Photographer Shoots Engagements in a Secret Location during Hurricane Season | Come Shoot with Us!

about today about hurricane IRA I think that’s what it’s called I’m not sure
it’s like it keeps changing names and genders because it’s like Jose and IRA
and then isn’t there one that’s like Catina or something like that
that’s the the big one down in Texas I can’t believe there’s so many hurricanes
going on right now yeah no that’s the one they hit Texas that’s the big one
okay we’re in Utah so we don’t get a lot of hurricanes out here in fact I don’t
think there’s ever been a hurricane here like she said it’s definitely not
possible for there to be a hurricane in Utah we wanted to talk about the
hurricane because it’s freaking me out for those of you who know we are gonna
move to Florida sin and I think most of Florida is evacuating because of
Hurricane IRA I think it’s so important he’s an only part it’s like the east
side right the east coast not the inside of the Panhandle like I know at least
they’re along the coastline they are I know that people in Georgia who are on
the coastline in Georgia are evacuating yeah we want to live on the beach too
but now there’s this huge conundrum in my mind that we’re gonna move out there
and there’s gonna be this huge hurricane just hurtling at us at a billion miles
an hour every what time of the year is it every fall is this what happens in
the follows this hurricane season and really just dodging the Hurricanes for
three months this hurricane just freaking me out right now I don’t know
what to do about it I didn’t like nervous about moving out there Taylor
and not joking yeah I’m really scared no I feel like
when you go to our house out there we need to build it like three feet up in
the air they’re not gonna live right on the coastline we’re going to be fine
we’re gonna look close to the coast I mean we’re only gonna be like 20 minutes
from it maybe 15 and there’s not big mountains out there and stuff like that
the coast is going to get hit by it because it’s on the inside of the
Panhandle yeah that’s not very convincing I mean wasn’t there like
Hurricane Katrina the cancer area and just like tour the shiz up out
of that no that was where I lived in Mississippi okay so you’re telling me
we’re gonna be okay that’s exactly what I’m telling you tell me we’re gonna be
safe yeah okay you owe me like his Snickers or something if a hurricane
rolls up in there and we lose our house I’m not even joking listen I better be a
king-size freaking Snickers yeah just chilling right now waiting for a chute
to start we have a shoot coming up in this really cool spot and she’s our
babysitter she’s our babysitter and she’s amazing
super cute and sweet oh I think that’s her I think so too
what sir that’s her okay Bri coming for you we hope you’re watching this because
you’re amazing and we love you watch out for hurricanes so it was a false alarm
you took a 9 I was gonna say you always start the video I know but how did you
know what I’m gonna say how did you know what I was gonna say because we’re soul
mates and we have the same box yeah false alarm guys I know she already said
it but we we totally thought that was them and it wasn’t so we’re just
chilling here Ronan’s trying to we’re just gonna chill here hopefully the
mosquitoes don’t come out too bad because they’re starting to you can you
feel on no nippin and a good indication come here the mosquitoes are out is all
these birds up here I don’t know if you can see them there’s birds playing
and that means they are out for mosquitos they are out for blood
yeah a bear is gonna get you yeah if you haven’t seen Fievel
you’re probably from the younger generation but you better freaking watch
it it is sick and it teaches about culture I think batting cats I use this
guy to go get Roman he told me he was going to come up there but I didn’t
believe them because we still have to wait for our client I hope you’re not
lost you’ve got a trainer boy in swords haven’t you seen Game of Thrones
earlier today he has her straightaway running cuz he’s banging on stuff and
it’s like oh my gosh no man this is not drums don’t bang on AHA said bang on it
because I was teaching him to use this or not drums now I’m gonna edit that
perk up don’t believe it folks he’s
really ready for the hike dad he’s like I know this
spot mom take me I don’t think you give
a bad haircut you should have taken him where I told you to though okay I wanted
to take one in somewhere but he was like no no no you need no got it you just
help like I’m really scared his really fine hair not about it he’s even fat
about it he loves it okay so we found out that this is literally the perfect
place for us to shoot their engagement shoot because Bri was proposed to while
she was up here so it’s kind of cool just for that reason you know it’s fate
watch out for the Bears what’s up for the Bears yeah all right
Ronin knows this shortcut we’re gonna take it come on let’s go we’re gonna
beat them to the field Co Co Co Co Co we can beat him if we
hurry but here is all over the place yeah it’s okay it’s fine no big deal who
think we did it Ronan oh no they’re gaining on us they’re
gaining on us hurry all right quick quick quick we can still win
we can still write you gotta run run run I did it okay you guys want to see this
it’s amazing we’re going to the field known in we got
the field that’s gorgeous [Music]
okay we’re looking at really natural fun ones let me go get my settings filled if
anyone dad why don’t you follow me guys like helping me get it out of my dress
and run Stan our photographer was like all of the pregnant it’s a praying
mantis it’s been stalking her since the last time we came up here where’s it at
I’m gonna tell it to leave you alone [Music]
really I’m just trying to sleep and you keep coming up here getting all up in my
home thrown in you coming back now they’ll give you crazy runner he’s
keeping me busy it’s actually kind of cold up here but I’m sweating because
I’ve been chasing a baby around [Music]
you wanna sleep you go ahead and pick it up and said I like reindeer hey go be a
cool kid like I was yeah all right so
the light is fading and it is time for us to be on our way so I’m gonna end the
blog post here and just tell you all thank you so much for watching our
videos don’t forget to subscribe give us a big thumbs up and please share with
everybody you know so we can keep making these for you anyway have fun and good
luck at your shoots if you guys are shooting

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