the second one and I’m currently still filling those nauseous type feelings because you can feel them up to eight to twelve weeks after you’re pregnant because your hormones are still you know balancing out and figuring out you know what’s going on with your body so one of the things i recommend buying to really help with the upset stomach and nauseous feeling since you can’t really take too much is candied ginger these are just organic crystallized ginger you can suck on them there are also some candies cod gin gins that you can get at a grocery store I know here where I’m at they were a giant and possibly target but any type of ginger will definitely help your stomach for a short amount of time we can’t really take anything as you know being pregnant but this this candied ginger definitely can help you calm the upset feeling ah the next item I want to talk about I can’t really find I don’t know what happened to it during the move but it’s basically like a stretchy belly band that I got from Target and it’s not like a velcro one that you know sucks you in or anything but it’s just something to go over your stomach to kind of smooth it out maybe your belly buttons popping out line did with my second baby and you can just put it over your belly and when you put shirts on it just kind of smooths everything out because you got lumps and bumps everywhere and it just smooths everything out and makes things look nice so I definitely invest in one of those also if you’re trying to still wear pre pregnancies pants because they fit they just don’t buckle you can wear this band over the button of those pants and keep wearing them a little bit longer and don’t have to worry about the whole hair tie there’s a belt loop thing you can put this band around your pants to help keep them up you also one thing about having a water bottle because you have to drink a lot of water while you’re pregnant this is the water bottle that i use its at urbis cup I drink four of these a day I just try to drink two before lunch and two before bedtime just how I split it up and you need to drink less water while you’re pregnant so why not have a cute water model that talk about the stretch marks one of the cheaper ways to try to prevent those stretch marks is coconut oil so this is from trader joe’s if you are lucky enough to have a trader joe’s nearby you this jar is way cheaper than any of the belly bombs or stretch mark eliminators or whatever and this guy works I’ve heard stretch marks are hereditary but I didn’t get any with my first one on my second one and i did use coconut oil so much cheaper alternatives you just put it all over your body and you can use it for so many other things like cooking you can use on your face you can oil pool with it just look it up 101 things to do with coconut oil so definitely get some coconut oil use that as a moisturizer to really help prevent some of your stretch mark concerns the last two things I want to talk about our clothes in an app so if you really want to track your pregnancy and what’s going on with your baby I definitely suggest downloading the babycenter app it tells you every week what’s going on what your baby size is it’s just interesting to find to find out what’s going on down there I know there are a lot of different apps the best of salon that I tended to use and then finally a maternity clothes because we feel like we look terrible and we don’t want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes because you only wear it for a short amount of time so the best places that I found her maternity clothes was H&N I just really like the way their pants fit they had cute tops and they were cheap so if you’re trying to find some maternity clothes but not really spend a lot of money on definitely check out HNN mama like I said they have amazing amazing options I did not like the way gap jeans fit me the maternity jeans um and targets nice also but my H&M just had a lot of great options at such a low price so I want to know what were some of your pregnancy must have let’s leave them down below for all the future new moms are the current pregnant mom let’s share our tips down below thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next week bye

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  1. Yasss love coconut oil!!! Love your channel! I'm currently pregnant and I vlog my journey on my channel I hope you can check it out and subscribe back . I would love to be friends xo!!!

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